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Irish People Try Pocky Sticks
Views 160K4 months ago
Irish People Try Maine Snacks
Views 201K3 months ago
Irish People Try Chex Mix
Views 312K5 months ago
Irish People Try Weird Coffee
Views 399K6 months ago


  • Shani Thompson
    Shani Thompson 4 minutes ago


  • Malicious Destruction
    Malicious Destruction 5 minutes ago

    "America is great because they take everything, and make it bad for you." "Thanks America." You're very welcome! :D

  • Chris WG
    Chris WG 6 minutes ago

    6:18 awesome gal on the right was doin some sort of Ewok shimmy! hehe so cute!!

  • Catherine.Kmc98
    Catherine.Kmc98 10 minutes ago

    But ever try the donuts from the stand in Terenure park?😱 to dieee for and theyre HUGE 😍 honestly if you havnt yet do you will not regret it 😱

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Mister 11 minutes ago

    Ciara O'Doherty......marry me.

  • David Boson
    David Boson 11 minutes ago

    Macadamia was stolen by Hawaiians from Australia - you Bastards!!!!

  • InsanityPlea4me2
    InsanityPlea4me2 14 minutes ago

    Seriously loving the guy in the leather jacket and want to go drinking with him!!!

  • Jon Zimmer
    Jon Zimmer 21 minute ago

    Who else really wanted Ciara to try these?

  • Kenneth Nash
    Kenneth Nash 22 minutes ago

    Isn't Irish coffee made with Irish cream? Irish Whiskey and milk,cream

  • Malicious Destruction
    Malicious Destruction 24 minutes ago

    Heyyy another Pennsylvania staple!! Pa pride!!

  • Carl Ruby Højland Nielsen

    *Irish people try danish snacks* The first snack: FRENCH WAFFLES

  • dank4 meme
    dank4 meme 31 minute ago

    "You look like I need a drink" Nicley said

  • Seenbelow
    Seenbelow 32 minutes ago

    The way he said "You need VR" - this was the first time I saw Leather Jacket Guy actually slow down from drinks :D

  • David Boson
    David Boson 32 minutes ago

    the amazing T shirt channel

  • Josh Donihue
    Josh Donihue 33 minutes ago

    I literally got wasted just watching this

  • Anxietitty
    Anxietitty 35 minutes ago

    8:25 _ASMR_

  • Jeremy Heck
    Jeremy Heck 36 minutes ago

    I love leather jacket team

  • jack bauer
    jack bauer 38 minutes ago

    Can we please not make Ireland fat

  • Rasmus Östergren
    Rasmus Östergren 39 minutes ago

    This went from being wholesome to one big innuendo. Best. Episode. Ever.

  • Dysfunctional Alien
    Dysfunctional Alien 42 minutes ago

    WOULD YOU FUCK OFF?! 🤣🤣🤣 OMG I just died

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 44 minutes ago


  • dbilly7
    dbilly7 46 minutes ago

    This was the best! Sooooo hilarious!

  • bIyat-.
    bIyat-. 47 minutes ago

    i love how everyone is dying besides the green sweater girl xd

  • David Boson
    David Boson 50 minutes ago

    Bacon is life

  • Melly 21
    Melly 21 54 minutes ago

    They should Drink more

  • gridsleep
    gridsleep 56 minutes ago

    Is this real wormwood absinthe? The kind Henri Toulouse-Latrec used to drown his sorrows? Absinthe is not drunk raw. Put water in it so it turns white. YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

  • Patrik Štugner
    Patrik Štugner Hour ago

    Ok guys, don't know if u ever tried, but go and buy Slovakian " Tatra Tea", u got various of % and flavors. You will love that! Cheers from Slovakia!

  • Oliver StormC
    Oliver StormC Hour ago

    You forgot Yankee bars.

  • JustBeattie x
    JustBeattie x Hour ago

    Only LJG episodes are what I watch now 🤣

  • gridsleep
    gridsleep Hour ago

    Is this a reaction video or an advertisement? Was this made after a Schnapps video? An extended one?

  • Oliver StormC
    Oliver StormC Hour ago

    Really picked the cheapest franske vafler out there???

