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  • Nallely Ramirez
    Nallely Ramirez 4 hours ago

    Why are sulfates and parabens such a huge deal nowadays?

  • William Eyelash
    William Eyelash 4 hours ago

    I really needed that intro today ❤

  • Oops090909
    Oops090909 4 hours ago

    Hey @Brad Mondo you're a beautiful ray of positivity and I can rewatch your videos a hundred times and still be entertained. You're so sweet even watching people completely fuck up their hair and then so joyful when you see cool techniques applied. Love you! I do have a question though, I'm getting my hair dyed darker soon and don't want to colour to last forever because I like my natural colour for summer. What kind of dye should I ask my stylist for in terms of permanence?

  • Kimberley de Wild
    Kimberley de Wild 4 hours ago

    I bleached my hair 7 times😂😂

  • Thor Swenson
    Thor Swenson 4 hours ago

    I don't get it. As a gay man with a natural head of thick sandy-blonde shiny hair, why the hell would I ever take hair advice from this queen with a fried and dried grey hair helmet that doesn't move a millimeter in this entire video? My 80 year old grandma had healthier looking hair than this guy when she died with her fake blonde Rose Nylund hairdo. If he had healthy, vibrant hair that moved I'd take his advice.

  • afutla qian
    afutla qian 4 hours ago

    her name should be pronounced “ashlynn because it’s the traditional irish spelling.

  • Alexandra Gaskin
    Alexandra Gaskin 4 hours ago

    But why was that lady just smacking that girls head like wtf

  • Tessa King
    Tessa King 4 hours ago

    I did the lair method once. (Not with the knife.) on March 2019 I decided to do the lair method my hair was messed up that my mom had to fix it into a bob cut. Let me tell ya I hated my bob cut. My hair is finally on my shoulders which is perfect length fur me. I recently got pairs done by a professional along with getting my hair dyed. I look great. DONT CUT YOUR HAIR AT HOME EVER ITS WORTH THE MONEY!!

  • emily coxe
    emily coxe 4 hours ago

    Are you wearing....a fly fishing vest? Brad....

  • Hey Bales Vlogs
    Hey Bales Vlogs 4 hours ago

    *Me watching this while husband is sleeping next to me and has work early tomorrow* Brad: *deep breath*....WRONG Me: BAHAHAHA Hubby: •O•

  • Happy Personality
    Happy Personality 4 hours ago

    Bamboozlation!! I have all the symptoms of warm skin but I have the blue vainyness!! Welp imma say I’m neutral so ha lol noobs I get to do what I want so ha

  • Carmela Dawn
    Carmela Dawn 4 hours ago

    your intro always gives me a boost 😭🥴

  • K T
    K T 4 hours ago

    Totally disagree with you for people with wavy curly hair on the Last points you make on the video. Keratin 'perming' will not get your straight like this. Japanese perming will But you have to choose Japanese straightening and commit to that and not dye your hair as well. And cut your hair after the straightening treatment. Just like when you curly perm you have to do regrowth or grow out.

  • Shayne Turner
    Shayne Turner 4 hours ago

    awe he reminds me so much of blaine from glee

  • Nanda rajeev
    Nanda rajeev 4 hours ago

    Who was the second girl??

  • Autumn B.
    Autumn B. 4 hours ago

    The positive energy in this video was nice to have after a bad day

    • afutla qian
      afutla qian 4 hours ago

      I'm thinking of going rainbow, not like these girls, just some highlights, so scary. I have super dark hair, the idea of bleaching and then adding color on top. aagh, well we'll se

  • Mandy Watson
    Mandy Watson 4 hours ago

    He's not tan he's fucking red

  • Autumn B.
    Autumn B. 4 hours ago

    The hype at the beginning made my heart happy :)))

  • Vera Vegas Experience

    I got the blue tone to my hair and can't get rid of it! I'm in serious need of your help! Please help Hair Guru? Obiwan Kenobi! You're my only hope!

  • greenbeanmama
    greenbeanmama 4 hours ago

    Yes Brad, serving us safari prison Home Depot realness. 😍😍😍

  • Emily Hope
    Emily Hope 4 hours ago

    In love.

  • Anna G.
    Anna G. 4 hours ago

    She kind of looks like Fiona Shrek from Shrek.

