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I'm Still Here
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Meme Templates Are EASY
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KFC Dating Simulator
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You're Gonna Wanna See This
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I Quit Youtube For This
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This Has To Stop
Views 2.2MMonth ago
I'm Sorry To Do This
Views 2.8MMonth ago


  • Packpro remastered
    Packpro remastered 9 seconds ago

    Jack you are one of my favorite youtubers

  • OfficialReaper YT
    OfficialReaper YT 18 seconds ago

    U should Go At Top Of The Roof Cause There Is A Hole✌️

    BAAAKAH T_T 23 seconds ago

    12:25 yes markipliere has

  • Puppygirl893
    Puppygirl893 25 seconds ago

    Please review the chair

  • Perge Gamer
    Perge Gamer 38 seconds ago

    I take it that he doesn’t realize that it uses his microphone to find him every time he talks it hears it and goes to him

  • Reso Macarenhas
    Reso Macarenhas 47 seconds ago

    Hey douchbag when is the next minecraft video droppin

  • Alienpophead 22
    Alienpophead 22 51 second ago

    Play mutilate a doll

  • Abby Oldaker
    Abby Oldaker Minute ago

    What’s that beating? I don’t have one. Do I? I never hear it. Wait.. wait a minute... *AAAAAA* -

  • Alienpophead 22
    Alienpophead 22 Minute ago


  • Kyle Nguyen
    Kyle Nguyen 2 minutes ago

    Jack: What's in this box, is it her head? Bag: Do I look like a box to you, Jack?

  • Link The Lynx Cat
    Link The Lynx Cat 3 minutes ago

    How much you wanna bet there was actually someone with their thumb up their ass watching this.

  • Jeff Fulton
    Jeff Fulton 3 minutes ago

    ...when he does the sharks voice he starts sounding more and more like toad

  • KT926
    KT926 3 minutes ago

    I was crying with laughter the whole way through! So hysterical XDXD

  • As ?
    As ? 3 minutes ago

    Everybody talking about ego and then there is me appreciating the 699k of views

  • Project Human
    Project Human 3 minutes ago

    5:51 I was eating the last slice of my mom's handmade cake, Jack... It now rests on the floor... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?

  • Kingshadow Robinson
    Kingshadow Robinson 3 minutes ago


  • Conner Witt
    Conner Witt 4 minutes ago

    Jack: Chuck is creepy. Me: Maybe Chuck is Chucky.

  • Alyssia the weird
    Alyssia the weird 4 minutes ago

    While watching this my dad walked into my room through one door, and the door on the other side of my room opened at the same time. Now that’s spoopy.

  • Lucas Heaney
    Lucas Heaney 5 minutes ago

    Lol Jack used auto tune😅 12:00

  • Super Kitty
    Super Kitty 6 minutes ago


  • phenoxyy
    phenoxyy 6 minutes ago

    The lack of comments regarding Schneep is concerning

  • Høppy Chãn
    Høppy Chãn 6 minutes ago


  • Mich 181024
    Mich 181024 7 minutes ago

    Soooooo,is travis sad and depressed now because his waifu died or he's already dead.

    • Mich 181024
      Mich 181024 4 minutes ago

      That's my brain thinking about it at night and now i can't sleep:/

  • Global Silver
    Global Silver 7 minutes ago


  • Evan Spickett
    Evan Spickett 8 minutes ago

    i absolutely love how he changed games from the rib eye charly game to the next game 14:53 and it's just shrek 2 on his desk top

  • Salty Leaf
    Salty Leaf 8 minutes ago

    Free cheat codes get your cheat codes if you can find it

  • Dawie Van Dyk
    Dawie Van Dyk 8 minutes ago

    what a racist he called TALL Jack HANDSOME Jack

  • Hassan Rajput
    Hassan Rajput 8 minutes ago

    Hey jack there's a new blair witch project game and it looks pretty spooky and since it is spooktober you should play it

  • Scott Shemory
    Scott Shemory 8 minutes ago

    9:16 jack sounded like scooby doo when he laughs

  • Natalie Cotton
    Natalie Cotton 8 minutes ago

    i love you sean.

