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  • Jasmine Hurley-Elrod
    Jasmine Hurley-Elrod 2 minutes ago

    Who is the girl playing the guitar?

  • Javier Mar
    Javier Mar 3 minutes ago

    When his eyes started watering on that first song about him losing his dad, I felt bad for him🥺

  • Davari Williams
    Davari Williams 6 minutes ago

    She gave us the keke special 3:49

  • MUMUxRevenge
    MUMUxRevenge 10 minutes ago

    he probably bisexual, or feminine

  • Waweru N. Gatimu
    Waweru N. Gatimu 12 minutes ago

    This is true ! I have 100K in student loans debt! When white America has a cold; black America has Pneumonia! I have to start a business in order to get rich! Cash is king !

  • Erica Stewart
    Erica Stewart 14 minutes ago

    Tune for your soul and 💰.......smooth wow

  • Dana Alvarez
    Dana Alvarez 16 minutes ago

    She did that!!

  • Shelly Johnson
    Shelly Johnson 16 minutes ago

    Le'andria Johnson you and tasha cobbs are my favorite gospel singers

  • Robin Chastang
    Robin Chastang 17 minutes ago

    Baby everything

  • Shelly Johnson
    Shelly Johnson 19 minutes ago

    Jeez this song so glad I stumble on it le'andria Johnson your song is so anointed and powerful your such a gifted singer your song speaks to me thank you

  • Liger King
    Liger King 20 minutes ago

    This dude is almost a midget. He’s extra short!

  • Samantha Holt
    Samantha Holt 22 minutes ago

    Love this song

  • DezzyEight
    DezzyEight 23 minutes ago

    DNA played it smart. He came with nothing but bars the crowd can catch.

  • queen jayjaylee
    queen jayjaylee 26 minutes ago

    I love Megan thee stallion.... Official hottie

  • joji miller
    joji miller 26 minutes ago

    2:21Can Some One Tell Me What It Means???

  • Jay Jones
    Jay Jones 27 minutes ago

    Powerful black leader will b missed RIP. Job will Done 🙌🏽

  • Shelly Johnson
    Shelly Johnson 28 minutes ago

    This is is soooooo powerful I listen it every day lord deliver me this is my exodus am saying goodbye to the old me am saying hello to the new me

  • Exzaf
    Exzaf 30 minutes ago

    This looks like a talent show performance. The backtrack overpowered her voice. Her dance moves weren't crisp, and they were sloppy. HOWEVER, even though it did not look like an award show performance, I still love it. I think it was really refreshing to see how Saweetie was living her best life and having the time of her life doing that choreo. She's a rapper, not a performer or a dancer, so seeing her pop her moves like that, it was refreshing. That's why she does what she does-- to have fun. You could tell she tried her best, and I think that's what made this performance. She was smiling while dancing, and that was honestly what made the whole performance worth watching. Like okay girl, I see you. My only complaint though is that she needs to actually rap live and her mic needs to be louder. At 0:57, she jumped and spinned around, yet her voice was consistent. It wasn't shaky. I don't care how fit you are. When you jump and land, your voice will shake. It was definitely a pre-recorded track meant for performances.

  • Takudzwanashe Machame
    Takudzwanashe Machame 32 minutes ago


  • Ramiro Martinez
    Ramiro Martinez 32 minutes ago

    “ you rarely see me in Nike but I don’t miss a check “ 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Kash doll did T H A T. Periodt

  • Charito Guzman
    Charito Guzman 34 minutes ago

    I love Nivea but she looks crazy I didn’t know she was the girl on them funny memes

  • S M
    S M 37 minutes ago

    I have such a crush on T- Pain and Rick Ross.

  • Armani Delgado
    Armani Delgado 38 minutes ago

    3:27 she forgot her own lyrics😂👀even pardison remembered her verse, I’m assuming she doesn’t write her own music now

  • She who's different
    She who's different 38 minutes ago


  • Pringle, C. VOPP of manuscript for USA

    What in the world

  • LiL Ty
    LiL Ty 41 minute ago

    Fake titties don’t jiggle remember that

  • Raymond Hermosillo
    Raymond Hermosillo 42 minutes ago


  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 43 minutes ago

    This song makes me more emotional because Le'Amdria has been through so much and this song and performance just seems like her breakthrough song.

