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Fun With Audio - Strings
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  • rodprops
    rodprops Minute ago

    Here's a "sin" you didn't mention: how is it that a kid is left unsupervised to travel in space with a bunch of fighting robots and worse, joins in the fighting?!

  • Bryan Witten
    Bryan Witten 3 minutes ago

    Sharks do play with their food..refer seals being tossed in the air.

  • rodprops
    rodprops 9 minutes ago

    @4:48 Both sides having a "ghetto blaster"?! Why, just why?

  • Sally Mackenzie
    Sally Mackenzie 19 minutes ago

    keeno reeves

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 23 minutes ago

    This entire movie was made by the next to be revealed hollywood rapist barely able to hide his thoughts in his work. Seriously disturbing especially when it comes to the focus on children as well and I just hope this person hasn't destroyed many lives with their pedophilia.

  • Ray Yuen
    Ray Yuen 29 minutes ago

    When multiple baddies were tossing the grenades into those tiny airplane windows, imagine if one grenade missed, it would bounce back and blow up the baddies? would they really be that confident to take that huge risk :)

  • عش الدبابير DronesNest

    The first 4 sins were unacceptable

  • KanitoKawaii
    KanitoKawaii 39 minutes ago

    Rapunzel being banished is in the original fairy tail, except it's a desert she's banished to. Also, in that story she's like 13 and also pregnant with the prince's child

  • BlackWing 92
    BlackWing 92 40 minutes ago

    This movie suffer from the same reason age of Ultron didn't go so well( but it's MCU,of course people are crazy to watch it anyway). The machine in salvation are a bunch of idiot. They have and control every resources in the world. They are smarter than humans. But this movie didn't explain anything how or why humans can take these machines down so easily. U can do lazy writing in some part of the movie,but main plot and characterization is the thing that need to write carefully or the movies will turn to shit. I really love the concept of salvation, because it's a new story for the franchise,but I have no idea how idiot the producer to give director seat to Charlie's angels director. For fuck sake u have so many better action films director, why the fuck u have to give it to Charlie's angels director?

  • Ernesto Loaiza
    Ernesto Loaiza 42 minutes ago

    I want eww Booksmart RIGHT NOW

  • Senjyoti Barman
    Senjyoti Barman 43 minutes ago

    I think I only saw this movie because of Sam Rockwell

  • Alan Daniels
    Alan Daniels 49 minutes ago

    I actually watched the original for the FIRST time 2 weeks ago. Could never stand Richard Thomas, John Ritter, and Harry Anderson. What a waste of my time that I will never get back. Horrible movie...Tim Curry was the only good actor.

  • Tim G.
    Tim G. 51 minute ago

    Every movie they have to find everything wrong with it 🎥

  • Demon Qween
    Demon Qween 53 minutes ago


  • Shooter Mcgavin
    Shooter Mcgavin 54 minutes ago

    Just to let you know that I have subscribed to you again, it seems Flash-Player really does unsubscribe people from some channels for.. reasons.

  • thanos kermit
    thanos kermit 56 minutes ago

    "he's an idiot" "That's racist"

  • Soos Saas
    Soos Saas Hour ago

    Nassau, Bahamas Nassau, Germany Look it up

  • Aitish Kumar
    Aitish Kumar Hour ago

    Honestly, even the anime itself has some story problems here and there(as it was pretty wacky and old.Talking about dragonball) but you need to be some genius level stupid to make a story this bad. It's like the writers took the main points of the anime and decided to go exactly opposite of all of 'em. Goku isn't shy,he is indifferent.Dude thought marriage was something you eat when he promised Chichi for marriage. Chichi isn't so confident.She is angry and bratty.She wanted to marry Goku because he patted her puss and that was a marriage invitation to her. I can understand why they wouldn't make them little like in the anime as it would attract too much SJW attention(we know how much they hate loli/shota stuff)but dragonball was never a family friendly anime. What is that green thing? Flush it.Flush it hard. RIP grandpa gohan. RIP master roshi. RIP bulma. RIP vegeta. I can almost see them all forcing themselves in our world just to find the guys who made this.

  • Brooklynyte
    Brooklynyte Hour ago

    Narrators never look the way you think they're gonna look once you've gotten used to hearing them.

  • Alan Daniels
    Alan Daniels Hour ago

    They made a remake with women...there. That is what is wrong with the ENTIRE MOVIE.

  • UrShadowBud Harry

    1st sin: Whole movies because its a sequel, add sins equivalent to the movies time length

  • Stefan Hansen
    Stefan Hansen Hour ago

    It is hard aelling a Move Wher God is maine villan in this day and age and wher the deamon within is the soul in the sequelas wher the hearo literly wulde be fiting all the artch angels it wuldent fly by Hollywood

  • Phuong Nguyen Ngoc

    I literaly got an add of budget direct that mentions sinema sins Me: Magic

  • Float
    Float Hour ago

    Is there anything you actually like???

