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  • Verrell Ball
    Verrell Ball Minute ago

    Same age lamelo ball 92pts

  • Ahdan Joseph
    Ahdan Joseph Minute ago

    Yo is Mikey on jv cause it looks like he playing little boys

  • Duc Trung Nguyen
    Duc Trung Nguyen 2 minutes ago

    Imagine saying overrated to the best kid in the court, no the best kid in the nation

  • JordanDa Goat
    JordanDa Goat 2 minutes ago

    If OSN doesn’t react to this...🔥....Imma lose it

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell 3 minutes ago

    Mikey dick bigger than mine. That's tuff.

  • Mike T.
    Mike T. 5 minutes ago

    77 points is incredible!!!! The comp. is still suspect. White team looks like a JV squad.

  • Shaw Vlogs
    Shaw Vlogs 6 minutes ago

    Who else is a HUGE fan of *Ballislife* ??💘 👇🏻 _Btw road to 1.1k I will appreciate your help🙏🏼🤗_

  • anthony miller
    anthony miller 8 minutes ago

    3:34 who is that guy he has handles number 23

  • Chicken McBuckets
    Chicken McBuckets 12 minutes ago

    If you pause at just the right time you can see his wife and kids at the game

  • Francois Meandre
    Francois Meandre 12 minutes ago

    be humble.

    PUR3FIR 15 minutes ago

    Alright this getting out of hand.

  • Sayian_Bobby
    Sayian_Bobby 20 minutes ago

    *15 year old kid droppin 77*

  • Twitch Dahb_
    Twitch Dahb_ 21 minute ago

    5:30 listen 😂😂

  • King Dab
    King Dab 23 minutes ago

    Bro what

  • Adana 01
    Adana 01 23 minutes ago

    I dont like this !!!

  • IsaacDaHoncho
    IsaacDaHoncho 23 minutes ago

    *You will have 1,000,000$ in ur bank account* Like to activate💰

  • MalRulesAll
    MalRulesAll 26 minutes ago

    That boy is nice 🔥🔥🔥

  • Joey Sherwell
    Joey Sherwell 26 minutes ago

    Mikey Williams is the youngest player ever!!!!

  • PuGGY
    PuGGY 29 minutes ago

    U can’t teach scoring

  • Rúben Neves
    Rúben Neves 29 minutes ago

    There were no men's shorts?

  • Kid BRAZY
    Kid BRAZY 30 minutes ago

    This dude already a superstar

  • wv king
    wv king 32 minutes ago

    Seen this story before (Jalen leque) he won't be shit

  • Kid Drako
    Kid Drako 35 minutes ago

    Thought the California record was 92 points

    • Mateo Cruz
      Mateo Cruz 31 minute ago

      Kid Drako this is the JV record

  • Katie Reilly
    Katie Reilly 36 minutes ago


  • Jaay
    Jaay 37 minutes ago

    Imagine chanting overrated and then that same player drops 77 on your team🤣

  • Jeremy Viray
    Jeremy Viray 38 minutes ago

    Imagine Mikey and emoni on a team in the future🤧Team would b unstoppable💤

  • smoove criminal
    smoove criminal 38 minutes ago

    What's his actual height ?

  • Jaay
    Jaay 41 minute ago

    Plays like dwayne wade

    • K
      K 12 minutes ago

      More like Donovan Mitchell

  • Ballislife
    Ballislife 41 minute ago

    How many is Mikey going to score next game!?

    • Stewyyy
      Stewyyy 35 minutes ago


    • MVP james
      MVP james 36 minutes ago

      If onther oppenent was strong jes got 12

  • LabRatz
    LabRatz 44 minutes ago

    Wait didn’t LaMelo score 92 in California🤔

  • Donis Winter
    Donis Winter 47 minutes ago

    When you live in the gym this is the result. Pure dedication man

  • Donis Winter
    Donis Winter 49 minutes ago

    Heat Check

  • Connor Spurling
    Connor Spurling 51 minute ago

    Early gang

  • BasketballToastBrot
    BasketballToastBrot 54 minutes ago

    All that flexing a Little cringe bro... Slow it down a bit fella you ain’t in the nba yet

    • Duke
      Duke 19 minutes ago

      U must not have had a crowd chant your name before, shits mad different.

    • Twitch Dahb_
      Twitch Dahb_ 22 minutes ago


    • Robin hoodz
      Robin hoodz 39 minutes ago

      hes in JV lmao

  • Samuel Hallett
    Samuel Hallett 55 minutes ago

    Zion jr

  • Slxdez
    Slxdez Hour ago

    This dude is playing vs preescolar kids

  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam Hour ago

    0:48 hold up. Did this dude bring a bag of water to a basketball game?

