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  • Justin John Llanita
    Justin John Llanita 3 hours ago

    years ago i thought this was funny. but when i read the books everything was clearly explained. and now cinema sins guy just sound stupid in this video

  • Hunter Schultz
    Hunter Schultz 3 hours ago

    What happened to carl and arnie anf jesse in the special features they huge into fitness during this movie

  • Fred Landry
    Fred Landry 3 hours ago

    This movie was awful.

  • Blah Blah Blah !
    Blah Blah Blah ! 3 hours ago

    14:17 OMG hahahaha

  • Parsa Shirali
    Parsa Shirali 3 hours ago

    0:33 being freaking serious?

  • Amelia Coventry16
    Amelia Coventry16 3 hours ago

    I cry every time i watch this movie

  • Fred Landry
    Fred Landry 3 hours ago

    Olivia Wilde πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.

  • Doctor Kermit
    Doctor Kermit 3 hours ago


  • Amelia Coventry16
    Amelia Coventry16 3 hours ago

    Nicole kidman in love with Ewan McGregor removes 100 sins

  • Ashraf Badreddine
    Ashraf Badreddine 3 hours ago

    Everything wrong with Creed: it's not Rocky

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 3 hours ago

    Because black widow is sexier in a skirt than hulk buster

  • DennoD Dragon
    DennoD Dragon 3 hours ago

    Skate board was a huge part of the alt & conter culture ine the communist Berlin ^^

  • Free Tube
    Free Tube 3 hours ago

    Please sin the movie national Lampoon's vacation

  • John Snow
    John Snow 3 hours ago

    Do a video between of John wick 2 and 3 it don't make any sense wen he was supposed to have his contact to start at 5:00 but in the 3rd one it starts at 6:00?? Explain that

  • Guybrush Threepwood
    Guybrush Threepwood 3 hours ago

    I fucking love this movie. I watch it regularly and I wish there was more of it.

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 3 hours ago

    Iron man saved the world in end game and Spiderman is the next iron man

  • Kuro Josuke
    Kuro Josuke 3 hours ago

    Okay here we go before i get angry XD Edit: Okay sorry can't watch this, makes my heart cry ;-;

  • Antoine Lashua
    Antoine Lashua 3 hours ago

    3:24 Michael Assbender

  • Robin Pecat
    Robin Pecat 3 hours ago

    She means HIV, ADIS is the final phase of an infection with HIV.

  • Blah Blah Blah !
    Blah Blah Blah ! 3 hours ago

    "This guy is harder to understand than Ennis Delmar" Dude! HAHAHAHA

  • Zoe Wombikiss
    Zoe Wombikiss 3 hours ago

    A couple things: 3:20 the eggplant emoji is in the cubes, but at 5:21 there's a sin about how the eggplant emoji is in the loser's lounge. maybe they are different emojis but that brings me to my other point: 2:16 why do they need to reproduce? do emojis age? Why are there more than one type of emoji on the phone at any time? Why dont they just stay in the cubes the whole time? There is soooo much wrong with this movie it makes me want to cry just thinking about how I was forced to watch this.

  • donut_ fb
    donut_ fb 3 hours ago

    We got a comicbook coffee shop in Sacramento its awesome

  • theoden alexander
    theoden alexander 3 hours ago

    the crystal skulls dont look like the real crystal skulls.

  • War Gamer
    War Gamer 4 hours ago


  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 4 hours ago

    Everything wrong with Jurassic Park is if they made it real

  • Mitchell Poole
    Mitchell Poole 4 hours ago

    their ears look like continental pasta

  • Clementine For the walking dead

    I wanna move to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ lowkey

  • Mr Manceres
    Mr Manceres 4 hours ago

    Left out 1 sin for it being nothing like the Stephen King short story its based off

  • Stripe1919ify
    Stripe1919ify 4 hours ago

    remember when shrek was the warboss of a WAAAGH! in SFA?

  • Vinny Michael
    Vinny Michael 4 hours ago

    16:10 has to be the best laughter I've ever heard! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • JSB
    JSB 4 hours ago

    Did they... totally steal part of the opening from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

  • KaidaFly
    KaidaFly 4 hours ago

    you should have done my name is Connor the android sent by cyberlife

  • Truvak T
    Truvak T 4 hours ago

    if we only could be him, there will not be a metoo farce .

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 4 hours ago

    Young Kirsten dunst gets a board game and all of a sudden a old man jumps out like a cock jumping out of my jeans when i see a sexy black chick,devo alert

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 4 hours ago

    Old man jumps out of board game and scares a young kid spidey gf, pedo alert, code green

  • Sean Foltz
    Sean Foltz 4 hours ago

    You totally missed the fact that there were at least two more light furries in the crowd shot of other dragons AND right in the front too.

