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Is An 8K TV Worth It?
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How Plants Tell Time
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What Makes Soft Things Soft?
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On the Origin of Butts
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Why Does Fish Flake?
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  • Muggins The Jinx
    Muggins The Jinx 24 seconds ago

    Definitely Tea first!

  • Actar
    Actar 2 minutes ago

    Is ice technically a glass?

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud 3 minutes ago

    Penguin Twitch thots

  • lhaveAfoot
    lhaveAfoot 8 minutes ago

    You missed the super tough glass made by a well known animal... Gorilla glass!

  • IHateMEhLoif 1432
    IHateMEhLoif 1432 9 minutes ago

    M'sir M'lady M'laria

  • codeman7055
    codeman7055 10 minutes ago

    Been in foster care for most of my life, so I have no idea about my real parents, just know my birth mom is a drug junky..

  • Soluna668
    Soluna668 10 minutes ago

    Fear the bones. This is why skeletons are sooooo spooky.

  • Butch DeLoria
    Butch DeLoria 11 minutes ago

    when you look straight at the camera and your nose still points to the left... 😑

  • V2 VoidHypr
    V2 VoidHypr 11 minutes ago

    No one gon talk about how Brilliant Sponsors almost all informational videos

  • KCNusach
    KCNusach 18 minutes ago

    Putting the pregnant girl on to talk about domestic chores -- Scishow fighting gender stereotypes every day.

  • fadly A. Rahman
    fadly A. Rahman 19 minutes ago

    I'm not originally a smoker. But once, a friend of mine told me that even if I'm not smoking, I'm still a second hand smoker as I often near the people who are smoking. What worst about second hand smoker is that they get the same bad side effect but minus the pleasure. So I figured, might as well become a smoker myself. And trust me, there's a lot of advantage of smoking. When I started smoking, I lose 20 pounds in just 3 months. Then, my social life is improving by leaps and bounds. I started banging hot chicks that I wouldn't even dream of approaching before I start smoking.

  • OJSeph
    OJSeph 19 minutes ago

    "Why is your arm scratched?" ... "Because my cat can't take a joke"

  • Rick Rascon
    Rick Rascon 20 minutes ago

    Would rather day around 60 then Being @ ugly old man not for me

  • Magixs Newplayer
    Magixs Newplayer 21 minute ago

    Wasps and figs help each other get laid

  • Bjorn Ogle
    Bjorn Ogle 22 minutes ago

    I was wondering when opal would be covered. ☺️

  • Mitchel Loughman
    Mitchel Loughman 23 minutes ago

    Fun fact: glass sponges are quite possibly the most abundant animal on earth. The issue is there’s just no real way to know for sure.

  • Ele
    Ele 24 minutes ago

    I got a washing mashine ad on this video

  • Lily Flower
    Lily Flower 27 minutes ago

    Where is muscle Hank when you need him the most?

  • Jessica Lewis
    Jessica Lewis 29 minutes ago

    I've never smoked, but I tried vaping without nicotine to help with my anxiety. It always made my lungs feel heavy and oily, so I quit.

  • Daisuki Desu
    Daisuki Desu 30 minutes ago

    So... Why avocados shouldn't exist again?

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud 32 minutes ago

    Cats express emotion with ears

  • MegaPompoen
    MegaPompoen 40 minutes ago

    Dr.Stone: "The first man-made material in history, synthesized using science: Glass" SciShow: "I'm gonna end this man's whole career"

  • Alberto Martinez
    Alberto Martinez 41 minute ago

    Seriously if you don't talk about cradle to grave cost of ownership and emissions you're talking nonsense to me and it never ceases to amaze me the omission of the the little detail that there is no such thing in a globalized market as zero impact money & energy. Each dollar from the global economy have a part of the global emissions.

  • T1Oracle
    T1Oracle 44 minutes ago

    Vaping is obviously bad for you. Smoke is not something our lungs are designed for.

  • Andrea Deagon
    Andrea Deagon 44 minutes ago

    I’m recovering from cancer and chemotherapy, and sometimes it’s felt like I’ll never get my strength back. This video is really encouraging, because I did store some myonuclei in my earlier years and it’s good to know that they’re still there waiting to help out if I don’t get discouraged and stop trying.

