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My Video Making Process
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My Dreams
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Growing Up With Video Games
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Getting My Driver's License
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Childhood Memories
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Dumb Arguments
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Fan Meetups
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The Art of Flaking
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Disney World
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Breaking Up
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The New Kid
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Speeding Ticket
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Back To School
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Stranger's Thing
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Growing Up Asian
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Fan Interactions
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Buying Used Things 2
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Parked In My Spot
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Buying Used Things
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My B-Boy Days
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Last Names
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Neighbours [Part 2]
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Neighbours [Part 1]
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Am I A Cyborg?
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Alumni Sticker
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Moving Out
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Cosplay Shenanigans
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My Ancestry Results!
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Visiting Home
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Public Transit
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Time Waster of the Day 3
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High School Track Team
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My Art Teacher
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New Shoes
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ReTales: Closing
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Pencil Lead
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Anime North 2015
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Group Assignments
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[Outtakes] I Don't Care
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I Don't Care
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Draw My Life [Domics]
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  • Nerco
    Nerco 8 hours ago

    Jaiden, the kamikaze elder murderer

  • Ethan Unglesbee
    Ethan Unglesbee 8 hours ago

    Dom: high 20 degree weather. Me: you haven't been to Cincinnati.

  • fritobandito
    fritobandito 8 hours ago

    I thought allowance was something only in movies

  • ReCoostic
    ReCoostic 8 hours ago

    i saw this and i felt unworthy for my partner

  • Iron Wolf
    Iron Wolf 8 hours ago

    Libarys are for wifi

  • Hey Ray
    Hey Ray 8 hours ago

    A “sandwich” is filling IN BETWEEN TWO STARCHES. A complete sandwich IS TWO BREAD WITH SOMETHING IN BETWEEN

  • Jing Janolo
    Jing Janolo 8 hours ago

    Don’t worry I’m only 8 and 3 feet and about 6 inches ok

  • The Second Septiceye 321

    Anyone else see UA? #MyHeroAcadamia

  • a r i a n a g r a n d e


  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green 8 hours ago

    She didn't eat ramen she digested the ramen

  • Lulibies
    Lulibies 8 hours ago

    I used to think Smash 4 was smash for like Smash for 3ds or wii u

  • Durr Pocky
    Durr Pocky 8 hours ago


  • Emma Thornton
    Emma Thornton 8 hours ago

    *I was born on September 11th*

  • Mostafa Helal
    Mostafa Helal 8 hours ago

    Take the rejection all forms of it not as a failure but as an experience to prepare you for the next one ,which who knows.....? might not end up being another rejection.

  • Francesco Maddalena
    Francesco Maddalena 8 hours ago

    English is one of the most easy languages

  • OP Gamez -
    OP Gamez - 8 hours ago

    Thought I was gonna get through this vid without having any of these apply to me. Then he said they aren’t trying hard enough, guess it’s good they left me then lel

  • cringemaster42 1
    cringemaster42 1 8 hours ago


  • Summer_Fox04
    Summer_Fox04 8 hours ago

    Highschool sucks. Moving away from your hometown sucks. literally lived there for more than half my life. Being an introvert thrown into a new environment sucks. Life sucks. end me.

  • Iron Wolf
    Iron Wolf 8 hours ago

    And outbreak company

  • Iron Wolf
    Iron Wolf 8 hours ago

    Trinity seven and HIGHSCHOOL dxd

  • Xx Moonlight xX
    Xx Moonlight xX 8 hours ago

    Ur overrated

  • study ebi
    study ebi 8 hours ago

    ng is literally one of the most common last names in my country

  • Shuiかいと
    Shuiかいと 8 hours ago

    8:56 best fren

  • study ebi
    study ebi 8 hours ago

    my last name is pretty rare (like only 300 people currently have that last name in the world) and kinda hard to pronounce but idk how the heck people end up pronouncing it as wizard like BRUH there isnt even a w in it

  • _mintable_
    _mintable_ 8 hours ago

    My friends tell me I look like domics I dyed my hair red on top and left sides black, without realizing u did it too and still enough I still look like domics

  • han minho
    han minho 8 hours ago

    what the fuck did steve do

  • IsDarrylEvenAPerson Wow

    I like flippingno!