  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo Hour ago

    After being hit with cars, smashed against glass, shot at a gazillion times and also stabbed by a 7 feet NBA player, you still think that fall would kill John Wick? The only major injury in the entire franchise is losing a finger which he himself cut. Not even cancer can get him!

  • River Works
    River Works Hour ago


  • 911ShadowNinja
    911ShadowNinja Hour ago

    Would love to see you do House of Wax (2005)! It’s one of my favourite films:)

  • differentJelly
    differentJelly Hour ago

    Shrek watches this and has the same reaction to the book "What a load of" 😂

  • Art_Katie/Kasia Jarecka

    They didn’t had to kill the doggo. They throw this dog in so they can have „emontional” moment. Even in fricking shark movie they didn’t kill the dog the shark was going after, but her they didn’t just kill the dog, but also put it in place where it had no sense for it to be in!

  • Float
    Float Hour ago

    Everything wrong with Cinema Sins.

  • Sri Ranjitha B
    Sri Ranjitha B Hour ago

    Bet Robert Pattinson liked this video😎😆

  • Dom Snow
    Dom Snow Hour ago

    Worst mcu film

  • RWJeeper
    RWJeeper Hour ago

    How to roast your self

  • WispSkull YT
    WispSkull YT Hour ago


    CHOKH Hour ago

    الرجاء مساعدتي مشترك ومشاركة هذه القناة

  • Frimbertrips
    Frimbertrips Hour ago

    I could not watch this movie without muting it and turning on some other kind of music...

  • SamFr1000
    SamFr1000 Hour ago

    Is there not a T2: Judgement Day sins video??

  • OriginalGamerOnline

    The amount of "TONE DEAF" Actors in this movie is fucking sad!! My fucking ears hurt now. But I'm pretty sure every dumb ass actor in here will say the same BS, singing is my first love! Well you Voice is like a fucking Black Plaque among my ears!

  • Simple Jam
    Simple Jam 2 hours ago

    FBI open up spread out

  • richanmel
    richanmel 2 hours ago

    1 thing you learn quickly from watching Cinema Sins, dont take a sip of drink unless you pause the video 1st

  • Rakesh Roy
    Rakesh Roy 2 hours ago

    where is Endgame.....

  • Steve Dunning
    Steve Dunning 2 hours ago

    My favourite bit is where dennis quaid falls through roof of a frozen shopping centre without realising he's climbed 5 stories BECAUSE THE SNOW'S SO THICK!

  • spyddaa s
    spyddaa s 2 hours ago

    You forgot to sin. Elise says 'when you call out to one of the dead, all of them can hear you' So does it mean that the girl has the power to call out the dead? She must have some sort of astral shyt

  • Tobi Calitz
    Tobi Calitz 2 hours ago


  • Big Bad Brenn0
    Big Bad Brenn0 2 hours ago

    3:24 wtf ic that laugh bro? <3

  • It's Marry You Rat
    It's Marry You Rat 2 hours ago

    And he was innocent? And he is technically a rapist because he was gonna make her drink or put inside her his milk, *wow some world we live in*

  • Paul Hammerton
    Paul Hammerton 2 hours ago

    Cinemasins still thinks boyfriends "let" there girlfriends do things...100 sins

  • richanmel
    richanmel 2 hours ago

    16:53 I lost it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cheyenne Bates
    Cheyenne Bates 2 hours ago

    Alright Sin Guy. You've had it too damn easy covering all these shitty films like "The Shining" and "Die Hard". I think I speak for everyone here when I say you've been challenged to the test of an actually good piece of art. The true American classic. "Beavis and Butthead Do America"

  • TheRedGameboy
    TheRedGameboy 2 hours ago

    Car riding ain't comfy, but Charles could lie down almost fully, Laura could recline a bit, and they should have kept GOING after helping those farmers. Even without the tracker, they got skills to hunt them conventionally. And that casino was proof of that.

  • #JulioJones 11
    #JulioJones 11 2 hours ago

    I hate the Free World but Lotto clearly won that battle.

  • TheRedGameboy
    TheRedGameboy 2 hours ago

    Sin the damn kid clamming up for the first 90min, then yammering en espanol to someone who clearly only speaks English when she's comfortable speaking both.

  • rafiqo waliuddin
    rafiqo waliuddin 2 hours ago


  • Shelly Capelle
    Shelly Capelle 2 hours ago

    You should do a movie sins for blood in blood out please thank you

  • MattHawes
    MattHawes 2 hours ago

    You know it's a re-upload when Jeremy speaks in hushed tones like he's afraid of waking someone in the next room.

