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My VERY Dark Childhood :,(
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Building a BED BY MYSELF.
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I Tried To Paint The Birds...
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  • Sienna McCarthy
    Sienna McCarthy 7 hours ago

    the sheets dont ship to australia :'(

  • Ali Hostetter
    Ali Hostetter 7 hours ago

    I feel like you and Irene should continue the body/beauty videos you do. I think it would be interesting to see you 2 at a chiropractor.

  • megan elsaesser
    megan elsaesser 8 hours ago

    Dude, I have that exact same notebook

  • Tokimasa Kureijī
    Tokimasa Kureijī 8 hours ago

    You’re lowkey annoying bruh

  • dUCk need subscibers

    Gabbie, hope u see this comment. Well, u are the. B.E.S.T. youtuber ever. And ur songs is my fav. I meant all of em. And i know u. I know that ur nice, love ur fan, and more nicest things. And gosh, love ur hairstyle in this videos! Dont worry , honey. Im gonna suppport you forever

  • zonic 23
    zonic 23 9 hours ago

    Literally 6 minutes of her talking about stuff literally no ones cares about lol

  • zonic 23
    zonic 23 9 hours ago

    Trying to act like she doesn’t care with tears in eyes,she’s dying inside

  • 993장미
    993장미 9 hours ago

    Not to ignore what Gabbie did if it's true- but maybe she isn't speaking of it- because if you didn't do something why would you feel like you need to come out and talk about it? Or why would you wanna continue more drama that could just be taken care of privately?

  • Ashley Kennedy
    Ashley Kennedy 9 hours ago

    *”I want to focus on my music, poetry, art” literally no one subscribed for that. No ones hear for the music or cash grab poetry, everyone subscribed for the story times*

  • Jake Fels
    Jake Fels 9 hours ago

    Gabbie!!! what is happening with "this time next year"!!!! has she just trashed it??

  • mad grace
    mad grace 9 hours ago

    Wtf y’all talking about ??? All this hate on Gabbie suddenly.... what did she do????

  • Carissa Lee
    Carissa Lee 10 hours ago

    6:35 me watching your vids im am FOCUSED

  • jungwoo ;___;
    jungwoo ;___; 10 hours ago

    every time i watch i gabbie hanna video, i delete it from my history real quick-

  • Cynthia Ellman
    Cynthia Ellman 10 hours ago

    ARE you pregnant Gabbie??????????

  • boom suga
    boom suga 10 hours ago

    Yeah this chick is full of shit. She did MDMA not weed 🖕🏻

  • Justice Cohoon
    Justice Cohoon 10 hours ago

    It's not big girl you're beautiful

  • jessicarose
    jessicarose 10 hours ago

    Drug addict??? Gabbie!!!

  • yourfriend.angela
    yourfriend.angela 10 hours ago

    being mentally ill is not an excuse for treating people like shit. stop playing victim just because you’re sad and own up to all the harmful things you’ve done. you’re avoiding it now but it’s gonna keep you cold in your grave.

  • TheReal AmazonAlexa
    TheReal AmazonAlexa 10 hours ago

    dude, u are really selling me on the buffy blanket...because same sister...i always get so hot DDx

  • Martin Ortiz III
    Martin Ortiz III 10 hours ago


  • Nicole Dolores
    Nicole Dolores 11 hours ago

    I do think your nose is “big” in a sense that it’s not ugly at all, it fits you and your face well. like it’s well proportioned with the rest of you face. u know what I mean?? ps this isn’t hate in the slightest bc you’re lit gorgeous gabbie

  • furby slinckie123456
    furby slinckie123456 11 hours ago

    the girl was probally a hater of your videos

  • 01AnnaBanana10
    01AnnaBanana10 11 hours ago

    Same Irene, same

  • Bryant Colley
    Bryant Colley 11 hours ago

    If Gabbie never cut her brown hair it would look like that if she did dye it

  • Gwen Foster
    Gwen Foster 11 hours ago

    Even in 2020 this still hits hard

  • chelsea p
    chelsea p 11 hours ago

    😕I feel this video. Had 2 close friends pass away in highschool it sucked sooo much , one I was VERY VERY close with ...worst part of that was walking to class by myself an not laughing at his jokes anymore an just straight up screwed me up. ❤ but I'm glad u made this video