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 4 hours ago

    I don't think they did fuel the plane, i think landing in the desert was a waste of time for criminals cops and po

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel 4 hours ago

    @CinemaSins do a Everything Wrong with Saving Private Ryan

  • Max Robertson
    Max Robertson 4 hours ago

    Code 404 vid should not be found

  • Roberta Trevino
    Roberta Trevino 4 hours ago

    Noah? More like Woah! Amirite? I didn't even start watching the video, I just really wanted to say this

  • Thehider 1234567
    Thehider 1234567 4 hours ago

    13:02 but his eyes are green for the fake mega mind, unlike the rest of the movie?

  • lokaylusta
    lokaylusta 4 hours ago


  • IBooogeymanI
    IBooogeymanI 4 hours ago

    One major plot hole I think you missed. If lady ock knew peter was glitching and would die by staying in that universe. Would that have been important information to tell to Kingpin?

  • Thehider 1234567
    Thehider 1234567 4 hours ago

    CinemaWins is more saturated.

  • Hoyoung Lee
    Hoyoung Lee 4 hours ago

    Well we know now that he didn't just stop "Itting" for a month...

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 4 hours ago

    Carrie is cute, if she was treated like a princess, she'd be OK

  • Musical Kat
    Musical Kat 4 hours ago

    I watched this move when I was 5 it left me with a fear that I cant explain

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 4 hours ago

    It was Friday the 13th the other day, the only bad thing that happened was i stood in dog shit, still can't clean it off, few days later

  • James Smith
    James Smith 4 hours ago

    It’s blank

  • Reptiles, Fish, and More

    There should have been over 4000 sins for every second the movie played. This whole movie was an abomination and the parents that took their kids to see it probably made their kids even more stupid. . . I lost brain cells just watching him sin this movie...

  • How Lions Mane Knife

    Hey a-hole get off your butt and make the perfect movie for us so we can criticize it and point at all your mistakes

  • Lettuce Bee
    Lettuce Bee 4 hours ago

    No no no no. I adore you bro and love your work but fuck no. Not this movie!! I'm drawing a line in the sand. No faaaarther. πŸ˜‰

  • Tracy Beaker
    Tracy Beaker 4 hours ago

    So, Where the hell was the fairy godmother and Prince Charming in this movie?

  • Randy Wiechman
    Randy Wiechman 4 hours ago

    Fourteen hundred minutes wouldn't be enough to document everything wrong with this stupid and fatuous movie. To do so really isn't necessary, though. Just say it stinks on ice.

  • Ed Barton
    Ed Barton 4 hours ago

    Cima sins

  • Raja Khan
    Raja Khan 4 hours ago


  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 4 hours ago

    Dreamworld, the theme park I'll never visit again

  • Jaqen H`ghar
    Jaqen H`ghar 4 hours ago

    100 sins added for changing the title from PHILOSOPHER to SORCERER as our American cousins have no idea what a Philosopher is...…..

  • Fred Landry
    Fred Landry 4 hours ago

    How did Apocalypse get rid of the nuclear weapons on planes and stored in warehouses?

  • Mike T
    Mike T 4 hours ago

    10 sins for the title reading: Everything With Wrong

  • Irish Monk
    Irish Monk 5 hours ago

    07:11 read a theory somewhere that the Ghostface seen in that scene is Roman from Scream 3. Not sure if it was ever confirmed by Kevin Williamson or Wes Craven.

  • the flaming cat
    the flaming cat 5 hours ago

    are you the voice actor for barry benson from the bee movie?

  • zero masters
    zero masters 5 hours ago

    Lol this was good

  • Lassi Nissinen
    Lassi Nissinen 5 hours ago

    Half of these are explainable: "BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!"

  • Beccy_G
    Beccy_G 5 hours ago

    Excuse me Despicable Me is a discount Megamind!

  • DriftZ TwoSeven
    DriftZ TwoSeven 5 hours ago

    11:12 Mexico only lets people in if you cancel their debt and everyone elses. Take note Europe, charge the govts of the illegal migrants in the boats

  • Frank C
    Frank C 5 hours ago

    Missed a terrible sin playing mexican music when they landed in Cuzco... which ALSO should've been Nazca, where the lines are and not in MACHU PICCHU lol. Did they land in Cuzco and take a train to Nazca?? I don't think so. Would've been closer to land in Lima and take a bus to Nazca lol. Give some highlight to Cuzco for Machu Picchu? Nah. MP is already a wonder of the world! And what did Pancho Villa had to do with PERU??? roflmao !!!

  • smartbunny
    smartbunny 5 hours ago

    Zelda is the ultimate sin.

