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Halsey - Graveyard
Views 9M11 days ago
Halsey - clementine
Views 6M21 day ago
Halsey - Nightmare
Views 73M5 months ago
Halsey - Without Me
Views 301MYear ago
Halsey - Alone (Audio)
Views 12M2 years ago
Halsey - Tour Diary Pt. 2
Views 310K3 years ago
Halsey - Tour Diary Pt. 1
Views 296K3 years ago
Halsey - Young God (Audio)
Views 18M4 years ago
Halsey - Haunting (Audio)
Views 16M4 years ago
Halsey - Drive (Audio)
Views 17M4 years ago


  • Lauren Rodriguez
    Lauren Rodriguez 59 minutes ago

    What’s with the talent questions?

  • Vanessa ZAZA
    Vanessa ZAZA Hour ago

    It is a beautiful song ❤️

  • M!ssundaztood
    M!ssundaztood Hour ago

    I love you Halsey your music is beautiful ❤ I struggle with relationships and bipolar 2 as well ❤ I'm not ashamed im a warrior like you. Thank you ❤💜💖

  • Big Yeet
    Big Yeet Hour ago


  • happy4life500
    happy4life500 Hour ago

    Is this Pink?

  • paul koch
    paul koch Hour ago

    I love U...I'm Paul T T.Koch. You have been one of the brightest lights in my heart. 312 785 1505 Chicago Illinois. Xoxo

  • Anindya Gita
    Anindya Gita Hour ago

    Oh, all i see is you.

  • April Jones
    April Jones Hour ago

    I don't know why either because it feels terrible 🤔

  • 私はトップですOnæ

    beautiful !! very cute voice love you!

  • Beyond Studios
    Beyond Studios Hour ago

    Can I have the dress?

  • Daniel Hiebert
    Daniel Hiebert Hour ago

    Fun fact :JoJo weares a wig😲😳🤯😯😮😦😧😢😥😓😞😩😫😵💇

  • Daniel Fire
    Daniel Fire Hour ago

    Who else thinks she is lesbian

  • M!ssundaztood
    M!ssundaztood Hour ago

    She's beautiful ❤

  • Daniel Fire
    Daniel Fire Hour ago

    I keep I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin I keep runnin repeat 200 times u get it right?

    CRY BABY 2 hours ago

    i just clicked on this and now i'm obsessed.

  • Ghada dodi
    Ghada dodi 2 hours ago

    V secret without Adriana is sadest than real madrid without cristiano 💔

  • Juicy Crackhead
    Juicy Crackhead 2 hours ago

    Brow game *strong*

  • Ayy Shaddy
    Ayy Shaddy 2 hours ago

    u faggot

  • AuggoDoggo
    AuggoDoggo 2 hours ago

    Little do you know, The brightest smiles hide the deepest secrets The most gorgeous eyes have cried the most The wisest people have felt the most pain The bravest people have the darkest past The perfect people are made of insecurities and flaws The most loving people have seen the most deaths The kindest people are the most lonely That underneath all those of perfect features lies a locked hole of flaws, insecurities, darkness, mistakes, fears, tears, memories... just because they are scared that someone might open their hole of suffering... Please spread this message

  • kian murphy
    kian murphy 2 hours ago

    Pretty big difference listening to this after nightmare

  • Jagi ah
    Jagi ah 2 hours ago

    EVERY BTS FF....😂

  • Isabella Leon
    Isabella Leon 2 hours ago

    Por mas que pase el tiempo no parare de escucharla❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Edgar Guayara
    Edgar Guayara 2 hours ago

    Kimderly is a good friend to be a good girl to me I love you so

  • Jean_Qulle
    Jean_Qulle 2 hours ago

    my favoris music waou

  • 김서정
    김서정 2 hours ago

    모델로 나와도 되겠다 ur so beautiful Halsey I love u 😭😭😭💕💕

  • Waleed Alnoamy
    Waleed Alnoamy 2 hours ago


  • nthabie Gillian
    nthabie Gillian 2 hours ago

    this is a beautiful song

  • anel vl
    anel vl 2 hours ago


  • Dannika Esq
    Dannika Esq 2 hours ago

    we need more bts collbs!!!!

