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  • John luis Marcelo
    John luis Marcelo 6 seconds ago

    Dave to emilia: " Our wedding" OWWSHIT

  • Octavious Alexander
    Octavious Alexander 16 seconds ago

    How old is Alex

  • Derek g
    Derek g 32 seconds ago

    When are we seeing these new cars u said one v12 doors go up.im thinking aventador snd maybe mclaren idk.how yall afford 3 more super cars

  • Stephen Kohonen
    Stephen Kohonen 50 seconds ago

    Alex is fuuny af. He's cool ppl

  • Derek g
    Derek g Minute ago

    Weird upload time lll its 9am here

  • Yohannes Bayray
    Yohannes Bayray Minute ago

    Me:what is the most underrated youtube channel Everybody:.........

  • Chrome mustang
    Chrome mustang 2 minutes ago

    Dont get a urus get a trackhawk, it's faster and cheaper! Edit: it also sounds a lot better

  • James Riddle
    James Riddle 2 minutes ago

    Keep it up guys

  • steven Carey
    steven Carey 2 minutes ago

    I love how Dave tries so hard for Emilia but no one has told him she has a girlfriend!

  • Bike Life
    Bike Life 3 minutes ago

    Nice vid

  • Fox Beat
    Fox Beat 3 minutes ago

    notification squad here we go(edit)thanks god emilia in the vlog

    IMCARS 3 minutes ago

    I've heard this exhaust before, and it is INSANE!

  • Saiba
    Saiba 3 minutes ago

    I've been Watching *DDE* for almost 2 years and today is My Birthday!! 🙏 Thank you for always giving not just me but to everyone some Really Dope Contents!! *DDE* FAN from Phillipines!! ☝☝☝ I love you Guys ❤❤❤

  • Eric Pratt
    Eric Pratt 3 minutes ago

    Dave was funny as hell this episode, i want his drugs

  • Ronan Sison
    Ronan Sison 4 minutes ago

    Hello from philippines

  • Chelsea Columbus
    Chelsea Columbus 4 minutes ago

    alex choi islike the whore of car youtubers he is on somany channels more than hes on his own hahahah

  • RGM - 79FP GM Striker
    RGM - 79FP GM Striker 4 minutes ago

    2mil!!!!!!!! Here we come DDE!!!!!!!!!

  • SEND-IT 123
    SEND-IT 123 4 minutes ago

    Any idea on when your hats are going to be stocked in the shop

  • FiSh D3Ad hEaDs
    FiSh D3Ad hEaDs 4 minutes ago

    We all know you already bought the mclaren.

  • Raul Jimenez
    Raul Jimenez 4 minutes ago

    Does Alex have Vorsteiner wheels on his 720s Nvm the video answered my question 😂

  • S Gamerz
    S Gamerz 5 minutes ago


  • Emperor Gao Zu
    Emperor Gao Zu 5 minutes ago

    Dam it I'm at work so I can't even watch it

  • Antonio Mao
    Antonio Mao 5 minutes ago

    @MS.Emelia in is da house.

  • Tech Walad
    Tech Walad 5 minutes ago

    I’m not first I’m not last But when DDE uploads I come here fast 🏎

  • Mathias Rosensköld
    Mathias Rosensköld 5 minutes ago

    You should get an Urus for your wife Damon.

  • daily driven H2
    daily driven H2 6 minutes ago

    ARMY TRIX is what we’re putting on my sons M4 . In one of our last videos we made it sound better but not ARMY TRIX better

  • Jus Gough
    Jus Gough 6 minutes ago

    My kinda morning. No coffee needed. DDE 👊

  • Hoostie
    Hoostie 6 minutes ago

    My wife and I find out next week if we are having a boy or girl. :) could I borrow the McLaren?

