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This PC is breathtaking!
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64 Core EPYC CPU - HOLY $H!T
Views 2.6M2 months ago
Who has the Best PC at LTT??
Views 3.9M2 months ago
Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!
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  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar 9 seconds ago

    Anyways XPS is best😜

  • wow epic
    wow epic 48 seconds ago

    I knew i wasn't actually bad at csgo its my computer!

  • Hari prasanth
    Hari prasanth 59 seconds ago

    Linus is the only boss who let's his employees slap him(twice) in front of a camera.

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 2 minutes ago

    Simple Solution. Stop buying Apple Products.

  • 佐藤海翔
    佐藤海翔 2 minutes ago

    how about, No. cause hacking is going to be super easy by the time that "wireless" is out. not to mention it makes hacking incredible profiting; don't even think that those security will work anymore.

  • Quaz y
    Quaz y 3 minutes ago

    This highlights the need for a cultural shift in the tech industry away from un-repairable designs. Look at the praise being heaped on a device that at a moment's notice will remove your access to your data and any ability to recover it. See Louis Rossmann for proper details.

  • Vintagegamer
    Vintagegamer 3 minutes ago

    Did Linus finally grow up?

  • puzzle man productions
    puzzle man productions 3 minutes ago

    You can see at the exact point @12:33 about 4 cones had been punched beforehand.

  • Prem Nag Reddy Somireddy

    This is a step in the right direction and I am glad that Apple is listening. Now all that's left is to put a SD-Card reader, 2 USB Type-A ports, an ethernet port, an HDMI port, and unsolder components like NVME SSDs and RAM. Also, put a 128 GB NVME version so I can replace the SSD without getting ripped off.

  • Lachlan Moss
    Lachlan Moss 4 minutes ago

    Still waiting for the machine shop videos

  • Garrett Johnson
    Garrett Johnson 5 minutes ago

    Didn't mention price or compare price/performance and if its a good deal. cmon Linus...

  • Zachary
    Zachary 5 minutes ago

    Is the fact that they are saying 'I', 'S', 'O' instead of "ISO" driving anyone else crazy? I know it's personal preference but...

  • Seth Shaffer
    Seth Shaffer 5 minutes ago

    imagine playing 1000 hours of overwatch then getting put into scrap yard wars and then linus saying "don't practice out of work hours." Id be willing to abide by that.

  • AndyZULUL
    AndyZULUL 5 minutes ago

    next video: "I was wrong about the MacBook pro"

  • Pedro Fayolle
    Pedro Fayolle 5 minutes ago

    At 25:02 the in-game camera and the IRL camera are moving in sync and it causes a very eerie 3D effect.

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 6 minutes ago

    Something a Mac can be good for xD

  • Lee Shallis
    Lee Shallis 7 minutes ago

    should've used normal steam with proton

  • PromiserOfDeath2
    PromiserOfDeath2 7 minutes ago

    Don't feel bad Linus even Celebrities read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Beezus C Hrist
    Beezus C Hrist 7 minutes ago

    They go to OCC lol

  • MeianJū Naihatsu
    MeianJū Naihatsu 8 minutes ago

    Damn, need these headphones

  • BeelzebubUK
    BeelzebubUK 8 minutes ago

    USA & Canada only again.... Maybe it's more complicated than I believe but how difficult would it be to also include the cost of import taxes to whichever country it would go to. You can probably even do it through the courier directly.

  • thegeorgezila
    thegeorgezila 8 minutes ago

    So overlook all the bullshit that still plague the thing. And give us all your money! Because it is better, sort of. And you still get to be COOL!!!!!!

  • R Kollman
    R Kollman 8 minutes ago

    Luke, it is a very ducky key board, and the most famous on linus tech tips. As for Linus, bad manners about Luke's, cowlicks considering you look like you fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  • McGeesters Stars
    McGeesters Stars 8 minutes ago

    U have kids wtf

  • Vel A
    Vel A 8 minutes ago

    4000$ laptop for content conception!! So these are the guys who could afford those stands?

  • NGC 2264
    NGC 2264 9 minutes ago

    I only want the songs that he played for Linus. :(

  • rivet
    rivet 9 minutes ago

    Im in texas i have 2 and yet each one is at least 100 miles away

  • Spurs
    Spurs 9 minutes ago


  • Shashank Shekhar
    Shashank Shekhar 9 minutes ago

    There are not a lot of jobs in the world where u get to slap your boss.. I wanna work here too...