  • Dannika Esq
    Dannika Esq 3 hours ago

    Yes sister!!!!!!!!!

  • Marczemio
    Marczemio 3 hours ago


  • Isabelle Sosa
    Isabelle Sosa 3 hours ago

    Her hair is pan colors? 🤫

  • lizzy beth
    lizzy beth 3 hours ago

    god that "boyfriend" is a bitch fuck him

  • Yousaf Shafique
    Yousaf Shafique 3 hours ago

    Not sure if my like is for the lyrics or the concept behind the clip? Both are just so amazing to compare to. 😍

  • lizzy beth
    lizzy beth 3 hours ago

    who elsa loves this Leave a like 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Milena Oliveira
    Milena Oliveira 3 hours ago

    algum brasileiro aí? só eu q amo essa musica? 😍😍❤❤

  • Riley Gregory
    Riley Gregory 3 hours ago

    Wish I could be there size but no I’m over here like a hippo

  • Marcos Vinicius da Silva Motta Vinicius


  • Mine Harmandalı
    Mine Harmandalı 3 hours ago

    Why girl?

  • kellie
    kellie 3 hours ago

    halsey was like: cassie and maddy shouldve been gay in that carnival episode

  • T. Dániel
    T. Dániel 3 hours ago

    FIFA 21 official music pls😫🔥

  • Paloma Kinsey
    Paloma Kinsey 3 hours ago

    Rem and Ram ?

  • Mundo Dos Signos Gacha

    Halsey...mds! Garota, 💜❤❤

  • MARCO Montes Arroyo
    MARCO Montes Arroyo 3 hours ago

    Its better the cover of Alec

    ONLY MOVIES 3 hours ago

    jason bond just made me hate money halsey is a legend by the way

  • annachiara C.
    annachiara C. 3 hours ago

    Beyond the meaning of this song and the videoclip

  • annachiara C.
    annachiara C. 3 hours ago

    Halsey loves blue eyes 😍

  • karinafanatic
    karinafanatic 4 hours ago

    Omg Sydney is so breathtakingly beautiful!! I’m crying 😭

  • Seebeto
    Seebeto 4 hours ago

    what name girl ?

  • B_j _87
    B_j _87 4 hours ago

    five years ago Who still here???😭❤️❤️

  • Maria Clara Wander Da Silva


  • ج.العتيبي
    ج.العتيبي 4 hours ago

    17 oct 2019 300M views 👍🏻😍❤️❤️.

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 4 hours ago

    Y’know there is one flaw with the song It’s too short

  • Malika Haddadi
    Malika Haddadi 4 hours ago


  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 4 hours ago

    Just my opinion but TikTok doesn’t ruin songs it helps them become more popular

  • Mandryn saleh
    Mandryn saleh 4 hours ago


  • Sharita Cormier
    Sharita Cormier 4 hours ago

    Oh my God I love this HeArt

  • Procrastination Center

    what the fuck happened to this song, all the covers are so much better, it had so much potential. A song is a song, lets keep music and politics separate, then we will avoid monstrosities like this song, and especially this video

  • Burcu Poyraz
    Burcu Poyraz 4 hours ago

    ugly ass song lol

  • Lina A
    Lina A 4 hours ago

    2015: Me, Myself & I 2017: Him & I 2018: Without Me 2019: Graveyard

  • Angel Bad
    Angel Bad 4 hours ago

    wow.. it's good

  • Uncomfortable Cat
    Uncomfortable Cat 4 hours ago

    Seth "Seth Everman" Everman sent me here

  • Sophie Roblox Angel
    Sophie Roblox Angel 4 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Tulf42
    Tulf42 4 hours ago

    Is it me or does the painting look a bit like Scarlett Johansson?

