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  • Delia Martinex
    Delia Martinex Hour ago

    Messi has not won anything with Argentina!!! He has also failed 7 times in Champions!!! He chokes in crucial games!!! He gives up very easily!!!!

  • Shadow Sport
    Shadow Sport 2 hours ago

    Who is new manager in Argentina?

    • Shadow Sport
      Shadow Sport 2 hours ago

      Why this Argentina manager have a lot of tatoos on both arms!?

  • Reggie K
    Reggie K 6 hours ago

    The first Drogba penalty, he fell forward because abidails left leg crosses drogbas right ans tackles him, not sure how you would tell with the shitty quality video you used, maybe thats it. And i love the "He turned his back and never intended to handball" then don't put ur hands up in the air, you can tell this twat who made the video knows nothing about football, what a tool.

  • Nikozz1
    Nikozz1 7 hours ago

    As a Croatian, the way I saw Argentina use Messi was horrible. It’s like the whole team tried playing to one man by not playing as a team. I felt like they really depended on Messi to take control of the game that put a lot of pressure on him. Maybe underestimating a team like Croatia ass if it was going to be a walk in park too.

  • xSc0pEn3rgY
    xSc0pEn3rgY 8 hours ago

    The Hunter x Hunter music in the background makes me like this video even more 🥰

  • Kyle
    Kyle 8 hours ago

    Right on point with barca

  • APAB Perú
    APAB Perú 8 hours ago

    I will come back when he scores the goal 1,000

  • Kyle
    Kyle 8 hours ago

    Who are these people doing this to clubs, companys and nations?

  • Jose Medrano Medrano

    RONALDO7 i dont care what this video or ronaldo haters said ronaldo is always going to be the best no matter what.

    • Jared Scott
      Jared Scott 6 hours ago

      My idol was Jimmy graves as a child because he was a spurs fan but right now my favorite player is Son heung min but I believe Messi is the best player of this generation I only have Pele above him

    • Jose Medrano Medrano
      Jose Medrano Medrano 6 hours ago

      @Jared Scott and you stop overating your idol

    • Jared Scott
      Jared Scott 6 hours ago

      Jose Medrano Medrano be objective stop defending your idol and break things down step by step

  • Alexgaming
    Alexgaming 9 hours ago

    Messi is better period.

  • Davor Stjepic
    Davor Stjepic 10 hours ago

    Because they don’t have Modric😄💪🇭🇷

  • canko15
    canko15 11 hours ago

    Chelsea is shit, definitely worst club in England If it wasn't for Russian money they would be struggling against Bournemouth or Norwich to avoid relegation

  • Ayush Talwar
    Ayush Talwar 13 hours ago

    You should have become argentina's manager, you are better than sampaoli

  • john james
    john james 13 hours ago

    Messi is not only a better player he is a better person,I think Ronaldo is great, one of the greatest footballers ever,but Messi is best of all time and everything proves that

  • Amin Al-Hamidy
    Amin Al-Hamidy 14 hours ago


  • Suchit Adhikari
    Suchit Adhikari 17 hours ago

    Messi as a goalkeeper. Haha 😂 👍🏽👍🏽😍

  • Firas _Uhh
    Firas _Uhh 18 hours ago

    remember when liverpool used to be underdogs

  • ned lin
    ned lin 19 hours ago

    you mistalks Messi sccors 670 goals in 616 games. a kind correction.

  • Alexandre Vaz Pinto
    Alexandre Vaz Pinto 19 hours ago

    . As of 22 October 2017, Ronaldo has scored a total of 615 goals. Now that is a massive number! He has appeared in 874 matches in total, in which he has scored these goals. (literally just copied and pasted thid) many websites share this idea

  • John Buckley
    John Buckley 20 hours ago

    Who would u rather assist u iniesta or xavi or luka modric

  • John Buckley
    John Buckley 20 hours ago

    I think Ronaldo cause he did it in the premiership and played with a worse real madrid team and winning more recently

    • George Russell
      George Russell 10 hours ago

      ...and won the European Championship with Portugal

  • lol l
    lol l 21 hour ago

    fuck off everyone dissing Poland, you'd be scared to say shit in front of a Polish person

  • Raja putti
    Raja putti 23 hours ago

    Great work 🤩

  • fuser
    fuser 23 hours ago

    I love messi, but there is something sinister about his greatness, just look at all the symbols he makes, both hands up with index finger pointing up =Moleck, right arm up left arm down = Baphomet along with picture in the magazine with a goat, when he acts like he is on the phone making sign of the horns etc.