  • Slime Infested
    Slime Infested 8 minutes ago

    Jack HAS to like this comment

  • lelouch d brittannia
    lelouch d brittannia 9 minutes ago

    jack:ghosts dont like apples. shinigami Reuk from death note: but i do and also every other shinigami

  • JEB _
    JEB _ 9 minutes ago

    Don't tell Felix butt I like u better than him

  • Wave
    Wave 9 minutes ago

    Handsome Jack The Real Jack And JackVader

  • Nig3lYT
    Nig3lYT 9 minutes ago

    im watching this while drinking irish wiskey

  • Taccari Gaming
    Taccari Gaming 9 minutes ago

    My pinky is up my ass not my thumb jackaboy

  • panda girl
    panda girl 9 minutes ago

    I got your birdy Wade right here🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • XanderGames1495
    XanderGames1495 9 minutes ago

    Dual axes have been in game since season 9 so thsts a long time he hasn’t played

  • Joshua Blevins
    Joshua Blevins 9 minutes ago

    You should try a game called max the curse of brotherhood it would mean the world to me

  • Payton Smith
    Payton Smith 10 minutes ago

    When you're from Kansas City, Missouri and Jack knows there's a difference. 😀😀😀

  • TigerlillesFire !
    TigerlillesFire ! 11 minutes ago

    Jack mentioning falling into lava and then falling in isnt a u thing it’s the curse of Minecraft it ALWAYS happens no matter who u r, so your not alone

  • Dumb and Dumber eats
    Dumb and Dumber eats 11 minutes ago

    Time is a natural element

    DICK ASS 11 minutes ago

    ........ -me 2019

  • E-flat Major
    E-flat Major 11 minutes ago

    Wait until he realises that often you can and do get multiple enchantments at level 30/3.

  • Heidi Cooper
    Heidi Cooper 11 minutes ago

    You like spoppy then you like stranger things

  • Dr. Boop
    Dr. Boop 11 minutes ago

    If you fight the Ender Dragon bring a bucket of water because he has extreme knock back that can launch you in the air and some cases, death will be gra

  • Sup Peeps077
    Sup Peeps077 11 minutes ago

    jack- “my wife is probably getting groceries, she needs to hurry up because i want scrambled eggs” me- *is eating scrambled eggs* nope, nice try tho

  • Flakes
    Flakes 11 minutes ago

    I didnt finish the video the 1st time so i thought jared was strong lmao.

  • Cayden Quintin
    Cayden Quintin 12 minutes ago

    Look at 41 it's very funny

  • Infinight Gamer
    Infinight Gamer 12 minutes ago

    He can hear your mic :) so shush and you will win xD

  • ShizStarZ S
    ShizStarZ S 12 minutes ago

    whispers: "nein nein nein"

  • Katie and Tirion Stunts
    Katie and Tirion Stunts 12 minutes ago


  • Michael Allen
    Michael Allen 13 minutes ago


  • Logan Horton
    Logan Horton 13 minutes ago

    By which I mean You 6:41, his partner just runs away lol

  • DarthBlad Gaming
    DarthBlad Gaming 13 minutes ago

    He did the nano virus on casual and not normal

  • Dantdm Pug
    Dantdm Pug 13 minutes ago


  • Goalstops O
    Goalstops O 13 minutes ago

    The amount of time the blue shirt guy took Betty out

  • Itz Sp3tre
    Itz Sp3tre 14 minutes ago

    Play spaghet

  • Bat
    Bat 14 minutes ago

    *Hey, it’s elderly abuse time!* 👴💥

  • Leah Dempsey
    Leah Dempsey 14 minutes ago

    y'all, I'm gonna be honest, I only clicked because the thumbnail looks like Schneeplestein lmao

  • Chase Cobb
    Chase Cobb 14 minutes ago

    Who cried watching this 1 like = you did

  • FNH8iT
    FNH8iT 14 minutes ago

    I've been doing scary month all month long 😁😁😁 been waiting u to do it too!!!

  • Ashley Dunegan
    Ashley Dunegan 15 minutes ago

    nobody's born cool except Flash-Playerrs Who start with FaceCam and keep it forever

  • Blockie Shamburger
    Blockie Shamburger 15 minutes ago

    Oh my god you absolute mad lad. You did it. You bought the damn chair

  • Ancha Fourie
    Ancha Fourie 15 minutes ago

    "Duh duh duh duuuuuuh" Is actually Beethoven

  • sycamore man
    sycamore man 16 minutes ago

    I had a slap chop. The top broke and almost stabbed a hole through my hand but before that it worked pretty well but I also only used it for olives.

  • Blake Gaming9001
    Blake Gaming9001 16 minutes ago

    If you don’t sleep this happens. Not getting enough sleep can lower your sex drive, weaken your immune system, cause thinking issues, and lead to weight gain. When you don't get enough sleep, you may also increase your risk of certain cancers, diabetes, and even car accidents.

  • NERO cramer
    NERO cramer 17 minutes ago

    purple and orange are the best lol why do u only go for blue

  • Butter Cat
    Butter Cat 17 minutes ago

    Do you guys even know what exp means..? It means *execution points*

  • Lyndsay Matthews
    Lyndsay Matthews 17 minutes ago

    Give a fish to a cat to tame it

  • PrehistoricFanBoy 101
    PrehistoricFanBoy 101 17 minutes ago

    Thumbnail: Looks like Sean is going to play another Surgery Game Video: Sean plays typical horror games

  • Angelikas Vernile
    Angelikas Vernile 17 minutes ago

    I can hear the fucking he-he even if there´s no Michael!

  • Frosty_ Rose1.o
    Frosty_ Rose1.o 17 minutes ago

    Jack Iceland isn’t cold Greenland is 😂😂😂

  • William Boivin
    William Boivin 18 minutes ago

    Latest comment 4 years ago... I’m old

  • justaperson
    justaperson 19 minutes ago

    Can you play we happy few again? I really liked that game the story is really cool and the end is amazing

  • potato hamster
    potato hamster 20 minutes ago

    Will you do Benedict Cumberbatch. *please*

  • PennyWise
    PennyWise 20 minutes ago

    if i was on jacks team i would be so happy that i would eat my mic

  • YT iLoveMyRaGeZ
    YT iLoveMyRaGeZ 20 minutes ago

    Fucking outlands

  • Dadi Cernota
    Dadi Cernota 21 minute ago

    well schrew you then

    REDH00D GAMER 21 minute ago

    Jacksepticeye is great! Sub to him! Or not.

  • Ezra Penafiel
    Ezra Penafiel 22 minutes ago

    So long since I heard jack scream out of fear

  • fira script
    fira script 22 minutes ago

    Did I get scared? nope.

  • Luka Lost the game
    Luka Lost the game 22 minutes ago

    “Your not ready for these scary games” Honey I watch scary games at 3 am and take walks at that time

  • Harmony Chickenheart
    Harmony Chickenheart 22 minutes ago

    Jack starts walking ZOMBIE COMES OUT Jack screams Me: "I'm not afraid of a zombie!" CREEPER SHOWS UP Me: "Well.... This has been a blast."

  • Critical Sniper20068
    Critical Sniper20068 23 minutes ago

    I like the old intro better

  • Louise Langton
    Louise Langton 23 minutes ago

    What’s the ending???

  • Natalie
    Natalie 23 minutes ago

    21:33 I had a minor heart attaccc

  • Ant361
    Ant361 23 minutes ago

    I literally spit my drink all over my pillow i got jumpscared so hard

  • TBM - Gameplays
    TBM - Gameplays 23 minutes ago

    Damn these videos are hella *spookE*

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 23 minutes ago

    Died from LAUGHTER


    this is a copy of ryan higa 's peg pants

  • Rolando Perez
    Rolando Perez 25 minutes ago

    8:23 has anti septiceye evolved into visions?

  • tails Inouye [half exe]
    tails Inouye [half exe] 26 minutes ago

    Jack: this game has swimming no games have swimming! Mincraft: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*

  • R leigh Watson
    R leigh Watson 27 minutes ago

    I love the song bottomless pit

  • ILoveOrios
    ILoveOrios 27 minutes ago

    Who's watching this in 2019?!!

  • Neuron
    Neuron 27 minutes ago

    No, i dont have 90 minutes sadly, i may never know how we got here😔

  • Zupa
    Zupa 27 minutes ago

    I picked miriam........

  • sarah spofford
    sarah spofford 27 minutes ago

    2:35 jacksepticeye I want to keep it around 30 min. Me checking the time 1:07:41

  • Drawing Guy
    Drawing Guy 27 minutes ago

    I loved it I just wanted better guality

  • Royoboys 2
    Royoboys 2 28 minutes ago

    At points the English captions say “For gods sake read the clues.” Jack. What are you hiding?