Patriot Act
Patriot Act
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  • MassDynamic
    MassDynamic 2 hours ago

    man, batman seems like a supervillain right now. mindblown

  • Wisakedjak Archetype

    There should be a limit to how much profit one can make per position. Some of these guys hold ceo, coo titles of multiple companies. In a world of finite resources... How are they allowed to have it all?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 hours ago

    Stop procreating by providing people in this world to make the rich /wealth to WEALTHIER.

  • yan-Deriction
    yan-Deriction 2 hours ago

    I don't think its fair to compare modern day beliefs to beliefs made by carnegie when the illiteracy rate wasn't 0 and you couldn't get higher education-grade knowledge for free on the internet

  • illia penrosa
    illia penrosa 2 hours ago

    Im so glad to hear that the Mental Health advertisement campaign has hit the main stream, Over the last 35 years Ive seen the depression lead into anxiety, personality disorder, adhd, ptsd, and all the personal struggles the poor and unfortunate can possibly go through or even bare, They used to give you a ''pull your socks up'' treatment, and now its as many pills they can shove or a patronizing oh its not that bad prescription, Its all so fucked up, Minhaj is right their too busy screwing over those poor and unfortunate, yeah fucked aint the word for it!! #lovelightlaughter/moving ;)

  • Andre Aryan
    Andre Aryan 2 hours ago

    My comment for some ones who like Hasan Minhaj supports emigration flow from Mexico. So, you guys like Hasan Minhaj think USA territory unlimited ? Ask Russia give to USA half a territory and then we could get all emigrants from around the world to USA , but on that territory what Russia give it to us!!!! Even we could open more gate to Indian refugees more openly ! So , attention for all refugees around the world , more closely look at Russia, might be take a chance and move to Russia, large democratic system in the world ( as they introduce themselves)...

  • Kathleen Kirkwood
    Kathleen Kirkwood 2 hours ago

    Text bra to 79274 to Recycle your Bra into Carpet Padding -don't burn your bra "RECYCLE IT"

  • Barry Lichtenstein
    Barry Lichtenstein 2 hours ago

    Tulsi Gabbard is Indian too BTW

  • the G-girl
    the G-girl 2 hours ago

    The black monarch story was entertaining

  • Abhishek Caleb
    Abhishek Caleb 2 hours ago

    Hey Hasan, just wanted to say.. "just a small town girl... "

  • Hassan Rehman
    Hassan Rehman 2 hours ago

    Turns out he was Black Panther all along

  • illia penrosa
    illia penrosa 2 hours ago

    The Victorian age was an age where image was worth more than substance, and then the upper class were born, The good rich Christian with the moral standing of a rubber plant, Hasan Minhaj keep up the good work the farce still goes on from centuries ago to centuries ahead, the lefty do gooder is now a Tax break seeking missile, The humble are the quiet and the quiet are not able to hand out life changing amounts of money, but they are the ones who put into the homeless man's cup, cant Tax that ass #lovelightlaughter/moving ;) x

  • Iva Sativa
    Iva Sativa 3 hours ago

    I came here just to leave a like, I already watched this on netflix

  • Darsh Saraf
    Darsh Saraf 3 hours ago

    Namaskaram Hasan, In yoga we say tea and coffee are nervous stimulants. Please watch this video to get more insight.

  • Naumanistani
    Naumanistani 3 hours ago

    Lool that silence moment 13:08 poor kid

  • suliman khayyat
    suliman khayyat 3 hours ago

    saudi has no tax

  • Brian Stawowy
    Brian Stawowy 3 hours ago

    excellent episode!

  • mathieu
    mathieu 3 hours ago

    "It is immoral to use private property in order to alleviate the horrible evils that result from the institution of private property."

  • Ashima Wahal
    Ashima Wahal 3 hours ago

    Hahaha, fucking loved this!

  • john nunya
    john nunya 3 hours ago

    His aesthetician quaffed that for him.

