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Why We Need a Joker Sequel
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The Joker vs. Pennywise
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Top 10 Copycat TV Shows
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Ad Astra Ending Explained
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  • Jaco_Engel
    Jaco_Engel 2 seconds ago

    This movie should have never been made. it's a whole lot of hard work in the wrong direction.

  • Ariel Pacheco
    Ariel Pacheco 14 seconds ago

    This is the time when movies in general suck. Creativity is being destroyed.

  • Trenton Hamilton
    Trenton Hamilton 25 seconds ago

    Message to the executives of Cartoon Network: Stop deluding yourselves thinking this reboot would do the original series justice despite of it's infamous popularity, that show is nothing more than a ridiculous satire that insults both old and new generations, the voice cast deserves better.💯

  • mє
     41 second ago

    Where is the guitar solo from Skydoesminecraft's "New World"?

  • beto compean
    beto compean 43 seconds ago

    SPOILERS AND ACCURATE THEORY All the clocks in this movie are set on the same time, 11:11. This means that nothing is really happening as time is not going by. But this doesn´t mean it was all in Arthur´s imagination, I think he is remembering all of this. After all he is talking to a psychiatrist, these people usually make you talk about your life. In the final scene, Arthur is laughing, he does this because he is remembering his life, the "comedy" as he calls it in the trailer and in the hospital just before killing his mother. Some things he is remembering might have happened and others might have not, after all we are in the memories of an Arkham patient. I think the movie is nothing but Arthur´s distorted memories on how he became The Joker.

  • Lady Beldaran
    Lady Beldaran 45 seconds ago

    I'm so sick of people pretending as if any of the Harry Potter movies are "holiday" movies. Stop playing it during Halloween and DEFINITELY stop playing it during Christmas.

  • druid father
    druid father Minute ago

    Red Headed Stranger : Willie Nelson

  • Brandon Cassiano
    Brandon Cassiano Minute ago

    I'm surprised Electrokinesis haven't been on these lists yet. I also think that Forcefield Projection would be a good one for the list.

  • Mr. Shrexx
    Mr. Shrexx Minute ago

    About the whole "everything never happened" is quite stupid. Yes some things were a work of the mind but why would he imagine himself imagining about a specific thing? It's like inception up in here

  • tydaftpk38
    tydaftpk38 Minute ago

    “Well it may have been popular to hate on Bieber...” ummmm you mean Trump? How did I know you guys would put Trump on here? Nobody looks more comfortable on camera than Trump. If it was Obama you’d be saying how hilarious he was while he read off que cards

  • GamerFromJump
    GamerFromJump 2 minutes ago

    The _Overlord_ one was so sad. RIP Gazef.

  • Mr. Spaghetti
    Mr. Spaghetti 2 minutes ago

    I didn’t die once fighting Ivy, but I agree that she is no piece of cake.

  • Ray MacElroy
    Ray MacElroy 2 minutes ago

    I believe that everything was real Except for Sophie

  • Nii can
    Nii can 3 minutes ago

    Forgotten? Stronghold crusader? What do you mean? Steam top RTS game pack most buy and overwelming positive review until this day multiplayer queue still active, witch part is forgotten?

  • Khadijah jones
    Khadijah jones 3 minutes ago

    This needs to be updated cuz the 3rd season is out

  • Andrew Klosowski
    Andrew Klosowski 3 minutes ago

    "Snow" by Spock's Beard "The Final Cut" by Pink Floyd "Duke" by Genesis "Music From The Elder" by Kiss "Aqualung" by Jethro Tull "Leviathan" by Mastodon

  • iNfam0usColors
    iNfam0usColors 3 minutes ago

    Doriyah should be #1

  • Luiz Eduardo
    Luiz Eduardo 4 minutes ago

    If Hakai isn't #1, I'm disliking this

  • C Link Reapa Gaming
    C Link Reapa Gaming 5 minutes ago

    Blocks out the word “fuck” Proceeds to allow “cock sucker”

  • Dee Lish
    Dee Lish 5 minutes ago

    Kevin Spacey? Ew ew ew ew ewwwwww

  • Poo Poo
    Poo Poo 5 minutes ago

    Phoenix plays a better before then after and that’s just facts

  • Bob by
    Bob by 5 minutes ago

    Mike judge- king of the hill beavis and butthead trey stone matt Parker - south park Seth MacFarlane- family guy American dad etc

  • Daniel Shumway
    Daniel Shumway 5 minutes ago

    My kids are alerted me to Mike Myers Talent. He's a freaking genius of Comedy. He gave us so much for so long. Outside of SNL he did the funniest movie I've ever seen which is So I Married an Axe Murderer

  • King David
    King David 5 minutes ago

    i love this list

  • rzum81
    rzum81 5 minutes ago

    As far as my opinion goes Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker should be a stand alone movie.