  • Jordio Henrique

    Because football not just play with single player, but a team... And Ronaldo influence on his team is massive that tallentet player like messi is lack of. Just that man... Ronaldo is more wise than messi

  • Ping Law
    Ping Law Day ago

    Those people who actually watch football matches between this two guys, i mean watched a lot. They will 100% sure knows Messi is better for really clear. But the main problem is, the people who think CR7 is better they don't actually watch football. So this makes the argument just keep going.

  • therealtekkers

    absolute bullcrap 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown Day ago

    Wait did you say Ronaldo is a poor dribbler lmao. How long did it take you to make this video. Both these guys are super good, super famous and super rich. And here you are spending your life trying to explain why one is better than the other lol.

  • Tom Travels
    Tom Travels Day ago

    Imagine if Chelsea weren’t robbed. United could’ve been the first team ever to retain the UCL. So close yet so far. Damn you ref.

  • King Cuervo
    King Cuervo Day ago

    Don't fix what isn't broken simple as that

  • DeadPool
    DeadPool Day ago

    I live in Moldova😍😍

  • Jamie-Minecraft!

    This will kill football

  • Reza Hosseini
    Reza Hosseini Day ago

    Argentina would win the world cup if they had a good goalkeeper!!!

  • VORTEX 197
    VORTEX 197 Day ago

    Well this video is some rubbish, the ref was a cheat

  • Red Eye
    Red Eye Day ago

    in morocco we all know laarbi ben mbarek and watched his movie he is the proud of morocco and he is the first one to organize the Moroccan national team

  • Spike X
    Spike X Day ago

    You shuold be a coach🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Novak Vukovic
    Novak Vukovic Day ago

    In 100 years Lingard will be one of forgotten football legends.

  • Yakko
    Yakko Day ago

    He’s back on form now.

  • Viddy
    Viddy Day ago

    Same thing with Cristiano Ronaldo if he was brazillian.

  • Jose
    Jose Day ago

    One month later I don’t really see the problem with Barça. They won 9 of last 10 matches are coleading la liga and passed as first in champions league group. The only problem seems to be an excess of anxiety in fans and press.


    Barcelona's season tkt holder

    FAWAD IDREES Day ago

    ok this comment section is actually hell

  • Praneethkumar Sajalu

    It's over 9000!

  • Wolfie XD
    Wolfie XD Day ago

    *S O C C E R*

  • Best football tutorials

    Then cr7 would have chosen brazil

  • NZA 6
    NZA 6 Day ago

    Messi fan boy

  • mamat sudrajad

    very good video

  • Snir Warshaviak


    MGCINI NDEBELE 2 days ago

    This clearly is a biased analysis. This is a Barca fan

  • mohzq Al issa
    mohzq Al issa 2 days ago

    Call me out if I’m biased I’d appreciate it, but what the guy is doing is giving a fact then sneaking his opinion about it to make it seem more right despite it not having any relevancy, yes Chelsea did play defensively and wouldn’t have kept up with Barca if they didn’t, so what? What does that have to do with bad referee decisions?? And then he brings up a match where Barca won and he’s questioning the fact that no one talked about the ref, no shit, when the team wins people talk about bad decisions less, it happens at every level of football, at the end of the day both teams got shit from the referees, but it’s clearly which team got it worse.

  • LacaBoom
    LacaBoom 2 days ago

    Sampaoli is really a dumbass

  • Bo3abed
    Bo3abed 2 days ago

    Wow man this is so informative and great explanation (Auto-subscribe)

  • Jorge kasanova
    Jorge kasanova 2 days ago

    Ok Chelsea did fauls as well in first match but who gives a fuck about Barca and all this just for wanting gayssi and gaynaldo at the final stupid motherfuckers.

