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  • Deathgod Francis
    Deathgod Francis 4 hours ago

    ESPN in like a week "Is Zion Williamson a better shooter than Steph Curry?"

  • Kevin Kinchen
    Kevin Kinchen 4 hours ago

    We should waive Cousins and sign Anthony Bennett. That would give us four #1 overall picks on our team. Just like the showtime Lakers of old.

  • Kevin Kinchen
    Kevin Kinchen 4 hours ago

    We should waive Cousins and sign Anthony Bennett. That would give us four #1 overall picks on our team. Just like the showtime Lakers of old.

  • Nahbro Bro
    Nahbro Bro 4 hours ago

    There are plenty of nice jerseys in league but those Clips jerseys aint one of them lol. There are too many flame jerseys in league for them to riding for that Clips jersey

  • Xfdmx7 Dolorit
    Xfdmx7 Dolorit 4 hours ago

    He just said Davis is better than wade

  • Seth Benson
    Seth Benson 4 hours ago

    Bro the touchdown that put them back in the game wasn't a td he was down. Not to add that he shouldn't of even had that play due to the 3rd down atrocious hands to the face call. Bs game bs league. Obviously want Packers vs Patriots so bad.

  • NorCalguapo NorCalguapo

    No one explains it better then Max

  • Darian Brown
    Darian Brown 4 hours ago

    Stephen A is a Cowboy fan

  • You Like That!
    You Like That! 4 hours ago

    Shout out to the pissed off lions fans.

  • sriram veera
    sriram veera 4 hours ago

    There's no way the first guy ran 5.5. He looked just a little faster than the second guy. His strides were too short.Probably good for 6.5. Looked slower than Rich Eisen.

  • Milton Butler
    Milton Butler 4 hours ago

    Molly Qerim Rose Stephen A Smith And Max Kellerman After Week 17 Cam Newton Retires Ron Rivera Fired And Carolina Panthers Missed The Playoffs

  • Harrison Traylor
    Harrison Traylor 4 hours ago

    Molly is growing on me bc now she’s an underdog due to these comments. Might as well learn to enjoy cuz she’s apparently to stay,

  • Carlos Vallejo
    Carlos Vallejo 4 hours ago

    Watch my boi harden and Westbrook 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Arthur Hau
    Arthur Hau 4 hours ago

    Go to China you Chinaman.

  • Han Sagan
    Han Sagan 4 hours ago

    Kyler Murray is a potential positional redefining talent. Daniel Jones is a potential Jared Goff with more upside. Come on man

  • Mark Stengel
    Mark Stengel 4 hours ago

    The Newark Negro newspaper says James known as comrade king james in Chinese gov't.

  • Jack Rudolph
    Jack Rudolph 4 hours ago


  • Sleepy Head
    Sleepy Head 4 hours ago

    A.J. Green to the Saints for a 2nd round pick. I’m down

  • KiTnG8822
    KiTnG8822 4 hours ago

    I'm wandering people those who keep saying LBJ betray freedom of speech knows how much about Hong Kong protest? Yes, protestors initially fight for freedom, but now they are becoming mobs, beating people who disagree with them, destroying railway stations and stores, killing policemen, thowing bombs…just free from laws… it's not hard to know what going on there, so don't morally kidnap others on things complicated, it's not black&white situation there, do research before judge

  • Greedy Monki
    Greedy Monki 4 hours ago

    NFC East is actually one of the worst divisions in football, along with the NFC North.

  • Illadelphia Freeze
    Illadelphia Freeze 4 hours ago

    “ SAINTS MIGHT BE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL” Smartest thing that Molly ever said 🏟

  • ConservativeAnthem
    ConservativeAnthem 4 hours ago

    LeBrown, maybe if you had a GED you could be the great world leader, and 10 times better than Trump, as you seem to secretly believe you are.