  • Stephen Cadman
    Stephen Cadman 10 minutes ago

    people dont waste your money it will develop random shut downs just like the rest of the macbook range starting from 2011 onward

  • I Got Dibz Gaming
    I Got Dibz Gaming 10 minutes ago

    Of course it’s got an esc key, why wouldn’t it???🤦‍♂️

  • Wedson Nascimento
    Wedson Nascimento 11 minutes ago

    hang on! Is this pink-haired man linus?

  • Peekofwar
    Peekofwar 11 minutes ago

    One question I have is whether or not you can easily setup a game server to run off one of these if you wanted to play a game doesn't let you host a session from in-game.

  • Angry Old Canadian
    Angry Old Canadian 11 minutes ago

    I purchased a system with vista... a gaming system... and it still ran like crap. I disabled everything I could and it still ran like crap. I dual booted with linux and ran the wine emulator. I could emulate windows programs in linux and have them run around 30% faster. Drivers were complete crap. Even years later with updated service packs... it ran like crap. People paid me to re-install XP on their systems. Vista is the worst windows OS I have ever seen and I have been running windows since Win 3.0. I know several people who purchased macs for the first time during this era because of their Vista experiences

  • thegeorgezila
    thegeorgezila 12 minutes ago

    Or because they were sued. Because they were still selling brand effing laptops that even they admitted were shit.

  • Dakota Martin
    Dakota Martin 12 minutes ago

    Suggestion for the LTT team: If a video is mentioned, please put it in the i at the top right. Keep up the great work, cheers!

  • jinx
    jinx 12 minutes ago

    that doorbell runs better then y computer lmao

  • Shreyas Ranganath
    Shreyas Ranganath 12 minutes ago

    What is this annoying alarm!!!

  • Jack Blegen
    Jack Blegen 12 minutes ago

    OMG I love her!

  • shabblabbat wababbalat
    shabblabbat wababbalat 13 minutes ago

    davie504 slaps Linus...

  • Opinion Discarded
    Opinion Discarded 13 minutes ago


  • Nik
    Nik 13 minutes ago

    You selling this? Lol

  • Embeh
    Embeh 13 minutes ago

    what's the bell in my left ear???

  • first last
    first last 13 minutes ago

    Apart from Laptop Memory Adapter for Desktops, has any one discovered replace page file ram with external physical ram or a nifty way to extend PC's RAM beyond manufacturer's stated Maximums. Has anyone made a bus adapter that extends PC's RAM beyond manufacturer's stated Maximums.

  • PsychoticCuber
    PsychoticCuber 13 minutes ago

    6:04 did Linus just.... wink?

  • Joshua Allen Feliciano
    Joshua Allen Feliciano 14 minutes ago

    Dennis making saliva bubble lmaokcufnrjdkdj

  • Mauzee_
    Mauzee_ 14 minutes ago

    Make your own cloud storage that will be in your house, and just store everything there.

  • hernanc
    hernanc 14 minutes ago

    Linus, perfect opportunity to add on an SD card reader. Even maybe make a collab with that guy in China that added back the headphone jack to an iPhone. Thanks for the great video!

  • klaro115
    klaro115 15 minutes ago

    Now if only I could have the keyboard on my 2018 Macbook replaced with this new one. I hate the old arrow key layout and the lack of an escape key to no end.

  • Drewcifer Mods
    Drewcifer Mods 15 minutes ago

    sorry if i missed it, but you need to secure that tv, one big gust of wind and itll be a sad video, cheers

  • Brian
    Brian 15 minutes ago

    It's an apple product I see another failure!

  • MaelstromExceptions
    MaelstromExceptions 15 minutes ago

    Amazing video.

  • 8 5
    8 5 16 minutes ago

    Omg. Linus just went through puberty. I have been waiting for this day....

  • TavinL
    TavinL 16 minutes ago

    i find it funny how some of these PCs are better than mine while still being 200 dollars cheaper. but I have to confirm the rx570 is a beast. best purchase I ever made. just need a better CPU now but the i3 9100 is performing better than I tought.

  • Robb Sandd
    Robb Sandd 16 minutes ago

    damn yall got money

  • dominic farmer
    dominic farmer 16 minutes ago

    Seriously you have rtx titans and servers that could operate a lunar rover and you didn't activate windows to get rid off the watermark 👎

  • pink thing der
    pink thing der 16 minutes ago

    ppl be complaining about there pcs when im here with a gtx 760 1.5 gb ddr3 ram and a i3 6100 and not even a ssd ;/

  • james pope
    james pope 16 minutes ago

    Should be forfeit! they cheated lol played games outside of hours

  • Matt
    Matt 16 minutes ago

    Copy my trading activity on Etoro +60% in 2019

  • Faris Julardžija
    Faris Julardžija 17 minutes ago


  • Mauzee_
    Mauzee_ 17 minutes ago

    This guy making 1 PB of storage for some 4K Flash-Player videos, and I’m still using my 150gb storage to keep some files on it

  • Lukas
    Lukas 17 minutes ago

    This is a bit ironic because Velka in slovakian means big.