  • Mariana Ximenez
    Mariana Ximenez 5 minutes ago

    Omar Little testifying against Bird in The Wire's second season is unbeatable for me

  • JenMull311
    JenMull311 6 minutes ago

    You’re in carcosa

  • Rich Relaxes
    Rich Relaxes 6 minutes ago

    No Master Shake?

  • David MYG
    David MYG 6 minutes ago

    Movie wise and plot- i prefers batman. Husband, BF and role model- definitely Ironman- at least we could share laughter.

  • Dan Burke
    Dan Burke 6 minutes ago

    The problem with this list: not enough TGIF shows, and "Everybody Loves Raymond" should not be on it.

  • allan avalos
    allan avalos 7 minutes ago

    Who else came here after Paul Dani was cast as The Riddler in The Batman

  • Daniel Shumway
    Daniel Shumway 7 minutes ago

    Kristen Wiig is very underrated. Some of the funniest things I've ever seen she did

  • DelDelincuentes
    DelDelincuentes 8 minutes ago

    What about the old timer from Naruto. The guy that forms a cube then obliterates what's inside. Particle something .🤔

  • Plugn Play
    Plugn Play 8 minutes ago

    He has a disorder that makes him laugh uncontrollably. I believe he can cry uncontrollably as well because that’s what the disability is. The scenes that he is laughing and he stops all of a sudden like it’s controlled are scenes he is imagining. So, the scene where he is given a gun and he laughs at a joke about his short coworker and he stops is fake. So is the scene where he is taking notes on a comedian and he is sitting at a table. Both scenes have his fake laugh as well. The last scene shows his real laugh in the mental hospital. So. I then ask myself did he not a gun? He had one. I think when his boss tells him how he wanted it from his coworker is how he really got it. Because in the scene where he shots those 3 subway guys, he can’t control his laugh so I think it happened. Just some thoughts and theories. To add.. he got that way due to getting abused as a kid. Brain trauma can cause that to happen... I believe it’s called Pba..

  • Martin S. Brown
    Martin S. Brown 8 minutes ago

    I thought that the Davis Sisters I forgot more then you'l ever know was a big hit in the early 1950's

  • Anthony
    Anthony 8 minutes ago

    This list is terrible. Half dont even belong on the list. Ska is more like Laurel Aitken, Judge Dread, Prince Buster, Pat Kelley, The Heptones, Desmond Dekker, Derrick Morgan, Harry J All-Stars, etc, etc. And if you wanted to include more modern groups you could at least mention The Slackers or Chris Murray...

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 9 minutes ago

    Just get me a stay at home job and I'm golden!

  • Liam Wilson
    Liam Wilson 9 minutes ago

    Lol Tom Cruise in the closet is a classic

  • Lester Spartan
    Lester Spartan 10 minutes ago

    Definitely excited for Batman trilogy

  • The otaku punk
    The otaku punk 10 minutes ago


  • Colin McKenney
    Colin McKenney 10 minutes ago

    “Lazy sexist writing” you had a point with the historical accuracy thing, queens that had ruled “unchallenged”(btw no female ruler ever was) only ruled because there was no clear male alternative that’s just how it was. It is literally what made people the heirs to land, titles, etc. Also, Arya killing the night king was badass if you disagree you’re wrong.

  • Davy Ozzmosis Jones
    Davy Ozzmosis Jones 10 minutes ago

    Dude Alfred would beat the shit out of joker.

  • Shirayuki Nobu
    Shirayuki Nobu 10 minutes ago

    If It's instant death why is Kaido Still Alive

  • KingMapleSyrup
    KingMapleSyrup 11 minutes ago

    I mean Mordins death was sad but The Boss's was sadder.

  • tildeathdouspart ramlord
    tildeathdouspart ramlord 12 minutes ago

    death note is anima that on this list to

  • AubameBloodclaatYang
    AubameBloodclaatYang 12 minutes ago

    What if Alfred Pennyworth is really jokers Father

  • Brian Wise
    Brian Wise 12 minutes ago

    Where is Kenshin Himura, the manslayer

  • 5 Aces
    5 Aces 13 minutes ago

    No I don’t what about the ballad of the wind fish theme

  • vHxpnotic
    vHxpnotic 13 minutes ago


  • Jim Gorr
    Jim Gorr 13 minutes ago

    Considering the so-called "Joker" movie is not part of the DCEU (thankfully), all so-called "fan" theories are pointless...

