Street Speed 717
Street Speed 717
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  • Andrew Gregory
    Andrew Gregory 10 minutes ago

    Use the tan and have tear graffics with the black and maybe a tan top to match the rims as well.

  • Exodus05
    Exodus05 13 minutes ago

    Wrap it in army green since the blazer does not have a body anymore!!!

  • jsjaguar4
    jsjaguar4 14 minutes ago

    I got a full tank of fuel in my 2019 ram

  • Cooper
    Cooper 15 minutes ago

    Blazer update soon

  • brandon h
    brandon h 15 minutes ago

    Zr1 because I don’t see myself ever buying a mclaren. Personal opinion, they look weird to me.

  • Nicholas Auson
    Nicholas Auson 22 minutes ago

    Satin black w/ hard top add light bar

  • David V
    David V 26 minutes ago

    Black wrap. Looking awesome!

  • JGV Sav
    JGV Sav 26 minutes ago

    Matte desert tan

  • H E C. M A N.
    H E C. M A N. 28 minutes ago

    Sorry but DAMN that thing is. U. G. L. Y.

  • Vibez
    Vibez 29 minutes ago

    Please add a snorkel

  • Dan Kryling
    Dan Kryling 33 minutes ago

    I don't think you needed to move that little pile of dirt. You just needed some speed.

    ELITE RACER45 33 minutes ago

    Wrap it matte grey or green. Or olive green that would be sick

  • atd _steve
    atd _steve 34 minutes ago

    I just giggle every time you talk about how much taller your tires are gonna raise the vehicle... let it be known for all the noobs if you go from a 31" tire to a 37" that is not a 6" taller vehicle as that tire size difference is centered on the hub thus 3" taller lift & 3" higher in wheel wells (not lifting vehicle)

  • Duncan Herbst
    Duncan Herbst 37 minutes ago

    Matt and gloss black camo with a tiny bit of tan to match the tires

  • Jordan Flock
    Jordan Flock 38 minutes ago

    American flag rap

    ELITE RACER45 47 minutes ago

    I cant wait for another episode of sawzal717

  • Super.Steel. Ak
    Super.Steel. Ak 47 minutes ago

    In 3, 2, 1........Sun gets brighter.

    ELITE RACER45 52 minutes ago

    2:27 mike if your in a mclaren your most likely not gonna be in a bad mood.😂😂

  • Nate wu
    Nate wu Hour ago

    When Mike calls his new Gladiator a "beep" you know whats coming....

  • Brayden Fritz
    Brayden Fritz Hour ago

    He needs to 6x6 it

  • Aaron Podgorski
    Aaron Podgorski Hour ago

    Wheres the dirty max?

  • Robert Fachini
    Robert Fachini Hour ago

    Also grab some quick disconnects for sway bar itd be cool to see its flex and stuff them 37s

  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. Hour ago

    I think OD green with matching highlights in the wheels would be cool or FDE to match the highlights in the wheels now. By the way, have you heard of the new Gladiator XMT by AM General? They're beefing up a Gladiator for possible military applications in the future. It looks amazing!

  • Robert Fachini
    Robert Fachini Hour ago

    Keep it black with desert sand soft top to match wheels?

  • Timothy Joyce
    Timothy Joyce Hour ago

    When does the Gladiator give away start???

  • Levi Butler
    Levi Butler Hour ago

    Mini Cooper project?

  • Noe Diaz
    Noe Diaz Hour ago

    Mike do rap ur maclaren color or the blue from 2020 4runner trd👍

  • jason tilley
    jason tilley Hour ago

    Do a black an brown camouflage wrap

  • Ray Garcia
    Ray Garcia Hour ago

    Mike called it a beep, the beep was a giveaway 👀

  • BJJSubArtist
    BJJSubArtist Hour ago

    7:36 "Uhhhh." Mike, "Pssh!" Lol

  • Austin gunning
    Austin gunning Hour ago

    matte black or gray

  • s4orce
    s4orce Hour ago

    Link to wheels, tires, lift kit? Looks sick!

  • gtkid
    gtkid Hour ago

    Gladiator ugly waste of money. Bout like that slow green 720 thats scared to run

  • Mopar_Gus TUNING

    You work on vehicles with that thing? Yee... mm... lol

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck Hour ago

    skid plates/belly pans .... wrap it ....medium green ....then put a desert tan top on it.......and have custom brushed stainless steel ram/brush bumpers(find a steel bumpers you like and have them copied in stainless) made for it front and back -wont rust and if you scratch it can be actually buffed out......