  • Juan Viramontes
    Juan Viramontes 2 hours ago

    Not stupid to jump on a grenade ...i was an 8 yr combat soldier ...and lost someone to that he saved our squad

  • Ed Hopkins
    Ed Hopkins 2 hours ago

    2:08 Robot flinches as it fires hand cannon into roommate.

  • Jack Nakash
    Jack Nakash 2 hours ago

    So how long have you been "hopped" up on Adderall and/or Ritalin??

  • William Sire
    William Sire 2 hours ago

    You could have just changed the title of the movie to "Everything wrong with The Man Of Steel."

  • gamer777
    gamer777 2 hours ago

    am i the only one who think merida is the worst disney princess or at least found her a bad character

  • Bertharius
    Bertharius 2 hours ago

    I enjoyed this film, despite its flaws. Watched this 'CinemaSins' video, but after a couple of minutes found the tedium too much to bear, so instead watched a video on how to drain your central heating system. Informative AND entertaining.

  • Jake Fields
    Jake Fields 3 hours ago

    i remember this OMG IT WAS SO GOOD

  • Trojianmaru
    Trojianmaru 3 hours ago

    Sad you missed the game sin. As a big fan of Final Fantasy 8, that scene with the 2 kids after one of the angels fell out of the window pissed me off for years after. Final Fantasy 8 is a turn based, single player game. It is not a 2 player button masher, like the actors tried to make it look. The fact that they paid the license fee to include footage of the video game, but then had the two kids acting like that, baffles me. They Could of had a generic 2 player racing game, or fighting game, but they chose a single player, turn based role playing game..... WHY?!!

  • Maxwell Erickson
    Maxwell Erickson 3 hours ago

    I think this dude hates all movies

  • Dwight Stone
    Dwight Stone 3 hours ago

    Why twenty minutes to review this crap 😂. Could tell how bad it was from the previews

  • PDXJack
    PDXJack 3 hours ago

    He didn't lead with shotguns because the pistol caliber carbine and 2011 in 9mm major is already ballistically a devastating round. Shooting a larger caliber gun is loud and deafening, the muzzle flash is disorienting too.

  • Alicia Hilbert
    Alicia Hilbert 3 hours ago

    Cinema Sins: explains how shit this human is. Comments: But I love Hugh Jackman! Fuck yeah, musicals! Me: Fuck yeah, Cinrma Sins! Barnum can suck it!

  • P S
    P S 3 hours ago

    I love Meryl Streep, and she does an okay job here. But she's got nothing on Bernadette Peters, I'm sorry. In terms of musicals, she was way out of her league. 7:30 To be fair, this line is supposed to be humorous deadpan, which Danielle Ferland (original Broadway actress) managed to capture and make far more humorous. I don't remember much of this movie version of of ITW, except for thinking I miss Danielle Ferland and Bernadette Peters most of all, and Johnny Depp somehow took a creepy pedo song and made it creepier and pedo-ier. (And the wolf costume flat out has balls and a dick in the stage play, so that's quite the feat. Thanks, Johnny, I hate it.) I also really disliked how they changed around Rapunzel's and her prince's ending (and got rid of Agony Reprise, the funnier of the two songs lbr), ditched the narrator and the hilarious fourth wall break, sped up the entire year between Acts (that freaky pregnancy... good god, that is the shit of horror movies) and cut some of the best songs.

    • P S
      P S 2 hours ago

      19:12 Watch the original musical. That's literally what it is all about--moral ambiguity, grey areas and who decides what's right and wrong. And yeah, she fucks the prince.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 3 hours ago

    The past has already happened. Even if they killed Kyle Reese, the current events would still continue.

  • Gab Dela Cruz
    Gab Dela Cruz 3 hours ago

    Thats not camazots thats philippines u mother father daughter brother

  • Raganrok Playz
    Raganrok Playz 3 hours ago

    How to Get basically half the internet mad at you

  • PDXJack
    PDXJack 3 hours ago

    5 sins for what differences? There's a different page on the right? It's still stamped in the same spot.

  • Bike Tall
    Bike Tall 3 hours ago

    I havent seen this movie. And now i know why. Weak ass premise on so many levels. And why would a couple trying to survive in this ridiculous world where u can’t make a sound or be killed, have another baby? I am glad i sat thru this funny 13 minute video instead of the full movie.

  • Suraj Sharma
    Suraj Sharma 3 hours ago

    You're breathbreaking.