  • •BlackBerryGoop•

    Hi person scrolling through the comments! I really hope you enjoy the rest of your time on this vid ❤️ You matter!! I’ll personally fight your sadness. No joke. Bye bye 😊

  • Ais
    Ais 4 hours ago

    Hey we have the same name! Not often you find an Aislinn out there :D But I would not rock that bright of an eye look haha

  • blushyyangelz
    blushyyangelz 4 hours ago

    Brad makes me feel so good about myself

  • PonceyTheBear
    PonceyTheBear 4 hours ago

    Take a shot every time he plugs his brand

  • Liz
    Liz 4 hours ago


  • Gabby Loves Life
    Gabby Loves Life 4 hours ago

    The reason why but also may not work because it has to be real hair, it also smells bad because fake hair is kinda like plastic

  • samanthalyn1999
    samanthalyn1999 4 hours ago

    omg this made me laugh😂😂 i’m currently a hairstyling student and i did the same thing eric did at 9:13 in the first week of haircuts😂😂 (i also cut myself 4 times😂) and every time he held the comb and shears in the same hand he didn’t freaking close the shears in his palm and i i cringed every single time😂along with moving the mani head with the shears wiiide open😂😂😂

  • Jaritza Lopez
    Jaritza Lopez 4 hours ago

    Sorry brad I’m going red whether you like it or not lmaooo!

  • Angelaine Jarrett
    Angelaine Jarrett 4 hours ago

    What's up with the fishing vest?

  • ツPotato
    ツPotato 4 hours ago

    He was dancing Du-ddu Du-ddu at the begining right?

  • Nicole Emerson
    Nicole Emerson 5 hours ago

    Brad, you always make me feel better about myself and I appreciate you.

  • Hope Wolf413
    Hope Wolf413 5 hours ago

    14:26 "dont spend $10 shampoo"....welp...i spend $1-5 on head and shoulders😅 and im pretty sure head and shoulders is a decent shampoo/conditioner.... (no hate just though it was funny)

  • Wendy Lehto
    Wendy Lehto 5 hours ago

    Disappointed in you. Not knowing this product and the history on it.

  • Maren Grau
    Maren Grau 5 hours ago

    Noooooooo the second looked like baby puke. Nah dog, thats a no for me on Henna. Lmao. 😲

  • Sable Thompson
    Sable Thompson 5 hours ago

    I used to not think the price of shampoo mattered but then I finally bought the Redken shampoo my hairdresser told me to get and my hair is sooooo much nicer now. It just dries in the air totally smooth and pretty. And it does this nice little curl thing now lol. I gotta agree with Brad on this one. Spend the $20 on shampoo and conditioner. ALSO I use way less shampoo and conditioner now than I used to. I have LONG hair. And with the nice conditioner, I use maybe a quarter-sized dollop of conditioner and it's perfect. I stayed at a friend's house and used her stuff and it took me triple that to even get the conditioner all in my hair. And it didn't even work as well with 3x the quantity. So... it really is pretty cost-effective because you use less product.

  • chiquita adams
    chiquita adams 5 hours ago

    They all really snapped. Nice content Brad. Satisfying

  • Cookie 4811
    Cookie 4811 5 hours ago

    keep stroking my ego that i don't have brad. I need it. thank you. ❤😞

  • Abigail Selman
    Abigail Selman 5 hours ago

    You should react to Ellie Dee going from blonde to black!

  • Bunni Smith
    Bunni Smith 5 hours ago

    He should try hair wax

  • leah ingrid
    leah ingrid 5 hours ago

    when you said you get tension alopecia from turbans i know realize why i have that :( im gonna stop using a turban ugh

  • D'emily Flores
    D'emily Flores 5 hours ago

    Not sure how I took so long to discover you!! Completely obsessed with you and Eric. & you are my latest Flash-Player Binge 💕 Would loveee to see you do some collaborations with other Flash-Playerrs for a little mix up 😍 Btw... I was ready to order Glitterati after 2 videos because you are that great! Keep living!!! 🥳💕

  • Srishti Kashyap
    Srishti Kashyap 5 hours ago

    I would like to say please google before making any content videos okay !!

