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  • Alcatrazor Gamer
    Alcatrazor Gamer 4 hours ago

    I don't see the tears.

  • hamish armstrong
    hamish armstrong 4 hours ago

    No oxygen at ringside

  • Mc Boswell
    Mc Boswell 4 hours ago

    Women should box naked 😋

  • Jay C
    Jay C 4 hours ago

    So sad 🙏🏾

  • Danny Oldrieve
    Danny Oldrieve 4 hours ago


  • MAC 75
    MAC 75 4 hours ago

    4:25 I am the greatest - who do you think you are????

  • Donna Kellman
    Donna Kellman 4 hours ago

    Nice lad.

    ROSSYBOYYY 89 4 hours ago


  • Mr Silver
    Mr Silver 4 hours ago

    RIP 🙏🙏🙏 well said Eddie ur the man 🥊

  • KowSoy Kid
    KowSoy Kid 4 hours ago

    I would tame this girl.

    • Li Carts
      Li Carts 4 hours ago

      KowSoy Kid haha love it

  • Check and Balance
    Check and Balance 4 hours ago

    I’ve been around boxing for 30 years, the last thing I’ve learned is to tell when a fighters shot. It’s a subtle little pause before making a movement. They can still be impressive hitting the bag but against a live target it’s just dangerous at this point. A man starts to decline at 35. The neurons literally don’t fire as quickly PERIOD. And you can’t tell. Look at Roy Jones... by the time he hit 35 he was regularly loosing to guys like Tarver, Johnson and Calzaghe..he had that micro second of hesitation and he became a very easily beatable fighter. Nigel is 20 years past that point and this is dangerous. Bika will stop him I just hope he doesn’t get hurt.

  • Big Nick
    Big Nick 4 hours ago

    Best of luck April. But that geordie accent 🤢🤢🤢 Im waiting for her to say i dnt really talk like this, its april fools.

  • Mart R
    Mart R 4 hours ago

    Hey you guys

  • Tai Chi Tube
    Tai Chi Tube 4 hours ago

    top man is al siesta, but saying boxers are like samurai is a joke, boxers are just playing a game for cash, they're not forced to fight for their lives in the ring, and i'm sure if patrick day had a choice to re-do his last day he would come back as a non boxer to stay alive. there's nothing honourable about dying for sport, it's actually very sick, cut the crap.

  • Frankie Lyman
    Frankie Lyman 4 hours ago

    Is there a live animal trapped in his neck ??

  • The Veiled Sage
    The Veiled Sage 4 hours ago

    If cheerleading was a sport, half nelson would be the best in the game!

  • R KID
    R KID 4 hours ago

    I have a rule never date a woman with a voice deeper than me! Good chance though she in the lgbgtqxyztv community

    • Crakmatic
      Crakmatic 4 hours ago

      but she didnt offer to date you bro stop living in your head

  • Bill Brown
    Bill Brown 4 hours ago

    Umar has set him up putting him infront of that lamp, look at the ears glow haha

  • Sober Moggy
    Sober Moggy 4 hours ago

    Rest in Peace Patrick Day

  • alibabazs
    alibabazs 4 hours ago

    Good luck.

  • alibabazs
    alibabazs 4 hours ago

    Al reminds me of Fred from First Dates lol.

  • Joseph Dobson
    Joseph Dobson 4 hours ago

    You also lost to Cheeseman and got gifted a draw

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 4 hours ago

    Wing nut

  • oso polar
    oso polar 4 hours ago

    haha British are sad little cry babies words don't matter in boxing!

  • Chris Bray
    Chris Bray 4 hours ago

    Now you know why boxers get paid stupid money, littarally put there life on the line for our entertainment, they been saying it for years but sadly now we can see its not a miff, here's to a safer 2020........ Rest in paradise homie

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil 4 hours ago

    Sky is losing everything to BT

  • Prince Al Yaseen
    Prince Al Yaseen 4 hours ago

    You may want to start looking for a new promoter now 😂😂

  • TVsez
    TVsez 4 hours ago

    Thought that was Tyson Furys missus in the thumbnail

  • Gary Reeve
    Gary Reeve 4 hours ago

    "Let him past with the suit on" hahahaah

  • The Veiled Sage
    The Veiled Sage 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one not thinking about boxing?

  • phillip carl Roberts

    Its always going to be hard for Cheeseman to get a decision, his relentless come forward style means that he ships a ton of shots and he is open to counters, as a boxing fan he is exciting to watch however there is a general lack of defensive skill with Cheeseman's skill set, it is a hit whilst not getting hit art and if you pile pressure like Cheeseman does you really have to be effective to impress judges, otherwise they will opt to score the opponents evasive work as being more effective.

  • Adrian Blair
    Adrian Blair 4 hours ago

    The good die young...