  • Jay Roc
    Jay Roc 14 minutes ago

    Love Tuco

  • Use code SSNSANTA
    Use code SSNSANTA 14 minutes ago

    Why was this list made? All of Queen’s songs are the best.

  • hazwan razak
    hazwan razak 14 minutes ago


  • Joe R M
    Joe R M 14 minutes ago

    Heck you can watch a lot of old TV and point out issues like campiness or bad acting... Star Trek has lots of it (especially Kirk’s hand to hand fighting style (wall jump elbow, combat rolls galore, and that one weird chair cushion to the face), and the budget cuts for the last season really didn’t help), but it’s still a beloved show with a massive fan base.

  • gallyun1
    gallyun1 14 minutes ago

    I think Art Aster is a good director that has bought new elements to horror and thriller movies. But, I don't think he movies are scary, maybe unsettling. Also, his movies "come off" as little pretentious but I think that's by default from his directing style. I think he would be prefect for Hitchcock style movie without much blood or gore.

  • jojo thot patrol
    jojo thot patrol 14 minutes ago

    JoJo didn't it ruin my life it was improved, and now I have a stand!

  • Katy Butcher
    Katy Butcher 15 minutes ago

    there is nothing wrong with the songs I grew up with these songs that's what made my teenage years awesome I'm started to wonder does she like anything or just complain about every song there is

  • Melissa Dee McCabe
    Melissa Dee McCabe 16 minutes ago

    I feel like Watchmojo just ripped apart my childhood/teens. At least you didn't touch Buffy/Charmed/X-files.

  • Bill Irvin
    Bill Irvin 16 minutes ago

    While I agree with some on this list, some others shouldn't be mentioned because they didn't write their own material. Eddie Murphy was hilarious, but he had writers and didn't perform his own material. That may seem like nitpicking to some, but part of being an innovative and creative comedian is thinking of your own stuff. I realize that old-time stand-up comedians also had writers (Bob Hope, etc), that was the norm back in those days. Most famous singers didn't write their own songs back then, either. Times have changed and most comics write their own stuff, which makes them much more talented, in my book, than performers who don't.

  • Daniel Shumway
    Daniel Shumway 16 minutes ago

    Phil Hartman, you genius, rest in peace

  • Kpop King
    Kpop King 16 minutes ago

    Joker seriously is the greatest villain of all time.

  • Cameron Stewart
    Cameron Stewart 17 minutes ago

    Mmmbop is one of the catchy songs I know but not annoying

  • John Jr Murphy
    John Jr Murphy 17 minutes ago

    Is Boba Fett really a villain? Isn't He more of a mercenary who plays the Empire and Rebels against each other in pursuit of his own selfish monetary interests.

    TATNKUTZ urMAJESTY 17 minutes ago

    What if Leto's a robin tho?!?!..

  • Alex Moreno
    Alex Moreno 17 minutes ago

    2:51 seizure

  • Black Patriot
    Black Patriot 17 minutes ago

    #1 pissed me off because it was so true but I forgot that Vegeta got robbed........

  • Carolyn Kuate
    Carolyn Kuate 17 minutes ago

    Call me beep me if you want to reach me

  • Kpop King
    Kpop King 17 minutes ago

    Thanks for the spoiler.

  • Deborah Stein
    Deborah Stein 17 minutes ago

    Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction same said Nancy Wilson had fingers of Steel and the band could not keep up with her.

  • elder dragon
    elder dragon 17 minutes ago

    walker texas ranger wes my child hood

  • michael vititoe
    michael vititoe 17 minutes ago

    in The Wizard of OZ, both evil witches was easy. One with water, the other...drop a house on her.

  • C Baker
    C Baker 18 minutes ago

    Quint from Jaws, boom!

  • C Weeks
    C Weeks 18 minutes ago

    You all lost me with the Knight Rider

  • bobby tv
    bobby tv 19 minutes ago

    How no no no!!!!!!!!!!

    MLG GAMER 19 minutes ago

    Ah yes I heard about Teddy Perkins. I need to watch it sometime. I didn't know Supernatural got transported into Scooby Doo. Aw that's awesome!

  • Parsa Dolatabadi
    Parsa Dolatabadi 19 minutes ago

    Yes joker is the main villain of Wonder Woman 1984 wtf mojo u have lost your mojo

  • Nepthu
    Nepthu 19 minutes ago

    Walker Texas Ranger is being Rebooted with Jared Palecki from Supernatural. Not sure the show can be possible. Norris WAS Walker.