  • Vawn
    Vawn 47 minutes ago

    You gotta use a megaton hammer to flip the tektites.

  • Adele Irvine
    Adele Irvine 51 minute ago

    Am I the only one thinking about dragon glass

  • David Davis
    David Davis 52 minutes ago

    Stares at piece of snowflake obsidian I have had for years. "Finally, you get some love."

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 57 minutes ago

    New label "unfucked with". That aside I prefer GMO food, it's actually safer and more environmentally friendly.

  • Joseph Deffendoll
    Joseph Deffendoll 57 minutes ago

    Well I came from Adam and Eve like God said. You may be decents from apes but not I. And you may be so unclean you have lice on your body from have relations with apes but not I. Attend your local church on Sunday and you can learn alot.

  • Nicola Cappellini

    Makes me want to go lift a rock, put it down and then lift then again

  • smokeystriper
    smokeystriper Hour ago

    When I was in my 20s I worked out a lot and I was pretty ripped. Then, well, life happened. Wife, work, kids and no time for the gym. Later in my late 40s I decided to get back in shape. After all that time without setting foot in a gym I was surprised at how fast I bulked up and how all the muscle burned away fat like a machine. But, Here comes the warning! Although my muscles were quick to bounce back my tendons and ligaments were still in their mid 40s Now I'm 52 and recovering from rotator cuff surgery. when I'm fully recovered it will be time to do the other shoulder. Ease back into your workouts don't rush it and don't take your now found strength for granted.

  • Alexis
    Alexis Hour ago


  • Magic Knight
    Magic Knight Hour ago

    All i hear from vaping people is "oh it's only water vapour we breath out, so stop complaining about us vaping huge clouds vapour in your face".

  • ihavecojones
    ihavecojones Hour ago

    Everyone focuses on "Curing HIV/AIDS" . Nobody tried to make a prophylactic immunization .... because when you usually get infected with a virus , you can't really kill it with a vaccine.


    Break this 8349

  • lasarith2
    lasarith2 Hour ago

    Those deer need to come here and kill all the bloody seagull chicks then, the ones across from me that live in the golf course aren’t doing the job.

  • joanie green
    joanie green Hour ago

    This guy is not accurate

  • eskimo
    eskimo Hour ago

    So what was the outcome of the mice who got smoked and not vapoured? Or did i miss that bit?

  • Baldur Keßel
    Baldur Keßel Hour ago

    This episode was very interesting, but also kinda spooky! The cut left me with the impression that Michael doesn't blink...

  • thetommantom
    thetommantom Hour ago

    I wash my clothes in 5 gallon buckets.

  • Aqsa Khan
    Aqsa Khan Hour ago

    Who are those people who eat mokeys and chimp

  • kez kezooie
    kez kezooie Hour ago

    They used to use heroin in baby's cough medicine as it was safer than codeine. It's actually a very effective and relatively safe pain killer. The problem came with patients being given it and then having it stopped cold turkey instead of weaning them off it, which would leave people with an addiction problem. It's quite disgusting when you look at the problem with oxycodone and how that came about that many in the medical profession (who are more educated on addiction now) are often even more irresponsible today, considering the greater knowledge they have, regarding prescribing addictive medications to patients and then just leaving them hanging with a raging addiction.

  • Oc Boi
    Oc Boi Hour ago

    *I use virus, to destroy virus*

  • Aniuta Takueva
    Aniuta Takueva Hour ago

    What if you adults misread expressions?😨

  • Cheyne Simons
    Cheyne Simons Hour ago


  • pauljs75
    pauljs75 2 hours ago

    The only thing from current cleaning tech they haven't added yet is ultrasound. But yeah, a good rinse cycle does make some difference.

  • SigmaTauri2
    SigmaTauri2 2 hours ago

    Obsidian can be used to kill White Walkers.

  • My Laifsetail
    My Laifsetail 2 hours ago

    Who said human doesnt do anything good for the environment

  • Pokemoneuro
    Pokemoneuro 2 hours ago

    Was the teleprompter broken or something?

  • Vincent Gonzalez
    Vincent Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    the kitchen has some of the best tasting science, second best is the garden

  • Thomas Forsthuber
    Thomas Forsthuber 2 hours ago

    Sensorische deprivationstank ist Spitze 😄

  • bluebanana
    bluebanana 2 hours ago

    But this was exactly how I thought?

