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The $1.7 Million Lie
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They stole $1.7 million
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Losing the Battle
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  • Ian Shurchay
    Ian Shurchay 3 hours ago

    Sees warning and goes to comment

  • Matthew cease
    Matthew cease 3 hours ago

    No no no NOOOOOOOOO

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez 3 hours ago

    In Kirby right back at ya the star rod killed mme

  • gamephreak5
    gamephreak5 3 hours ago

    Mass Effect was never good. All western RPGs are trash. The only good RPG games are made in Japan.

  • Taylor Wile
    Taylor Wile 3 hours ago

    The laugh from behind the scenes when you failed that bridge the second time kills me. He really got a kick out of you failing that bridge

  • Møuldy Pøtato Randoms

    Jeez he got his wisdom teeth he must be insane.

  • Jonny Gamer
    Jonny Gamer 3 hours ago


  • YeBoiDraws
    YeBoiDraws 3 hours ago

    listening to advice on how to play magic, from someone who can't play magic.

  • Scarlet Santiago
    Scarlet Santiago 3 hours ago

    🤔 hmmm......WAIT he looks exactly like Fred bear actually what if he’s the crying child?

  • Cooper Greuling
    Cooper Greuling 3 hours ago

    2.1043 3.1529 ! 11.1987 ! ! 1.1999 ! ! 8.2006 ! ! 6.2010 ! ! 3.2014 ! ! 4.2016 ! ! 8.2019 ! ! 10.2020 ! 5.2502 6.2999 3.3341 7.3962 6.4873 7.5639

  • Fudge Gamer
    Fudge Gamer 3 hours ago

    Nothing Matt patt talks about is scary, but his voice is so overwhelming. It scares me

  • John-Myles Kirkland
    John-Myles Kirkland 3 hours ago

    The paintings or actually Backwards in time the door was open and now it's close

  • The flip side
    The flip side 3 hours ago


  • Cat Poke
    Cat Poke 3 hours ago

    Bugg's hair is shaved, most likely, so that's probably why it's gray

  • Dalshawn Bhullar
    Dalshawn Bhullar 3 hours ago

    We all know that when jack was not going to use the warrior as just a peace weapon. He would be dictator. And he also killed blood wing so

  • Seth Seaman
    Seth Seaman 3 hours ago


  • Cooper Greuling
    Cooper Greuling 3 hours ago

    Fnaf teaser 2 dates.?

  • claus lol
    claus lol 3 hours ago

    Make a theory about chapter 2 fortnite

  • Mariah Delgado
    Mariah Delgado 3 hours ago

    Petscop 22, 23, and 24 are out on the petscop channel

  • Snowflake Girl
    Snowflake Girl 3 hours ago

    ”Your heads a bigger target” 🤣

  • Harry Mario
    Harry Mario 3 hours ago

    What if it WASN'T a civilization, but infant one person alone, each by themselves

  • 《Sųgr Dřəqms》

    Lancer fangirls: *frick-*

  • The shitposting child called six.

    9:56 Who else thought they saw three finger marks above Freddy's left eyebrow....?

  • Matthew Heyman
    Matthew Heyman 3 hours ago

    It’s the future of Bill Nye

  • Andreas Wilhelmsen Schmuck

    Make Thatcher from rainbow six siege emp grenade and upgrade it so it a magnet then the drones have a problem

  • gruit me
    gruit me 3 hours ago

    I love your vids Keep them up and also #family secret Duh

  • SeeWolfy
    SeeWolfy 3 hours ago

    this is bad sorry but it is ):

  • Scitofrenic spider
    Scitofrenic spider 3 hours ago

    Just a little tip bit of info, the binding of issac story isn't a parable

  • Rebecca Ramirez
    Rebecca Ramirez 3 hours ago

    The more theories he makes the more games Scott makes Which makes more theories Than MOrE FNAF GAMeS

  • Tristan Davies
    Tristan Davies 3 hours ago

    sister: i like playstation me: 12:52

  • Vincenzo Frias
    Vincenzo Frias 3 hours ago

    Who is watching when MatPat has 12 Million Subs?