  • Eliseo Flores
    Eliseo Flores 19 minutes ago

    Ice cube left the group first and everyone followed get it right

  • Kunal Pawar
    Kunal Pawar 19 minutes ago

    That Mob Psycho kid looks exactly like Saitama with hairs.. 😂

  • Deborah Stein
    Deborah Stein 19 minutes ago

    Maybe I don't understand the definition of shredding but Gary Richrath Ritchie Blackmore, Rick Emmett, Angus Young, etc. I'm not impressed by people that can play Fast if they have no soul or are doing it just to prove their superiority. That seems to be Ingwie (Ing-vee). I prefer the ones that actually feel it and want the fans to feel good.

  • Gaikokujohn
    Gaikokujohn 19 minutes ago

    Batman’s parents die

  • Selena Ortega
    Selena Ortega 19 minutes ago

    Do celebrities who DID die on 9/11

  • Cristian Rodríguez
    Cristian Rodríguez 19 minutes ago

    The best answer is that at the end, as you said, he is a full fledged joker, already the mastermind psychopathic criminal that kills for his enjoyment, and that has spent months or even years inside, caught for something even worse, example is that he killed the therapist, an innocent, just for the laughs, something it was never portrayed in the movie, seeing how he doesn't killed the little clown. So the whole story is like the killing joke, he is making everything up, to manipulate the therapist and us, into thinking he was the victim of a bad life instead of a day, the reason being, everything, from people, locations and events, seems off, and are just there to prove his point, like Thomas Wayne being bad, or him entering a heavily guarded theatre and nobody noticed him as been out of place, or dialects of the clown he killed and Murray seems off, or why a guy that has never fired a gun, killed three people without, shooting 8 times a weapon that has 6. Probably, the only real things in the movie, besides the ending, him killing all those people, but for different reasons, like the three in the subway, was only for fun, as he more or less told Murray, never using the self defense justifications, that would have been fine, especially the last one, he shot him in the leg, then toyed and tormented him, having time to reload 2 more bullets before he put him out of his misery. That would explain why everything really seems off in the movie, when the movie is very detail oriented.

  • Orion Parish
    Orion Parish 20 minutes ago

    I've seen Minecraft toxicity in real life. I wasn't a part of it. But I saw it. And I happen to like Halo and Call of Duty. Just the old stuff for Call of Duty though. Fuck the new stuff.

  • Generation Sensitive
    Generation Sensitive 20 minutes ago

    Kanye is a living meme

  • Ashley Quinn
    Ashley Quinn 20 minutes ago

    Watch mojo your liberal bias is showing

  • bobby tv
    bobby tv 20 minutes ago

    That is grat

  • Lennon Sliger
    Lennon Sliger 20 minutes ago

    Dr. Sleep!

  • Chris Rutter
    Chris Rutter 21 minute ago

    Sold neck an arm take down! Looking forward to another 5 years of his presidency, it's gonna be huge. ...

  • Celluloid Queer
    Celluloid Queer 21 minute ago

    My top ten (in no particular order except the first one): Sunday Girl 11:59 Pretty Baby X offender In the Sun Maria Denis Slow Motion Gravity In the Flesh ( I would have said hanging on the telephone, but it’s a cover so I just didn’t add it but it would definitely be in my top)

  • Joshua Lewis
    Joshua Lewis 21 minute ago

    *“Number 10: Drums”* Only number ten ? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Bass Guitar
    Bass Guitar 21 minute ago

    White people settled in lands that they do not own. Why are white people always the villain??

  • SarahsKnight0
    SarahsKnight0 22 minutes ago

    0:40 - Probably one of the most likeable crackheads in the history of slasher films.

  • Alisbeth•
    Alisbeth• 22 minutes ago

    *Asylum is the best season of ahs!*

  • Mike Kulawiak
    Mike Kulawiak 22 minutes ago

    You forgot about the VIPER mobile

  • Parsa Dolatabadi
    Parsa Dolatabadi 22 minutes ago

    It did happen cause it showed it up in tv

  • freakjob0
    freakjob0 23 minutes ago

    Agree with everything except Cuckoo's nest. That movie is not deserving of all the praise it garners.

  • SMJ fiction
    SMJ fiction 23 minutes ago

    Magnetobis best

  • Daniel Shumway
    Daniel Shumway 23 minutes ago

    If you don't love Gilda Radner, you have a serious problem. How I miss her. Rest in peace Gilda, there will never be another like you