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  • Robby Rankins
    Robby Rankins 40 seconds ago

    Good job tonight boys Needed that W

  • Brad Caldie
    Brad Caldie 8 minutes ago

    This makes me hate the Dodgers even more.

  • Brion Stronghold
    Brion Stronghold 9 minutes ago

    And just like that this kid got a set of balls and became a man

  • Alittlebitnuts2day
    Alittlebitnuts2day 11 minutes ago

    Quick someone call the police Travis Shaws Jersey has been stolen and someone hit a homerun while wearing it!

  • Totally Believable
    Totally Believable 14 minutes ago

    Was there an earthquake at 1:33

  • robbieyh
    robbieyh 16 minutes ago

    Nicholas Castellanos (MVP) Kyle Schwarber is on fire! Keep it Comin CUBS! The division is not far off for W!

  • legolas1601
    legolas1601 34 minutes ago

    Thank you Royals from an Astros Fan

  • A 12
    A 12 37 minutes ago

    Nooooo, Lucas Giolito will not be pitching for the rest of the season because of lat strain.

  • Phillip Martin
    Phillip Martin 39 minutes ago

    Cards and Brewers both won their games too 😕 keep at it cubbies good win.

  • LT-48
    LT-48 39 minutes ago

    Only 2 players reached 1K

  • Thomas Tedder
    Thomas Tedder 41 minute ago

    Awesome find!!!The days when baseball was fun!!!! Roflmao!!!!!!

  • Chris Fraijo
    Chris Fraijo 41 minute ago

    Dodgers need to let this fade into history and finally win one for their loyal fans after 31 years...

  • Joshua B.
    Joshua B. 41 minute ago

    21:36 that Mets fan dying inside

  • LT-48
    LT-48 42 minutes ago


  • Michael Herrera
    Michael Herrera 44 minutes ago

    Tomorrow's another day let's get a win the swinging a's elephant baseball stomper let's go Oakland

  • Armandhammer
    Armandhammer 44 minutes ago

    Well at least we can watch the Giants and Jets win. 😂😣

  • Godlikelobster01
    Godlikelobster01 46 minutes ago

    Let’s go cubbies 👏👏 👏👏👏

  • Eline Jimenez
    Eline Jimenez 52 minutes ago

    Machado en el mejor papa

  • Professor Statisyahu
    Professor Statisyahu 52 minutes ago

    Alonso on the plains of Africa would in fact be dinner.

  • Chas chas
    Chas chas 56 minutes ago

    The magic # shrinks by one....Win Twins!

  • Lalrongbola
    Lalrongbola 58 minutes ago

    At first i thought the kid saud thank u and i thought how sweet it was.. But then i realised it was the commentator

  • Jose Montero
    Jose Montero Hour ago

    U9jei838373838u892u283o2iui3uu3u88t7673u3g3hn h2bvw7wwv uqh2jjhw8whwbwwbw2u29wo922je0o2iwwiowiw8wiwnququsnjg45DDTT5DZZZJGHUIÍkioeodjxjdjjzjnzjsdjiddidnkfngkndmm Knjjjjfkkfkdmdkdkdk D mndkdkldldmdmd

  • rick mann
    rick mann Hour ago

    Harper being thrown out is really gonna help their playoff chances 😆😆

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief Hour ago

    Cardinal fans getting worried....

  • Mariana Jackson-Mayfield

    It was beutaful and I loved it.

  • rick mann
    rick mann Hour ago

    All of that mold on Vazquez's helmet must've helped him muscle that one out

  • 110P Highlights
    110P Highlights Hour ago

    FIRE SHILT FIRE SHILT FIRE SHILT, we’re going to get killed in the playoffs, if we make it, with the terrible baseball he plays

  • Michael Dykstra
    Michael Dykstra Hour ago

    Spangenberg not the hero the Brewers want but the one they need.

  • Mark Foti
    Mark Foti Hour ago

    I never heard that story, and it classic, but who won the game?

