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Joe Rogan Reviews "Joker"
Views 1.9M11 days ago
Are Orgasms Ruining Us?
Views 467K15 days ago
Is Krav Maga Legit?
Views 760K28 days ago


  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 7 seconds ago

    The old man said: Shema Ysrael.....

  • Joefest99
    Joefest99 14 seconds ago

    When are you going to interview Trent Reznor?

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 Minute ago

    I dont know Rick

  • Amy Ernano
    Amy Ernano Minute ago

    Wait... did he just say "all those poor people making $50,000 a year"? That's squarely middle class in this country these days, at least ostensibly. And if you live in Des Moines, $50K is way more money than it is if you live in the Bronx. I love ya Joe, always have, but that statement shows that you're a wee bit out of touch with the American reality. Jesus, how much do they pay you for that podcast?

    BEAST MODE FIAZCO 2 minutes ago

    Smoke the mother fucking loud this purple sour #JETlife

  • Sprunk Soda
    Sprunk Soda 2 minutes ago

    What there really is are people with poor and strong work ethics.

  • Mason Duley
    Mason Duley 2 minutes ago

    This guy hurts my brain. The massive statues on Easter Island are not just heads, they have began excavating and discovered they also have massive bodies buried underground. Also, saying they cut down the last tree and had no way off the island? I highly doubt these island people where without huge numbers of boats and knowledge of navigation.

  • A P
    A P 2 minutes ago

    Damn, Bert gets treated like shit.

  • Jonathan d'souza
    Jonathan d'souza 3 minutes ago

    This guy will kick your ass and give you a philosophy lecture at the same time.

  • Vermemme asdf
    Vermemme asdf 4 minutes ago

    No... I dont think I will. Food is pretty good like why the f*** would i care about living longer.

  • Jonathan d'souza
    Jonathan d'souza 4 minutes ago

    This entire conversation is WHOO

  • Vince Gray
    Vince Gray 6 minutes ago

    The Left are losing their minds. This desire to control everyone and everything is terrifying! Joes a liberal, but the Progressives are pushing Democrats like him to become Moderates. Regan Democrats!

  • serabot 92
    serabot 92 7 minutes ago

    Sp org msia agkt tgn 🙋‍♂️

  • Richard Barber
    Richard Barber 8 minutes ago

    Vegetarian oh, I kind of get it. Vegan equals retarded though.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 8 minutes ago

    I have a question because Joe was talking about when you take dmt you see People they Talk to you and say you These things like we all the same and be good and all this like god Talk to you i expirence almost the same but not on dmt and without visual effects it was After i take a long time drugs then I stopped for almost 2 year and then started smoke weed again and lie all night in bed eyes closed with all dark and no Sounds or something Arround me and then my brain goes crazy and thinking more things at ones and analyse all Kind of stuff and the stuff what I think about right this time i analysed also right while I thinking and why i think it so strong that i not more realized i was breathing because i was so deep in my thoughts i thought about stuff like hou i am, why I Made Different thinks in my life and for what reason and what was going on my my Mind while I make that and from were These thoughts was coming , why is our World how it is and people how they are, Moral things and alot other really amazing question so much that my thinkings switched alot between them all or think about more at ones and then it was also like god Talk to me or not really god more like my inner me me as a human and not a brainwasched fuck that the system in then we live make us and it was almost like magic almost my inner me the human in me without any knowledge what get Set into our head from others look at all this and then take alot of little things out from all the thoughts i switched from all times this happend to me together like at puzzle or i was thinking more stuff then ones at a time and realised this iss all ones and Hang together and the answers almost fly to me and was told me from my inner me or the human in me but I see no people or something that told me this and have no any other visual effects now my question is is that even possible with weed or from were can comes this sorry for my bad english

  • rosa loperfido
    rosa loperfido 8 minutes ago

    Joes podcast makes you ask what the fuck is the purpose of the news. I garented you. podcasting is the best formant for people that like to use there brain instead of having someone wash it for you

  • Sprunk Soda
    Sprunk Soda 9 minutes ago

    "What if a MILF did DMT?" Joe Rogan 2019

  • microtech5871
    microtech5871 9 minutes ago

    Immediate like when he tells Jamie he stammered through the explanation

  • travis mahaffey
    travis mahaffey 9 minutes ago

    Ari seems like the kind of dirty, who wouldn't wash his hands if he got shit on them, while wiping his ass.