  • Bharat Sreyus
    Bharat Sreyus 3 hours ago

    What abt Elon Musk? He on the same list? :/

  • Joanna Hampton
    Joanna Hampton 3 hours ago

    I bet Bernie would endorse this episode

  • Robert
    Robert 3 hours ago

    You should have given some solutions - where should we buy then, where is it better, especially which companies Thank you for informing the youth and everyone else nontheless.

  • Joanna Hampton
    Joanna Hampton 3 hours ago

    They certainly don't do it for the love of humanity, they are tax write-off's

  • Niqita Singh
    Niqita Singh 3 hours ago

    We middle class Indians use the same cloths for years in various forms till it almost vanishes😂

  • allanhouston22
    allanhouston22 3 hours ago

    if Sackers (Perdue Pharma), Zuckerbergs or Google owners were muslims, we would have focused on their background. but these people I mentioned also come from this extreme minority in the US, nobody including myself, cannot mention it!

  • R K
    R K 3 hours ago

    I feel Hasan getting sympathy laughs

  • Mahiyat Alam
    Mahiyat Alam 4 hours ago

    lol this was cute and fun to watch as a Desi teen😂

  • Joseph Abraham
    Joseph Abraham 4 hours ago

    If it sucks so bad, why don't they just quit? That's funny, we ask the same things of the coal miners and the farmers. Maybe we should give game developers the same advise that is given to Big Coal and Big Ag; go learn something else.

  • Aron Pinkham
    Aron Pinkham 4 hours ago

    if he's a shoe dude, he should have been wearing black and red shoes like Jordan 6's in frared with that outfit!

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan 4 hours ago

    Why do you need internet to do school work that is insane

  • Skaterdaddymilo hAhA

    No one : The ufo guy : it’s not a joke man

  • Joseph Abraham
    Joseph Abraham 4 hours ago

    27:25 Sounds like the only solution is either mass suicide, or mass homicide.

  • ra4725
    ra4725 4 hours ago

    Mr. Minhaj remember the persons who were on the board of East India Company. With their wealth they kept the Crown under their thumbs, while ruling over the entire Indian subcontinent. They had private military, luckily for Britain that military wasn't stationed in the Isles. Otherwise history might have tilted towards on the other side.

  • Mr Green
    Mr Green 4 hours ago

    STOP! I am officially beefing with you brown brother! Pineapple is a gift from the god! We fighting on sight son! (jk)(nr)

  • uygy yttt
    uygy yttt 4 hours ago

    They cant pronounve their own name and blaming americans. Great.

  • Bamber Banbury
    Bamber Banbury 4 hours ago

    If pious Jews see this man seize and stone him to death.

  • Joseph Abraham
    Joseph Abraham 4 hours ago

    Zara is studied extensively at GMU Operations Management. They can pump out new clothes every 5 weeks, design to rack.

  • Joseph Abraham
    Joseph Abraham 4 hours ago

    This is my new favourite channel on The Flash-Player and Interwebs.

  • Pranay Chaturvedi
    Pranay Chaturvedi 4 hours ago

    Like there's no sensitive history between toxic gas and jews! Our Comedians should be in politics and politicians on jokes

  • Mahi Singh
    Mahi Singh 5 hours ago

    Still far ahead of us. Here, I am getting 20kbps in the complete day time. And they (JIO, unfortunately my ISP) are like, "Thankyou for your patience, keep co-operating with us!" FACT: The owner of JIO company is the richest person in India. PS: Kudos to his richNESS.

    SAMPSON LEEVON 5 hours ago

    Wow more and more reasons for reg peeps to get into crypto.

  • Anam Qazi
    Anam Qazi 5 hours ago

    Cone to India and you'd know about bad public transportation to a next a level

  • Daniel Yahalom
    Daniel Yahalom 5 hours ago

    thank god for jim

  • PurelyAfrican
    PurelyAfrican 5 hours ago

    Is it weird the I only clicked on this video for abeer?! 😉

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    I love this guy, funny, handsome and caring. Ow!

  • Chahudry Beauchamp
    Chahudry Beauchamp 5 hours ago

    very well explained

  • Jimmy John
    Jimmy John 5 hours ago

    Tax that ass...