  • Boiii Whyy
    Boiii Whyy Hour ago

    The cards still in first it will be up to the last siries against the cubs

  • Marcus Gregory
    Marcus Gregory Hour ago

    We won

  • Aliyumyum
    Aliyumyum Hour ago

    Bam-Bam 3 run homer set the pace for this game. Fly the “W”!!! Cubs Win!!

  • rick mann
    rick mann Hour ago

    Alonso runs like my morbidly obese grandmother

  • Mark Garduno
    Mark Garduno Hour ago

    I've heard Gibson was in the dugout inside the prep room, hitting a warm up pad , when Lasorda heard him smacking away. So, as the old man went to check it out, it was the big guy, all wilded up asking Lasorda to give him one shot. Well, what can you say , if this is true, the event is more than legendary, and a fantastic story to be told to future baseball generation.

  • RedBirds 618
    RedBirds 618 Hour ago

    Big bears gotta eat

  • stevieb635
    stevieb635 Hour ago

    A perfect example of why Dodger fans love Tommy and all other baseball fans hate him.

  • EveryDay
    EveryDay Hour ago

    fuking cool

  • Cormac Guzman
    Cormac Guzman Hour ago

    You just gave me another reason to HATE the Dodgers.

  • MikeyBoy
    MikeyBoy Hour ago

    Such a great little story.

  • rzarectot7
    rzarectot7 Hour ago

    Pure baseball ⚾️

  • grich006
    grich006 Hour ago

    166 ejections, you must be proud.

  • Gregorythegreat
    Gregorythegreat Hour ago

    This proves that the Mets WILL NOT make the Wild Card. Shame, Callaway.

  • Brutis 1983
    Brutis 1983 Hour ago


  • sky langford
    sky langford 2 hours ago

    the A's forgot that KC is a professional MLB team, but KC did not forget that the Raiders were a professional NFL team.......

  • Elisa Pena
    Elisa Pena 2 hours ago

    The cubs are on fire babyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite team are the Yankees, but this team is lit too!!!!!!!!

  • Ratchet Going Commando

    This was our best time to go to World Series, other than 2017. But looks like 2019, Yankees will win it all.

  • kai san
    kai san 2 hours ago

    spangee luckyboy✊✊✊

  • Kenneth Futch
    Kenneth Futch 2 hours ago

    Back on Track ( Hopefully )

  • :RWC
    :RWC 2 hours ago

    It's funny that you Cubbies fans are excited because you beat the AA Pirates and Reds...... It's cute

    • robbieyh
      robbieyh 12 minutes ago

      Hate to burst your bubble there buddy this is the MLB so when is a win

    • Beard of Bees Pool
      Beard of Bees Pool 55 minutes ago

      Except the Cubs are 8-9 against the Reds this season. Cards, Brewers, and Cubs have won and lost against the same teams in the past month or so.

    • Master Chief
      Master Chief Hour ago

      :RWC because the Cubs played tough teams early?

    • Mr King
      Mr King Hour ago

      It's cute that the Cubs are tightening the race? It's not like they're 20 games out pal, what are you thinking? Cubs fans are routinely called the best in organized sports by players and sports writers. Pay attention.

    • :RWC
      :RWC Hour ago

      @Joseph Schroeder I know it just doesn't seem right how they do the schedules

  • Jerry StanislausII
    Jerry StanislausII 2 hours ago


  • Daniel Spinosa
    Daniel Spinosa 3 hours ago

    Murphy and Neuse continue to impress every game. Tough loss but in 162 game season these things happen. On to the next one boys 🐘

  • Kyle West
    Kyle West 3 hours ago

    I was at this game. In tears.

  • Kyle West
    Kyle West 3 hours ago

    Love tony jr

  • Clief Castleton
    Clief Castleton 3 hours ago

    It's commentators like these two who make people mad at umpires. They insert their opinions without knowing what the facts are. How could they? Yet there they go, not knowing what was said, telling us this umpire is bad. Way to go guys.

  • chiefmegadeth
    chiefmegadeth 3 hours ago

    Good to see Ray bounce back...lets kill that september curse and start a win streak for september...

