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I got her pregnant...
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Try Not To SINK - Challenge
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  • Rita Wichmann
    Rita Wichmann 7 seconds ago

    you should do more vidoes with rebecca

  • Red_draggon51
    Red_draggon51 12 seconds ago

    May I please win the giveaway cuz’ I’ve never won a give away

    XOTWOD Minute ago

    i love papa rug in the back ahaha

  • Eddie Knuts
    Eddie Knuts Minute ago

    Where is mike?

  • Lucia Miniutti
    Lucia Miniutti 2 minutes ago

    You should have to do tasks in the house like have a dance party with someone or something

  • Makenzie Shipton
    Makenzie Shipton 2 minutes ago

    If she would be right there in the road I would just like drive around but if she did not have her hair in her face I would get out of the car and see if she is ok

  • Sjdjf Hdhdd
    Sjdjf Hdhdd 4 minutes ago

    I think faze rug will win

    UNKNOWN USER 4 minutes ago

    God sorry for watching this please forgive me love you God bless me and everyone watching this❤💖🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻😇😇

  • tyler jøseph - my favorite pinhead

    you know for a fact that when they start speaking in their language it's real

  • Cheryl Chee
    Cheryl Chee 4 minutes ago

    I would’ve screamed and I opp-

  • TheMaria201022
    TheMaria201022 5 minutes ago


  • Allie Ballew
    Allie Ballew 6 minutes ago

    Really your wallpaper is kylie

  • Trippie Rico
    Trippie Rico 6 minutes ago

    11:11 wtf i thought he got shot

  • Clint Macdermid
    Clint Macdermid 7 minutes ago

    I smashed it soooooo YOU BETTER

  • Rift FN
    Rift FN 7 minutes ago

    Noah and rug look alike

  • Ayaan Animation
    Ayaan Animation 7 minutes ago

    Yo I thought it said flirting with my camera man then buying him a new car 😂😂😂😐

  • Kaden Taylor
    Kaden Taylor 8 minutes ago

    Get the Mercedes amg 63

  • RealLifeabner
    RealLifeabner 8 minutes ago

    I Love your videos Keep it up 😀

  • Jayden reco
    Jayden reco 9 minutes ago

    R.I.P HAMY😭

  • Natalie Rodriguez
    Natalie Rodriguez 9 minutes ago

    Do it

  • SamiDaKiller !!
    SamiDaKiller !! 9 minutes ago

    I love basketball

  • Ella Jay Casteel
    Ella Jay Casteel 9 minutes ago

    Who else cryed and why did you dislike the video this is the best video of ever watched everyone pray for Mike. and leave a like to this video

  • Travis B
    Travis B 10 minutes ago

    I love Mick too

  • Bouchra Chouja
    Bouchra Chouja 10 minutes ago

    I love sorry I can't spell he name and I cryed

  • Catarina Araujo
    Catarina Araujo 11 minutes ago

    I live in the middle of the ocean in Bermuda and the seafood are so nice!!!!

  • David Robin
    David Robin 12 minutes ago

    COMMENTS 99% of comments “who else likes Noah filming” 1% of comments: random

  • NLS_X_ Alpha
    NLS_X_ Alpha 13 minutes ago

    And Noah is editing the vid lol

  • SpadeS_GIC Gaming
    SpadeS_GIC Gaming 13 minutes ago

    I live in Illinois and I got lobster for my first time from hooters and it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever Eaten

  • Kennedy Siggers
    Kennedy Siggers 14 minutes ago

    I saw it quickly

  • Eduard
    Eduard 14 minutes ago

    Cringe teachers floosing and dabbing in 2019

  • NED family Barnes and smith

    Omg omg please pick me @barneselijahmarcus please pick me

  • Shawn Miller
    Shawn Miller 14 minutes ago

    Big Mac big Mac big mac

  • It's Me Mary
    It's Me Mary 15 minutes ago

    No one anyone Didn't you all see in 22:59 like there is a face and like holding fazerug :o if you all see it like this and sub to my channel

  • Shpetim Dobrolishti
    Shpetim Dobrolishti 15 minutes ago


  • Lxvzq •
    Lxvzq • 16 minutes ago

    Still gave him a shit car

  • Julieana Garza
    Julieana Garza 16 minutes ago

    Faze ruge is that why you moved in the first place

  • Raiin_ Graiin
    Raiin_ Graiin 17 minutes ago


  • MrJudo 123
    MrJudo 123 18 minutes ago

    If u like FaZe Rug like this 👇🏼

  • Abhay Shah
    Abhay Shah 18 minutes ago

    Bro visit nepal

  • Super Jump
    Super Jump 19 minutes ago

    That will be urs one day u rock

  • Silas Becky
    Silas Becky 20 minutes ago

    I like both

  • Jay Fresh
    Jay Fresh 20 minutes ago

    I went there when I was about 5

  • Daught. RavenTM
    Daught. RavenTM 20 minutes ago

    Isreal is real.

  • 69_ 3RK4
    69_ 3RK4 20 minutes ago

    Ayo! Where is Mike (the homeless guy). Its getting me worried about him.

  • Jade Lang
    Jade Lang 20 minutes ago

    I actually LOOOOVE having kaylin in the videos!!!