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller 5 hours ago

    Great arguments for supporting bernie sanders for president. Volunteer at

  • City of Roses 1845
    City of Roses 1845 5 hours ago


  • 7625e
    7625e 5 hours ago

    this was actually..... good

  • Shagufta Omar
    Shagufta Omar 5 hours ago

    You Go Hasan!

  • Zawlwin Moe
    Zawlwin Moe 6 hours ago

    Andrew Yang 2020!

  • Heed Omens
    Heed Omens 6 hours ago

    My Hero Hassan Manhaj.

  • shoaib
    shoaib 6 hours ago

    Saudi leaders are just like puppet of America, licking dick of Trump.🙏

  • Lorenz Specht
    Lorenz Specht 6 hours ago

    There's a TikTok Thot that as soon as she turned 18 remade all of her dancing videos completely naked and you can find that on PornHub. Thank me later.

  • minoliti
    minoliti 6 hours ago

    u should talk about the right-wing setting all south america on fire cause they are back up by CIA & trump like in the 70s

  • Arko Ghosh
    Arko Ghosh 6 hours ago

    I see tiktok. I get fucking disgusted. I stop the video. I unsubscribe.

  • minoliti
    minoliti 6 hours ago


  • Shahzaib Hassan
    Shahzaib Hassan 6 hours ago

    Counter Strike: Imagine a game, coming out as an extension of an even cooler game, to have such a huge impact on the world 20 yrs later. Oh our Combine over lord gaben

  • Aashish Ashok
    Aashish Ashok 6 hours ago

    Thanks for ruining Batman for me.!!

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 6 hours ago

    All I see in the comments are lazy people that want the government to hand them everything and to steal from the rich... Okay zoomers

  • swetab singh
    swetab singh 6 hours ago

    Teefa in trouvle not bollywood

  • J T
    J T 6 hours ago

    Notice how millionaires are exempt for any scrutiny despite possessing wealth two orders of magnitude greater than the median household income. I wonder why ? Surely it has nothing to do with Hasan’s net worth, a number which puts him in a group that owns HALF the world’s wealth.

  • MCHkid13
    MCHkid13 6 hours ago

    Man I love this show but I can't help but get anxiety from watching it. D: The world is dying! T-T

  • Mohammad Arslan Mamoon

    yo, brown JO, nice

  • GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    I've known this for a long time, but a high end cruise that stays near the coast is better. They can't afford to pollute the waters they stay in. They count on it for seafood and fish. So, opt for small river cruises instead.

  • Norea Holm
    Norea Holm 6 hours ago

    Hasan:* gets shot at* Hasan: Oh no, who is this person?!

  • manny 01
    manny 01 6 hours ago

    Completely off topic, I want to see Hasan interview DJT.

  • Ocelotl Chimalpahin
    Ocelotl Chimalpahin 7 hours ago

    Hasan, Bill Gates Is a eugenecist. He's evil

  • Jakub Mike
    Jakub Mike 7 hours ago

    Excuse me apple do you even know who I am - You have no idea.

  • Pranay Chaturvedi
    Pranay Chaturvedi 7 hours ago

    This is good to watch, to know that now world cars, more than ever. Be it forest fire of amazon, killing in burma or injustice in middle east. It's no more about geographical boundaries and religions, things are becoming about humanity! We take have each others back and I can't thank Hasan enough for his tremendous and amazing work here! Thankx man

  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma 7 hours ago

    I don't get it, who doesn't try to save on taxes in one way or the other? At least everyone who has the basic knowledge of taxation or can afford a charted accountant does. Then how is doing that by donation any worse? You mean to say Hasan Minhaj (or this guy who wrote the book when gets paid for his book)whose net worth is in millions don't try to save tax? or is it just that because 40% of a billion is much more than 40% of a million, billionaires are bad people and millionaires are fine.