  • Tom Mcewan
    Tom Mcewan 2 days ago

    Wharf about ramero

  • oldmansouthside
    oldmansouthside 2 days ago

    I can't believe they demonetized you man. What a bunch of assholes

  • Gay Shrek
    Gay Shrek 2 days ago

    The amount of Ronaldo fanboys is incredible look at the stats I’m not hating on Ronaldo they are both great but one is always better

  • Kelvey Johnson
    Kelvey Johnson 2 days ago

    Your Biased

  • Noobmaster69 927483

    You cant argue with this because it is pure facts

  • Mohammed Abul Kaisar

    He wouldn’t have received as much love as he receiving now. In Asia, people are fan of Argentina and Brazil football. So it’s easier for them to embrace any good footballer from those country.

  • Adam Tahir
    Adam Tahir 2 days ago

    Zio Legend: Kaka will go as the only player to have won the ballen d'or over messi and ronaldo Modric: Hold my beer

  • Richard gamer
    Richard gamer 2 days ago

    Yes,it was

  • jolord
    jolord 2 days ago

    And now for GERMANY

  • Rich y
    Rich y 2 days ago

    Put it this way. When you watch the first leg of this match. You don't see anything major that you see in other matches in general. But when you watch the second leg. You would bet 1,000,000 dollars that it was fixed. That's how bad that game was. You would need the help of VAR in the first match but you only need a pair of eyes in the second match.

  • Ben Ali Chedi
    Ben Ali Chedi 2 days ago

    Your voice sucks!! You ruined the video man!

  • Shameema Bhyat
    Shameema Bhyat 2 days ago

    You’re definitely a Barca fan

  • Manav Aulakh
    Manav Aulakh 2 days ago

    Wow Trying to justify the robbery by Barca huh!

    • Siddhant Pai
      Siddhant Pai Day ago

      Manav Aulakh and your claim is. Chelsea fanboy

  • fearless
    fearless 2 days ago

    who is here after messi hasent overtaken ronaldo lol

  • fearless
    fearless 2 days ago

    who feels like this guy is a messi fanboy come on anyone can agree

  • fearless
    fearless 2 days ago

    who feels like this guy is a messi fan boy

  • evelino tiger
    evelino tiger 2 days ago

    I think Argentina has a conspiracy going on withing inside of the organization. A pact not to win SHIT for a long time. Sampaoli Passarrela Bielsa Maradona ect... As head coach????😂😂😂😂 In 1998 Passarrela asked all players to cut their hair lol so Redondo and Canigia and others couldn't plays What a stupid reason for conflict.

  • Moe
    Moe 2 days ago

    8:39 If they joined forces they‘ll go home with a second World Cup 2014 Germany: Am i a joke to you?

  • Yogesh Malvankar
    Yogesh Malvankar 2 days ago

    Wonderful and one of the best analytical videos on the GOAT

  • Delp
    Delp 2 days ago

    First leg: wrong offside calls happen every game and are pretty normal. Second wasn't a clear foul. And third one isn't a 100% yellow card. Ballack has his arm in the air but Iniesta runs against him. A foul yes but not clearly a yellow card. But hey.. You are barca fanboys 2nd leg: that Ballack shot.. Ballack had his arm in a normal position and didn't intend to handball it. Also it comes of his foot which basically states that it cant be a penalty. Abidal should have gotten a red card in the first half???? Are you fucking high Drogba would have been a penalty if he felt in the other direction? Piques arm wasn't pointing to the ground. It isn't a natural position.. Etoos arm is like up in the air.. How the f is that a natural position? Barca fans are just deluded We had 71% possession so it is no penalty.. They played counterattack so we shouldn't get red cards.

  • Reflex
    Reflex 2 days ago

    Im the 900th comment Love this comment .