  • Micah Morales
    Micah Morales 11 hours ago

    Can we talk about the video is 1 second from being exactly 20 minutes

  • Payton Hoshor
    Payton Hoshor 11 hours ago

    21:13 um did her waist just go down abt 10 inches in 2 weeks wait what edit: I think it was a typo cuz at the end it was back in the 30s

  • Katie Mechelle
    Katie Mechelle 11 hours ago

    She just fooled us all into clicking with the title, hoping she had realized her wrongs. She got us all to click, got them views in the process. So obviously she knows what she is doing, knows she has done wrong and obviously she don't care, she gonna milk it for them views. Smh, her and trisha both look stupid now and I used to love them both!

  • Danielle Cox-Eland
    Danielle Cox-Eland 11 hours ago

    When she says “ I used to have really thin eyebrows “ you still have thin eyebrows

  • Mystic Fruitless
    Mystic Fruitless 11 hours ago

    Part 6 confirmed! Wait that ain’t green nvm

  • keshlie homs
    keshlie homs 11 hours ago

    Hi Gabbie ✨ I just finished watching your video and started reading the comments. I just wanted to say that I really feel bad that there are so many hateful comments out there. I know the quantity of them might affect you in a way, but I want you to know that there’s more of the good people that follow you and love you for what you do. And those hateful people who comment such things will have no effect if you don’t let them. I’ve watched you since Vine, and I’m grateful I got to see you grow from them to now. I’m so happy for you and everything that you’ve achieved, but also for the way you’ve grown to love your body and be more confident. You look so much more happy and good, I’m genuinely so happy for you. I’ve hoped to be able to talk to you one day because you seem like such a cool friend, you’re so caring and awesome! I always look forward to all your videos and it will stay that way for as long as you’re here for us. Thank you for being such an amazing person/influencer 💖

  • Madison Cormier
    Madison Cormier 12 hours ago

    i know about the ADHD beacuse i have a brother with ADHD and i hate it when the people in my class are like i cant focus on the test i think i have ADHD or something i need to go to the doctor. I also hate when people say you're brother was outside and he hit someone i think it was the ADHD acting up again or do you have it too, and they say it like if you have it you are going to die.

  • Ain Shahira
    Ain Shahira 12 hours ago

    no amount of plastic surgery can save your distorted, crooked personality.

  • 0_0 . :0
    0_0 . :0 12 hours ago

    Yooo I’m not subscribed but #UNSUBSCRIBE YALL

  • cas anne
    cas anne 12 hours ago

    What store is this at? Lol

  • Maddie Drew
    Maddie Drew 12 hours ago

    Don’t like her, but this song is pretty alright

  • Carissa Lee
    Carissa Lee 12 hours ago


  • libby lyons
    libby lyons 12 hours ago


  • Crystal Dawn
    Crystal Dawn 12 hours ago

    Is her crappy "poetry" book one of the things she regrets? Cause if not, it should be.

  • haylie peers
    haylie peers 12 hours ago

    Gabbie straight up I fucking love you 😂❤️ that’s all I have to say 💜💜

  • Dragster 7286
    Dragster 7286 12 hours ago

    Daytona is basically a is a Dodge Charger

  • Carissa Lee
    Carissa Lee 12 hours ago

    this is so cool

  • LaDonna Wipf
    LaDonna Wipf 12 hours ago

    Your nose is rather distracting. The rest of your face is fine. The hair is rather off putting. I really like you with the blonder color of hair, you don’t look so harsh with it. If I had the money I would have my nose done as well as an eyebrow lift. Oh well it’s your face.

  • Jordy's Ego
    Jordy's Ego 12 hours ago

    I wanna do this with friends...but we all freshmen and of course to young to have a car T`T XD

    • Jordy's Ego
      Jordy's Ego 12 hours ago

      Maybe we could get some scooters and get a cart things connected to a scooter and put a radio in it XD

  • craisins 86
    craisins 86 12 hours ago

    Your goal for 2020 is to care more about other people and less about yourself? You don't care about anyone other than yourself. People are not just going to forget all the dark, evil and scary stuff you have done to so many people you know. People are going to keep talking about it until you make an apology video.