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 4 hours ago

    Porter needs a new trainer. He needs someone who can make him better (development). His current trainer has taken him as far as he can, but it is time to move on. Porter has had too many loses as of late. Yes, all of the fights were close. But, Shawn looked the same in each fight. He is very predictable. If he gets the right trainer, I think he could beat Spence, Crawford, Manny, and Thurman. If I was his trainer, I would work on accuracy of punch combinations, strengthening his weaker hand, uppercuts and meaningful jabs. Lastly, he needs to develop knockout power (feet shuffle and planting exercises). Lastly, He needs to watch film of Jack Demsey and early Mike Tyson. Mr. Porter (Dad), I mean no disrespect to you. But, it is time for a change.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 4 hours ago

    Stephan A: That's a BAAAAAD man! Everyone: Those are BAAAAAAD refs!

  • Wisdom and Knowledge

    Matt Barnes, Richard Jefferson, Jalen Rose and Tim Leglar are the only ones I listen to. The rest is just trying to say something to be relevant.

  • nate 213
    nate 213 4 hours ago

    Baker a mark in the dark

  • erwin021777
    erwin021777 4 hours ago

    If you put hatred aside you know prime Kobe (or AI, TMac, 04 Pistons,) would have higher efficiency in today's Charmin NBA.

  • Frank Rolon
    Frank Rolon 4 hours ago

    LeBron James typical democrat all he cares is about his money what a trader

  • Daz Capone
    Daz Capone 4 hours ago


  • Adrian_ AG RAIDER _4Life

    I wonder if ESPN reads the comments on Molly..... I know I do because its entertaining.

  • nba_strictly _0
    nba_strictly _0 5 hours ago

    people rly gonan compare one sack from bosa to this😂😂😂

  • Funny News
    Funny News 5 hours ago

    he needs a good 10-29 years to gel

  • JayInHisPrime_
    JayInHisPrime_ 5 hours ago

    Kyrie the most talented player bron played with dwade just the most accomplished

  • Batuhan Turkic tatar

    I wish miketyson knocked you both out

  • Mike J.
    Mike J. 5 hours ago

    next year hire young full time professional refs with this as their only job ... with ethics and psychological training ... part time middle aged fat corporate execs should not be refs in the nfl

  • JayInHisPrime_
    JayInHisPrime_ 5 hours ago

    Kyrie better than A.D

  • Tef Bloc
    Tef Bloc 5 hours ago

    Perk is right... Julius Randle is beast Nd definitely one of my favorites since he was laker he gon do his thing this year

  • Ioan Andreescu
    Ioan Andreescu 5 hours ago

    Daryl Morey diploma from MIT ,LeBron “I’m a prostitute for Nike “ James not even a GED. Who is uneducated?

  • Ikjyot Singh Kohli
    Ikjyot Singh Kohli 5 hours ago

    Lebron: The ESPN-made idol who is the epitome of democracy and free speech.

  • Malcolm Loong
    Malcolm Loong 5 hours ago

    Classic Sophomore slump

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 5 hours ago

    Let's make sure we monitor our tempers

  • number1streetwear
    number1streetwear 5 hours ago

    Sooo True Max

  • Arthur Hau
    Arthur Hau 5 hours ago

    LeBron James trusts Xi Jinping more than anyone else. LOL

  • MmmmPiePants
    MmmmPiePants 5 hours ago

    Every Seattle fan knows the name Earl Thomas. Much love then and now.

  • Anthony Hill
    Anthony Hill 5 hours ago

    Looks like the Jerseys were printed at the LA Times.

  • SJ Publishing
    SJ Publishing 5 hours ago

    Michael Jordan got cut from his HS team, and had to go to college for almost 4 years.

  • P C
    P C 5 hours ago

    LeBron is the gposoat!

  • erwin021777
    erwin021777 5 hours ago

    The CHARMIN NBA is what caused better efficiency today. Revert back to 80-2010 rules and most 3 shooters will be benched like Dell Curry, Craig Hodges.