  • Alex Kieu
    Alex Kieu Hour ago

    He’s leBron James jr in my book 😎. It’s been #BallisLife since before 2014 tho not too many people Can say that...

  • TrollinYouNiggas

    You know how much pussy lil Mikey gettin in highschool 💀

  • Finn Fleißig
    Finn Fleißig Hour ago

    Y'all are sleeping on Bryce

  • Big Dilf
    Big Dilf Hour ago

    Well damn

  • ドナルドマクドナルド

    mikey is monster.

  • Early Da Prince
    Early Da Prince Hour ago

    That dude in the pum pum shorts is cold

  • Hooper
    Hooper Hour ago

    Him and Jalen to UCLA !! Duos are taking over and would be great for they careers

  • Jim C. Goodfellas

    Boy got some swag

  • Twisted Reviews
    Twisted Reviews Hour ago

    The kid on the other team got handles tho 👀

    • anthony miller
      anthony miller 10 minutes ago

      Twisted Reviews who is number 23 on white team

  • XachDaDon
    XachDaDon Hour ago

    Mikey is a walking bucket

  • Chino Chino
    Chino Chino Hour ago

    Cocky sum gun... I would be too loll

  • Bodhi sb
    Bodhi sb Hour ago

    Light 77

  • Dom Barrogz
    Dom Barrogz Hour ago

    Those dunks are dope

  • CoolSlick19 _
    CoolSlick19 _ Hour ago

    Here before 600

  • JamesThePrince
    JamesThePrince Hour ago

    This Guy Is Only A Freshman And Super Talented, Kinda Cocky But I Guess That Kind Of Talent Warrants That Behavior At Time (Not Really) If He Doesn’t Stay Grounded Tho He Will Become A Diva And A Locker-room Cancer

    • Duke
      Duke 20 minutes ago 16 bruh..ofc hes cocky🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Ryan 3Pz
      Ryan 3Pz 56 minutes ago

      @j.jordan.s 15

    • j.jordan.s
      j.jordan.s Hour ago

      JamesThePrince yo chill he’s like 13 years old

  • Wel Majok
    Wel Majok Hour ago

    Please don’t be a bust

  • hooderaw
    hooderaw Hour ago

    Hopefully you guys will show the full game so we can see that 77 in real time.

  • Marcus Luigi Oconer

    Notif's squad❤ Let's goooo 👇🏻

  • 24 Smithy
    24 Smithy Hour ago

    Mikey is insane Future 1 pick im telling you

    • Seth Howard
      Seth Howard 20 minutes ago

      Lol do you have any idea how many greater players there is out there ? He still has to go to college. Y’all say some stupid stuff!

    • Great Value
      Great Value 28 minutes ago

      Ilija Lazic cuz that’s what all 12 year olds comment. Ur not going to the league ur trash. You can’t even touch rim lmao

    • Great Value
      Great Value 38 minutes ago

      Ilija Lazic no ur trash lol

  • buckets Yt
    buckets Yt Hour ago


  • 24 Smithy
    24 Smithy Hour ago

    Fourth coment boi

  • ClapzGoCrazzy
    ClapzGoCrazzy Hour ago


  • AntisocialKhidd
    AntisocialKhidd Hour ago

    Wtf dawg no way he just drop 77

  • RimBoards
    RimBoards Hour ago

    He’s playing jv😂

    • Perez Emanuel
      Perez Emanuel 4 minutes ago

      RimBoards Aint no way

    • Uknight
      Uknight 12 minutes ago

      @Ilija Lazic the ass team...

    • HibachixReaper24
      HibachixReaper24 20 minutes ago

      He'd probably be a 6th man on a good varsity team, fringe starter

    • Big Dilf
      Big Dilf 57 minutes ago

      Ilija Lazic yea wat ole dude said, is what above average freshmen and mostly sophomores play

    • Marcus Eloi
      Marcus Eloi 59 minutes ago

      Ilija Lazic junior varsity. The highest is varsity

  • PlayboiiCamren
    PlayboiiCamren Hour ago

    Nah bro this kid gon be something very special

  • Smokey Mo
    Smokey Mo Hour ago

    Julian is what get when your dad is the coach

  • Jordan Raroa
    Jordan Raroa Hour ago


  • Edison Hou
    Edison Hou Hour ago

    3 rd

  • Joseph Tsai
    Joseph Tsai Hour ago

    First like bois

  • Joseph Tsai
    Joseph Tsai Hour ago

    notifcation squad

  • Bruder
    Bruder Hour ago

    Is that white guy logan paul

  • D Distance
    D Distance Hour ago

    He pinned that shit to the glass tho 🤣🤣


    1:32 Just Like Yo Daddy Boi😂😂😂

  • Eric Barnes
    Eric Barnes Hour ago

    10:41-11:05 gave me the chills 😭

  • Richard Hill
    Richard Hill Hour ago

    UPDATE: If you go to the official NBL website and scroll down to the article by Liam Santamaria( dated 12-12-2019) you you see where they have given out their MID SEASON AWARDS and that Melo was everyone's choice for ROY, posting 17,7,7, averaging about 2 steals. I guess this doesn't fit the narrative of the likes of ESPN, Bleacher Report, USA Today, because I haven't seen any coverage but I could be mistaken. Would YOU GUYS please report on this and then let the public know the results of the nbl Mid-Season Awards. They also praised RJ Hampton!