  • furby slinckie123456
    furby slinckie123456 12 hours ago

    why dont you talk to liza anymore

  • Le Brick
    Le Brick 12 hours ago

    Stick to making fake stories it’s funny that you are actually trying to sing even though the voice is more broken than the song name

  • Salvador Vizcaya
    Salvador Vizcaya 13 hours ago

    i like is song

  • Krystal Wixson
    Krystal Wixson 13 hours ago

    yes your nose really is that big and maybe if you got a nose job you'd have a chance at looking decent and guys with the lowest standards might want you so you wouldn't have to lie about guys raping you

  • furby slinckie123456
    furby slinckie123456 13 hours ago

    yes i feel you gurl i feel you

  • jiminie jams
    jiminie jams 13 hours ago

    God gabbie gives me a headache😴

  • Krystal Wixson
    Krystal Wixson 13 hours ago

    stop dressing and acting like that youre 30 years old jesus christ talk about midlife crisis

  • Carissa Lee
    Carissa Lee 13 hours ago

    4:03 me when my friend tells me to calm down lol.....wait wtf is

  • Jemima Gourgel
    Jemima Gourgel 13 hours ago

    Her whispering "what's my outro again" Was The realest thing ever 😂 it's been that long Love you Gabbie 😘

  • furby slinckie123456
    furby slinckie123456 13 hours ago

    i think you looked adorable in the buisness meeting outfit exspecially with the black glass

  • Amelie Trustum-Ellard
    Amelie Trustum-Ellard 13 hours ago

    Wait your friends with glam and Gore/mykie, she is so cool, also you are amazing Gabbie

  • SabR.
    SabR. 14 hours ago

    2020? HAHAHAH

  • Lightウ
    Lightウ 14 hours ago

    Shut the fuck up this didnt happen

  • Umamah Shehzadi
    Umamah Shehzadi 14 hours ago

    Our school buses charge $500.00 per kid

  • S Armstrong
    S Armstrong 14 hours ago

    Not obsessed with drama.. but messages fans over old drama. Interesting lol

  • Karleigh Buchan
    Karleigh Buchan 14 hours ago

    Ohhhh I seee.... ur still ignoring that fact that you’re a mentally ill manipulating bully???

  • Estel Getty
    Estel Getty 14 hours ago

    She didn’t know he’s gay

  • Lilly Harris
    Lilly Harris 14 hours ago

    I love ya Gabbie your videos always improve my day ngl

  • PS
    PS 14 hours ago

    Literally never have shoved tissue in my nose. Why would you stop the mucus from leaving your body when you should be blowing it out?.

  • MyBookishBehaviour
    MyBookishBehaviour 15 hours ago

    I dont like this. She is picking which questions she answers. She ignores or skips the ones that she knows she's supposed to answer but doesn't have an answer for them that makes her look good. Or even ones that would justify her behaviour. Smh own your shit please

  • JayDreams
    JayDreams 15 hours ago

    Please don’t ever wear that hair do again. Look like Jenna marbles

  • Kristy Marcucci
    Kristy Marcucci 15 hours ago

    Love you gabbie!! I absolutely love your look today!! The makeup/space buns!!! Look amazing on you❤

  • Bailey Nichols
    Bailey Nichols 15 hours ago

    "I'm not tryin to start drama..." Shut up, gabbie that's exactly what you're doing

  • Pat Lee
    Pat Lee 15 hours ago

    Can you make a video explaining why your so pretty?????????????????

  • Codi Marie
    Codi Marie 15 hours ago

    Damn her sub count is going down by the millions! 😳

  • Samantha Schiefelbein
    Samantha Schiefelbein 15 hours ago

    6:30 through 7:13 Brendon Urie should react to her. SHE WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

  • inuyasha smith
    inuyasha smith 15 hours ago

    I love mewtwo

  • lauren
    lauren 15 hours ago

    favorite song of yours :)

  • Iserberl
    Iserberl 15 hours ago

    What mascara was used on jade?