  • ö ü
    ö ü 5 hours ago

    They look like a big baller brand basketball league jersey

  • Judah Mourneth
    Judah Mourneth 5 hours ago

    Perk got caught frontin!!!

  • Omar Gay
    Omar Gay 5 hours ago

    He did.he destroyed any one in his way!you dig!?the truth!

  • jalenscottwr
    jalenscottwr 5 hours ago

    Stephen A jus showed how much of a GB dicksucker he is low key. You know that game was BS

  • Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor

    Fat Joe always sound ready to rap..

  • Kevin Lange
    Kevin Lange 5 hours ago

    We want more Kendrick!

  • Brian Throm
    Brian Throm 5 hours ago

    Can they make a run? For sure. Should they make a run? Heck no. I’d rather they get rest and come back with a vengeance next year. Klay is going to rush back and a playoff run could be the end of him (D Rose 2.0)

  • kevin e-anaba
    kevin e-anaba 5 hours ago

    Bring Ros back please

  • Anthony Hill
    Anthony Hill 5 hours ago

    The Clippers will be good but they won't live up to expectations. Bron will kick it into high gear after All Star break.

  • Jeremiah Smith
    Jeremiah Smith 5 hours ago

    Stephen is a clown. Any loud mouth that has any decent knowledge in most sports can take this fools jobs.

  • LeBron James-Taco Tuesday in China

    Kobe is misinformed and uneducated. He will never make more money than me. Support China.

  • XodusOnan
    XodusOnan 5 hours ago

    Oh please if LeBron wins MVP with a monster like AD on his team would be a travesty

  • John Gonzalez
    John Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    Just bring up the Knicks and he'll shut up. Lol

    INFORME MILITAR 5 hours ago

    Chinese MVP

  • Charna Lewis
    Charna Lewis 5 hours ago

    I love Perk.....

  • WithGodayo oo
    WithGodayo oo 5 hours ago

    Man I ain’t agreeing that bullshit.. Anthony Davis better than dwade, the disrespect already

  • Buck Nutz
    Buck Nutz 5 hours ago

    That Jersey on Rodman :)

  • CMurphMobile
    CMurphMobile 5 hours ago

    Wow, im a liberal and i thought the president was the biggest hypocrite out there...i guess i was wrong....

  • Slot bug 68
    Slot bug 68 5 hours ago

    Greenberg you are a dumba&@, there is no way darnold is better than Dak. No way. Every qb struggles, Dak does need to play better, but he still has more wins than most QBs so talk with some sense.


    This was boring

  • Arthur Hau
    Arthur Hau 5 hours ago

    Go to China. Xi Jinping is waiting for you.

  • Dusten Blowers
    Dusten Blowers 5 hours ago

    Do they watch football?

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen 5 hours ago

    Watson will win a supper bowl before Mahomy

  • Moses Gaudin
    Moses Gaudin 5 hours ago

    Offcourse pressure on the WORRIERS..Matt!..they were 1 off the best team in the league

  • C Ramirez
    C Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Rex Ryan still mad about his wife smiling at mark sanchez. Make some lemonade already gramps

  • Dario Zuher
    Dario Zuher 5 hours ago

    Brady Bradshaw Montana Aikman Manning

  • Johnny Eayre
    Johnny Eayre 5 hours ago

    Aaron Rodgers is a legend.

  • BluntsOfKush1
    BluntsOfKush1 5 hours ago


  • Joshua _
    Joshua _ 5 hours ago

    LeBron only recognizes black opression, but not the opression of the Chinese. And he calls himself an activist... this is disappointing as a LBJ fan.

  • Jason
    Jason 5 hours ago

    If the protestors were not Hong Kong against China but North Korean against Kim Jung Un, and Morey tweet was "Fight for Freedom, stand with North Korean Civilians", would LeBron also think it's a bad tweet? No, he wouldn't. He would support the North Korean people fight for liberty. What's the difference between North Korea and China? Nothing except China is the sugar daddy of LeBron, and so King Shame gotta sing for Winnie the Pooh.