  • Tomas Balciunas
    Tomas Balciunas Hour ago

    6:40 Sleepy Hollow 1/2 oz absinthe 2 oz Mezcal 1 oz St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram 2 dashes of angostura bitters Rosemary sprig for garnish Fill cocktail shaker with everything. Shake up, strain into a short tumbler over ice. Light the rosemary sprig until smoking and place inside the glass Earthquake 3/4 oz absinthe 1 oz gin 1 oz bourbon Fill cocktail shaker with everything. Shake up, strain into a short tumbler over ice Sazerac 1 1/2 oz cognac 1/4 absinthe 3 dashes of peychauds bitters 1 sugar cube Lemon peel for garnish Coat short tumbler with absinthe, add crushed ice, set aside. Stir remaining ingredients in another short tumbler and strain into the other one. Add lemon peel for garnish Death In The Afternoon 1 1/2 oz absinthe 4 oz champagne Pour champagne into champagne glass, mix in with absinthe Absinthe Martini 1 1/2 oz absinthe 2 oz vodka Twost of lime for garnish Fill cocktail shaker with everything. Shake vigorously and then strain to a chilled martini glass. Garnish with twist of lime

  • Jon K
    Jon K Hour ago

    That guy in the dark grey shirt looks like a young Phil Coulson.

  • Brenda Gillespie

    The guy in the red beanie...........OMG he is so PRECIOUS!! Now that's one cutie pie! EXCITEMENT!!!!!!

  • Tomas Balciunas
    Tomas Balciunas Hour ago

    I swear, Leather Jacket Guy is my exact equal, we need to go to a bar and get drunk together one day

  • Hydra Ultra
    Hydra Ultra Hour ago

    😂the one wit the Leather jacket is too good

  • ItsGingerLion
    ItsGingerLion Hour ago

    Oooooo dirty jokes

  • Aubrey Dyer
    Aubrey Dyer Hour ago

    Easily the happiest I've seen Ciara 😆

  • Lol Miniman
    Lol Miniman Hour ago


  • gamelover2222
    gamelover2222 Hour ago

    Please fire all but Ciara. They are all too hairy or wearing fake things. God Bless

  • Rory Gibson
    Rory Gibson Hour ago

    Get you a woman that looks at you like Ciara looks at Brian

  • Alberte Bang
    Alberte Bang Hour ago

    Well I’ll just sit here and eat my heksehyl and lakridspiper because I love them !!!

  • alittlecreepywhenyou

    You lads and lasses are perfect as is. Fade down the begging angle.

  • Nat Rfc
    Nat Rfc Hour ago

    Buck fast best drink on the planet

  • dank4 meme
    dank4 meme Hour ago

    I feel like you can never know if Ciara is sober or not

  • Tomas Balciunas
    Tomas Balciunas Hour ago

    I once invented a cocktail using black absinthe which I like to call a "Dead Man's Glory"

  • Michael Cornaglia

    How many orgasms did Ciara have during this testing .

  • littlebigirl 04
    littlebigirl 04 Hour ago

    This reminds me of Captin Jack Sparrow

  • AdamW - Karmantreprenör

    WTF is this??! Never heard of this outside what teens steal from their parents and makes a random mix from little of everything 😩

  • jin choung
    jin choung 2 hours ago

    holy crap green sweater girl is absurdly, unreasonably pretty.

  • michael andrisano
    michael andrisano 2 hours ago

    If Mary painted a tan on her instead of a mannequin pale ale she’d be a lot better looking.

  • AdamW - Karmantreprenör

    Ciara: beautiful, laughter that lightens up the room, and drinks hard liquor without a flinch... Marry me!! Oh buggers *looks at finger* looks like Im already married 😎

  • David Turner
    David Turner 2 hours ago

    If you cant grow a beard ...then dont try smh

  • Wayne Regey
    Wayne Regey 2 hours ago

    Hot chocolate with flavoured shots like orange , strawberry, mint ext.

  • kairotox
    kairotox 2 hours ago

    The sexual tension is so high in this episode. Specifically between Ciara and the chocolates.

  • Finn Dahuman
    Finn Dahuman 2 hours ago

    Ciara is so elegant looking in this. Beautiful <3

  • Joshua De Laet
    Joshua De Laet 2 hours ago

    When is Jesus and Ciara havin a sesh?

  • spring bear
    spring bear 2 hours ago

    i mean, four types of liquorice? yes, it might be quite danish, but why not choose more of a variety (there are lot's of other snacks in denmark). one was more than enough. hope someone will send them other stuff to try :)

  • Max Schager
    Max Schager 2 hours ago

    Absinthe would be nice if its like 40%. I did not like the 70%/80%, unless you want to be a dragon.

  • Giirag
    Giirag 2 hours ago

    We need LESS of that jacket person. He is just an arse.

  • mckenzie christie
    mckenzie christie 2 hours ago


  • Benjamin D. Lopez
    Benjamin D. Lopez 2 hours ago


  • michael andrisano
    michael andrisano 2 hours ago

    They can’t eat fried pig skin but they love cooked pig flesh! 😂😂

  • mckenzie christie
    mckenzie christie 2 hours ago


  • Joe Widau
    Joe Widau 2 hours ago

    I'll go head to head with her. It's the try channel try competing with me

  • Joe Widau
    Joe Widau 2 hours ago

    Okay. I don't know how this can happen but I can out drink Ciara. That's a gurentee. She can't keep up with a cowboy from America sorry but she can't. Challenge is made. Will you guys accept. I'll go drink for drink with her 😁

  • jordan dillard
    jordan dillard 2 hours ago

    Knob is America is something to be slobbed on as if it was corn on the cob

  • Loreanna York
    Loreanna York 2 hours ago

    Who's the eyecandy in the black t-shirt?