  • Sarah Bearman
    Sarah Bearman 9 minutes ago

    I think I have that in my face on the left side but how would I know for sure

  • Max Media Company
    Max Media Company 10 minutes ago

    Who on earth would ban Norm Macdonald from doing talk shows?! You guessed it. Frank Stallone.

  • The Savage
    The Savage 10 minutes ago

    I believe more people seeing Bigfoot over people seeing Schaub as a comedian...

  • Ramon Alfonso Matos Florimon

    Shame on her

  • darealness514
    darealness514 12 minutes ago

    drugging someone is beef no question, friend or not, you will get tied to the tracks for that dumb shit

  • David Fellner
    David Fellner 14 minutes ago

    So, this Harry Anslinger guy... he sounds like he deserved to be castrated and force-fed his own testicles.

  • ssazerac
    ssazerac 14 minutes ago

    I had to quit drinking. Not only did I forget her name in the morning, I forgot what I told her my name was too.

  • jaysen2200
    jaysen2200 14 minutes ago

    Wolfe's kill for fun

  • Ross True
    Ross True 14 minutes ago

    There it is. We need little tiny space probes

  • Eddy Que
    Eddy Que 14 minutes ago

    GSP is like bald

  • Google User
    Google User 16 minutes ago

    Environmental Physiological Psychological Dealing with narcissistic people will tip you over

  • Hugo Jacinto
    Hugo Jacinto 16 minutes ago

    Orale!...Santa Paula in da’ house!...👍🏼👍🏼

  • JonniesMusica
    JonniesMusica 16 minutes ago

    Get Todd Philips on the podcast!!!!!!

  • Luke Andrews
    Luke Andrews 17 minutes ago

    Think of how an old TV turns off, or on i guess but the images before coming off or on would go from or to the center of the TV boom big bang, we're in an alien or super being's TV as a show.

  • Wheelgun Dan
    Wheelgun Dan 17 minutes ago

    Great chat! ps I do like grenades. Very impressed the first time I ever heard one go off and later started throwing them. Really neat!

  • A K
    A K 17 minutes ago

    Chicks def dig that

  • No Name
    No Name 18 minutes ago

    If this was 1999 but now that we’re in one ☝️ don’t act if you didn’t see it coming

  • Damian Dobson
    Damian Dobson 18 minutes ago

    Now get John Stryker Meyer on.

  • Vegabond, Moist Rider of the East

    its like that in australia as well. everyone smokes it with tobacco thats why we call it a mix.

  • Mellow Four20
    Mellow Four20 19 minutes ago

    Getting hit by a hammer with my toes says the man who got his legs blew off

  • Eddy Que
    Eddy Que 19 minutes ago

    musics awesome fuck this one punch man

  • Scooby Carolan
    Scooby Carolan 20 minutes ago

    Joe you gotta get a sovereign citizen on!!

  • Kevin hdirect
    Kevin hdirect 20 minutes ago

    TMD accidentally influenced me to try Roe Jogan

  • The Zant
    The Zant 21 minute ago

    Why Are So Many People Depressed? Because we get our food at the store.

    RAJY BOII 21 minute ago

    Swear these pricks don’t know what there chatting about. That weirdo with the glasses goes “ he married her when she was 14 “ what a twat she was 21

  • Aros of Kernow
    Aros of Kernow 22 minutes ago

    6:20 Joe Rogan is a sexist SJW.

  • Incentric
    Incentric 22 minutes ago

    Travis is such a bad ass but so soft spoken as well his voice is so relaxing

  • Tomi Adewole
    Tomi Adewole 24 minutes ago

    "Every way of man is right in his own eyes...." Proverbs 21:2

  • charmnGUY
    charmnGUY 24 minutes ago

    With the DIVIDENDS, that VAT taxes can also goes toward health care, job training, taking courses in marketing, social media, robotics, software, hydraulic, etc. So it is UNIVERSAL Joe i almost re-subscribed when you said YANG, but you shot it down again because you don't want to see between the zeros! ($1000)

  • R. A.
    R. A. 25 minutes ago

    Stereo types arent usually formed from ignorance. Somerville Ma is clustered with dark Bra prostitutes and dark drug dealers too. The only ignorance is denying their validity just to be complacent.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 27 minutes ago

    "Whenever I shake his hand" is low key a dope flex

  • be TRUE
    be TRUE 27 minutes ago


  • Hey, call me CJ
    Hey, call me CJ 29 minutes ago


  • Steef Lee
    Steef Lee 29 minutes ago

    Holy shit that is fucked up

  • rosa loperfido
    rosa loperfido 29 minutes ago

    Who ready to fuck!