  • Low-Rated Duelists
    Low-Rated Duelists 5 hours ago

    He has more than one playoff win...

  • Regina Kirkland-Pouncey

    JUST WOW....

  • ZB
    ZB 5 hours ago

    I wanna say LeBron but something tells me Steph Curry will win or be a close second

  • Emmanuel Moses
    Emmanuel Moses 5 hours ago

    So Kawhi is the best player in the league because he got finals MVP? Swap Kawhi with LeBron or Kd...Toronto still wins the finals.

  • lyle swavel
    lyle swavel 5 hours ago

    Jerry jones drafts the playerz and free agency, hires the 2 coordinators and tells them what to do, jason garrett calls the time outs and does what jerry says

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones 5 hours ago

    no rematch. Spence needs to fight Manny. Bud needs to fight Garcia, Thurman or Porter.

  • BenFrank OG
    BenFrank OG 5 hours ago

    Russel is 100x the QB of Quakers Hayfield

  • brutha darkness
    brutha darkness 5 hours ago

    How about DEM Cowboys? LOL!!!!

  • Tk Kirkland
    Tk Kirkland 5 hours ago

    Man AD Kuzma and Boogie is already hurt and the season hasnt even started.

  • IGetSuper-Dome 504
    IGetSuper-Dome 504 5 hours ago

    My favorite Fro Kobe highlight play ever. You had the right to left hesitation crossover followed by that poster on Ben Wallace. Smdh. Filthy.

  • Miguel Ceja
    Miguel Ceja 5 hours ago

    I really dislike molly 🤮🤮🤮

  • Jacelo Calitis
    Jacelo Calitis 5 hours ago

    The season not even starting yet and espn is riding zions banana boat...there's more talent than zion, honestly speaking his athletic but he needs to improve more...Dont disrespect the Rookies you might got shock...

  • sympyz gg
    sympyz gg 5 hours ago

    tbh the other girl interviewing the WNBA player annoying af

  • J Kemp
    J Kemp 5 hours ago

    TWolves won’t make the playoffs until they get rid of Wiggins and his terrible contract.

  • Christopher Browne
    Christopher Browne 5 hours ago

    Niners doing great this year...congratulations and well deserved. Not hearing about Kapernick and his drama any more....priceless

  • Appa the Pitbully
    Appa the Pitbully 5 hours ago

    The criticism you recieve just from being a Cowboys QB. SMH. Stop acting like play calling is not important to any QB. Like they can ALL elevate pass bad play calls. People just want to hate Dak but dont say anything when Tom Brady and an unproven Carson Wents throws for 150 yards.

  • joel gallegos
    joel gallegos 5 hours ago

    Look at their faces that should be enough to tell you who won and gave the hardest punches oh plus the knock down go 3G and by the way I hope 3G does NOT fight Canelo he fought the guy canelo was scared of that should speak volumes besides canelo is a studio fighter the strategy he is using to elevate his boxing legacy is making him look like a chump champions are made in the ring not behind the scenes calculating the outcome if I was Andy Ruiz I would tell him to fight on a different day he is trying to get some of his shine and fans to watch a fight no one wants to see their is no relevance to see a true warrior with a coward go Andy

  • Rodney Martin
    Rodney Martin 5 hours ago

    The best dou for the playoffs gonna b KING an AD

  • Christian McMahon
    Christian McMahon 5 hours ago

    Have you seen anyone do what Patrick Mahomes did in his first year as a Quarterback? Kurt Warner did Exactly that. Let’s not forget one if the GOATs Kurt Warner

  • Jared Barfuss 32
    Jared Barfuss 32 5 hours ago


  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina 5 hours ago

    China: Shut up and Dribble.. Le-Clown: ok..

  • Dat Boi Barlos ?
    Dat Boi Barlos ? 5 hours ago

    Clearly they’ve never heard of the great Michael Scott, who once said: “You miss 100% off the shots you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky”