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  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones 43 minutes ago

    Doesn’t Davies jr do interviews never see much of him should be a good fight this

  • tony9t
    tony9t 46 minutes ago

    Two girl fights on the undercard. Not ideal!

  • Rob Tebbutt
    Rob Tebbutt Hour ago

    I love Al Siesta.

  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins Hour ago

    I like how he accepts his excuses,,well done Lewis,,,,

  • hamish armstrong

    slow as fuck

  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins Hour ago

    Fuck I like this guy,,he can bang,,I do think he got slow feet for a boxer at his weight,but what a down to earth guy he looks,go on ritson,you got my support,,,,

  • hamish armstrong

    wait till you get hit least once you will be on the canvas regis.once at the minimum

  • William Bailie
    William Bailie Hour ago

    Martins a good fighter but I don’t think he makes any big splashes against the big boys . 🤷‍♂️

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson 2 hours ago

    Regis is going to get fucked up.and the stupid cunt thinks he's going to win lol

  • Korupt Kop
    Korupt Kop 2 hours ago

    Go on Regis you got this👊

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 2 hours ago

    Something about savannah 😍

  • patrick garner
    patrick garner 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry for Prograis because he's a really good fighter, but Josh Taylor is something special he makes good fighters look ordinary, once Taylors in their rhythm he kind of rocks side to side, imagine a norse viking in a storm battling nature and the arms of sails flailing violently. Regis gonna get sea sick lol.

  • Aka Skinz
    Aka Skinz 3 hours ago

    Who is this majestic fella

  • Tom Binns
    Tom Binns 3 hours ago

    I could listen to Fanno all day! Proper fella

  • JoeStunner
    JoeStunner 3 hours ago

    I have no idea who this man is, yet watched this interview from start to finish. Think it's time for bed.

  • Dave Maximus
    Dave Maximus 3 hours ago

    All the hate in these comments fucking joke. Hes young lad trying to make a name for himself. Snd getting shit of a bunch of fat couch potato internet warriors. Clowns. Haters gunna hate I suppose. Not his fault your life shit

  • Biggie Mauls
    Biggie Mauls 3 hours ago

    looks sharp as hell

  • Matthew Bardsley
    Matthew Bardsley 3 hours ago

    I like her hope she smashes these Americans up next year and becomes world champion 👍🏻

  • Cannaman
    Cannaman 4 hours ago

    Who is this dude

  • Julius C.
    Julius C. 4 hours ago

    He's gotta counter Josh Taylor's jab all night if he wants to win.

  • Peter Barlow
    Peter Barlow 4 hours ago

    God he's ugly isn't he bloody hell Ted

  • Paul Saunders
    Paul Saunders 4 hours ago

    What a fantastic interview. Good luck Lewis and Fanno 🥊

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo 4 hours ago

    Obviously our thoughts are with Patrick and his family but we should not forgot what Charles Conwell is going through, only god knows. Keep your head up, be strong and I hope you become World champion on day. Patrick will be willing you on every step of the way, do it for him bro. RIP Patrick Day. 🙏🏻😢

  • Mick MC
    Mick MC 4 hours ago

    Seems like jet lag to me..

  • alibabazs
    alibabazs 4 hours ago

    Al reminds me of that guy Fred from First Dates lol.

  • Jonathan Helliwell
    Jonathan Helliwell 5 hours ago

    This guy is rude just an a average boxer too

  • Addyy Brown
    Addyy Brown 5 hours ago

    Keep going of luck in ur next fight 💪

  • Blue Collar Sports TV

    I liked this dude, seems to care for his fighters and is passionate about the sport. Hope he does well.

  • Kabir Bariana
    Kabir Bariana 5 hours ago

    Rip Patrick, really hoped you could pull through 💔

  • You're Right But
    You're Right But 5 hours ago

    I detest you 🔔end

  • ecw787
    ecw787 5 hours ago


  • Onu Peter
    Onu Peter 5 hours ago

    Wishing you well Champ 🥊

  • Chris Selby
    Chris Selby 5 hours ago

    Good luck

  • Glen P
    Glen P 6 hours ago

    All the negative comments. Del boy gives us his all in the ring. You shit fans need to get a life.

  • J2 Yongsangaunchai
    J2 Yongsangaunchai 6 hours ago

    0:36 Eddie Hearn no context vids

  • AS B
    AS B 6 hours ago

    I think price will box he's head off and make him quit! Who won?

  • Martin Attwood
    Martin Attwood 6 hours ago

    Best interviews in the business keep up the good work Rob

  • Manny Bee
    Manny Bee 6 hours ago

    being a london based boxing fan Josh got my attention when he beat ohara.. i was initially a Taylor fan in this match up but after watching progais interviews i cant help but like the guy.. may the best man win.

  • AS B
    AS B 6 hours ago

    I think price will box he's head off and make him quit! Who won?

  • Pedroban leither Banks

    Anyone else notice Prograis was throwing his left hand much?

  • charlie123866
    charlie123866 7 hours ago


  • Dywers Collapsed Pocket

    An absolute bellend

  • batwings80
    batwings80 7 hours ago

    Good guy!

  • Ronald Marshall
    Ronald Marshall 7 hours ago

    Class act.

  • Smog on the Tyne
    Smog on the Tyne 7 hours ago

    Humped worse 👍

  • Sean Edwards
    Sean Edwards 7 hours ago

    Really likeable guy! May the best man win 👍

  • KingPharaoh TV
    KingPharaoh TV 7 hours ago

    Taylor ain't ready let's go champ.. RIP Patrick day!

  • Joel Tester
    Joel Tester 7 hours ago

    This is the bad part of boxing. Nigel Benn is broke , he owes taxes so he has to get back into the ring to make some cash to pay taxes, and live. Their should be a retirement for these boxers after their career is over. So they don't have to fight until they are old men

  • Itsme Yepitsme
    Itsme Yepitsme 8 hours ago

    Well said exactly my point!! The fight should of been in the uk as AJ as the title holder traveled to vegas so now fatty should come to the uk after all If it wasnt for AJ ruiz wouldnt be where he is now fact!!!

  • Y0US4F
    Y0US4F 8 hours ago

    Regis is cool unlike Taylor whos just arrogant, hope Regis does it

    • Korupt Kop
      Korupt Kop 2 hours ago

      He will mate Regis is a laid back dude blame in the weather Josh grew up in

  • James Burrell
    James Burrell 8 hours ago

    There's only onnne Savannah Marshall!

  • Victor Lugosi
    Victor Lugosi 8 hours ago

    You’re not fooling anyone Darren till... just because the trans people are in MMA doesn’t mean you can fight as a woman in boxing 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Pedroban leither Banks

    Seems like a nice guy.. Still hope Josh "takes his heed oaf".

  • Ra HoWa
    Ra HoWa 8 hours ago

    Hope you beat the living shit out of that hatefilled racist sack of shit

  • Cornwall1888
    Cornwall1888 8 hours ago

    Watch out for her thug brother if he’s been released

    • The Celtic Magician
      The Celtic Magician Hour ago

      He better watch out for the travellers waiting for him at the presser 😂

    • JKroniKz
      JKroniKz 7 hours ago

      @Matt B who is he?

    • Matt B
      Matt B 7 hours ago

      He's facing up to 10 years so he wont be there when it happens.

    • JKroniKz
      JKroniKz 8 hours ago

      Cornwall1888 Aye?

  • Raymond Thomad Wormald

    Good luck Savannah x

  • Herb Dee
    Herb Dee 9 hours ago

    Make sure your coach where's a head guard to the press conference.

