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  • it’s pizza time
    it’s pizza time 18 minutes ago


  • The Red Grinch
    The Red Grinch 19 minutes ago

    When is the tie breaker coming out

  • Carter Kelly
    Carter Kelly Hour ago

    What is wrong with these guys. Maybe someone should tell them how the look

  • iracq
    iracq Hour ago

    Who plays this garbage game anymore all people do is spam mega knight then mirror then clone

  • mint berry
    mint berry 2 hours ago

    And i have one thing to say "awesome card "

    GRIM REAPER 2 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, sick beat tho

  • super players tube
    super players tube 3 hours ago

    Who lives in in Riverdale

  • Sundevil 04
    Sundevil 04 3 hours ago

    Fix matmaking

  • Алексей Паньков


  • Chewy Gaming
    Chewy Gaming 3 hours ago

    When Supercell realizes that people have air (the people that tried the strat) well played

  • I Gaming
    I Gaming 4 hours ago

    Hey I need two more eligible members for my clan level 8 and you get a promotion at builders workshop Clan: BLUE FIRE Leader: Lobro10 The clan is towards the bottom just look for it, we’re active every day and will start participating in clan wars soon

  • Revali Glo Ray59
    Revali Glo Ray59 4 hours ago

    *P A N C A K E S*

  • Silviu Stefan
    Silviu Stefan 5 hours ago

    Night witch is very very good 💪

  • Ronit Kumar
    Ronit Kumar 5 hours ago

    How about a fake card ?

  • Jiœ
    Jiœ 5 hours ago

    i mean I play the new one

  • Jiœ
    Jiœ 5 hours ago

    i play the first version

  • Jiœ
    Jiœ 5 hours ago

    wow thats the old clash royals and the first game thay created insane

  • TheRagingRedEnder
    TheRagingRedEnder 6 hours ago

    Look at that, no skill for the cheap price of 7 elixir

  • khushi bengani
    khushi bengani 7 hours ago

    For me only this one works best *rendozguides. com* Added tons of gems and gold to my account already.

  • OctoGuy Guy
    OctoGuy Guy 7 hours ago

    Forget the princess. Barbarian is my lover...

  • Anna-Luise Recke
    Anna-Luise Recke 8 hours ago


  • Zooqan Pawar
    Zooqan Pawar 8 hours ago

    What song is thus

  • nelson jossue rosas borrero

    Regalen emote xd

  • Boogie
    Boogie 9 hours ago


  • beertje berkman
    beertje berkman 9 hours ago

    Sazon 4 now

  • lock hud
    lock hud 10 hours ago

    Cheating in this game is a big problem

  • vukan boi
    vukan boi 10 hours ago

    Lmao turn on subtitles

  • Russ Tseu
    Russ Tseu 12 hours ago

    Clash Royale, a game where an adult double slaps a baby

  • Seltsam Kind
    Seltsam Kind 12 hours ago

    Min Pelikan is epic?

  • kkaa D
    kkaa D 12 hours ago


  • Mahbub Malek Syed
    Mahbub Malek Syed 12 hours ago

    00:32 you know that's an overleved mini pekka when an ebarb is scared of it

  • super nigga man
    super nigga man 12 hours ago

    that mini pekka was like peace mode: off death and kill and hacks and codes and berserk and cheats and god mode: on

  • Mahbub Malek Syed
    Mahbub Malek Syed 12 hours ago

    00:19 me when i wake up in the morning

  • gustavo dark
    gustavo dark 13 hours ago

    Por favor deixem o jogog mais lebe ta travando muito por fabo

  • 화분
    화분 15 hours ago

    클래시 로얄 때문에 분노조절장애가 생길것 갔아요

  • Deadly Freddy
    Deadly Freddy 15 hours ago

    My Witch Goes Crazy Now!

  • Kayron Games
    Kayron Games 15 hours ago


  • Daniel Gomes Fernandes


  • Ramon Caris
    Ramon Caris 16 hours ago

    I mean like the game

  • Ramon Caris
    Ramon Caris 16 hours ago

    The pardy mode is nice but if jou do 5 games in thet den its nice

  • Sting BEN
    Sting BEN 16 hours ago

    What again maintanence

  • GreenSkin
    GreenSkin 16 hours ago

    Make tower skin for sale for like 250+ gems

  • Abdallah AlDehne
    Abdallah AlDehne 17 hours ago

    The witch is look over power and unstoppable , you broke the game , please leave clash Royale both and let another people how have experience on this game decide it fate .

  • Ressu Gt
    Ressu Gt 18 hours ago

    Suomiiii 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮💙💙

  • Freez
    Freez 18 hours ago

    Mega knight : came out Infernodragon : this taste good

  • Marylynn Arriola
    Marylynn Arriola 18 hours ago


  • Black Rainbow
    Black Rainbow 18 hours ago

    I finnish the special quest then l reward it and the game crash can u fix it or maybe only on my phone

  • Santos
    Santos 19 hours ago

    Don't know if anyone else is having the same problem, but you guys should fix the game mode. The game seems to freeze when there is a lot being played on the stage and it causes it to pause for several time. I lost two season tourney matches because of this ten second pause. When it proceeds back to normality a lot has been done already within that time. Again, you guys should fix the game mode. Have a great day.