  • Sean Russell
    Sean Russell 46 minutes ago

    Him & Jadakiss are the toughest critics they’ve had on here so far. I bet Pusha T is somewhere screaming about him giving Big Daddy Kane a 2.5 lol

  • Van Brown
    Van Brown 49 minutes ago

    I Love her.

  • keem kash
    keem kash 50 minutes ago

    DNA is a fuckn genius, he used the crowd well with them name drop.. and his freestyle game is strong!! As a fan glad to see all of y’all on it

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 51 minute ago

    Erykah looking like Uncle Pecos from Tom and Jerry.

  • W Anderson
    W Anderson 52 minutes ago

    Beautiful sister though

  • W Anderson
    W Anderson 52 minutes ago

    Be, white guy in a leaders role again? 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  • Sweet creature Jimin
    Sweet creature Jimin 54 minutes ago

    3:04 I love him

  • Melly Mel
    Melly Mel 55 minutes ago

    Lawd, I'm late, but she's everything! Just gorgeous and talented! Such a beauty!

  • W Anderson
    W Anderson 55 minutes ago

    Why it can’t all black family👎🏿

  • Trell Stephens
    Trell Stephens 55 minutes ago


  • Reddit Light
    Reddit Light 56 minutes ago


  • Acharich Speaks
    Acharich Speaks 57 minutes ago

    9:11 - Bars.. 👀 Man like Chingy..! 😏💥💣 - @Acharich

  • Trae Wu
    Trae Wu 59 minutes ago

    Mf said "don't mess it up" wtf its about to get ate so wtf

  • James N
    James N Hour ago

    0:39, 0:41, 0:47 and 3:10 thank me later fellas

  • Armani Delgado
    Armani Delgado Hour ago

    Saweetie a little boring with stage presence

  • Acharich Speaks
    Acharich Speaks Hour ago

    2:44 He looks like a British rapper / MC called Novelist.. 😅💯😅💯😅 - @Acharich

  • Jade Monet
    Jade Monet Hour ago

    So many amazing things about this video: her emotion, her makeup, her set.. UGH, I love <333

  • L R
    L R Hour ago

    Whats the piano instrumental in the beginning

  • Jah Wheelous
    Jah Wheelous Hour ago

    Aye verb is pleased

  • Hear Me Out
    Hear Me Out Hour ago

    I’m happy he didn’t act like he had no clue who’s bars he was writing. Some people be acting clueless

  • Brain Storm
    Brain Storm Hour ago

    Sarkodie: we still in chains but the eyes/ice can see. fire!!

  • Matthew Vanek
    Matthew Vanek Hour ago

    Never seen a gap like this mf got lol

  • sjdkfjfjsidjdjdha

    1:37 ,2:35 , niggas thinkin where can i buy talent like that? 😂😂😂

  • cool kids
    cool kids Hour ago

    Now i know why dababy choose the album kirk if u seen dababy's abcs on k he said kirk

  • Steven Sousa
    Steven Sousa Hour ago

    3:21 look at his face

  • kittin vlogs832 days

    Most hip hop sucks these days

  • Steven Sousa
    Steven Sousa Hour ago

    Pio is my idol

  • Tyler Suchart
    Tyler Suchart Hour ago

    3:09 did not know all these empires still existed

  • Steven Sousa
    Steven Sousa Hour ago

    Pio is the best

  • Wendy Moses
    Wendy Moses Hour ago

    Lord deliver me thank u lord i love u my Lord please deliver me

  • MiLLzY
    MiLLzY Hour ago

    shot up man I like Megan to

  • She Will For Will

    Why they got lil Nas on here 😂😂 got him catching a stray

  • Nuck Fugget
    Nuck Fugget Hour ago

    Wheres the vid of the guy dancing to this?😂😂

  • She Will For Will

    The “ain’t really rhyme one” was a 0 😂😂

  • Adralin Starks
    Adralin Starks Hour ago

    Wat is that song

  • elev8ted frequency

    Aries shyt

  • L D
    L D Hour ago

    Great performance 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍😘😍💪

  • h6n6ssy
    h6n6ssy Hour ago

    I wish she could've performed one of her 90s hit song

    JEANIUS FILMS Hour ago

    DNA better invest that 25 right

  • Davia's life Under construction

    It’s crazy the women on here bashing her like this. It she named it “Confessions of A video vixen” NOT ALL VIDEO VIXENS