  • osvaldovlogskktg coolkid

    Papa rug is going to win

  • viki vervaet
    viki vervaet 21 minute ago

    It's oktober 2019 where is Mike I miss him 😭😭😭♥️

  • NED family Barnes and smith


  • Nathan Orender
    Nathan Orender 22 minutes ago

    Go visit the homeless guy please

  • Paige Sherbondy
    Paige Sherbondy 23 minutes ago

    omg i died when brian was running from that chainsaw😂

  • Trxh _can
    Trxh _can 24 minutes ago

    You don’t know what I would do if it was just me and her in that🤭🤭

  • Ayanlay Abdi
    Ayanlay Abdi 24 minutes ago

    Daze rugggggg

  • Strawberryz arezgood
    Strawberryz arezgood 25 minutes ago

    I’m a buff baby But I dance like a man 😂😂😂😂

  • Just Chill -
    Just Chill - 27 minutes ago

    Everyone’s like who likes Noah filming Shut the fuck up

  • ATZ Gaming
    ATZ Gaming 27 minutes ago

    Theres a face in the elevator at the right

  • Charolline Jessica
    Charolline Jessica 27 minutes ago

    where do u live in usa

  • Paul Sharp
    Paul Sharp 27 minutes ago

    Guess what FaZe Rug hand wrestling is a champion Fraser

  • Powe ll
    Powe ll 28 minutes ago

    6:19 Caption This!!

  • Sophie Elliott
    Sophie Elliott 29 minutes ago

    Dear god I am sorry for watching this video please protect me and everybody watching this video amen

  • Cameron Watson
    Cameron Watson 29 minutes ago

    I subscribed and i like the video

    FIVE STAR 31 minute ago

    can i have a shotout plzzz i like all your vids

  • Nav143 Aaaa
    Nav143 Aaaa 31 minute ago

    You should make your own haunted house in your backyard

  • Johandre Pieter Du Plessis

    I got 3 rite

  • NoVa _XpireD
    NoVa _XpireD 33 minutes ago

    You should go visit Mike?!!

  • Kelsy
    Kelsy 33 minutes ago

    Faze rug should make a hunted house

  • Lilli Wells
    Lilli Wells 33 minutes ago

    You should go to a haunted ship

  • Rosanna_ Playz
    Rosanna_ Playz 34 minutes ago


  • Rosanna_ Playz
    Rosanna_ Playz 34 minutes ago

    No offense but brandons elephant looks like a ant eater with three eggs

  • CaptainXgamer165/ Vlogs
    CaptainXgamer165/ Vlogs 35 minutes ago

    km eating mozzarella sticks with a frozen pizza

  • Jory Vlogs
    Jory Vlogs 36 minutes ago

    You will not step on a lego for 7 years Like to activate. 👇🏻

  • A̶ ̶L̶ ̶O̶ ̶N̶ ̶E̶

    8:56 shiiiiii❤️❤️ That souuuund

  • Aru Rayamajhi
    Aru Rayamajhi 36 minutes ago

    Rug should turn his old house to a haunted house LIKE SO RUG CAN SEE

  • Pib3
    Pib3 37 minutes ago

    Please don't speak Arabic again

  • KrispyLmao
    KrispyLmao 38 minutes ago

    lol u could've just said you went to lego land...

  • Spuzva Bob
    Spuzva Bob 38 minutes ago


  • n o
    n o 38 minutes ago

    No one: Not even my soul: NOT EVEN RUG: Everyone: (Pls like) 👇🏽

  • Lash Jamir
    Lash Jamir 39 minutes ago

    Typical mom... Just like my mom 😂😂😂

  • SparK
    SparK 39 minutes ago

    When he honked then ran a red light I died

  • Mary Lou Martinez
    Mary Lou Martinez 39 minutes ago

    We need those shoes

  • Gavin Wilburn
    Gavin Wilburn 40 minutes ago

    One like = one prayer for these camrea men and women

    DRUM PLAYER 40 minutes ago

    The winner is the camera men !!👍

  • William Lopez
    William Lopez 41 minute ago

    Who remembers watching faze rug since the dad and son with brendon

    JONELA VASILI 41 minute ago

    Btw if the planchette ever spells out Mama or zozo or zaza u better end the game or else something bad is going to happen to u 👍

  • Kim Murray
    Kim Murray 41 minute ago

    U fu..up

  • Mayank Pawani
    Mayank Pawani 41 minute ago

    I can beat the whole damn universe in this challenge trust!

  • TYJ XWarChiefX 14
    TYJ XWarChiefX 14 41 minute ago

    This is a fucked up prank dog like this dude is pissed holy shit lol

  • Gavin cruz
    Gavin cruz 42 minutes ago

    It’s tai chicken it’s supposed to be like that

  • Kayla Mengel
    Kayla Mengel 43 minutes ago

    you should go to the haunted sawmill in wisconsin

  • Ryan Perez
    Ryan Perez 43 minutes ago

    I like your video and I like you’re picture. I want it because I love LEGO and also so that way I can surprise my dad

    J LAN & SKITTLES 43 minutes ago

    wait, this is oddly my new fav youtube video

  • Brooke Rohner
    Brooke Rohner 43 minutes ago

    You gotta feel bad for Noah cause he had to go in 3 times and he always goes first in everything like the haunted tunnels

  • Colin reardon
    Colin reardon 44 minutes ago

    U watching in 2019

  • Inocensio Torres
    Inocensio Torres 46 minutes ago

    Was fun

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens 46 minutes ago

    Bosley is so cute his little waddle is adorable

  • Sabautagge King
    Sabautagge King 46 minutes ago

    I dont live near the ocean but the seafood is fire its just👌👌👌👌👌

    VI MPVP IV 46 minutes ago

    "Oh my how are trees alive without harts"

  • Liquid Thoo
    Liquid Thoo 46 minutes ago

    This is how many times rug nodded his head 👇

  • Ayanlay Abdi
    Ayanlay Abdi 47 minutes ago

    Range rover has red seats and tv the i8 is better and that my dream car so i8

  • Kurdjevulen
    Kurdjevulen 48 minutes ago

    Bro your Channel is just about giving away thousands of dollars and give expensive shit😂

  • Diego hurtado
    Diego hurtado 49 minutes ago

    Your video are lit