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Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
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what the heck is gen:LOCK??
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alex meyers compilation
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3 years on Youtube
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Glee is pretty dumb...
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My Japan Stories 2
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Dogs are awesome
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  • Freakshow Nightmare sans is my oc son

    Alex: and something spooky happens Ad: IM HERE!

  • premoniticn
    premoniticn 3 hours ago

    shows like this were filmed at such a simple time I assumed that the girl was the ghost like right away wtf-

  • Mr Monster
    Mr Monster 3 hours ago

    That dude looks like Winona Ryder

  • Nightingale21
    Nightingale21 3 hours ago

    they really didn't marry after their first kiss. When Charming woke her they knew each other for a while, and here was a long period before they married

  • Tomi Root
    Tomi Root 3 hours ago

    You should do Twitches from Disney!!

  • Star Sailor
    Star Sailor 3 hours ago


  • Natalia Edwards
    Natalia Edwards 3 hours ago

    Please do f the prom Like this so Alex sees it

  • The Bowties
    The Bowties 3 hours ago

    The old tea lady seems pure. Look at her goofy smile.

  • Editz _alex
    Editz _alex 3 hours ago

    People who hate on tv shows online don’t they know Netflix watches stuff to se what they should continue then they mught see them and cancel the show and the people who actually enjoy it is mad like thats dumb you hate on shows so their taken down like why?

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 3 hours ago

    I got a show for you a netflix show called, The Order. Its something right up your alley. 😁👍

  • ??
    ?? 3 hours ago

    Press pause then 9:28

  • arcticwolf1082 Ajpw
    arcticwolf1082 Ajpw 4 hours ago

    :O my name is olivia!!!!

  • Orville Satchell
    Orville Satchell 4 hours ago

    Do zombies

  • Daniel Caplan
    Daniel Caplan 4 hours ago

    Watching this now, 1/3 into the second season, I realize that the second season really leads it somewhere and turns it from utter confusion to... something?

  • Skittles
    Skittles 4 hours ago

    this sounds like that show deadtime stories that used to be on nickelodeon

  • Scarlette Artist
    Scarlette Artist 4 hours ago

    I loved this show so much and it deserved better we deserved better

  • innawuro Damakka
    innawuro Damakka 4 hours ago

    i think he should try telenovelas

  • Hagelslag
    Hagelslag 4 hours ago

    She's... not that tall. Actually. Come to the Netherlands, and you'll be average if you care so much... geez.

  • Anna Phillips
    Anna Phillips 4 hours ago


  • Skye Spychala
    Skye Spychala 4 hours ago

    Wait as soon as he sees the show ....... speechless😂😂

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me 4 hours ago

    Why did I actually like this movie 😂I just didn’t like the end

  • Gacha Amethyst
    Gacha Amethyst 4 hours ago

    Omg i totallt forgot about legends of the hidden temples or whatever! I would watch it and I totally forgot since I was young and hella confused about the monkey statues.

  • Chan Marr
    Chan Marr 4 hours ago

    Chick hanging out in a cemetery by herself and said that she use to live there? I figured she was a ghost. But I loved this when I was a kid. I would love to see the remake.

  • Meowsenberg
    Meowsenberg 4 hours ago

    6:02 that music's some serious nostalgia for me

  • Karsyn zzstu Beauchamp

    I feel like this episode is actually pretty heartwarming. The girl just wanted to go to prom, and in the end, she did with her boyfriend; except the prom was the afterlife. It’s pretty sweet when you think about it. I don’t see how this episode is supposed to be scary.

  • Toyaa Ikem
    Toyaa Ikem 4 hours ago


  • Kawther Al-taie
    Kawther Al-taie 4 hours ago

    When your favorite show gets shit on and but its true☹😢

  • kimberly s
    kimberly s 4 hours ago

    I was obsessed with this show when I was 11.

  • Rachel Salo
    Rachel Salo 4 hours ago

    "Oh no whatever shall we do..."

  • Pastel Maroon The Second

    My classmate did a speech on how tall girl was a good movie Unsurprisingly, that was honestly a really bad and boring speech that i never want to hear again

  • Rena Ami Akai
    Rena Ami Akai 4 hours ago

    I shall await the review of the first episode of the TV show. Last I knew, it was on Netflix.