  • NAZZ681
    NAZZ681 Hour ago

    Winters coming an artic camo wrap would be awesome

  • Frankie Perciballi

    Wrap it purple with white wheels

  • G Black
    G Black Hour ago

    If anyone can make that cobbled together thing look good, you'll be the one.

  • Fabian Sanchez
    Fabian Sanchez Hour ago

    Desert camo

  • Good Ol Boy #76
    Good Ol Boy #76 Hour ago

    I could be wrong but looks like the front sets up taller than the back. If it was mine the back would be taller.

  • DevilDog Silva
    DevilDog Silva Hour ago

    did he say that it’s sitting over a foot higher? 13:30?? he is sitting 5inches taller at best

  • PlanesTrainsAutos

    100 stacks..... I think the MSO roof scoop was 100 stacks by itself😂

  • Christopher Santos
    Christopher Santos 2 hours ago

    Sand tan

  • Ram Street Truck
    Ram Street Truck 2 hours ago

    Just plain old satin black 3m vinyl!!

  • Dillon Dargis
    Dillon Dargis 2 hours ago

    You need to wrap it matte black!!!!

  • Doinkey21
    Doinkey21 2 hours ago

    This looks just like the stradman’s gladiator lift tires and all

  • Jeepin
    Jeepin 2 hours ago

    That is the ugliest gladiator I've seen

  • samtaylor1010
    samtaylor1010 2 hours ago

    What size rims and offset? I love it. Thanks

  • Frezzy
    Frezzy 2 hours ago

    Mike: “calls the gladiator beep” Viewers: *sweats nervously*

    MARK LOCKWOOD 2 hours ago

    Me I’d match your sports car and leave it alone. X-pell the wrap call it done. Keep it clean tires with tire foam polish. Have fun.

  • SendIt Stoker
    SendIt Stoker 2 hours ago

    Do a M.A.S.H wrap like OD green with mash on it

  • SendIt Stoker
    SendIt Stoker 2 hours ago

    Wrap it a confeterate camo like outlaws suburban

    BIGRED SUPERDUTY 2 hours ago

    it probably will rubb on uneven ground like a small ditch or somthing

  • SendIt Stoker
    SendIt Stoker 2 hours ago

    It needs some 2-3 inch spacers

  • maddog8911capt
    maddog8911capt 2 hours ago

    Time to procharge the Gladiator :)

  • My802Grow
    My802Grow 2 hours ago

    My old man had a Jeep J20 back in the day. 360 with a four barrel , thing would go anywhere. Wish they would bring those jeeps back. That was a true 4x4.

    BIGRED SUPERDUTY 2 hours ago

    A friend of mine got a 2 . 1/2 lift on his black gladiator with 35x12.50 r20 and he had to cut some plastic parts because of rubbing when he would turn IF he would have got a 3 inch i dont think there would have been a rubbing problem.

  • J Gib
    J Gib 2 hours ago

    SKIP to 8:10 & Thank me later 😛

  • Tom R
    Tom R 2 hours ago

    Bro please dont scratch the paint on my new gladiator

    MARK LOCKWOOD 2 hours ago

    Well wrap the Jeep in green or match your mclaren

  • Nicolas Blanding
    Nicolas Blanding 2 hours ago

    You should make the Jeep and Shane’s hummer the same wrap. The h3T and the gladiator are basically the same idea. Not the same truck but it’s the same idea.

    • Nicolas Blanding
      Nicolas Blanding 2 hours ago

      That way you can compare which is better and the similarities and differences

  • Braxton Bouillion
    Braxton Bouillion 2 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 wow when Mike went "that's what she said* and had his camera close to his face lollll

  • Donald Woodward
    Donald Woodward 2 hours ago

    Dark matte black camo digital or tiger

  • Kenny Gonzalez
    Kenny Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    The same winter wrap that the Duramax had, or just full Xpel it so whomever gets it on the next giveaway can off road it without damaging the nice black paint.