  • alana burns
    alana burns 15 hours ago

    Thx gabbie i love ur music I'm crying RN missing someone and I'm a really emotional person so things hit me harder but ur podcast on utube make me laugh ty 😍

  • The Trap House Music
    The Trap House Music 15 hours ago

    I love gabbie and I don’t care if you don’t! 💕💕💕💕

  • theo devisate de queiroz


  • Sarah Eccles
    Sarah Eccles 16 hours ago

    Omg no I stainberry and maltaeser

  • Sarah Eccles
    Sarah Eccles 16 hours ago

    I'm from Ireland and I find it funny how u say "Prymark" instead of Primark ahha

  • Bezalel Njogu
    Bezalel Njogu 16 hours ago

    GABBBBBYYYYY..... Tho its a late comment but mine would be a hulk smash

  • Raiden Kawanaka
    Raiden Kawanaka 16 hours ago

    wtf ur weird asf

  • Selk
    Selk 16 hours ago

    Did I ask

  • RadioShadowGames YT
    RadioShadowGames YT 16 hours ago

    7:33 where the song starts don't know why I'm telling people where

  • CaptainCataracts
    CaptainCataracts 16 hours ago

    WE OLD BITCH gang gang

  • Paige Lee
    Paige Lee 16 hours ago

    it look like he show her butt at the end.

  • Dixie Doodle
    Dixie Doodle 16 hours ago

    I’m sorry to whoever had to edit it

  • Koolaidman
    Koolaidman 16 hours ago

    Gabbie, if you're scared that you're lazy, then you're 10,000% nOT

  • Stephanie Hamilton
    Stephanie Hamilton 16 hours ago

    this is the first video i've watched of her but isn't she like in her 30s? she is dressed like a teen and talking like a teen. she seems extremely insecure already but is listening to ppls opinions and the edits are very annoying. i just don'

  • grahamgbgames
    grahamgbgames 16 hours ago

    man migraines aren't just really bad headaches its a different thing lol 😆

  • Lindsay Kokish
    Lindsay Kokish 16 hours ago

    Gabby thinks she’s so special bc she works a normal job at a normal place doing normal things.

  • milky suga honey
    milky suga honey 17 hours ago

    i mean your nose IS big but it's not ugly

  • Jonah O
    Jonah O 17 hours ago

    We know.

  • A J
    A J 17 hours ago

    didn't ask

  • katie louise
    katie louise 17 hours ago

    and the prequel: "take a hint" next on victorious

  • Jessie Lily
    Jessie Lily 17 hours ago

    Gabbie, I just met u at your meet and great and u liked my post! Ilysm 💜💜

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose 17 hours ago

    Me: Um... If Torchwick did this to me i would kick him in the groin and i would kick him in the face. Oscar: *Looks at me like i am a crazy person* Me: I wouldn't do this to you Oscar. Me: *Starts singing Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows* Oscar: *Looks at me and joins in* Qrow: *Looking at Oscar like he is gonna kill him* Qrow: *IF YOU KISS HER I AM GOING TO KILL YOU OSCAR PINES!!!!!!!!!* Oscar: *Runs away* Me: *Looks at Qrow* Me: *BOI U WHAT M8?!?!?!?!?!*

  • Dani’s Dollies
    Dani’s Dollies 18 hours ago

    I love these videos! Just love getting to know you and honestly these videos feel like therapy to me because I feel like we have very similar personalities and backstories 💜 I’m really glad that things are starting to look up for you with the house and your honey. It just feels like you’re in a really good place whether there are bad days still or not you seem really happy. ☺️💜

  • shruthi vikram
    shruthi vikram 18 hours ago

    gabbie darling it’s perfectly possible to own up to your mistakes when people have CLEARLY called you out and are proving that you are INCORRECT. look at jeffree star and learn to take a bit of CRITICISM <3 because maybe the people who are “hating on you because it’s bandwagon” are doing it with reason.

  • Eat Dirt
    Eat Dirt 18 hours ago

    She is so beautiful....always