    SAMPLE TEXT 9 hours ago

    Down where I live if a family member is a police officer and is a member of the fop club they can get all family members fop stickers to put on our license plate and if you have one of those cops around here won't pull you over and if they do you will usually get a warning.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 9 hours ago

    tell the story of how you got nala

  • Susana Castro
    Susana Castro 9 hours ago

    Of course it was Karen

  • Dr Phil
    Dr Phil 9 hours ago

    Domics:”mmmmmmmm soft s’mores” Me the cannibal:”mmmmmmmmmm soft mores

  • Sin
    Sin 9 hours ago

    how much weed did you smoke

  • Kratos Olympian
    Kratos Olympian 9 hours ago

    I bet my dad can beat your

  • Daniel fortnite
    Daniel fortnite 9 hours ago

    I know dominic

  • Scribble
    Scribble 9 hours ago

    Are we not going to talk about how much he has improved.

  • Noobiest GD
    Noobiest GD 9 hours ago

    Who else is very scared for coppa? I know I am :(

  • damon a
    damon a 9 hours ago

    I have that exact same flying dream. Except i dont need a running start i just curl in a ball and float

  • Jaemin Chung
    Jaemin Chung 9 hours ago


  • Amelia McCloy
    Amelia McCloy 9 hours ago

    “I Like The D” I’m dead Xad

    MELONY MELONZ 9 hours ago

    I’m from Saudi Arabia

  • lindana rocks
    lindana rocks 9 hours ago

    Dom: Hello, this video has been brought to you by.... Me: Why is Dom talking in different accent?!! Dom: That accent has nothing to with the rest of the video.... Me: Oh OK. That's good then..

  • Prickely Llama
    Prickely Llama 9 hours ago

    My last name is waiastamgmdloat no joke! Did u guys pernons it right? Like if u did

  • Getta Life
    Getta Life 9 hours ago

    0:35 this is so filipino accent 🙌🏻😂🤣

  • Kyaw George
    Kyaw George 9 hours ago

    this is the most relatible video for us asians, like if asian

  • Dhadkan Purohit
    Dhadkan Purohit 9 hours ago

    me doing weird dance moves

  • SCHKIDDLES studios
    SCHKIDDLES studios 10 hours ago

    2:26 is that Saiki's uniform? Or am just being stupid?

  • Necro Plays
    Necro Plays 10 hours ago

    Any one else just listened to the song for opening card

  • matusala beyene
    matusala beyene 10 hours ago

    Her: **yeets shirt** Old man: Hello ;)

  • Cronos and the Guardians of Eternity

    Next time you guys book a flight, you should clarify: person next to us needs to smell AWESOME! 😂

  • MysticalSnorlax Gaming

    When you talked about curry, I was making curry in Pokémon Shield

  • SParasyte
    SParasyte 10 hours ago

    Who is this she?

  • S_roku
    S_roku 10 hours ago

    Me an Arizona boi

  • EMA___{lol} KeKe Popvicka

    my friends last name is Antanasijevic.and its kinda hard to pronouce lol mine is kinda hard i think?its called Popovic.try it 😂its not hard at all for me

  • Hayden Lau
    Hayden Lau 10 hours ago

    The retarded American after-tax price system lmao

  • Erika Corpuz
    Erika Corpuz 10 hours ago

    Aquaria zodiac sign here For ya’ll who has seen my dark side or angry side im sorry ya’ll deserve it ♒️

  • Oleg Kraskin
    Oleg Kraskin 10 hours ago


  • Jamyssa Campos
    Jamyssa Campos 10 hours ago

    6:28 meme Domics:ate Domics:aattee Domics:aaaaatttttteeeee *few moments later* Domics:a.. aaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeeeeeee!!!!!!! *Domics triggered*

  • ThisIsNotAlex
    ThisIsNotAlex 10 hours ago

    You’re not eating a pb and j sandwich, you’re eating 2 slices of pb and j separately.

  • Nub
    Nub 10 hours ago

    *WcWagyu* I'm lovin' it

  • kayla bosman
    kayla bosman 10 hours ago

    Im a freshman(freshwoman?) In highschool. Im friends with a guy that loves drawing like me. We'll call him Bendy. (We met over Bendy and the ink machine) my school has this system where some days of the week they have us sign up to go to a teacher's classroom to work on stuff. This time, Bendy and i were in the same room. He was drawing FNAF characters, i was finishing a test. His mechanical pencil he was using stopped working, so he asked if he could borrow one from me. I pull a brand new mechanical pencil from my purse along with a fancy metal pen, and hold them out. After a second, he takes both. After class ends, we're packing up, and he starts to pocket the pen and pencil. Im confused, and ask if i can have them back. He says he has nothing else, and starts to leave. I ask if i can have my pen back at least, and he reluctantly hands it over. I was thinking about this all day, trying to figure out who was in the wrong. I guess he thinks borrow means keep? Sorry Bendy, i don't think ill let you borrow anymore.