  • WithApologies
    WithApologies 3 hours ago

    a no handed no hitter is way more impressive

  • Imalrightma
    Imalrightma 3 hours ago

    Typical Oakland makin hard work of it yet again......i really wanna see them in the playoffs i think they have a great team but damn they make hard work for themselves

  • Katherine Winyala
    Katherine Winyala 3 hours ago

    Was sad to see him retire, even though he's the sole reason my team lost in the 2013 World Series. If only they would have just walked him instead of pitching to him...

  • Henry Fanelli
    Henry Fanelli 3 hours ago

    The way this year's going I can't believe not one of our pitchers has drilled Cruz in a vital batting bone!!! Why do they let that POS kill us every game? It's time to kill him!

    • Chas chas
      Chas chas 57 minutes ago

      That sounds like dirty baseball to me.Cruz is a good guy. You just jealous because the Sox didn't try to sign him?

  • M C
    M C 3 hours ago

    Alonso looks he's gonna pass out when he runs the bases.

  • Next Level Toys
    Next Level Toys 3 hours ago

    Bring him back please. He was better then the game its self 😀

  • Windbag Jones
    Windbag Jones 4 hours ago

    The A's have a good team, but if they don't play better than this, they could miss the playoffs. They only lead the Rays by 1 game and the Indians by 2 in the loss column.

    • sky langford
      sky langford Hour ago

      you are right on the money. If I'm not mistaken, the A's tend to play down to their competition coupled with the fact that the Rays "always" go on a roll in the final 10 games. The A's are playing now sub .500 teams who are considered spoilers. I don't like the A's chances. Oh and did I forget? Tampa bay has a guy on their team named salty sogard, and he's got a thing for beating up on his old club

    • Windbag Jones
      Windbag Jones 3 hours ago

      The A's, however, do own the tie-breaker over both the Rays and Indians, so they can add a game to their lead over both.

  • Gaming with Rian
    Gaming with Rian 4 hours ago

    Like my comment for nothing

  • BoldWittyName
    BoldWittyName 4 hours ago

    Very annoying that the Brewers are still in this. They are negative 26 on the season. That's right, BrewCrew has given up 26 MORE runs than they have scored, yet they are a gm back. WHY WON'T YOU DIE!?

    • Alittlebitnuts2day
      Alittlebitnuts2day 3 minutes ago

      Because the Brewers smell the playoffs. They don't have much pitching but what they have is now stepping up! And the Run deficit you talk about, it's because in games where they're losing with no hope, the coach makes it into an expedition game using bench pitchers the rest of the way allowing the other teams to inflate the score. First game against the Cardinals they lost 10 to 0. And they beat the Cardinals the next two in close games. The Brewers are winning the close ones so they can't go away!

  • Marcus Gregory
    Marcus Gregory 4 hours ago

    Lets go cubs

  • elevate111
    elevate111 4 hours ago

    9:14 Verlander vs Muncy in Game 1 of the 2019 World Series

  • 지옥슨상
    지옥슨상 4 hours ago

    match fixing 100000%

  • Genesis
    Genesis 4 hours ago

    The Mets are rapidly taking themselves out of the wildcard picture 😑.

  • Ian Krueger
    Ian Krueger 4 hours ago

    I felt it when Romo went 😋✋

  • babtist58
    babtist58 4 hours ago

    What a nice young man, he must have proud parents 👍

  • Angel Espinoza
    Angel Espinoza 4 hours ago

    Será que mis ojos ya jodidos por llorar dos series mundiales consecutivas puedan ver esto en 2019? ITFDB let’s go Dodgers that’s it!

  • Robert Yancey
    Robert Yancey 4 hours ago

    The guy with the hat balance...NOW THATS ENTERTAINMENT!😆😆😆😎😎

  • El Chancho
    El Chancho 4 hours ago

    Just a bit outside 😂😂😂 NL central is going to be a dog fight till the end gotta love it

  • Jesse Alvarado
    Jesse Alvarado 4 hours ago

    Pretty good attendance for a team that tanked so hard! Go Rockies!!

  • Shet Shettins
    Shet Shettins 4 hours ago

    The Cardinals will forfeit all 3 games in the upcoming series against the Cubs. I'm not delusional.

    • Chad Fleck
      Chad Fleck 59 minutes ago

      What about the 4th game?