  • Seth Begley
    Seth Begley 2 hours ago

    If you put a cookes kiwi anywhere near me you wont set properly for the next month

  • Blu Regard
    Blu Regard 2 hours ago


  • seldomseen68
    seldomseen68 2 hours ago

    Do have a video on deslexia? Because I totally read that as saliva.

  • Merc 015837
    Merc 015837 2 hours ago

    2:39 Lol the rock lifter looks like Alic Steele.

  • TheGadriX
    TheGadriX 2 hours ago

    So now I finally know why I get the same nightmare almost every time i'm sick.

  • Wendy Adams
    Wendy Adams 2 hours ago

    This is how the dangers of death from measles had become BEFORE the vaccine hit the market From a woman who had the measles at 6wks of age, a woman whose brothers had the measles, who every single class mate had had the measles, a woman who has lived in various communities, where measles epidemics would come and go, for nearly 60yrs, and has never known 1 single person not make a complete recovery from measles! The CDC graph proves it all, it also goes to prove the benefits of NATURAL herd immunity, not some ridiculous vaccine induced herd immunity. Vaccine herd immunity that depends on millions of people to keep their MMR vaccines, even adults, up to date - you’re joking right! Vaccine herd immunity that sees many of those vaccinated loose their immunity rapidly, or never gain one in the 1st place, whereas my natural immunity is for life! Vaccine herd immunity that doesn’t protect against the mutating measles virus that are appearing in increasing cases, where as my immunity, natural, protects me from these mutants, and protects those vaccinated from these mutants also. As a baby boomer, just like my generation, most of us contracted the infection, and it is our naturally induced immunity that stops these mutating measles viruses from spreading like wild fire, but as us baby boomers die out, so does our natural immunity, leaving behind a mutant measles virus that has no respect for those vaccinated. Now explain to me why a ScarlettFever vaccine was never introduced, Scarlett Fever had a higher mortality rate 15-20% compared to measles 10-15%. The reasons they state is that Scarlett Fever complications are easily treated with antibiotics, so a vaccine was never necessary, BUT at the same time measles complications are treatable in exactly the same way as Scarlett Fever complications, antibiotics!

  • shane
    shane 2 hours ago

    this lady obviously has never washed anything by hand.

  • julio1c1saga
    julio1c1saga 2 hours ago

    Waw! Facinating!

  • Mike Matthews
    Mike Matthews 2 hours ago

    While studying medical imaging physics in my engineering program, we pretty much only used mSv and rad. Gray, even though it's technically the SI unit, wasn't used as much since most calculations were done on smaller scales. It made more sense to just have it in rad than to possibly misplace a decimal

  • Taxtro
    Taxtro 2 hours ago

    Looking forward to Hunky Hank.

  • Matthew Bishop
    Matthew Bishop 2 hours ago

    What a great episode. Fascinating stuff.

  • shingshongshamalama
    shingshongshamalama 2 hours ago

    SR Foxley returns!

  • shane
    shane 2 hours ago

    only 45 seconds in and I'm dumbfounded to hear her say "we" as a race don't know. maybe the University bubble has no idea but engineers have quite an understanding. We also don't know how cars work either ffs.

  • nikojnemavakvo
    nikojnemavakvo 2 hours ago

    finally normal haircut :D

  • Ken O
    Ken O 2 hours ago

    Wasn't that a Weird Al song? "Like a Sturgeon" being parasitized for the very first time.

  • CJayin
    CJayin 2 hours ago

    I spent entire semester in college talking about this. Jesus it was boring

  • Krishna Shukla
    Krishna Shukla 2 hours ago

    You guys have all the ugly aunties.

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 2 hours ago

    I’m sick and my left side is blocked fml

  • Nichtzukennen
    Nichtzukennen 2 hours ago

    Uno Reverse card

  • bat in the attic
    bat in the attic 2 hours ago

    It's not fair. Going from being addicted to smoking to being addicted to vaping has been great for my perceivable health. I don't think I'm alone in that. And us vapers - we're not bothering anybody, are we? We're like mobile scented oil diffusers. I'm a herbal minty version. People have even commented on it. "Ooh, that smells really nice." You could hang one of those nauseating vanilla trees, from your rear view mirror, or you could put me and my vape in the back seat where I will produce the occasional waft of a subtle blend of herbs and fruit and menthol. Please stop persecuting us - unless you want us to go back to a much more unpleasant habit. Let us keep our deceptively perfumie nicotine and you can have free air fresheners!