  • WaitNani
    WaitNani 10 hours ago

    2:23 I didn’t see levi when I watch this last time

  • Tabeeb Hossain
    Tabeeb Hossain 10 hours ago

    Literally the rice is me every day at home too lol

  • Yichuan Zheng
    Yichuan Zheng 10 hours ago

    I do to

  • **Jade-Wolf** Gacha life

    Omg I see the UA on the top of the car the part where the instructor says okay let’s go

  • Ruby Hannah
    Ruby Hannah 10 hours ago

    Prepare to get your ass whooped.... In a dance battle🕺🕺

  • Xavy10 baby
    Xavy10 baby 10 hours ago

    Thank you for saying that all games are productive except for cookie clicker

  • superbowserlogan
    superbowserlogan 10 hours ago

    Stranger Things

  • Alice Gamer
    Alice Gamer 10 hours ago

    When Dom says,”People usually gets their drivers lisence when they hit puberty...” I’m going through puberty but I am a 10yr old boy who is watching,LOL!

  • Stefan Sanfilippo
    Stefan Sanfilippo 10 hours ago

    1:30 SDOMKS

  • mello1023
    mello1023 11 hours ago

    Do open face sandwiches not exist in your world?

  • Just A Cupcake
    Just A Cupcake 11 hours ago

    I don't get how people can have their SHOES on inside, like it means you have to clean a lot more .

  • superbowserlogan
    superbowserlogan 11 hours ago

    Dang it a kasamba ad

  • superbowserlogan
    superbowserlogan 11 hours ago

    A little to much for a ps3 don’t you think maybe you could of got a used ps4

  • Audrey Candice
    Audrey Candice 11 hours ago

    ms.BUCO tapos buko pandan tawag nila saken

  • DankMemes101
    DankMemes101 11 hours ago


  • Shardz
    Shardz 11 hours ago

    Obit is a trooper

  • Red Hat
    Red Hat 11 hours ago

    I thought you said lewd anime

  •  11 hours ago


  • Simone Jota
    Simone Jota 11 hours ago

    i lik boobies more hahah

    ЛЯ КАКОЙ 11 hours ago

    You are freak...

  • sara
    sara 11 hours ago

    I wish I could tell my crush I like him... I had the opportunity to talk with him and a blew it. Now I just sit on my bed and stalk his Instagram pics for hours... 🖤

  • anime spike dragneel
    anime spike dragneel 11 hours ago

    Have you watched code geas domics

  • Fritz Buenaflor
    Fritz Buenaflor 11 hours ago

    "English is hard" Ako: *tawang-tawa*

  • Arkin Micolo De Leon
    Arkin Micolo De Leon 12 hours ago

    I draw anime too

  • H4RD ___
    H4RD ___ 12 hours ago


  • Morgan Ragsdale
    Morgan Ragsdale 12 hours ago

    Anyone else heartbroken that Danny got kneed and burned alive by Dio? Out of everything Dio has done it's the worst thing he has done.

  • zarthurrei 194
    zarthurrei 194 12 hours ago

    Dom: english is hard Eu: eu sou brasileiro e discordo disso pois tem muitas regras chatas no português

  • 1 Hour Memes
    1 Hour Memes 12 hours ago


  • Chelsea Wang
    Chelsea Wang 12 hours ago

    omg theres an anime about how to eat certain foods in order and stuff called "目玉焼きの黄身 いつつぶす?" (when do you poke the yolk of a sunny-side-up) 😂😂

  • Rhemus25 Gaming
    Rhemus25 Gaming 12 hours ago

    R u filipino because i am

  • Mike Vince
    Mike Vince 12 hours ago

    Im not only one Filipino watch this domics video

  • user
    user 12 hours ago

    #TEAMTREES ecosia

  • Brick Magma
    Brick Magma 12 hours ago

    MINDORO!!!!!! NANI!!!!!

  • fat boi
    fat boi 12 hours ago

    In kosovo we use the number system, 5 is the best grade, and 1 is the worst.

  • Bacon Hair
    Bacon Hair 12 hours ago

    Part 2 pls part2 part 2 part2 part2 part2cpart2

  • Weird but true #1
    Weird but true #1 12 hours ago

    Rip will

  • Kiwi Cat
    Kiwi Cat 12 hours ago

    4/4 is my sister's birthday

  • The ONE
    The ONE 12 hours ago

    I dont watch anime buttttt iknow how to draw them

  • some random guy with no friends

    Why do i see my self as Alvin -got glasses -is a sick fuck -is a dick -is touchy -has a dark huomor at young age

  • Orial CompleX
    Orial CompleX 12 hours ago

    Im 16 and I look like a 13 year old *LITERALLY*