  • Nehemyah Jacobs
    Nehemyah Jacobs 3 hours ago

    Now try the math with shulker boxes

  • Art
    Art 3 hours ago

    Ker - tz - ge - zat your welcome for pronunciation!

  • Aubrey Reynas
    Aubrey Reynas 3 hours ago


  • manju ck
    manju ck 3 hours ago

    Objection you didn’t count the Japan laws just the america side stupid

  • MR MOST-Sneaky
    MR MOST-Sneaky 3 hours ago

    Samurai wins goes to for Honor o vikings won another faction war🤣🤣

  • ayye lamo
    ayye lamo 3 hours ago

    12:32 why is there The Simpsons Ride from Universal Studios

  • Kieran Games XD
    Kieran Games XD 3 hours ago

    FNaF VR The 8th night Seems weird and has a unique feeling, why? Only 1 game has a 8th night

  • Lordchungass
    Lordchungass 3 hours ago

    Ahh unsleeved cards and commander format hate!! I feel Attacked here lol

  • Jomarba2
    Jomarba2 3 hours ago

    Thats not gray hair. Its shaved...

  • 12 000 subscribers without videos?

    At Some point the series lore and your theories got so crazy and confusing that i have no idea What is happening in this series anymore.

  • Rose Knight
    Rose Knight 3 hours ago

    Blues clues 😂😂😂😂

  • Adorable Nurse :3
    Adorable Nurse :3 3 hours ago


  • Jack Burns
    Jack Burns 3 hours ago

    Why is Hideo Kojima in this video at 16:10?????

  • Chad padua
    Chad padua 3 hours ago

    Petscop 2

  • Art
    Art 3 hours ago

    Austin should have his own channel

  • jaden st.clair
    jaden st.clair 3 hours ago

    Herobrine is the person we here in the tapes then he turned evil

  • Zain Daddy
    Zain Daddy 3 hours ago

    Who throws dum dum lollipops at someone

  • Belle Chavez
    Belle Chavez 3 hours ago

    my. Name is. Isaiah

  • Rena Minkus
    Rena Minkus 3 hours ago

    Time ocarina of time

  • XxMission GamingxX
    XxMission GamingxX 4 hours ago

    MatPat: Im finnaly done! Petscop and Scott: Well yes... But actually no.

  • Vells
    Vells 4 hours ago

    U should make a game/film theory explaining what Gotham criminals could go through after encountering Batman since he doesn’t kill and how Gotham’s judicial system should work

  • spycraft
    spycraft 4 hours ago

    wut if kirby inhaled dido and dido copyied kerby

  • Jonathan Gaming
    Jonathan Gaming 4 hours ago


  • Sophia Rosario
    Sophia Rosario 4 hours ago


  • Cartoon Master
    Cartoon Master 4 hours ago

    Steph: "Having a beach ball under your ribs... (lolz)" Me: Why do you have? A beach ba---OHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....that's not a beach ball. XD

  • LeBeautifulMeh
    LeBeautifulMeh 4 hours ago


  • The Fruit Group
    The Fruit Group 4 hours ago


  • Jayden Becker
    Jayden Becker 4 hours ago


  • AlphaCraft5
    AlphaCraft5 4 hours ago

    Good to know Gaster is a game theory fan.

  • gun4hir3 x jr
    gun4hir3 x jr 4 hours ago

    Matpat: lets give it the old school game theory treatment, 10 min later matpat: PIXEL MEASUREMENTS me: yep that’s old school game theory

  • Lefty From FNAF
    Lefty From FNAF 4 hours ago

    The puppet is actually mad just look above and you see it mad at you but from below it looks happy Like if you don’t want puppet attacking you and coming out of the screen and killing you only if your an adult 👇 👇🎥

  • czak exists
    czak exists 4 hours ago

    THIS DOES NOT AT ALL MAKE F-and now, sponser

  • Sam Jordan
    Sam Jordan 4 hours ago

    I can’t imagine nuggets voice not being the one Jacksepticeye gave him

  • amy stolz
    amy stolz 4 hours ago

    Wait its October *scoot shoves theory’s in my mouth* yes give more to me I love theory

  • Big Fella210
    Big Fella210 4 hours ago

    Uh us as guardians are teetering now with the darkness and now are trying to figure out what’s right

  • Dominique Raley
    Dominique Raley 4 hours ago

    I always thought it was weird how I would be the only one to get female starter pokemon 🤷🏾‍♀️

    BROS FOREVER 4 hours ago

    You might wanna have a commercial bro

  • TerrificTrent
    TerrificTrent 4 hours ago

    Comic Sans

  • Ironwolf 1
    Ironwolf 1 4 hours ago

    So...why is the Super Jump Punch such garbage in Smash?