  • Alsarah François
    Alsarah François 4 hours ago

    Will forever love this movie

  • Sphinx 1
    Sphinx 1 4 hours ago


  • Jadezy
    Jadezy 4 hours ago

    Do insatiable season 2 It's mindless

  • VioletIsBulletproof
    VioletIsBulletproof 4 hours ago

    OMG. so trueeee. i used to have friends left and right when i was younger..but the difference with alex's statement is that its not hard to make friends in your 20s...its hard to make friends afterrrr you finish school and start working. Not even joking. I had hella friends till 25...when i finished univ and started working....(most of my coworkers r....45+) Now.....using apps to find people near me is the new friend solution cuz u know.......most of my friends have like...wives, and girlfriends, going through divorces, getting married, and..babies and stuff...too busy for me. lmaooooo. Solution? kidnap a guy and stockholm syndrome him into loving and marrying and having kids with you. duhhhhhhh.

  • YvonneQuireMaster
    YvonneQuireMaster 4 hours ago

    This is literally the funniest thing ever

  • Melvin Melnin
    Melvin Melnin 4 hours ago

    The main plot of this movie could be described by the Tyler the creator song "NEW MAGIC WAND" off his album Igor

  • Dominic Boyer
    Dominic Boyer 4 hours ago

    this piano music is the same as the one in the haunting hour

  • BlackBanboo96
    BlackBanboo96 4 hours ago

    So no one's going to mention why Ron looks like young Justin Timberlake with the ramen hair?

  • The Purple Momasaur.

    giggles is come back yayayayaya

  • Weponized Battle toaster


  • Just Be Still
    Just Be Still 4 hours ago

    I’ve heard a lot about this show.

  • coucou c'est moi
    coucou c'est moi 4 hours ago

    Stig is supose to be an exchange why does he already have a good English.....

  • Jacki Clarke
    Jacki Clarke 5 hours ago

    im trying to inconspicuously watch this in the commons of my college and i keep laughing

  • Sophia2Awesome
    Sophia2Awesome 5 hours ago

    Honestly, I think out of this whole video the scariest thing was Jake Paul

  • Rebekah Meole
    Rebekah Meole 5 hours ago

    I’m from CT your right it’s trash here lol 😂

  • f9und
    f9und 5 hours ago

    "kid's show" R I G H T

  • Rebekah Meole
    Rebekah Meole 5 hours ago

    You should do Shazam

  • LyingGamer
    LyingGamer 5 hours ago

    The second season is really good

  • Chiddle From Gallifrey

    Please do Doctor Who. But remember whovians have amino...

  • Allison Crutchfield
    Allison Crutchfield 5 hours ago

    hey did u know that there is a movie from nickolodien called are u afraid of the dark

  • A_Ghoul_In_Tokyo
    A_Ghoul_In_Tokyo 5 hours ago

    Bro I ain't gonna lie Gen:LOCK is tough

  • Melvin Melnin
    Melvin Melnin 5 hours ago

    Dog, in what fucking universe would anybody clown a tall girl Fools would only clown short girls

  • KimmyKitty
    KimmyKitty 5 hours ago

    How-Why does Noah look like matpat? Like, old matpat? Is that just me? That's probably just me.

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith 5 hours ago

    How to build a better boy!!! It’s a Disney movie that gives me brain farts. I mean I get so boggled when I watch it!

  • I may Have lumbago, but

    No wonder how much time this takes.

    KEYBOARD MOUSE 5 hours ago


  • Bella 51387
    Bella 51387 5 hours ago

    Oh how about "mood"

  • Izzy Iz a Potato
    Izzy Iz a Potato 5 hours ago

    Ihy lolll

  • Too lazy to pick a name ;-;

    I remember watching that show!!! I remember the one episode with the girl in the mirror... And to this day I can’t sleep without my mirror being covered up.

