Ultimate Rap League
Ultimate Rap League
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  • :mee'chala all rights reserved

    What did Raw say at 26:18 that the fans booed him? Lol...

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis 30 minutes ago

    “Pop up with a clip like annotations.” - Skates Jesus Christ this dude is serious...........

  • keith smith
    keith smith 35 minutes ago

    Tay Roc vs Nu Jerzey Twork on day 3

  • Aki Renfroe
    Aki Renfroe 37 minutes ago

    I'm seeing Surf's style before it matured. His delivery and wordplay have improved much better over the years.

  • Teresa Miller
    Teresa Miller Hour ago

    Swamp vs Marino hell yeah

    DARIUS Hour ago

    your honor is fire. swamp is fire. ace is fire. i like some of these matchups.

  • Timothy Hines Jr.

    I Leave The Tool Sittin' Where Your Tooth Missin',That's How I Bridge The Gap/ yahmean! -Brizz 👑🎤🔥💎🏁💯

  • John Stephanos
    John Stephanos Hour ago

    31:42 All of a sudden he> (K Shine) a gang banger and yall believe him, check his old battles, we didn't see none of that blood chit coming out, he must have been internally bleeding!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 GEECHI

  • M. Xavier Morris

    Skates 2-1 clear, debatable 30. His 2nd seem short so Lowe might have taken that 1 on first watch but he was slow flow smoking that boy. Skates needs bigger plates, his pen lowkey nice.

  • Jim Bean
    Jim Bean Hour ago

    My nigga Skates putting on for the Ville!💪🏾🔥💪🏾🔥

  • D.J. Mack
    D.J. Mack Hour ago

    Rum Nitty will destroy Conceited if they ever battle, Cons bars are too corny for this era of battle rap

  • down 4 whateva
    down 4 whateva Hour ago

    Snake eyes clear WIN

  • Timothy Hines Jr.


  • ha ????
    ha ???? Hour ago

    2-1 Killa B crowd was wack

  • Kenyan Alfa
    Kenyan Alfa 2 hours ago

    Am from a city where niggaz will literarily chop your head off your neck just to say they ahead of you

  • kordellricesnax
    kordellricesnax 2 hours ago

    Day lost the first round

  • TheIdontcare444
    TheIdontcare444 2 hours ago

    Yo, what the hell URL,drop that Hanz battle, that's the only g G Lowe battle I wanna see

  • The Martin Channel
    The Martin Channel 2 hours ago


  • cozy boy1017
    cozy boy1017 2 hours ago

    The crowd annoying damn let them rap

  • nika qavtaradze
    nika qavtaradze 2 hours ago

    They disrespected Iron real bad...

  • Calvin Payton
    Calvin Payton 2 hours ago

    See here we go I always say go watch there old battles. When arsonal was battling on 106,fight club, lions den, you never heard crip this and crip that. Just like twerk,shotgun,surf even k shine. All these dudes from the east especially all of a sudden became apart of a gang set. Except roc lame ass he started his own dam gang how are they getting away with this

  • peoplewillallsmile
    peoplewillallsmile 2 hours ago

    Not literally a soul: Smacc, who are these....???? Somebody: BOW!, NO YOU DON'T!

  • Konundrum Spitzz
    Konundrum Spitzz 2 hours ago

    Surf vs Lux would be Brazy!

  • Alvin Vincent Agraan

    who is the girl with the blue hair?

  • S kay
    S kay 2 hours ago

    Un kasa 4th rd ???-🔥🔥🔥

  • BJ BJ
    BJ BJ 2 hours ago

    That last bar idk it people caught it that story to tell bar OMG 🤦🏾‍♂️ nitty the 🐐

  • ReggieReg
    ReggieReg 2 hours ago

    One of my favorite battles of all time!

  • Brandon Coley
    Brandon Coley 3 hours ago

    Squeako gon cook 🔥🔥🔥

  • rpemoore69
    rpemoore69 3 hours ago

    Jazz is so effin beautiful ❤

  • klubbz miclean
    klubbz miclean 4 hours ago

    13:15 lmfao smack lookin like yall some clowns haha....

  • BoBBy BraCKn
    BoBBy BraCKn 4 hours ago

    Skates 3-0 G Lowe had some shit but skates had a little more every round

  • Micah Yonan
    Micah Yonan 4 hours ago

    Ars by a mile. Goat

    NOO BARZZ 4 hours ago


  • tezchedda
    tezchedda 4 hours ago

    I miss these crowds

  • Jeffrey Carraux
    Jeffrey Carraux 4 hours ago

    That was murder Skates 3-0

  • B- Mugga
    B- Mugga 5 hours ago

    Big T 2-1 , y’all just riding when y’all get in y’all feelings , be real lol

  • Fremo
    Fremo 5 hours ago

    Jay Blac is really better than Cas, not even joking

  • Phenyo Pilatso
    Phenyo Pilatso 5 hours ago

    Easy Da Block Captain?!