  • Monica 607062
    Monica 607062 5 hours ago

    Do your research on our hair.. it’s more than skin deep and it’s not just a hairstyle it’s who we are & some have to realize that Black woman are the more oppressed and disrespected people in America due to being a woman and being black .. people have to realize that our hair is our crowns it’s who we are and it’s how we show appreciation to our roots .. us wearing weave and things of that sort are to fit the standard of beauty & stretching back to ancient Kemet us african people always wore weave as well no matter what we do to our hair wether it’s in it’s natural state or in braids or weave we get backlash no matter what our hair looks like 💯💯 people have to understand that oppression is a real thing and being called ugly or ghetto because of your culture is hard to deal with while everyone around you continues to live the way they want in peace is what we deal with it everyday being in this skin .. some of us see it as mockery and being worn as a costume because for so long we have been put down because of it 💯💯 yes everyone should appreciate where we all come from as well as culture but some things should just be loved from the distance because it’s more than skin deep

  • naorem salinita
    naorem salinita 5 hours ago

    Henna is used as more of hair mask if u put other ingredient. N it’s chemical free good for thin flat hair

  • Lexi X
    Lexi X 5 hours ago

    Did Brad admit that he's a stoner?? 😍💜😯😱

  • turtledove
    turtledove 5 hours ago

    I'm thinking of going rainbow, not like these girls, just some highlights, so scary. I have super dark hair, the idea of bleaching and then adding color on top. aagh, well we'll see

  • Eponine
    Eponine 5 hours ago

    Does something look slightly off about Brad in this video? Is it just my imagination?

  • Muudercai
    Muudercai 5 hours ago

    ...How is she mad at her boy for not caring? She messes up her hair every other week lmao He has to be tired of listening to it. Glad her hair came out good but hope its a hard lesson learnt.

  • Livres Alexe
    Livres Alexe 5 hours ago

    What do you think about shampoo bars and conditioner bars? Could you test some from different stores, like LUSH? :)

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie 5 hours ago

    The first girl i think it looked better on the right side (going horizontal)

  • SpeedBead
    SpeedBead 5 hours ago

    Bowl cut chic I’m dead

  • Sophia Fletcher
    Sophia Fletcher 5 hours ago

    Uuuhhh aucually Brad people do burn their wounds to heal them its called carterization..but no hate just telling you haha🙃

  • wolfgamer lol
    wolfgamer lol 5 hours ago

    Is conair a good hair brand

  • Danielle Hudson
    Danielle Hudson 5 hours ago

    why didn't you talk about the lawsuits because this shampoo was making womens hair fall out?

  • Abigail H
    Abigail H 5 hours ago

    The openings to your videos really mean a lot to me. I’ve been struggling with my mental health with the stress of school lately, so thank you for being such a good source of utter positivity.

  • Kayla N
    Kayla N 5 hours ago

    He seems..... tipsy

  • Tina Modert
    Tina Modert 5 hours ago

    the one time i got my hair dyed, i blacked out in the salon chair. was out for like 5-10 seconds aparently

  • Angie T
    Angie T 5 hours ago

    Can you do a Jennifer Lawrence one

  • Ainsleigh Boniger
    Ainsleigh Boniger 5 hours ago

    Me listening to Brad calling me stunning while I’m in my pajamas in bed with no makeup on: HELL YES I’M A GODDESS

  • Savannah Wright
    Savannah Wright 5 hours ago

    She: Finishes Brad: ~dIeS~

  • Christina True
    Christina True 5 hours ago

    Heat protectant spray 👍🏼

  • wolfgamer lol
    wolfgamer lol 5 hours ago

    Bruh my old friend like the mi Ute her hair started to fade she dyed it a new color

  • Ali Casarino
    Ali Casarino 5 hours ago

    I love Arctic Fox Purple Rain! It’s such a nice color and it lasts a long time if you take care for it right. I only do it in a part of the ends of my hair, and the color payoff is so good in only 1-1.5 hours

  • Geraldine Munguia
    Geraldine Munguia 5 hours ago

    My first time getting a keratin treatment was when I was 17, at first I had to do it every 4 months, but after that I have done it once a year and I’m really happy with it! I got mine on October of last year and I’m going back next week cause I need it so bad haha, but I love the silky feeling it left on my hair for so long

  • Retr0 Strike
    Retr0 Strike 5 hours ago


  • Andrea Brooks
    Andrea Brooks 5 hours ago

    What do you recommend for curly hair if someone wanted highlights?

  • RiEsther Mawthoh
    RiEsther Mawthoh 5 hours ago

    That Mannequin will haunt you someday for all the things it's been through😂😂

  • Nicole Marie Stenerson

    You remind me of the character from Schitts Creek 😂😂 in the best way 😂😭

  • Katie Nutt
    Katie Nutt 5 hours ago

    I love hot rollers, I have a super cheap set too and they’ve been in storage for about a year- I’ve got to get them out!!!