  • A O
    A O 4 hours ago

    Blocks punches with his head this lad. Fancy fitz for the UD

  • andreas matin
    andreas matin 4 hours ago

    Respect to all people who are risking their lifes in the ring because of their life dream, what is to become a good fighter. Rest in piece Patrick..

  • Black Jane
    Black Jane 4 hours ago

    Hope she does well seems nice

  • The Veiled Sage
    The Veiled Sage 4 hours ago

    Anyone speak Geordie? What did Ritson say?

  • tuaman2009
    tuaman2009 4 hours ago

    Same here mate, lost the house betting on you against Garcia. On the streets now but have my remaining £18.29 on you to beat Fitzgerald, go on my son!

  • Millwall Ted
    Millwall Ted 4 hours ago


  • Addyy Brown
    Addyy Brown 4 hours ago

    Do you not call Eddie on phone? Surely you guys speak

  • chazz mcdowell
    chazz mcdowell 4 hours ago

    It’s the sport we signed up for Rip Mr Day He went out doing something he loves

  • Q -_-
    Q -_- 4 hours ago

    R i P Patrick the LeGenD

  • Dave Lane
    Dave Lane 4 hours ago

    Won 70 quid in the bookies today, beans and sausage on toast for tea pushing the boat out boys

  • The Fuse UK
    The Fuse UK 4 hours ago

    Put it all on red .. nor black

  • Itzz Ya boy
    Itzz Ya boy 5 hours ago

    Big Respect to Eddie here

  • Claudette Tyack
    Claudette Tyack 5 hours ago

    Cause your shit

  • boxing
    boxing 5 hours ago

    is that eddie h in the back

  • Fred Ralph
    Fred Ralph 5 hours ago

    Listen there’s little kids dying every minute of every day all over the world, they don’t know what’s going on throughout. This guy knew the risks, just another dead body. Comes to us all.

  • Amy Andrews
    Amy Andrews 5 hours ago

    Well said Eddie x

  • Victor Lugosi
    Victor Lugosi 5 hours ago

    You mean the guy that got knocked out by a cruiserweight? 😂😂😂😂😂 Dubois beats him today, like he beat Gorman dumb ass

  • Steve Ford
    Steve Ford 5 hours ago

    People take the piss but he’s brought back boxing 🥊

  • Yocc Pushkin
    Yocc Pushkin 5 hours ago

    People talk a load bollocks about Hearn but he cares for fighters. A very good mate. A big time positive to boxing. RIP Patrick. Salute to Eddie Hearn!

  • Victor Lugosi
    Victor Lugosi 5 hours ago

    You’ll be finding another promoter now lol

  • chaz hazel
    chaz hazel 5 hours ago

    RIP Patrick. Just a tragedy. Respect to Eddie Hearn, he clearly feels it. The sport is no joke.

  • Wayne Price
    Wayne Price 5 hours ago

    Patrick day, has hung his gloves up for the last time, he fought till the very end rest in peace Respect to Eddie how can you dislike him.....he’s only human and it showed. Tonight!!! RIP pat

  • Bill Birsay
    Bill Birsay 5 hours ago


  • charlotte hull
    charlotte hull 5 hours ago

    I think people like to dislike him, personally I love the guy. Boxing is a dangerous sport but you love what love RIP Patrick

  • Marcus Morrison
    Marcus Morrison 5 hours ago

    Boxing should never be banned. Tragic events like this one happen in all sports, it just is one of those things that we can't prevent. Gladitor sport that the world will always quest for. Boxing would go underground and more deaths will occur if the sport goes back to the unlicensed days.

    HUGO BOSS 5 hours ago

    eddie is a real man... only respect...

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 5 hours ago

    Rest In Paradise Patrick, God bless the dead.

  • tricky one
    tricky one 5 hours ago

    i dont undestand why people dis like eddie , end of the day he is a business first , people need to undestand how roofless it is but wen all is said n done anyone can see eddie is a genuine stand up guy who does care ! RIP PATRICK DAY thoughts are with you ,your friends and family .

  • Anttu Murikka
    Anttu Murikka 5 hours ago

    let a man try Dubois, prepare few extra asperin

  • MitchCPFitness
    MitchCPFitness 5 hours ago

    Billy bullshit

  • Jordan Murphy
    Jordan Murphy 5 hours ago

    Bakole was begging to quit against Hunter.

  • Justas S
    Justas S 5 hours ago

    respect eddie

  • Tyson 'Gypsy King' Fury

    We really need him dont we...yeah we really need him. multi millionaire telling people "dont take life too seriously because it all comes to an end" yeah...we really need him dont we

    • Wayne Price
      Wayne Price 4 hours ago

      TYSON...... fuck the haters !!!you can have all the money in the world, or be absaloutly b it’s fact come on man... you and I both know life can end in an instant??? It’s life.... rip pat!!!!