  • Forrest Jones
    Forrest Jones 2 hours ago

    We need more Ciara in these videos. She's gorgeous, funny and she pounds hard liquor like a champ. We need her here in St. John's, Newfoundland, the Ireland of Am I

  • Southernballa
    Southernballa 2 hours ago

    Can you guys PLEASE do a video featuring yeap

  • Wyyrdo Jim
    Wyyrdo Jim 2 hours ago

    I think Ciara might be the coolest woman on Earth!😻

  • barnaverantid
    barnaverantid 2 hours ago

    Why oh why isn't there a vegan version???? 😣😭

  • Olivia Vasquez
    Olivia Vasquez 2 hours ago


  • Kathryn Wolfe
    Kathryn Wolfe 2 hours ago

    I ate one and gave one to my seven-year-old, we were disappointed. It's not hot. We're from the South, though lol.

  • Troy Adams
    Troy Adams 2 hours ago

    Dang it now I wanna try it. But absinthe is illegal in America

  • Newt
    Newt 3 hours ago

    Please brush ya teeth

  • zuz o
    zuz o 3 hours ago

    you are so stupid. I really hate you.

  • Robin V
    Robin V 3 hours ago

    This Candy is so good

  • Newt
    Newt 3 hours ago

    Ciara pls marry me

  • plewtz80
    plewtz80 3 hours ago

    and as usual the men are happy and singing while drunk the women go crazy and start saying nonsense...also get a big breasted chick that loves when people drink shots from her cleavage.

  • Trevor Goodchild
    Trevor Goodchild 3 hours ago

    Ciara is looking stunning in this video.

  • bkprimo1
    bkprimo1 3 hours ago

    At 6:37 an Irishwoman loses her shit looking at the an Irishman's technique. lol

  • Brett Hess
    Brett Hess 3 hours ago

    Irish Jesus swilling wine... Seriously, you should do another wine show with loaves and fishes!! I think it would be awesome!

  • Chelsea Carpenter
    Chelsea Carpenter 3 hours ago

    7:12 me when I play drunk Janga *BOOM JENGA WHISKEY!* Much love from Arizona ❤️ ❤️

  • SGT US Army Girl
    SGT US Army Girl 3 hours ago

    I love watching all of you. I love watching you try American Hot and Spicey anything, alcohol, and chocolates from everywhere. I hope you each have an amazing Christmas season enjoying with friends and family. Keep up the amazing content.

  • Berkehan Kara
    Berkehan Kara 3 hours ago

    that girl on the left has a crush on me

  • theuman7
    theuman7 3 hours ago

    John looks like a 80s porn star

  • Emil Sundberg
    Emil Sundberg 3 hours ago

    If 80% is the steongest, what the fuck did i drink in Magaluf?🤣

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie 3 hours ago

    Can we get a "win a -have ha pint with leather jacket guy and Ciara-night" contest

  • bkprimo1
    bkprimo1 3 hours ago

    Now every Irishman knows to leave a trail of Lindt chocolates leading from Ciara's house to their doorstep. Plus I'm still processing her nipple comparison with wonder. lol

  • procrastinator99
    procrastinator99 3 hours ago

    “Chocolate salty balls” SOMEONE’S a fan of South Park. Also, I feel like Tom is about to go hack some shit with Angelina Jolie.

  • ItsGingerLion
    ItsGingerLion 3 hours ago

    Lol "who are you"

  • Jean Carr
    Jean Carr 3 hours ago

    “This is totally something you’d have after a nice meal” “Or a divorce”

  • Brett Hess
    Brett Hess 3 hours ago

    Next try Lindt chocolate truffles with durian fruit... Mmmm ....

  • dragokazov2008
    dragokazov2008 3 hours ago

    Try tatratea

  • fantasyqwest
    fantasyqwest 3 hours ago

    I love how the girls try to channel their inner Ciara. 😂😂😂😂

  • bkprimo1
    bkprimo1 3 hours ago

    Dude! Lose the Freddy Mercury mustache!

  • Mathias Eriksson
    Mathias Eriksson 3 hours ago

    Does anyone else watch this mainly because of the cozy accent?

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie 3 hours ago

    I saw booze and the guy in the leather jacket and imediately clicked and liked

  • Margaret C
    Margaret C 3 hours ago

    So glad to see John and Paul together. So much yummy on one screen!