  • Yadira R
    Yadira R 5 hours ago

    I’m so jealous!! I wish I could rock 🌈 hair..

  • Jasmelle
    Jasmelle 5 hours ago

    My scalp thanks you

  • Sandy C
    Sandy C 5 hours ago

    I love the videos with you and your brother

  • Awkward Chezney
    Awkward Chezney 5 hours ago

    *6ix9ine has entered the chat*

  • Smiles The Clown
    Smiles The Clown 5 hours ago

    I really really hate the neon green roots 😖 i hate it to death

  • Ashley Murphy
    Ashley Murphy 5 hours ago

    Eric laugh and giggle 😍

  • artist 101
    artist 101 5 hours ago

    bring back the babe squad merch

  • The Keller Clan
    The Keller Clan 5 hours ago

    Artic fox is my favorite to use

  • Bean
    Bean 5 hours ago

    Nope. I don't use product in my hair.

  • Jena Rowlette
    Jena Rowlette 5 hours ago

    I love how he lowkey looks like Damon from vd

  • Alyssa Hoeltke
    Alyssa Hoeltke 5 hours ago

    omg Jessie the instagram shoutout is freaking beautiful ! and that natural ombré just from her hair growing looks amazing !

  • Jackii Chevez
    Jackii Chevez 5 hours ago

    I love you reaction Brad! You kind of looked like a proud parent 😂❤️❤️

  • Brittany G
    Brittany G 5 hours ago

    Do you know what catorizing is? It's literally using heat to sterilize a wound and it keeps it from bleeding. It will leave a scar if you do it wrong. But t surgeons use catorization tools to make clean incisions. It's totally a thing.

  • Alyssa Hoeltke
    Alyssa Hoeltke 5 hours ago

    _oh my god, look at that disaster_ Brad consistently savage 😂

  • Jade van Angeren
    Jade van Angeren 5 hours ago

    "I want you dead in a casket with that hair" *the ultimate compliment*

  • Charlene Jo
    Charlene Jo 5 hours ago

    Woah, helloo! I love how the rainbow looks on the second person. Ooh! The third girl looks gorgeous too! Especially when her hair was straighteed.

  • ette_ braus
    ette_ braus 5 hours ago

    who else wants brad to do the breathing exercises in every video vv

  • GG
    GG 5 hours ago

    i got remington rollers at the salvation army for $3 and when i looked up the reviews i found out they costed $99 .. i was shook! p.s they worked and i do use it :) they give u nice waves

  • seska1245
    seska1245 5 hours ago

    Can you review function of beauty products?

  • Oli Grace
    Oli Grace 5 hours ago

    I’m balling

  • Melanie D
    Melanie D 5 hours ago

    POP <3 @ the shout out to rollers! Ty Ty Ty! I swear by these things. I have super fine hair so this lil (aka granny) tool gives me just enough to not be messy when i dont have time to wand. On thicker hair it can give like a pretty legit blowout-look. For anyone that keeps a roundbrush on they counter as deco....cuz that stuff is effort!! these ARE your roundbrush!! #hacks I use the Conair 'Big Curls' set which doesnt so much curl my super thin hair more as just gives it a super healthy bouncy look. Me testifies, Brad, me testifies :D

  • Terriann 11.11
    Terriann 11.11 5 hours ago

    Fuckya Hannah Montaaaaannnnaaaa biiaatch letsgoooo Miley Stuart 😍

  • Linda Vincent
    Linda Vincent 5 hours ago

    You should react to Naomi Jon

  • lovelyandlonely
    lovelyandlonely 5 hours ago

    roses are red violets are blue he’s always in my recommendations how about you?

  • PictureMeThis 77
    PictureMeThis 77 5 hours ago

    Sugarbearhair is just the paceblo effect in a nutshell

  • littlesimming
    littlesimming 5 hours ago

    Brad's next video: trying to recreate the girls split rainbow pattern look on a wig Or Hairdresser uses artic fox for the first time Also I chopped off a good 6 inches of my hair today and yall it was crazy seeing myself after.

  • Zoe Fallah
    Zoe Fallah 5 hours ago

    i think the product ur looking for at 5:28 is temprary hair dye

  • The Golden Artist
    The Golden Artist 5 hours ago

    He lied to me. He called me sexy. Liar.

  • L L
    L L 5 hours ago

    12:59 Hahahaha The way he gets mad😂😂😂