  • Nick Zagorov
    Nick Zagorov 29 minutes ago

    Cause we are All living the life of Luxury like you are....Joe! :)

  • Jiuver Roque
    Jiuver Roque 29 minutes ago

    Joe he’s jacked rogan

  • brushfyr
    brushfyr 30 minutes ago

    This is a good lesson in how the average woman's brain thinks. "he's evil, I don't trust him, but I love him, and it's great he drugged his friend!"

  • Van Morgan
    Van Morgan 30 minutes ago

    Tim Kennedy is such a crock of shit but whatever

  • rosa loperfido
    rosa loperfido 31 minute ago

    This guy is a real man our country needs more people like him. So we can laugh at jokes again and ourselfs when people had a mind of there own & dident get crucified for what came out the mouth . Make American laugh agian. you dirty cunts

  • Karl Logan
    Karl Logan 31 minute ago

    My momma told me if the ref can't see it it's okay.

  • Below Polar
    Below Polar 32 minutes ago

    I wanna see what Eddie says about this 😂

  • HollyWoodGarry
    HollyWoodGarry 32 minutes ago

    fights should always end on a TEN count not a 4 or 5 count

  • Clovis Cornillac
    Clovis Cornillac 32 minutes ago

    If i eat meat i'll feel like shit afterwards. I don't care if im unhealthy as long as i don't feel like im a piece of shit.

  • Based Core
    Based Core 35 minutes ago

    Joe should do one that’s about heartbreak it would help me

  • Penelope
    Penelope 35 minutes ago

    Now, new restrictions, after a cancerous brain tumor operation, no opiates after! Don’t want to get addicted! Thanks UPenn.

  • Ciao Chao
    Ciao Chao 36 minutes ago

    It was a keyword ban on a few websites like Weibo. Not banned on Baidu (Chinese Google). Definately not "scrubbed" on the whole internet. It's like Facebook censors nudity. It's the action of the individual website.

  • Damion Otteman
    Damion Otteman 37 minutes ago

    Aquaman grew up in Iowa hahaha

  • DaviDamir
    DaviDamir 38 minutes ago

    Scarlet jewhanson

  • Noori Natt
    Noori Natt 39 minutes ago

    India is largest beef exporter

  • N0ir i am N0ir
    N0ir i am N0ir 39 minutes ago

    Why am I depressed? why are you depressed? Why are we depressed? Because we are being lied too and being kept n the dark, we are being fed fucked up food and culture. We are toxic and live in toxicity. Life is pure shit because even people have become so fake and fabricated driven by social media and ideas that are unrealistically . Life itself is depression.

  • cypresspuz
    cypresspuz 39 minutes ago

    Bisping fans are beta stupid DORKS... this pussy sucked balls with 2 eyes and nothing changed with one eye...ducking every fight just fight GSP and get fucked up by a WW

  • Johan Macas
    Johan Macas 40 minutes ago

    The matrix, Elon already escaped it and came back to get us out.

  • James Johanson
    James Johanson 41 minute ago

    Joe , Please let Bob keep talking. I feel sorry for all the Bullying from other people

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore 41 minute ago

    What apart the part of gun laws and poverty from thouse times?

  • John Paul neanderthal
    John Paul neanderthal 43 minutes ago

    I put my money on Steven Seagal beat the tar out of you joel

  • Robeon Mew
    Robeon Mew 46 minutes ago

    Have you ever tried DMT? (Dating Many Types App)

  • Tim Eubanks
    Tim Eubanks 47 minutes ago

    Ron White did the blue collar comedy tour... Then proceeded to talk about getting busted for having weed on private Jets and how Vallet parking didn't park his car fast enough for his liking so he threw a hissy fit or how the Ritz Carlton doesn't have hot water and how loaded his ex wife was and all that. I'm not shitting on him, he's funny and tells a good story, but he's not really relatable when he tells a lot of these stories. Especially for blue collar folks. Still a hilarious and fantastic comedian.