  • Reptiles, Fish, and More

    There's way too many funny things on the internet revolved around Shrek for me to hate it lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but the third and fourth sucked

  • Chicken Fuoker
    Chicken Fuoker 5 hours ago

    Why ar yu gei?

  • totalmikie
    totalmikie 5 hours ago

    This dumbass flick SUCKS and that goes DOUBLE for its dumbass worthless fans. FUCK YOU ALL.

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 5 hours ago

    Does elm street have elm trees

  • Og Dreamy
    Og Dreamy 5 hours ago

    2:50 cause Dalton threw the 4 people across the room.

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie 5 hours ago

    Everything wrong with power Rangers was the tv series, and now a movie,a zillion sins

  • Galaxy WolfieYT
    Galaxy WolfieYT 5 hours ago


  • darkmagegaming 22
    darkmagegaming 22 5 hours ago

    This should be 0:00

  • Og Dreamy
    Og Dreamy 5 hours ago

    You forgot a sin. In a part: reani sees the big dude in the babies crib. Instead of grabbing the baby, lemme go get my husband. Perfect time for that dude to take the baby.

  • Isaak Doreo
    Isaak Doreo 5 hours ago

    Bram Stoker writing Dracula was all leading up to the best scene in all of cinematic history. The Twilight baseball scene.

  • Candice Nicole
    Candice Nicole 5 hours ago

    Tom cruise... biggest sin!!! Got to sentence him to hamanutra’!!!’ Love the mummy franchise so much. I let it slide a bit when they changed evie from Rachel weiz to whats her name. Even let it slide how grown alex got in a matter of a few years (looks like a whole 30🀣🀣🀣) but Tom cruise!!!!! The effects are nice though Bring Brendan Fraser back!!

  • kenneth mortensen
    kenneth mortensen 5 hours ago

    Why shit on this movie? Its just a great story.

  • skyethemovieguy
    skyethemovieguy 5 hours ago

    And this movie shouldn't even been made very disappointed in this

  • World Eater
    World Eater 5 hours ago

    This films are so f*ckin cringe. Holy bull!

  • bloomingcactus1239
    bloomingcactus1239 5 hours ago

    10:12 best part of the video

  • katey T
    katey T 5 hours ago

    Shrek 5

  • Day Veen
    Day Veen 5 hours ago

    The most sin in every movie

  • KidFury 90265
    KidFury 90265 5 hours ago

    how to make a movie of today, make a female main character ONLY female otherwise your sexist and of course constantly push the narrative that she is a strong independent female character and then throw in a bunch of idiots one dickhead and then one GIRL who ignores logic and is an idiot who does the stupidest of things and of course have it so that she can name a large amount fo scientific information off the top fo her head taht is how you become rich

  • Jacob Cheney
    Jacob Cheney 5 hours ago

    I'm too scared to turn around anymore.

  • UZ Meliodas
    UZ Meliodas 5 hours ago

    Elizabeth banks is the director


    It's her stepfather. Who committed her for trying to shoot him. Because he was going to kill off the girls to get her fortune... The rest is history.


    It's very easy to understand. I'm sorry you don't get it. It's deep.

  • Catherine 480
    Catherine 480 5 hours ago

    I like how Will Smith logic dictates that if a girl can’t find her keys right away that means she definitely wants to be lip raped.

  • Keyser Sozie
    Keyser Sozie 5 hours ago

    Mona Lisa on Meth πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Lyra Saruman
    Lyra Saruman 5 hours ago

    "This de-aging technology....I am terrified to see how this technology will be used in the future" All of the possibilities now appear before me MWAHAHAHA

  • Ilysa Serao
    Ilysa Serao 5 hours ago

    You should do everything wrong with the vault!

  • Cake
    Cake 5 hours ago

    The more of these I watch the more it just sounds like a pessimistic child whining about every occurrence in their life. I need to watch these in moderation..

  • TheGinnnnnnger
    TheGinnnnnnger 5 hours ago

    Do a video about whats wrong with this channel, its going to be a long one.

  • alejandro allen
    alejandro allen 5 hours ago

    This is stupid

  • Israel Cortes
    Israel Cortes 5 hours ago

    Okay so u know you how he was fighting in the water tank and almost drowned in the pool both times he was in water it was cleanish. The rain was clean too. the reason the puddle killed him was because THE PUDDLE WAS MUDDY AND IT WAS DIRTY WATER BOOOM ENDING EXPLAINED.

  • kyeopzz
    kyeopzz 5 hours ago

    say all they want, this is still the best zombie movie yet, who gives a f if its not like the book, as someone who appreciates zombie movies, this is the most realistic one

  • Somethingsuperbland
    Somethingsuperbland 5 hours ago

    This musical makes me pop a blood vessel anytime I see something from it I swear it’s infuriating