  • WASIM864
    WASIM864 5 hours ago

    Rest in heaven Patrick day ameen

  • Kevin Waters
    Kevin Waters 5 hours ago

    Sound feller 👍🏻

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo 5 hours ago

    Only god knows what Charles Conwell will be going through. Keep your head up bro. I hope you go all the way and become world champion one day. Do it for Patrick Day. He wouldn’t want anything else. But obviously thoughts and prayers for Patrick’s family and friends

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo 5 hours ago

    Without even listening to this interview yet I just wanna say. My thoughts go out to Charles Conwell, only god knows what he must be going through. Keep your head up bro. Support Conwell all the way but most importantly condolences to Patrick’s family and friends.

  • ross longmuir
    ross longmuir 5 hours ago

    Who the fuck is this del boy briggs wants to fight

  • Aamir _
    Aamir _ 5 hours ago

    Respect to both men! Rest In Power!

  • ToonBadger1
    ToonBadger1 5 hours ago

    This guy is the new Don Charles

  • furyistheking
    furyistheking 5 hours ago

    This is why all ped users should be banned for life. Boxing is dangerous enough. Respect Eddie. RIP Day x

  • Ben Ali Alfakhri
    Ben Ali Alfakhri 5 hours ago

    These blasted Scots. Can barely understand their accents. :p

    DRUGSPAYDABILLS 5 hours ago

    RIP Patrick day. They need to legalize cbd and cannabis for fighters as it's known to be neuro protective and can help heal/reverse brain damage and other injuries !!

  • Alan Robertson
    Alan Robertson 5 hours ago

    I was welling up watching Eddie...RIP

  • R B
    R B 5 hours ago

    To be honest though I would fancy his chances against Gorman but Dubois would probably stop him easy.

  • lewiswardtube
    lewiswardtube 5 hours ago

    Is he pissed?

  • Joseph Dobson
    Joseph Dobson 5 hours ago

    Also, Kevin Johnson is gonna stink the place out

  • Joseph Dobson
    Joseph Dobson 5 hours ago

    It was “rate him higher the AJ” before the Hunter fight

  • RiZzle Bizzle
    RiZzle Bizzle 5 hours ago

    RIP champ. Boxing will never improve its scientifically impossible to make it safer you get hit in the head your brain gets damaged simple as that.

  • Laura Sykes
    Laura Sykes 5 hours ago


  • Nedsta *
    Nedsta * 5 hours ago

    Rest in peace, another warrior lost in this unpredictable world. Eddies a good guy who will make sure his family's OK and to try to not make this happen again.

  • JoeStunner
    JoeStunner 5 hours ago

    Hearn is sincere about his love for boxing and respect for boxers. He's also right about Spence, who should be ashamed of himself.

  • ramx27
    ramx27 5 hours ago


    • arsenalmanic
      arsenalmanic 5 hours ago

      Isn't it soft ? If it isn't it should. Maybe issue with the surface, maybe come too bouncy or they dig into it too much. I don't know how soft or hard the canvas is though. Also was this fatal injury caused by the head hitting the canvas or was it with the blows to the head?

  • Patsy Zero
    Patsy Zero 5 hours ago

    RIP champ

  • TERRY TIBBS All Eyez On Agenda21

    RIP Patrick Day hope for you a comfortable bed in heavon!!! Tragic love n preys UK.

  • Ken Carson
    Ken Carson 5 hours ago

    “Il hit him with a billion sponges”

  • Uzi 9550
    Uzi 9550 5 hours ago


  • josh1
    josh1 5 hours ago

    cheesemans getting leathered

  • R B
    R B 5 hours ago

    I wish to have hair like that when I’m his age.

  • tincan tincan
    tincan tincan 5 hours ago

    Brilliant trainer with a son that is so underestimate it's unreal..Josh is pure class..that's why most are stepping up a weight to avoid him

  • C Mc
    C Mc 5 hours ago

    Nice tribute Eddie bloody got me choked here RIP Patrick Day god bless you true warrior 💙

  • Dave Lane
    Dave Lane 5 hours ago

    Eddie is that you?

  • Charlie M
    Charlie M 5 hours ago

    Fitz vs Cheeseman going to be very one sided I’m afraid

    • STEEZY B
      STEEZY B 5 hours ago

      Charlie M who you got?

  • Joseph Reilly
    Joseph Reilly 5 hours ago


  • The Don
    The Don 5 hours ago

    Really sad situation

  • The Tru King
    The Tru King 5 hours ago

    Tyson is on the Jolly Green Giant level, a damncartoon character! Lmao!! Nobody knows Fury or watch him in the Americans!!! Lmao!!! Wilder came to the UK and the crowd flooded the street!!! Fury dint have fans in the US crowding the streets!!!

  • king AmorDeRey
    king AmorDeRey 5 hours ago

    Haters hate on Eddie for being the real deal

  • Oscar Williams
    Oscar Williams 5 hours ago

    And another reason we should boycott canelo and all the other cheats im this brutal game