  • Keepitmello430 YT
    Keepitmello430 YT 4 hours ago

    Is it Jimmy Fallon?

  • blackarrow Gaming 2.0

    Love it new intro

  • Sebastian Sanchez
    Sebastian Sanchez 4 hours ago

    Who else expected nugget to sound like Jack septiceye

  • Grace Pennington
    Grace Pennington 4 hours ago

    Idk how this is still up uncensored

  • Grant Kasaba
    Grant Kasaba 4 hours ago

    Fnaf is the worst game ever

    JOSLYN HARRINGTON 4 hours ago

    7:52 Reverse Mama Mia! My brain: Aim Ammam

  • Juanna Nelson
    Juanna Nelson 4 hours ago

    I’m at 16:17 in the video and im just praying for just this once for matpat to be wrong just once because this whole thing all these games we’ve loved lies but it is still a GREAT franchise so I’m satisfied

  • Deano
    Deano 4 hours ago

    He kinda predicted ffh post credit

  • Ilya Nikitin
    Ilya Nikitin 4 hours ago

    why does mat looks like hes always tearing up

  • hardwick101001
    hardwick101001 4 hours ago


  • awesome man 6490
    awesome man 6490 4 hours ago

    Btw it's called bleave it or not HADES and it closed when Jesus was killed

  • Bowman C.
    Bowman C. 4 hours ago

    anyone here to rewatch this because JAR media is talking about it?

  • jikook world
    jikook world 4 hours ago

    you should check out BrawlHalla i would love to see what you see in Brawlhalla and it’s an overall good game💛 Love your videos btw❤️

  • white toaster5594
    white toaster5594 4 hours ago

    Im not crying youre crying

  • CubeTale Gacha
    CubeTale Gacha 4 hours ago

    *is anyone else a Jerome Stan?*

  • iReact&Game - Fortnite & More

    MatPat : More mass for every inch of your rod Me : ... THATS A FRICKIN PE-(google translate : a man’s hotdog with no bun) MatPat : (editing video. decides to be non-advertisement friendly)

  • connor perkins
    connor perkins 4 hours ago

    Wait... so there is gonna be an app so u can see them irl... well... in ur phone irl... ish

  • Sushi Manga
    Sushi Manga 4 hours ago

    Hold on Did i Just see Logan Paul, Stop Stop Right Now lol

  • Katie Frampton
    Katie Frampton 4 hours ago

    can game theory PLEASSEEEEE do a recap of EVERYTHING!!! i would be so happy😌... like if u agree

  • WolfyGirlBella :3
    WolfyGirlBella :3 4 hours ago

    But I mean WOT! I don’t get it! .-.

  • WolfyGirlBella :3
    WolfyGirlBella :3 4 hours ago

    Do YoU kNoW dE wEy To GoOd FaShion?!

  • Miles Asselin
    Miles Asselin 4 hours ago


  • Mr. Foxomont
    Mr. Foxomont 4 hours ago

    Another fnaf game is coming out GOOD LUCK 👍

  • Isaiah Lefthand
    Isaiah Lefthand 4 hours ago

    Theory: How did herobrine get eyes white.

  • Enris
    Enris 4 hours ago

    We’re gamers

  • Zingblor the alien
    Zingblor the alien 4 hours ago

    What if it ends with petscop 69

  • Yung Tay
    Yung Tay 5 hours ago

    I was thinking it was steve running from herobrine and then he sees his eyes and dies

  • UGM_YT
    UGM_YT 5 hours ago

    "No, these were not made by endermen, these were made by *menmen."* What?

  • Matthew Heyman
    Matthew Heyman 5 hours ago

    I want ashes age