  • El
    El 5 hours ago

    Who else when they heard band camp go 🤨🥴

    EMNOX DS 5 hours ago

    The baby’s awfully cgi created face just... I have. No. Words

  • Jilaryy Vann
    Jilaryy Vann 5 hours ago

    my babysitters a vampire is ICONIC

  • Kyra Taylor
    Kyra Taylor 5 hours ago

    Watch Disney’s Twitches plz

  • Menthe
    Menthe 5 hours ago

    You should do The 9 Lives of Chloe King

  • why is kiribaku not canon yet

    One of those dudes looks like bender from the breakfast club

  • ***Hades plays**
    ***Hades plays** 5 hours ago

    the movie is dumb

  • Real Communism
    Real Communism 5 hours ago

    Even if America is the freest freedom is only one the 3 main values freedom, equality, and stability, even though freedom causes the best economic outcomes it isn't congruent with everyone

  • Xx_weak-broski_xX
    Xx_weak-broski_xX 5 hours ago

    I used to love the show when I was younger, I thought erica was a spaz that became hot. WAIT THATS WHEN IT STARTED

  • Jasmin Erdbeerkäse
    Jasmin Erdbeerkäse 5 hours ago

    Now season 2 oof

  • Fredy Rodriguez
    Fredy Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    I disagree with you on the nail clip word it’s a good show, even better, THEY CAME BACK!!!! LOOK

  • ShalakumX Simba
    ShalakumX Simba 5 hours ago

    @2:39 Definitively a French-Quebecker.

  • Matthew Marquess
    Matthew Marquess 5 hours ago

    Can u do the 2019 remake

    KILLER KING 5 hours ago


    KILLER KING 5 hours ago

    The guy who said you "should been not done that" names jasse

  • Katerina Gocheva
    Katerina Gocheva 5 hours ago

    maybe they do this for the plot in season 4?

    PERPLEXUSZ 5 hours ago

    The Premiere Pro skillshare Was by

  • Anime Skrillex
    Anime Skrillex 5 hours ago

    My 3rd grade teacher used to put this on every Friday. Loved it

  • Crystal B
    Crystal B 5 hours ago

    The inspector reminded me of fire marshall Bill....perhaps this is his origin story?

  • Shantelle Shand
    Shantelle Shand 5 hours ago

    They all look entirely too young, the cartoon looks more mature, Kim wasnt corny like this.

  • Tomas ODonnell
    Tomas ODonnell 5 hours ago

    you should watch Disney channels zombies

  • Victoria Zhuravleva
    Victoria Zhuravleva 5 hours ago

    I haven’t seen this season yet but I have a feeling it’s gonna suck

  • Vixx Celacea
    Vixx Celacea 5 hours ago

    Your whole body just goes like "Abaughydyourgh!" Yes.

  • Basidoll
    Basidoll 5 hours ago

    You should talk about the Nick series Unfabulous. I remember it as a kid but no one talks about it or how weird it was.

  • Ruth
    Ruth 6 hours ago

    so its been a year and season 2 came out and nth i think s2 was SO SO SO much better than s3. like the emotional moments were a lot more moving, and the storyline was paced much better. all that jazz. I highly recommend watching it!

  • Hannah Reeves
    Hannah Reeves 6 hours ago

    I felt like I was watching a really bad high school play

  • SantanaRizzle
    SantanaRizzle 6 hours ago


  • Nikodim Zafirovski
    Nikodim Zafirovski 6 hours ago

    Commenting on every video I see part 172

  • Kimberly Tini Evans
    Kimberly Tini Evans 6 hours ago

    can you please do are you afraid of the dark tale of the dream girl

  • Alvarito Martinez
    Alvarito Martinez 6 hours ago

    Cázalos is shirt has 101 from his mom

  • Kimberly Tini Evans
    Kimberly Tini Evans 6 hours ago


  • Victoria Zhuravleva
    Victoria Zhuravleva 6 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about her looks bad I’m sorry

  • Catalina Vargas
    Catalina Vargas 6 hours ago

    omg i found it i found how u look like

  • Ser Dark
    Ser Dark 6 hours ago

    Used to watch it alot on Netflix, but Netflix removed it.

  • Risa Griffith
    Risa Griffith 6 hours ago

    Please please please do degrassi:next gen

  • Loonyoli
    Loonyoli 6 hours ago

    Mans called Cheryl charlotte

  • The small gymnast Period


  • Victoria Zhuravleva
    Victoria Zhuravleva 6 hours ago

    Wtf she sleeps with her ponytail ?

  • Joanie McElhinney
    Joanie McElhinney 6 hours ago

    I literally re-watched this like 10 times lmao 6:01

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 6 hours ago

    Do teen beach movie 1 and 2