  • carlos silva
    carlos silva 6 minutes ago

    One of the new cars better be a mclaren

  • Tlan Hlua
    Tlan Hlua 6 minutes ago


  • Haitham Rajeb
    Haitham Rajeb 6 minutes ago

    I love you DDE 😆😆😆🤩🤩🤩

  • Extasy King
    Extasy King 6 minutes ago

    1st Jamaican Once again , DDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donshe' Smith
    Donshe' Smith 6 minutes ago

    Idk why I get Notifications so late lol

  • Mr. 300
    Mr. 300 6 minutes ago

    Dope video!!! Respect car builds are expensive!!!☹️☹️☹️🔴🔴🔴 my build is already costed me over $4K!

  • Sentenced to Death
    Sentenced to Death 7 minutes ago

    Finally some Alex Choi car content.. His cars are EPIC WHERES THE LAMBO

  • I am Mitch
    I am Mitch 7 minutes ago

    On the toilet.....watching your video. (Now get the image out of your head ;))

  • Amado Mahawan
    Amado Mahawan 7 minutes ago

    Notif squad here

  • hussin king
    hussin king 7 minutes ago

    شعدكم سهرانين هههه

  • DaGoaliee30
    DaGoaliee30 7 minutes ago

    Where are the 3 cars that you guys said you recently bought? There has been no info about anything since that day you guys said there were three new cars!?

  • MysteryFX - Gameplays
    MysteryFX - Gameplays 7 minutes ago

    Yes 🔥

  • Hotwheel with Zayan
    Hotwheel with Zayan 7 minutes ago

    Love your videos DDE Fam going strong.#DDE

  • shaunmilor
    shaunmilor 7 minutes ago

    gender reveal haha

  • BroodjeKatMetHaar
    BroodjeKatMetHaar 7 minutes ago


  • Benelux supercars
    Benelux supercars 7 minutes ago

    yeahhh great video again ! greetings from Belgium carfans checkout my channel ! and give it some support please

  • Jordan Benson
    Jordan Benson 7 minutes ago

    Get an urus

  • Alfredo Gonzalez
    Alfredo Gonzalez 7 minutes ago

    Hell yeah now that’s how you start your day. Who needs coffee when all you have to watch is DDE and get pumped for the day... #DDE-LIFESTYLE

  • shaunmilor
    shaunmilor 7 minutes ago

    i hit a hydrant once and snapped it off along with a lightpole and the hydrant didn't shoot water like that thats crazy!

  • Kevin Utting
    Kevin Utting 7 minutes ago

    Love alex choi's wrap

  • Jake Glazier
    Jake Glazier 8 minutes ago

    Club early 44 comments

  • Nick Pel
    Nick Pel 8 minutes ago

    come on guys u ignored the purple demon behind u : (

  • Raul Jimenez
    Raul Jimenez 8 minutes ago

    Great video 👍

  • Mickey Carelse
    Mickey Carelse 8 minutes ago

    Awesome videos awesome people. Atleast give me a like would be awesome👍👌

  • yo_ celter
    yo_ celter 8 minutes ago

    Fan from Philippines. 🇵🇭🇵🇭 #DDEFAM

  • Hezz Mwass
    Hezz Mwass 8 minutes ago

    DDE has content all the time. I love them Agree with me

  • frederic duwe
    frederic duwe 8 minutes ago

    Where is the huracan? Still broken?

  • JAYKING504
    JAYKING504 8 minutes ago

    DDE for life never miss a vlog

  • Christopher Sage
    Christopher Sage 8 minutes ago

    We back with the daily vlogs!!! Yeah baby!! woop woop :D

  • Stuii Design
    Stuii Design 8 minutes ago

    And the Livery is insane too 🖤 - available for Forza Horizon, also all other actuall DDE Livery’s via GT: Infanterystuii

  • Jamie Maasbach
    Jamie Maasbach 8 minutes ago

    Love the vids from the Netherlands

  • Tony HB
    Tony HB 8 minutes ago

    Yep Thats DDE #NofiGang

  • secret player IATA
    secret player IATA 8 minutes ago


  • GreenGoblin_TJ
    GreenGoblin_TJ 8 minutes ago


  • Brady Bain
    Brady Bain 8 minutes ago

    25 th I’m in class right now

  • Fortless
    Fortless 8 minutes ago

    This is insane. How much do you think I can get out of a 720s with 10$?