  • Dzilla64
    Dzilla64 48 minutes ago

    Is this that chic that used to pretend she was a christian?

  • Karl Logan
    Karl Logan 48 minutes ago

    Evander, Headbutt Holyfield interviewed by Joe, Rim Job Rogan.

  • big boof
    big boof 48 minutes ago


  • Brendan McDonald
    Brendan McDonald 49 minutes ago

    Eh, this guy is a fucking machine and it's impossible not to respect him but he's kinda full of shit with this one. People don't listen to music "for motivation" lmfao they listen to it to either help pass the time or to drown out other noise.

  • Why are we still here?
    Why are we still here? 49 minutes ago

    Tried nofap sevetal times It actually got easier as time passed by until some situations trigger you into this state that you cant think of anything else than fuck. That peak when you are talking to a sexy lady and imagine giving it to her. If you arent single I guess this could work but if not its not viable.

  • Daeduluus
    Daeduluus 49 minutes ago

    haha had to look up the turkish getups lol do them all the time my trainer just calls the getups lol

  • Mstpha Asad
    Mstpha Asad 50 minutes ago

    Joes head + vaseline would blind the aliens

  • Tim Sisco
    Tim Sisco 50 minutes ago

    The "space walk" is also known as EVA or extra vehicular activity.

  • Samuel Tratt
    Samuel Tratt 52 minutes ago

    Sex is not the same thing as gender smh

  • Limp Cock
    Limp Cock 52 minutes ago

    Edm is music cancer.

  • dizzie337
    dizzie337 53 minutes ago

    wtf!! where is the RESPECT for the POTUS ?!? this is OUR COUNTRY people! would all truly prefer Killary?!? who else has 56 suicide friends!? It’s out of control! how many like 2A? How many like having $ literally be taken out of their pockets to pay (reward) Criminals? that’s what’s happening when illegals invade YOUR COUNTRY!! lost so much respect for you Joe.. truly disappointed.

  • Zerg
    Zerg 54 minutes ago

    Ide like to buy stock in vitors testosterone level... free money

  • Wehtam Silliw
    Wehtam Silliw 55 minutes ago

    This guy's retarded

  • Shawn C
    Shawn C 57 minutes ago

    I mean does anyone remember Ed buck...m

  • Jonah Quintanilla
    Jonah Quintanilla 57 minutes ago

    Hooker passport 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • lord headass
    lord headass 58 minutes ago

    I don't know why but all bugs refuse to bite me besides spiders and that's it

  • Average guys channel
    Average guys channel 58 minutes ago

    He was only good because, only a few exclusive groups and people were preview to their knowledge, now you don’t need the Gracie family to learn the best bjj, the Gracie family system is obsolete in the modern world of Eddie bravo, Ryan hall, Gordon Ryan and so on. That’s why he was so good just lack of competition, I mean look at kron he got handled up.by cub of all guys lol, Royce got beat down bad by a wrestler. They are old news and they know it.

  • Es Lo Que Ocurre Aqui
    Es Lo Que Ocurre Aqui 58 minutes ago

    Joe: go find me a hoe down the street so we can do a podcast Production: aite

  • Joaquín Del Río
    Joaquín Del Río 58 minutes ago

    Joe Rogan is the best interviwer in the world,.Period. Spain represented here bitches!

  • Illegirl 01
    Illegirl 01 Hour ago

    Three assholes 😂😂👌

  • Mikey Dudek
    Mikey Dudek Hour ago

    What episode number is this?

  • similaritiesendhere

    Scientist hope to answer this question using our knowledge of computing power in this universe. Doesn't that mean that if this universe is a simulation, than the creators of this simulation are also likely to be living in a simulation and so on and so on. If you gave Pac-Man consciousness, his entire universe would be a series of mazes and it would seem realistic as fuck to him.

  • CHXYCE ¿
    CHXYCE ¿ Hour ago