    JEANIUS FILMS Hour ago

    Whole lotta bars over these ppls heads

  • Desibratt
    Desibratt Hour ago


  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy Hour ago

    Puts his whole heart,in trying to deceive the American public.

    JEANIUS FILMS Hour ago

    Y’all can tell these ppl don’t watch rap battles

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy Hour ago

    This guy had the nerve to call Tulsi Gabbard a puppet of Vladimir Putin.These establishment Democrats just can't accept the fact that Americans just don't trust HRC.They want the people to believe that Russia is the reason that Trump won the election.These people take us for fools.I'm not a big fan of Trump btw.

  • Ariana Roblox
    Ariana Roblox Hour ago


  • Goddess Monroe
    Goddess Monroe Hour ago

    😂😂 loved it!😎

  • c coral
    c coral Hour ago

    Who still watching January 2020?

    MRBOLDEN84 Hour ago

    He stole them bars

  • flexin on sea turtles

    Mah name is uncle ruckus, no relation

    CHORMZY Hour ago

    I love u nivea😘😘😘😘

  • Kurt Elliott
    Kurt Elliott Hour ago

    🔴👀🔴 Maybe Trump will do the honorable thing and we will all give a moment of silence while Donald Trump pisses on Cummings grave for treason!!! it will be a golden moment!!! if we listen maybe we will hear Cummings gagging or gargling!!! =8^o

  • Toyia Taylor
    Toyia Taylor 2 hours ago

    She looks like she smokes crack or sniff coke....she just has that look to me

  • joe schmo
    joe schmo 2 hours ago

    geechi verse wuz def harder

  • Schaunta Chambers
    Schaunta Chambers 2 hours ago

    Something about Dababy part in this

  • YapiYapo
    YapiYapo 2 hours ago


  • Chris A
    Chris A 2 hours ago

    That's my boy Jesse! Oh the wall goin up!

  • BlacKyd
    BlacKyd 2 hours ago

    So Notorious B.I.G gets 4 Travis Scott gets 2 SnitchNine gets 5 Lol ok

  • Kera D
    Kera D 2 hours ago

    Hell yeah!!

  • Un Redacted
    Un Redacted 2 hours ago

    please rate 🔨don't hurt'em

  • Ebey is your King
    Ebey is your King 2 hours ago

    Bruh, did Jesus say avoid places with sin? Did he do that in his life? NO! Kirk Franklin did more on that stage than most Christian artists

  • tisha m
    tisha m 2 hours ago

    Ayee Duval county ..

  • Claire Joseph
    Claire Joseph 2 hours ago

    As a fellow amazon I support, if I ever get this thick you wouldn’t be able to tell me anything .

  • Hurts Publishing
    Hurts Publishing 2 hours ago

    Is her and now still friends? I haven't seen them together in years. And she don't meant Moe no more

  • Ghost_shawn11
    Ghost_shawn11 2 hours ago

    I like when he was just calm then when he sang babysitter he just go crazy 😝

  • Christopher Jacob TV

    1:11 the hardest

  • Adrienne Harrison
    Adrienne Harrison 2 hours ago

    2013 was the best year for music awards

  • Leah J
    Leah J 2 hours ago

    He's 25

  • Em Herx
    Em Herx 2 hours ago

    Love him

  • Keva Major
    Keva Major 2 hours ago

    I dont no why some ladies in the crowd were laughing Abria did an awesome job an Pretty Vee they turnt up

  • Alyssia Gonzalez
    Alyssia Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    R.I.P. KING

  • Martin Lemus
    Martin Lemus 2 hours ago

    Black Megan Trainor. One hit wonder and she will be gone by 2021