  • Air Crash
    Air Crash 7 hours ago

    Damm says a guy who himself is a millionaire

  • Shruti Pandey
    Shruti Pandey 7 hours ago

    Seems like the developing world is doing more good to the climate just by wearing the twice used clothes that the west dump in markets like Sarojini in Delhi

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan 7 hours ago

    I do not care about what I look like theres no point to it as long as im comfortable and in clothes that can get dirty blood mud covered etc the only articals of clothing I care about are my wool things my wool jackets moms old clothes but with me things dont last very long idc if I go out in ripped tattern clothes or wear expensive clothes in situations where theyre guaranteed to get destroyed I love cheap thrift shops esp in my area because poor fuckers like me get very well made clothes there and cheapy very expensive clothes for dollars in great condition. But its weird how people decide what is wearable what is out of season what goes with what stuff young idiots care about that you should grow out of. And it gets so hot here and humid in ardmore youd think wed be able to walk around naked esp if youre just hiking or going for a walk not going to sit down in a crowded area and contaminate it with direct germs but no youre not its bullshit why I mean I dont wanna blind people but I do want to walk around naked. My favorite clothes are like cheaply made maternity dresses you can just slip on then youre neked. But seriously people should hold onto clothes longer

  • Phi
    Phi 7 hours ago

    Outrageous inequality is the only reason charities exist. (apart from helping billionaires avoid paying their taxes)

  • Sahar Kachroo
    Sahar Kachroo 7 hours ago

    Krrish did not suck. I liked it :)

  • Heidi Melcarek
    Heidi Melcarek 7 hours ago

    Oh, you mean their money laundering operations...?

  • M S
    M S 7 hours ago

    9 months? i am wearing a jacket for 4 years and it was 15 dollars.

  • edoumig
    edoumig 7 hours ago

    michael Dell is a Fucking liar

  • macelius
    macelius 8 hours ago

    Hasan shouldn't talk about the guys hair, seems like they have the same hairstye ;D

  • M S
    M S 8 hours ago

    10:28 I got that joke

  • James Brickton
    James Brickton 8 hours ago

    That guy looks like Ryan Reynolds

  • Bruce Martin
    Bruce Martin 8 hours ago

    The word you're looking for is oligarchy. We live in an oligarchy.

  • Faheem Akhtar
    Faheem Akhtar 8 hours ago

    I think 80% crew at Patriot Act is Pakistani and Indian. 😏

  • Aman Sharma
    Aman Sharma 8 hours ago

    19:00 same like Indian media is doing today😄

  • Forever Winneo
    Forever Winneo 8 hours ago

    Just finished all the deep cuts episodes in a day and now my life's empty...

    • Fifi W.
      Fifi W. 3 hours ago

      You gotta pace yourself

  • Aman Pandey
    Aman Pandey 9 hours ago

    Madrarchod Muslim

  • Maksym Rathod
    Maksym Rathod 9 hours ago

    This title is soo offensive... Hasan should be banned from Flash-Player

  • johanazhari
    johanazhari 9 hours ago

    6:05 that dude looks strangely similliar to Drunk History's host.. but with more beard.

    YASH DESHMUKH 9 hours ago

    Please view my channel and see my reaction videos

  • ced goldson
    ced goldson 9 hours ago

    That's why I love Andrew Yang's democracy dollars policy.

    DUDE CHILLL 9 hours ago

    every country needs a Hasan Minhaj

  • Badboy69 Jr.
    Badboy69 Jr. 9 hours ago

    Nice jacket Hasan

  • Christo Leőn
    Christo Leőn 9 hours ago

    Andrew Yang will put the money in Our hands every first day of the month until you die. But watch dumb people turn it down!! #YangGang2020 👍☑️🇺🇸💵😁 Put the money in Our hands!!!

  • Fido Lost
    Fido Lost 9 hours ago

    Hold up a moment. That couple at the beginning of this clip weren't Hasan's parents...were they? I'm sure I remember him having them on the show before. Who the heck were those two people?

  • Kabir Ali Farasta
    Kabir Ali Farasta 10 hours ago

    Women can't understand this & man can't explain this.......

  • Farhah Nabilah
    Farhah Nabilah 10 hours ago

    Wow.. I'm Malaysian and I feel attacked because that is EXACTLY what I do for nearly every show i watch 😂😂.

  • Manpreet Angroya
    Manpreet Angroya 10 hours ago

    Thank you Hassan, finally you doing something which needed to done long ago