  • VintageSteam
    VintageSteam 2 hours ago

    Crazy this was only two years ago.. and Melo has grown so much since then

  • Josh Dietsch
    Josh Dietsch 2 hours ago

    I like the way he said “look away” instead of “no look” 😂 Hell if the ncaa wants to continue to be garbage I don’t mind watching overseas basketball👌

  • Beraat Tekin
    Beraat Tekin 2 hours ago

    Melo is soooo good bro I wanna see 16/12 game probably another triple double easy and like 35 points or more I'm guessing

  • Marco Rios
    Marco Rios 3 hours ago

    "That's a travel!" Little girl sounding person...please do this world a favor and never step foot in a gym again. Thank you

  • Renderz as Neo saffana Farhalik

    Green : 24 = not normal people

  • wong pantai
    wong pantai 3 hours ago

    Every one who hating on dwight i hope massive truck crush their back, then undergo back surgery and feel what dwight has to live every single day

  • Mahed Husayn
    Mahed Husayn 3 hours ago


  • mark pacamo
    mark pacamo 4 hours ago

    When would you put the score in the corner

  • joshua adams
    joshua adams 4 hours ago

    Taco Tuesday getting him right

  • Jimber Soriano
    Jimber Soriano 4 hours ago

    I think jalen green should go to NBL in aus if he want to go to nba quickly.

  • JJ Webb
    JJ Webb 5 hours ago

    Y'all ain't slick putting the same clip twice at different angle just to make the video past 10:00

  • AL-Raif Adato
    AL-Raif Adato 5 hours ago

    That boy. Is REPLICA of MJ. He just need to focus on skywalker style so he will be unstoppable cause that kid is good anywhere in the court 😂

  • 916 JCK
    916 JCK 5 hours ago

    I am in no way trying to sound rude. I have respect for everybody, but wasn’t Noah farrakhan like a star at IMG and I only saw 1 bucket of him tonight if I’m not mistaking. And he doesn’t look like the same player. He looks different and quiet and wasn’t bouncy or aggressive and his drip was way different with rue long shirt and hiked up shorts and he just looked like a different person! Hopefully he can still make it far! Young Simba lol

  • Kim Jay
    Kim Jay 5 hours ago

    boy got no defense. league itself is fucking joke. Another hype for wasting draft pick

  • italia haro
    italia haro 5 hours ago

    julian fucking suuucks wtf 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

  • TP zacc / Diced-pinnapple3

    im 13 and im just 5’11 and can barely dunk on a 8.8 foot

  • Murkz Opps
    Murkz Opps 5 hours ago

    10:36 fouls Old white guy - “that’s life” this isn’t a prison sentence

  • Murkz Opps
    Murkz Opps 5 hours ago

    10:10 wereeeeeee

  • Murkz Opps
    Murkz Opps 6 hours ago

    Lamelo’s teammate : passes to lamelo Squeaker : “show off”

  • C. B
    C. B 6 hours ago

    Never chant "overrated" to a 6'9" black dude wearing nut huggers.

  • Forrest Sundays
    Forrest Sundays 6 hours ago

    Did anybody notice the Newman's were there?

  • cV.
    cV. 6 hours ago

    Might as well change this channel name to Bronny’s life

  • Jekk Andrade
    Jekk Andrade 7 hours ago

    Little man playing

  • funny Com.
    funny Com. 7 hours ago

    JellyFam is ugly and has no basketball skill at all

  • Hanna Pinuelas
    Hanna Pinuelas 7 hours ago

    The one white bitch is just jealous she cant ball like them. The team and there student section need to calm the fuck down the got beat and had better passes and dunked on their white scrawny ass's.

  • Chrisswangs
    Chrisswangs 7 hours ago

    BRO Cam be making movies😭

  • NBA 2K20 player
    NBA 2K20 player 7 hours ago

    His dunk no like LBJ but like Zach Lavine???

  • Ahmad3tymesss
    Ahmad3tymesss 8 hours ago

    Josh definitely has that Tyler the creator influence in his clothing