  • Seren Omer
    Seren Omer 4 hours ago

    She did this her name is Nures shes so talented

  • Laura
    Laura 4 hours ago

    Everyday i listen to this wtf is this not recognised more for!!! She is raw talent so relatable making my life eaay so suicidal atm i you

  • Queen of Andriaglatus

    halsey is so versatile in her music i love this so much

  • Amanda RC
    Amanda RC 4 hours ago

    why does it look like hayley kiyoko

  • Tamara
    Tamara 4 hours ago

    1:26 😂 ok

  • Anna Voll
    Anna Voll 4 hours ago


  • GeraldTheBusDriver
    GeraldTheBusDriver 5 hours ago

    In my opinion me and my old man can’t stand this music, we both think it sucks, though I’m stronger than him because I let it go in one ear and out the other, he acts as if he is listing to nails on a caulk board though I’ve always hated today’s music even before him

  • paula cid castro
    paula cid castro 5 hours ago

    esta musica me inspiro

  • Aymene Rahab
    Aymene Rahab 5 hours ago

    halsey you are amazing forever 🤗🤩

  • Shelby Lauren
    Shelby Lauren 5 hours ago

    So she tried being gay now she has to go back to angel boy. I love this Halsey story

  • Shelby Lauren
    Shelby Lauren 5 hours ago

    Did anybody notice at the end of the video, she returns the angel wings emblem? She’s not interested 😮

  • Tamara Campbell
    Tamara Campbell 5 hours ago

    Beautiful person,and so talented 🤗😍💯♥️

  • Aisha
    Aisha 5 hours ago

    1:55 omg it looks as if shes combing the colors through the hair! stunning!

  • 246apple810
    246apple810 5 hours ago

    It has a mad 2000 pop vibe to it

  • safae boukkal
    safae boukkal 5 hours ago

    I think helsy she is must be the best ever in the remintic songs

  • May Asa'ad
    May Asa'ad 5 hours ago

    I get enough of this song💙

  • wissam mahdi
    wissam mahdi 5 hours ago

    300 million Omg yessss Love you

  • Park Hana
    Park Hana 5 hours ago

    This song should have more likes

  • Omar Nasir
    Omar Nasir 5 hours ago

    she reminds me of pinky

  • Tima Ozatay
    Tima Ozatay 5 hours ago

    Ceeeeeeeez Halsey I loveeeer😍

  • Ratna Subba
    Ratna Subba 6 hours ago

    I love this song alot...

  • Jéssica e as gachas

    Alguém que fala português aí?)

  • Fajna Osoba
    Fajna Osoba 6 hours ago


  • Fajna Osoba
    Fajna Osoba 6 hours ago


  • Fajna Osoba
    Fajna Osoba 6 hours ago


  • Vallerya Lauanny
    Vallerya Lauanny 6 hours ago


  • Jackie Brooks
    Jackie Brooks 6 hours ago


  • E97
    E97 6 hours ago

    At the beginning of the song it’s like X song

  • blurry baby
    blurry baby 6 hours ago

    Knowing she’s wearing a diaper & was made to go out on stage breaks my heart. She deserves so much love

    BD RESULTS ONLINE 6 hours ago

    Why are all of Halsey’s songs so good?

    BD RESULTS ONLINE 6 hours ago

    Why are all of Halsey’s songs so good?

  • KittyGamer_ YT
    KittyGamer_ YT 6 hours ago

    Why is this only 1:42?

  • Tee Rose
    Tee Rose 6 hours ago


  • Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Johnson 6 hours ago

    I guess she likes YSL lipstick.

  • Norhafifi Zulkifli
    Norhafifi Zulkifli 6 hours ago

    His eyes is Blueeeee...

  • Shira Oxman
    Shira Oxman 6 hours ago

    Me listening to spooky songs getting hyped for Halloween