    • :RWC
      :RWC 2 hours ago

      Hahaha the Cubbies can only pray they do

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 5 hours ago

    A's really blew this one. 20 LOB. hendriks blows the save by giving up a home run to light hitter. melvin moves laureano to center in the 9th, who drops a fly... that becomes the winning run. you needed 3 outs to go up 2 games...

  • jacob moya
    jacob moya 5 hours ago

    The last person to beat the freeze was an Asian guy from Waco TX

  • David G
    David G 5 hours ago

    Glad he’s not my son

  • Parke Obrien
    Parke Obrien 5 hours ago

    I love our Brewers coaching staff. Keep up the great work 👍.

  • Parke Obrien
    Parke Obrien 5 hours ago

    From the Ownership to the front office to the Manager and to EVERY PLAYER what an AMAZING season !!!! You talk about the "next man up" this Brewers TEAM is the absolute definition of what that phrase means. This is a very special team with so much 💖💓💕💙!!! As Brewers fans we owe this team to get to Miller Park and give all our support and energy to help this team get to the finish line. I am so proud of the effort this team puts out everyday.

    ALLUPINYA 5 hours ago

    Who? Legendary? Fahgs

  • ron Chad
    ron Chad 5 hours ago

    Just tremendous offensive catcher...and very charismatic...

  • Nolan
    Nolan 5 hours ago

    Thank You Guys! Finally I'll get to know Baseball <3 Greets from Poland :*

  • Tyler Winningham
    Tyler Winningham 5 hours ago

    Look at the round of applause... Ya, but can he do this.... " Me clapping" 😂

  • the man
    the man 5 hours ago

    Mondesi's ball rolled into the endzone

  • C S
    C S 5 hours ago

    Juan Lopez will be known as the first offensive pitcher. He manages to ensure the other team always scores runs.

    • chiefmegadeth
      chiefmegadeth 3 hours ago

      They should send him down if thats a option. He stinks right now. We cant afford to let him find his mojo

    VICTOR RODRIGUEZ 5 hours ago

    Damn I guess I'd get in a fight if I hit my first home run and take a peak. Since when did baseball become a hockey game

  • kyle Baker
    kyle Baker 5 hours ago

    Great WIN CUBS. I love when Pat. Says base hit so much energy.

  • Dan Dan theXRPman
    Dan Dan theXRPman 5 hours ago

    Bob davidson had a long and storied career. You have to have respect for a man who lost his job in 99 during the umpires union debacle, went back to the minors and worked his way back up again, while in his 50's. Glad to see him in this clip.

  • C S
    C S 5 hours ago

    Still rooting for Goldie from a Diamondbacks fan.

  • Jacob Carrion
    Jacob Carrion 5 hours ago

    Greg Gibson, the home plate umpire, wouldn’t have thrown Youppi out

  • Todd Brown
    Todd Brown 5 hours ago

    That throw by Machado at 04:06 though... it bent the 2nd baseman's glove in half. Lets Go Brew Crewwww

  • tony da greasuh I.E.

    Listen to A-roids....sounds like he would like to get bent over and get a train ran on him by the wankees dugout hahahahaha

  • awesomejasonsel 1
    awesomejasonsel 1 6 hours ago

    We're going back folks

  • MizerisMoney
    MizerisMoney 6 hours ago

    You gotta think Hamels is not 100%. Starting pitching has been terrible lately. Cant even get to the 5th inning? If not for the offfense they would be in trouble. Its not gonna work against the better teams.

  • the man
    the man 6 hours ago

    Mike Trout for now, if Bregman finishes with 40 HR and a 295 or above average he'll get the MVP

  • A Guy Who Likes Llamas

    Ian Desmond robbing that homerun right in front of a Mets fan is the perfect summary of the Mets in one play.

  • Tony Waters
    Tony Waters 6 hours ago

    Nice win BREWERS!

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 6 hours ago

    I was going to say that Kauffman Stadium looks like it's out in the boonies, but then it struck me -- Kansas City _is_ the boonies. #GoStros #TakeItBack

  • A Guy Who Likes Llamas

    Let’s Go Rox