  • Blake Burns
    Blake Burns 8 minutes ago

    Hello 🔥🔥

  • Brian Reed
    Brian Reed 8 minutes ago


  • Myles Moncalieri
    Myles Moncalieri 8 minutes ago

    Here at 70 views

  • MaxSpeed
    MaxSpeed 8 minutes ago

    I think effspot's $12,000 exhaust still takes the cake

  • Reza Shahheidari
    Reza Shahheidari 8 minutes ago

    What's up from iran.

  • Sedimo Magakgala
    Sedimo Magakgala 8 minutes ago

    All the way from South Africa 🔥💕

  • hunter kerle
    hunter kerle 8 minutes ago

    Much love DDE!!! Keep on keeping on! You guys are my inspiration to keep following my dreams to achieve my goals!

    DVDPLAYER 9 minutes ago


  • Kaddy Daddy
    Kaddy Daddy 9 minutes ago

    DDE or no car

  • insaneclown158
    insaneclown158 9 minutes ago

    See in the am.. Love it

  • Cian Reguya
    Cian Reguya 9 minutes ago

    Notification Squad Lezgoo

  • BlackCord
    BlackCord 9 minutes ago

    That exhaust is louder than my mom yelling at me for playing Minecraft on weekdays

  • Clark Kastory
    Clark Kastory 9 minutes ago

    Damon: Dave destroys everything Damon has had no cars for 2 weeks now

    • Rhyan Jericho
      Rhyan Jericho 4 minutes ago

      well he just bought 2 brand new ones 😉 let's all wait for the unveil

    • Nikos Grouzis
      Nikos Grouzis 7 minutes ago

      Clark Kastory I think it’s more than 2 weeks 😂😂😂

  • Marco Morse
    Marco Morse 9 minutes ago

    When you are so early and don't know what to say

  • Kate Tiempo
    Kate Tiempo 9 minutes ago


  • Tree YT
    Tree YT 9 minutes ago

    Damon how do I get rich

  • Carlo Willson
    Carlo Willson 9 minutes ago


  • Kevin Plays09
    Kevin Plays09 9 minutes ago

    me: still waiting for damons new car

  • Chris Gomez
    Chris Gomez 9 minutes ago


  • khriebou kense
    khriebou kense 9 minutes ago


  • D L
    D L 9 minutes ago

    Nothing but love for DDE Fam

  • Damian De gouveia
    Damian De gouveia 9 minutes ago

    Flash-Player is drunk again 4 views 40 likes

  • Joaquin Anaya
    Joaquin Anaya 9 minutes ago

    Thank you for making such fire videos 🔥

  • crazy jay
    crazy jay 9 minutes ago


  • Phoenix Meadows
    Phoenix Meadows 10 minutes ago

    Awesome wideo

  • Why2k
    Why2k 10 minutes ago

    Sounds Great!

  • Preston Delvo
    Preston Delvo 10 minutes ago

    3 comment and buy a tesla

  • Ariel Balderas
    Ariel Balderas 10 minutes ago

    What up from colorado

  • robert leonardi
    robert leonardi 10 minutes ago


  • Daan van der Linden
    Daan van der Linden 10 minutes ago


  • Justine Ilad
    Justine Ilad 10 minutes ago


  • KevinOlenVot
    KevinOlenVot 10 minutes ago


  • PepperMint Ice
    PepperMint Ice 10 minutes ago

    DDE fan reporting to the channel

  • Daan Vruwink
    Daan Vruwink 10 minutes ago


  • Alec Davison
    Alec Davison 11 minutes ago

    3rd!! #ddefam

  • Alejandro AZ
    Alejandro AZ 11 minutes ago