  • RS_ Jones
    RS_ Jones 2 hours ago

    Go with a dark matt green for the Beep!! It would look awesome with those rims

  • randomocityvideos
    randomocityvideos 2 hours ago

    I have faith in Mike to make this the most badass looking Gladiator on YT. Wheel choice is prime

  • Landon Blake
    Landon Blake 2 hours ago

    Black digital camo with tan here and there

  • Aidan Booker
    Aidan Booker 2 hours ago

    Where s your truck

  • Jared Dent
    Jared Dent 2 hours ago

    Wannabe stradman

  • Moses Pittman
    Moses Pittman 3 hours ago

    Where is the Blazer

  • Jeremy Seymour
    Jeremy Seymour 3 hours ago

    Keep it black and put the Jeep star on hood and or door in the same tan that’s on the wheels

  • Epicholiday123
    Epicholiday123 3 hours ago

    I'm honestly convinced this guy was born into a rich family lol. Everyday he buys a new vehicle. Tell me your $$$ secrets bro. I want it lol 👍👍👍

  • Chris Alan Gobin
    Chris Alan Gobin 3 hours ago

    Wild desert camo

  • TheGoFastKid
    TheGoFastKid 3 hours ago

    Careful Mike your Speedo is going to be way off with the big tires.. make sure you get it calibrated for the tire size

  • Nicholas Peters
    Nicholas Peters 3 hours ago

    Wrap it actually like Jurassic park, like desert tan with Jurassic park emblems all over!

  • samuel lay
    samuel lay 3 hours ago

    Keep the black, add the center cap tan in a design of your choice

  • FixItYerself
    FixItYerself 3 hours ago

    ...more mud...

  • madcane19
    madcane19 3 hours ago

    Damn, I might sell the demon and get a Rapid Blue C8, they really look Bad Az, Thanks for the video.

  • Jake McKeown
    Jake McKeown 3 hours ago

    Wrap it the same color that’s on the wheels.

  • Svt Cobra Lover
    Svt Cobra Lover 3 hours ago

    I could use the lift kit 🤣

  • Charles Oley
    Charles Oley 3 hours ago

    So, when are you going to get the alignment done on the gladiator since you changed the ride height Mike?

  • ThePeopleVerse
    ThePeopleVerse 3 hours ago

    You probably quit reading these but ... My 2 cents: I would suggest the one (most expensive) with the attached and detached garages, and with the ... what you called mother in law apt. ... there are mess expensive options out there, but the format is what I am on about. You have your daily driver parking (indoors) and attached to the house, and you have hotrod and project car parking and an upstairs studio for filming,editing,plotting and planning.

  • markcusga
    markcusga 3 hours ago

    I'd leave the black and change the color of the top and bed cover to match the wheels

  • kb2zya Tom F
    kb2zya Tom F 3 hours ago

    Kryptek Highlander for a wrap is the only way to go

  • Scott Deller
    Scott Deller 3 hours ago

    16:27... Really Mike.... Really.... LOL!!!

  • Ethan Borgholthaus
    Ethan Borgholthaus 3 hours ago

    Do a hellcat engine swap

  • Ian Murphy
    Ian Murphy 4 hours ago

    That little black tube , that goes in to the bigger one needs to be air tight.

  • Tyler Crowell
    Tyler Crowell 4 hours ago

    You need new headlights.

  • Spencer T. Gallagher

    Army green wrap 🤔🤔🤔

  • Jory Jackson
    Jory Jackson 4 hours ago

    Should start calling it the Badiator, instead of the Beep.

  • Ian Murphy
    Ian Murphy 4 hours ago

    Water methanol injection will give the 6.5 some power.

  • Lance Cowan
    Lance Cowan 4 hours ago

    Mike dont do the exhaust it will sound like crap!

  • Devin Woodcock
    Devin Woodcock 4 hours ago

    Do something crazy to offset the black with the new fenders you want to put on I think that would set it all off looks great! Been waiting for this video! Thanks for the content man keep it up!

  • Mohamed Trabelsi
    Mohamed Trabelsi 4 hours ago


  • Juan Fernandez
    Juan Fernandez 4 hours ago

    do accents (badges and small things) around the jeep in the sand color of the rims

  • Russell Mccune
    Russell Mccune 4 hours ago


  • Mark Pontes
    Mark Pontes 4 hours ago

    I think a Digital Camo wrap like the army Desert camo fatigues!!

  • David Foster
    David Foster 4 hours ago

    Flat grey with black !

  • Tyrus Smedes
    Tyrus Smedes 4 hours ago

    Wrap it TAN

  • Co Co
    Co Co 4 hours ago

    Mike take off your stupid wheel spacers on your DURAMAX, get rid of the IFS and put some proper tires on it to get more diff clearance. It still looks like a mall crawler on 20's. Psh!