  • 【FLUX】
    【FLUX】 2 hours ago

    So, Tektites come from Tekken?

  • E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M

    You are another Neanderthal that is all there is.

  • E X P L I C I T - C R I T I C I S M

    Where is the evidence of Genes. Don't show me skulls.

  • yokoshemp
    yokoshemp 3 hours ago

    So super smart guy drives out to see a nuclear explosion. The car he rode in was so contaminated it had to be destroyed. Years later he dies of two types of cancer. Probably the one time being curious was a really bad thing.

  • Marc Inglese
    Marc Inglese 3 hours ago

    What I would like to know is, why does advertising is louder than the program I am watching.? Even on my mobile when I am watching Flash-Player.

  • bosshoss69lee
    bosshoss69lee 3 hours ago

    So pretty much the government went all California and banned an amazing material that really just needed to be handled and used safer, typical

  • Apple Islander
    Apple Islander 3 hours ago

    So ur tryna say that to get the pressure required for sustainable nuclear fusion we just need to make a big box and explode nukes inside of it Im down for it

  • Angels Unite
    Angels Unite 3 hours ago

    My advice...... Get rid of the obvious saying and Start Saying "I'm Getting Too Young For This!"

  • Nikola Bornová
    Nikola Bornová 3 hours ago

    Good to know my mouse clicking muscles will remember how well-trained they were.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 3 hours ago

    I read this as saliva

  • Elizabeth McGehee
    Elizabeth McGehee 3 hours ago

    I love that shirt

  • Harry Robins
    Harry Robins 3 hours ago

    But can you make a rock heavier than you can lift?

  • Brenda Lambert
    Brenda Lambert 3 hours ago

    I took a microbiology class in college. Through practical experience I learned that microbes will grow in a Petri dish until they reach a point where they are poisoned by their own waste. The earth is a closed system just like a Petri dish only on a much larger scale except that to a point nature has built-in clean up mechanisms. I worry that our population size and our man-made products have placed us beyond the tipping point of nature's ability to clean up after us.

  • Vasari
    Vasari 3 hours ago

    This is basically a catalogue of mice torture.

  • Leon Hill
    Leon Hill 3 hours ago

    I like that the advert for Brilliant is not at the start, absolutely brilliant.

  • Brody Toennis
    Brody Toennis 4 hours ago

    Can malnourishment rid your muscles progress in their ability to do this??

  • Yora
    Yora 4 hours ago

    It trinitite a form of tektite?

    J0ECRAWF15H 4 hours ago

    Well this is gonna make technically correcting people all that much harder....

  • legacysage
    legacysage 4 hours ago

    Boo! Fear mongering! History has always shown that inhaling chemicals has never had any deleterious health effects! You damn hippies trying to steal my glorified adult bubble wand!

  • Butch DeLoria
    Butch DeLoria 4 hours ago

    hold up, spiders and all that stuff... sure, but this dude really just told me there's mites on my face 0.0 How are we not trippin on this?!

  • TitanTraining4Teens
    TitanTraining4Teens 4 hours ago

    Thank god you lost weight again

  • Adam
    Adam 4 hours ago

    This is fascinating stuff! We really need a Crash Course: Geology to bring all these Earth Science topics and systems together!

  • Le Bro
    Le Bro 4 hours ago

    Bruh you need lava and water to make obsidian

  • jazzclarinet2006
    jazzclarinet2006 4 hours ago

    Totally besides the point but it kind of bugs me that thumbnail for this video has a stereotypical green glow, considering that ionization and Cherenkov radiation both appear "electric" blue.

  • drago656
    drago656 4 hours ago

    This show is not educative anymore. This used to be a good channel. there's only so many episodes you can make. This feels like a channel just trying to get you to clickon there videos, like seriously the stuff you're resorting to like poop and boys and girls are different. Honestly feels similar to clickbait

  • Dennis Young
    Dennis Young 4 hours ago

    *Toxic Toads!*