  • Kalin Knight
    Kalin Knight 3 hours ago

    This man took a sin AWAY for the one cut fight scene with ray and kaylo hilarious 😂😂

  • Hasbullah Mohd Hazni

    the movie are not that bad...but this video narration is sucks

  • Ceairra Morris
    Ceairra Morris 3 hours ago

    “F$ck do you need a ship for? Both of you are ships.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Call me Riddick
    Call me Riddick 3 hours ago

    11:30 #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

  • Asher Graham
    Asher Graham 3 hours ago

    Did anyone tell you that you have a wimpy voice and that you sound like a cuck ?

  • Alex Dragonrider
    Alex Dragonrider 3 hours ago

    The first s in Des <-- Moines Iowa is silent much like the last s in Arkansas so add that to your sin counter for voice actors not knowing how to iowa @6:51 Also i totally see the irony from a man who obviously knows how to make amazing youtube videos that grab attention and must make advertising revenue making comments about the over-simplified economy of video sharing and the creative boundaries of the said market.

  • Shinji Schneider
    Shinji Schneider 3 hours ago

    You missed "John Wick is being a dick to dicks"

  • BLTspace
    BLTspace 3 hours ago

    John Wick 1 was amazing and Keanu is great and the whole vibe was awesome. Then 2 was more of the same and generally a fun watch. By the time I got around to 3 and Wick starts using horses to kick everyones ass... I pretty much checked out. It has a Fast and Furious vibe to it at this point with the action porn. I know that is kinda the point but i'm just over it. Story is not interesting enough to keep me in it.

  • Alyisha Challis
    Alyisha Challis 3 hours ago

    This movie was so shit like it disrespected I feel all the characters in a way like for real

  • Giada_De_Low_Rent_Tits

    This is a movie with a lot of potential that wound up being complete shit. I'll bet the show's producers had to contribute a fuckload of money to the Sierra Club and other moronic treehugger causes to avoid catching hell from the conservationists who correctly pointed out that the number of documented wolf attacks in North America in the last 200 years can be counted on one hand. The idea that the oil companies have hired guns to guard against the numerous wolf-attacks is the worst shit, oh my god. And that fucking non-ending was complete shit. This movie was such a clusterfuck that it killed its own chance of ever having a sequel. IMDB gives it 6.8/10, which is very generous. I give this shit-show a 4.

  • Krazy kitten
    Krazy kitten 3 hours ago

    I just got a cinema sins ad before this

  • Spencer F
    Spencer F 3 hours ago

    Do everything wrong with muppet treasure island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Steven
    Paul Steven 3 hours ago

    "Enhance, enhance, enhance" Ramathorn

  • Lo Lo
    Lo Lo 3 hours ago

    The packages of candy would actually be loud as hell, so i thought it was really cool they left them there

  • Jimmy Langdon
    Jimmy Langdon 4 hours ago

    This was perfect end.

  • AggroniteReverse and Mr spoon

    This doent make scene in the link you said that you hated this movie but give 0 sins

  • Eris Cyl
    Eris Cyl 4 hours ago

    Can someone please explain why you look down on jump scares? Fart jokes are funny but can very quickly get old because they’re easy and therefore predictable. Also, other jokes will make you laugh. Maybe even more because they may be less predictable. A jump scare’s purpose is to surprise. To be unpredictable. Okay, yes, maybe they are often not done right. But what other choice do we have? Unlike comedy’s alternatives to fart jokes, what other way does horror have to startle you? I don’t just want to be creeped out by horror movies. I want to be startled.

  • RedPheonix Gril
    RedPheonix Gril 4 hours ago

    You know if you dont grew up in Chinese family, you wouldn't really understand this story fully. Some would cry for there are some real story behind the movie too.

  • Ami Tousignant
    Ami Tousignant 4 hours ago

    you forgot the one where the catapiller just HURLS all over a fucking ant and the ant doesnt REPLYYYYYYY XD sorry im so baked rn like fuck

  • Regan
    Regan 4 hours ago

    Please do Undercover Brother with Dave Chappelle cause I’m watching it rn and I’m just thinking of the funny comments you’d say 😂 definitely check it out

  • Kyle Funke
    Kyle Funke 4 hours ago

    I counted 7 cuts

  • Knickerson
    Knickerson 4 hours ago

    Yeah, the stage version is definitely better than the film version. If there’s ever a revival, watch it.

  • Bob MacGoun
    Bob MacGoun 4 hours ago

    This movie sucked donkey b@lls.

  • Atomic Bezerk
    Atomic Bezerk 4 hours ago


  • Lauren Fash
    Lauren Fash 4 hours ago

    I kid you not in the books it says gabe's smell masks his demi-God smell but almost everything else is not in the book i mean there was so many better plots that they could have included like how annabeth and percy were on the same capture the flag team and it was Clarisse who attacked percy? Like wth

  • Miles Williams-Lewis

    I call my siblings Brother... there's something weird about that, Jeremy.