  • Venom Visualz
    Venom Visualz 20 hours ago

    give the ice wizard star point visual features!

  • Sgt. Pierson
    Sgt. Pierson 22 hours ago

    hey guys, i was wondering if you guys would ever make a new air unit. i was kind of thinking like a blimp. you know, cost 8 elixir and has archers on eahc side shooting arrows or something like that. i think this would be pretty nice as a new air unit.

  • Bertan Baba Pro Can
    Bertan Baba Pro Can 23 hours ago


  • Ben Bell
    Ben Bell Day ago

    how many seasons are there going to be????

  • Birdbro _YT
    Birdbro _YT Day ago

    Where the whole series at

  • Jeremy Zou
    Jeremy Zou Day ago

    4:58 me: doing chores and playing games at the same time

  • Andi Marca
    Andi Marca Day ago

    Ola a todos

  • donald love o glorioso


  • Vitor Ometto
    Vitor Ometto Day ago

    Loved the music

  • Emrach te Riele

    Poo poo oh ooh

  • Martin Vera
    Martin Vera Day ago

    There's a bug that crashes the game, particularly when you trade for a card that you have enough of (enough as in can no longer have more), but haven't maxed out yet.

  • Дима Осипенко

    Nothing is bad only for those who win, because the opponent can be a few parents less health and he loves, it's not fair, update 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎At least the legendary arena was added back

  • Gamer Xox
    Gamer Xox Day ago

    this how many people replayed video for princess👇

  • Marie Natacha Payet

    was not for a landing was 100 for a level of acorn very well not understood I do not like clash royale okay bye 😈


    Please join our clan FAR FROM HOME

  • The All rounders

    I like it

  • samurai JI
    samurai JI Day ago

    Baby dragon said: GG

  • BASTY Brawl stars

    Nerf him!

  • amith teja
    amith teja Day ago

    Well make clan leader rotation for lesser days

  • Wonbin Choi
    Wonbin Choi Day ago

    Why did I get this in my recommended in 2019 lol

  • Antonio Monticelli

    Its incredible how this is your work and you are totally incompetent to make balance!!!! Do you think the witch is not broken?!?! Damn it's so difficult to make a good study to balance a card?

  • Yasin Balacayev


  • Ancient Keyboard Warrior

    Came back to show the rascals some love.

  • Ammar Wardeh
    Ammar Wardeh Day ago

    Where the new emojy

  • Plankton S’kull

    There big brother rascal use as their shields

  • Ashesh A
    Ashesh A Day ago

    Everyone talking about the princess when no one is talking about the excellent music! 😭

  • Pâmela Gonçalves

    Meda a recompensa grátis no Clash royale e aumenta minha chama-se de ganhar brawle lendário e mítico ja tá na hora de ganhar braler

  • lex dequina
    lex dequina Day ago

    Stupid update 2v2 mode is crazy just like the founder of this game.

  • Sawan Hang Limbu

    If that's what a baby can do I can definitely see why they are not adding adult drags

  • Boss Puppet
    Boss Puppet Day ago

    Das ist herbe kaka das die Hexe jetzt so langsam ist das närft könnt ihr das nicht ändern

  • Артём Барихин

    А я вот только начал играть Clash Roymle

  • Benas Mazeika
    Benas Mazeika Day ago

    Nerf Royal Giant you idiots

  • سيد عبود


  • Andrei Farcas
    Andrei Farcas Day ago

    Nerf witch range

  • red Tree. rex Vlogs and more!

    Oh no! Its royal air mega knight and minion horde!!

  • red Tree. rex Vlogs and more!

    0:25 what the fffff

  • alpha gaming
    alpha gaming Day ago

    WHO LOVE MLBB hito liko Wonderful

  • djcome
    djcome Day ago

    Enyone from finland ?

  • Peruvian Potato

    The only season I got Pass Royale for

  • Pajić Sreten

    Losser and noobs clash rojale noobs

  • Quinq _
    Quinq _ Day ago


  • Creative Team
    Creative Team Day ago

    Make ROYALE PASS event..... Royale pass free for 12 wins....

  • Dipti Ranjan
    Dipti Ranjan Day ago

    You can make your game fancier but if you don't fix the basics, then it's a worthless game. I am telling again, take some steps to match suitable opponent. All maxed cards against all level 11 cards, that's unfair and shows the failure in your matchmaking ability. It's like buying cards makes someone better player than good gameplay or may be that' your tactic.

  • Creative Team
    Creative Team Day ago

    Increase the damage of golem..

  • Игорь Коваль

    понятно кто лаги в клэше делает

  • Creative Team
    Creative Team Day ago

    Bring Gem Rush back