  • Aarav Ghimire
    Aarav Ghimire 2 days ago

    East or West Argentina is the best

  • Marco Rossi Bardh
    Marco Rossi Bardh 2 days ago

    Good video! But playmaking wise you are a bit off. Totti for example, could do better through balls, with his backheel.

  • Yonas
    Yonas 2 days ago

    Chelsea players was all diving, piques handball is penalty? Yes

  • dichaelovic
    dichaelovic 2 days ago

    I will stop watching football when they retire, because i know in my lifetime i wont be able to see this level again. (I hope i will but i doubt it).

  • Ron Basten II
    Ron Basten II 2 days ago

    At first I used to think CR7 was the best player in the world until I regained consciousness from a brain surgery . To all my fellow people who think CR7 is the best , please visit a doctor for brain surgery and thank me later .

  • dichaelovic
    dichaelovic 2 days ago

    If i was to pick a goalscorer i would go for Ronaldo, but if i wanted overall everything skill/scoring/passing Messi is by far the best IMO.

  • Prabhash Pokhrel
    Prabhash Pokhrel 2 days ago

    dislikers are all penaldo fans who can't just accept that messi is the best ever

    • Jared Scott
      Jared Scott 6 hours ago

      Messi is the best was even in the conversation since 2011

    • The Happy Gamer ✌ HD
      The Happy Gamer ✌ HD 7 hours ago

      Prabhash Pokhrel you’re funny bro, thinking messi is the best

  • cristyoutube 21
    cristyoutube 21 2 days ago

    The legend sais:the dislikes is from chelsea and real fans

  • Jeffrey Fry
    Jeffrey Fry 2 days ago

    Yup, the GOAT <3

  • Arjun Rajeev
    Arjun Rajeev 2 days ago

    Even Marketers couldn't keep up the rivalry...... Messi is breaking away from it, by his best performance every week and more individual awards. Right now, he is UNSTOPPABLE " Messi is INEVITABLE "

  • Ture Abdella
    Ture Abdella 3 days ago

    Best attack, but the idiot manager doesn’t start aguero and dybala. Also higuain. Instead plays pavon and meza

  • Random user
    Random user 3 days ago

    2002 Ronaldo was at Real Madrid and won the Ballon D’or... He was the only one to win it in that list up to 2006

  • Y 19
    Y 19 3 days ago

    The history will be fuck and the smaller poorest teams won't have a chance to compete and make money to be honest it's rubbish for fans point of view even tho it will never happen almost 90% of clubs are against it

  • Martoide
    Martoide 3 days ago

    Argentina isnt the only country that losses

  • Macron la salope officiel

    France had shitty group stage and still managed to go through just with luck and penalty whole tournament..

  • Matthew0.7
    Matthew0.7 3 days ago

    yo if you wanna make these videos, dont be biased. because all this video is, is you being biased

  • CharlieA A
    CharlieA A 3 days ago

    Leo will one day assist his own goal. Like actually make a pass that he scores from. He's done everything else.

  • MirelRc
    MirelRc 3 days ago

    R.I.P. equality.

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed 3 days ago

    im 15 minutes into your video and i like everything you say but to be fair to rakitic, he is not classified as a "creative" midfielder so to speak... i

  • JovanyXigXツ
    JovanyXigXツ 3 days ago

    Messi is like Goku he gets it easily and it comes simple and Ronaldo is like vegeta he keeps training to surpass him

  • Dawid Kruk
    Dawid Kruk 3 days ago

    I'm from Poland and we had a terrible world cup

  • WiscoColby
    WiscoColby 3 days ago

    Only 3.6k views? I live in the USA, and I call it football.. I laugh when they try and correct me.

  • cxrdnal
    cxrdnal 3 days ago

    Ronaldo fanboys skip the video and come straight to the comment section

  • Nehal Taparia
    Nehal Taparia 3 days ago

    What a most bias opinion. make right videos legend

  • Faze rug
    Faze rug 3 days ago

    Just say sampaoli

  • Dative
    Dative 3 days ago

    Man you are too good at these videos, please keep them coming.