  • All Praise
    All Praise 5 hours ago

    Idk. They both went to work. Tie...

  • Notorious Vike
    Notorious Vike 5 hours ago

    Skatez got crazy!

  • Jamal Jamesyy
    Jamal Jamesyy 5 hours ago

    Cortez...the sweetest wack's battle rapper of all time....jakboy chasing doe🙊

  • A.K. Shellz
    A.K. Shellz 5 hours ago

    How they clowning geechi for selling weave when ever bitch ON STAGE head is full of it on these rap battles? Lol yall wilding

  • SdashRock tv
    SdashRock tv 6 hours ago

    Twork got fucked seeeen my yuuute

  • demario mays
    demario mays 6 hours ago

    the bitch in the nude can get this dick on God nem ab voice

  • Chevin Meadows
    Chevin Meadows 6 hours ago

    Micky Factz using alot of double entendres quick witty punches, watching this a 3rd time this is very debatable....... to me

  • Kensane12
    Kensane12 6 hours ago

    I swear when the battle started Pix was rapping looking up at Cal. By the third round it seemed like he was talking down to a small child.

  • T Loco
    T Loco 6 hours ago

    Free 03 Greedo out them gates🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯

  • Sk EBL
    Sk EBL 6 hours ago

    This my fav big t performance

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 6 hours ago

    Who yall think actually won though

  • Jamal Jamesyy
    Jamal Jamesyy 6 hours ago

    3-0 roc....look at Rex .. looking dotmob proud.... now they about to battle🙊

  • 84 newman broadcast
    84 newman broadcast 6 hours ago

    Dre and Prep did Fetti and Green dirty. Phila

  • Walter Reed Jr
    Walter Reed Jr 6 hours ago

    somebody tell me what quill means it was shown earlier as one of daylyts attributes. is it a word for writing skills? I came up with this about 30 minutes ago i can hit you with hand slaps and hadokens you might be shocked if i grab something quick/ that'll fire at you with a boom, flash, and a kick// I'll get up in your face cuz i ain't scared of ya/ you might wanna step back and let your crew come at me but they'll hesitate because they seen how fast i go through characters// That's not all I learned from street fighter, i got another way to end you/ when you all beat up i'll put that 9 by your dome and make sure you get 8, let's see if you gone continue// this video might be the perfect (no pun intended) place for this comment.

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B 6 hours ago

    Geechi went CRAZY. Got the W

  • Brice Moore
    Brice Moore 6 hours ago

    Angela and Tasha they Ghost bitches

  • Joe Joseph
    Joe Joseph 6 hours ago

    The smoke shit had me cryin 😂😂

  • Jamal Jamesyy
    Jamal Jamesyy 7 hours ago

    In hindsight ...rum forfeited the second round....2-1 roc🤷

  • Bryant Spencer
    Bryant Spencer 7 hours ago

    All im sayin twork first shouldve been his second. And second in the first

  • blockhead show
    blockhead show 7 hours ago

    I wonder if G lowe no martial arts too

  • Lansing Music
    Lansing Music 7 hours ago

    r.i.p tall t and jacka

  • G M
    G M 7 hours ago

    Either Cass has figured out how to get a bag selling fight tickets or he’s really throwing these battles cause he did better against Goodz than Ars. Clearly 2-1 Ars.

  • Antonio Wooten
    Antonio Wooten 7 hours ago

    Why everyone agression starting to sound twerkish🤷🏿‍♂️ skates with the W

  • Lansing Music
    Lansing Music 7 hours ago

    fuck tech 9 that child molester and dna smoked him

  • Foreign Money Gang
    Foreign Money Gang 7 hours ago

    Chess in his rare form, no one can beat THIS chess

  • Lansing Music
    Lansing Music 7 hours ago

    skates caught a body

  • kayne rose
    kayne rose 7 hours ago

    Twork straight violated this man son

  • _ Zylly
    _ Zylly 7 hours ago

    Be tough to yall, shit pop off they run probably 😬😬

  • Manimal
    Manimal 7 hours ago

    Dna going at Mook at the 36:50 was Ill Lol

  • Joe Joseph
    Joe Joseph 7 hours ago

    Was tryin to rock w John John but was kinda weird how he shit on hollow for props but he kept goin in his prop bag...lol wtf