    • Jim McDonald
      Jim McDonald 6 hours ago

      Doubt peter fury will be needing one 😂

  • robert blake
    robert blake 9 hours ago

    hes a good kid...Doesnt have that standard ignorant american bullshit on him

  • Raze Muzic
    Raze Muzic 9 hours ago

    He stops Taylor

    • Don Hearn
      Don Hearn 8 hours ago

      Raze Muzic he couldnt stop Flanagan 😂

  • Darren4652
    Darren4652 9 hours ago

    Regis gotta up the combos/speed.. josh is busy non stop throughout

  • Pundy
    Pundy 9 hours ago

    This boy is good , too much power for josh

    • Pedroban leither Banks
      Pedroban leither Banks 3 hours ago

      @Pundy legs and neck of Tyson? Guy is 10 stone ffs 😂

    • Scott Sutherland
      Scott Sutherland 5 hours ago

      @Pedroban leither Banks taylor took all his shots with ease. Different animal.this is in the bag

    • Pundy
      Pundy 5 hours ago

      Regis looks like a special boxer , legs and neck of mike Tyson , power will be the difference

    • Pedroban leither Banks
      Pedroban leither Banks 5 hours ago

      @Pundy and Flanagan was coming off a loss to Maurice Hooker and in his 2nd fight at 140.. If Prograis wins it won't be because of his superior power. Personally can't see him catching Taylor.

    • Pedroban leither Banks
      Pedroban leither Banks 5 hours ago

      @Pundy you're entitled to your opinion mate, personally I have Taylor winning ud, possibly stopping him.

  • adam Cummings
    adam Cummings 9 hours ago

    Key word IF

  • Sam Price
    Sam Price 9 hours ago

    RIP Patrick Day

  • Vinz
    Vinz 9 hours ago

    Backing this fella

  • kiely 456
    kiely 456 9 hours ago

    if anyone needed to quickly go to spain its this helmet

  • RuraL ChilD Vision
    RuraL ChilD Vision 9 hours ago

    Is that Ammo williams in the back in white? Is he on this card too?

    FKFGLOBAL x 9 hours ago

    I think josh stops him.

  • jezevans794
    jezevans794 9 hours ago

    Think the bookies have this one right, Prograis will be too good for Taylor unfortunately.

    JAIME BARLOW 10 hours ago

    I like him alot but backing taylor

  • LR266
    LR266 10 hours ago

    Fuck Taylor fighting the winner of Ritson vs Davies if he wins, onto Ramirez for an Undisputed fight. That's what we want to see.

  • KK Corleone
    KK Corleone 10 hours ago

    hes finished cheeseman lol

  • Dan Ber
    Dan Ber 10 hours ago

    Robbie davies to win via UD

  • lloydyherbal
    lloydyherbal 10 hours ago

    I would never, ever go to Saudi for ANY reason...disgusting how they treat fellow humsn beings there. Disgusting to do ANY business with them. Shame on you Eddie

  • Bullets_4 Breakfast
    Bullets_4 Breakfast 10 hours ago

    Yet Dave Allen will get a fight vs Dubois by the end of the year! It’s all bullshit & money is the underlining factor... Dave Allen should never be allowed to box again. He’s already punch drunk! RIP Patrick Day

  • king and Country
    king and Country 10 hours ago

    Lewis to win by late stoppage

  • Richard Oakley
    Richard Oakley 10 hours ago

    RIP Partic Day

  • mrdg
    mrdg 10 hours ago


  • Jedi Master
    Jedi Master 10 hours ago

    Nice to see a respectful young American champion behaving like a real dude. The sport of boxing needs more boxers like Regis.

  • the fighting irish
    the fighting irish 10 hours ago

    Eddie Hearn, August 2019. "When you book a ticket, you automatically get a Visa"' Eddie Hearn, October 2019. "I'm not involved with ticketing, you qualify for a Visa when you buy a ticket, there is a charge for the Visa" l don't even believe his name is Eddie.

    • the fighting irish
      the fighting irish 9 hours ago

      @Herb Deenothing would surprise me

    • Herb Dee
      Herb Dee 9 hours ago

      @the fighting irish I hope AJ wins, but it would be preferable for the event to flop. Otherwise they'll be in Syria next year 'growing the sport' again!