  • Trae Rayford
    Trae Rayford 8 hours ago

    There's no way you just cant like NJT's flow🔥🔥

  • Guttaboi 85
    Guttaboi 85 8 hours ago

    Yooooooooooo Prep & Dre🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  • Jamal Jamesyy
    Jamal Jamesyy 8 hours ago

    In hindsight 2-1 roc... surf first round was weak... tayroc third-round was fire@2019

  • Lansing Music
    Lansing Music 8 hours ago

    dom marino beating swamp,reepah rell beating riggz,quban beating squako,big hann beating stumbles,ru bando beating kid chaos,duece beating young griz,lu castro g-unit beating your honor,madface beating ish mulah and jay lopez beating chase paper

  • Refillz *
    Refillz * 8 hours ago

    A year later, Roc still lost 😂😂😂

  • L V
    L V 8 hours ago

    I k ow people say Summer Madness 2 was great but this card was crazy too

  • Safiyah Hamlet
    Safiyah Hamlet 8 hours ago

    Both fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Euginho Cortez
    Euginho Cortez 8 hours ago

    Ish Mulah finally!

  • malabloaw
    malabloaw 8 hours ago

    6:09 LETS GO!

  • Lansing Music
    Lansing Music 8 hours ago

    arsonal smoked this

  • loke703
    loke703 8 hours ago

    coming into this battle rap shit 8 years ago....kshine was always my favorite...never bet against shine(get that nigga rex!!!) lol that being said geechi is one of my new favoties and to see this battle means alot to me because of the impact and value this shit reveals .... and at 17:10 that moment where k shine daps him up and acknowledges the bar...speaks volumes bruh that moment is what this is all about...

  • Safiyah Hamlet
    Safiyah Hamlet 8 hours ago

    Who is that guy behind Lowe ?

  • Jay Kwev
    Jay Kwev 8 hours ago

    Nigga Jaz bodied her

  • mike land
    mike land 8 hours ago

    Cass look old as shit now lmao

  • Marcus Tanner
    Marcus Tanner 8 hours ago

    Skates 1st and 3rd

  • Keith Funderburk
    Keith Funderburk 9 hours ago

    The crime scene a be soo mean I smoke Roc threw da glass imma dope fien 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Safiyah Hamlet
    Safiyah Hamlet 9 hours ago

    Both fire 🔥🔥. I got it 2-1 CP, definitely wanna see him more.

  • Cletus da Fetus 856
    Cletus da Fetus 856 9 hours ago

    Swamp and don Marino never gonna see anything past a smack Flash-Player battle..damn shame..how many of these y’all gotta do before you get a decent name

  • Official Juvee
    Official Juvee 9 hours ago

    Bro they didn’t even get Beasley as the voice lmfaoooooooo they got a damn robot you type sentences in.....

  • Jae Quinn
    Jae Quinn 9 hours ago

    Look at this niggah face right now they gon make it a emoji niggah...its crazy they have emoji with tha same exact gesture...#bargawd 🔥🔥 as usual... took this

  • dale wilson
    dale wilson 9 hours ago

    “I would have dusted gun powder off like forensics.”🤦🏾‍♂️🔥

  • Jamal Jamesyy
    Jamal Jamesyy 9 hours ago

    This was the beginning of the end of magic🤷

  • Shaq Gravey
    Shaq Gravey 9 hours ago

    Battle rap has no future. #dyingculture

  • 84 newman broadcast
    84 newman broadcast 9 hours ago

    Killa B had good lines but Chase Paper gave the authenticity. Phila

  • Knockout Central
    Knockout Central 9 hours ago

    Bra when you actually break suge bars down he be saying shit . I don’t know mfs don’t be feeling him

  • Reyvian Ortiz
    Reyvian Ortiz 9 hours ago

    I fuck with rock but he just look shoft kshine would've broke him

  • TheBringa TheCuba
    TheBringa TheCuba 9 hours ago

    Cassidy won that, rounds 1 and 3, easy. Goodz flails his arms around, but his lyrics aren't slick at all. He used that same theme of Cass not being a street dude, with the music industry fame. He beat that to death too damn much. And, why is Goodz mic louder than Cassidy's, hmmm. Cassidy needs to sound check these MFs.

  • Umo DaGod
    Umo DaGod 9 hours ago

    Big Ks jacket is crazy trash lol

  • Danny Myers
    Danny Myers 9 hours ago

    Skates is cold blooded! G Lowe is putting in work and improving every show

  • Antonio barrett
    Antonio barrett 9 hours ago

    The crowd reaction to that milky rock line will have you hype as hell just watching it I can imagine how it was there

  • Justin L
    Justin L 9 hours ago

    Yung Griz !!!

  • Results Of Time aka R.O.T

    Some cap room by ya fade nigga.