    • the fighting irish
      the fighting irish 9 hours ago

      @Herb Dee they say "don't bite the hand that feeds you" I feel that's exactly what he is doing

    • the fighting irish
      the fighting irish 9 hours ago

      @Herb Dee I think hes already regretting it, you can't tell me that hes feeling a glowing sense of pride at thos event. Everything you've said I couldn't agree more with, 15000 instead of 80000 (even MSG is 20000 and steeped in boxing history) no history and appalling human and women's rights. This is not good for AJ or boxing

    • Herb Dee
      Herb Dee 9 hours ago

      @the fighting irish ...and yes, calling actual boxing fans dinosaurs, bitter or shortsighted is a mistake, We're the bread and butter. When KSI and Paul are having a tennis match next year, he'll want us buying tickets to his shows and PPVs. Be careful what you wish for.

  • EnglishOxide
    EnglishOxide 10 hours ago

    Ritson and Davies Jr have no business anywhere near Taylor/Prograis.

  • Emmett Oliver
    Emmett Oliver 10 hours ago

    Can't the boxing world step up and donate $2m to this kids family.. R.I.P Patrick Day

    • Emmett Oliver
      Emmett Oliver 9 hours ago

      @David NUFC all of them need to be looked after..

    • David NUFC
      David NUFC 10 hours ago

      @Emmett Oliver what about the other 3 fighters that have died this year though.

    • Emmett Oliver
      Emmett Oliver 10 hours ago

      @David NUFC it's a figure that could help his family.. and boxing has lots of money

    • David NUFC
      David NUFC 10 hours ago

      Why 2mill??

  • Emmett Oliver
    Emmett Oliver 10 hours ago

    Ruiz Jnr looks slimmer, faster.. he'll hit Joshua more often.. he better have a VISA situation Eddie!! A.J in big trouble

  • Valkyries SS
    Valkyries SS 11 hours ago

    Who's the main event? Ritson fight or Scott fitzgerald?

  • Chezzamaine
    Chezzamaine 11 hours ago

    Shout out to rob 😎👍🏾

    • Chezzamaine
      Chezzamaine 9 hours ago

      Rob Tebbutt no probs , this is the best British boxing media channel and you and Andi ask great questions, top interviewers

    • Rob Tebbutt
      Rob Tebbutt 9 hours ago

      Always appreciate your support for the channel. ✌🏻

  • oi oi
    oi oi 11 hours ago

    Eddie is my hero

  • Herb Dee
    Herb Dee 11 hours ago

    These guys aren't even Flash-Playerrs. What's the point?

  • Gregg F
    Gregg F 11 hours ago

    Fraid not teddy

  • Dorian Wright
    Dorian Wright 12 hours ago

    Josh has Carl's number, too big and strong, but will sell out again and make him some good ££. Why not?

  • Steven Amoah
    Steven Amoah 13 hours ago

    He didnt do anything scene mate scene done it alk for him and he rinced it

  • Tony Mcfadyen
    Tony Mcfadyen 13 hours ago

    Well done that man. Our young men need more positive roll models like Regis giving. Class act. I'm still going to be supporting Taylor though.....

  • hiphophead555
    hiphophead555 13 hours ago

    Lol this cunt ain't got two brain cells to rub together has he. Fitzgerald is gonna humiliate him for 12 rounds. Probably stop him.

  • Marty Rodgers II
    Marty Rodgers II 14 hours ago

    Fantastic boxer. An absolute treat to watch. Good interview.

  • Jack Yarnell
    Jack Yarnell 14 hours ago

    his coming out party was patera, this is his last chance of world level for at least a another 2-3 years if he loses.

  • R A
    R A 14 hours ago

    Joeseph parkers pulled out coz u dnt deserve to make money off him

  • R A
    R A 14 hours ago

    Looks old and slow and stoned

    BOXING MONKEY 14 hours ago

    Posh & Dirty . . . . The best combo

  • tin can
    tin can 15 hours ago


  • Mr nice
    Mr nice 16 hours ago

    Cheese on toast getting eaten

  • ax1237
    ax1237 17 hours ago

    Punch drunk

  • IQ Higher
    IQ Higher 17 hours ago

    I just can't see Taylor going past the 8th round with Regis.. There's levels to this game & Regis is on the last level. Regis is a 'A' fighter, Taylor's a 'C' fighter.. Ijs