  • Music reader
    Music reader 18 minutes ago

    Linus you have to change your hair style

  • Bonnie Terry
    Bonnie Terry 19 minutes ago

    Just get a windows laptop

  • tim campbell
    tim campbell 19 minutes ago

    Linus, WTF is the Ethernet port? Tim Cook is a moron. A pro machine without a Gigabit Ethernet port build in? Fing idiot.

  • Jack Woodward
    Jack Woodward 19 minutes ago

    They should try to game on it

  • Jeremy Lai
    Jeremy Lai 19 minutes ago

    Is Linus aware that there are third-party apps like Mac Fan Contol to control the fan speed of Macs?

  • DigitalMafia
    DigitalMafia 19 minutes ago

    still on a 800dpi dual scroll ambidextrous mouse made by A4 Tech! I can still 360 faster than most players.

  • Sarkli Gaming
    Sarkli Gaming 19 minutes ago

    lol the first game... whoever was Pharah shooting the rockets into the ceiling omg haha

  • Kopper Komponents
    Kopper Komponents 20 minutes ago

    Wow looks like Linus just discovered capitalism.

  • NSFW
    NSFW 21 minute ago

    Linus sounds like Steve-o

  • Brandi Lynn Dominguez
    Brandi Lynn Dominguez 21 minute ago

    Be still my beating heart! 😻

  • Srihari Ravi
    Srihari Ravi 22 minutes ago

    Anyone else noticed that wallpaper at 4:15

  • Catman
    Catman 22 minutes ago

    when there is a power outage and you're sitting on your motorized 10k gaming setup

  • Kennyplays YT
    Kennyplays YT 22 minutes ago

    Can I buy one of your old Mac books

  • Eva Langley
    Eva Langley 22 minutes ago

    How about bringing the monitors right next to the other end of the cable run you fucktard?

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 23 minutes ago

    The slap was he games with the mouse pad?🤔

  • Luis Parra
    Luis Parra 23 minutes ago

    You can tell the host is passionate about the tests being done, it makes the video way more enjoyable

  • MattacksRC
    MattacksRC 23 minutes ago

    if a normal person wanted to be really crazy I guess they could afford the $3000 headphones and just play it through a 02 dac. but it might not be worht

  • 임성찬
    임성찬 23 minutes ago

    Whoever decided to put that ding ding sound as background SHOULD get slapped hard af. Damn noise had me like a freaking meerkat looking for something not connecting properly

  • Ken Shaw
    Ken Shaw 23 minutes ago

    Rivets? WTF?

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 24 minutes ago

    I'm so happy it's over, now I can watch it fully without any waits! :D

  • Arnel Tuazon
    Arnel Tuazon 24 minutes ago

    Build your own Mac desktop and use Clover. You'll get to easily choose your OS before booting into either Windows or Mac OS or even Linux. Now you can have that water cooled Mac with beast like specs.

  • mike 201314
    mike 201314 24 minutes ago

    5:17 yeah they REALLY did consult Frankenstein... :)

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes 25 minutes ago

    Put a pc in it.

  • Bane BlackGuard
    Bane BlackGuard 25 minutes ago

    the Newegg links aren't working. says "Sorry, We can't find this Item. Please check your Item#."

  • Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson 25 minutes ago

    You should use the editing team or not front line talent to pick up parts

  • Michael Haney
    Michael Haney 25 minutes ago

    I really HATE the new Live Stream UI. I can't plug ReStream into it to use the Chat API. I'm going to have to disable chat on Flash-Player in my streams on my main channel now. It sucks so bad!

  • hotaru25189
    hotaru25189 26 minutes ago

    good for improvement, but its still apple and their anti user serviceability and crap still make it trash tier :| p.s. slap is more effective than a pinch to wake someone up.

  • Amirul Islam
    Amirul Islam 27 minutes ago

    The most hilarious unboxing ever seen. Lmao

  • Sky173
    Sky173 27 minutes ago

    Interesting but I would have loved to see a graph showing how flat they are.

  • Bxllerz
    Bxllerz 27 minutes ago

    I was wondering if my pc which is 3200mhz 16gb ram SATA hard drive and serial ATA was gunna run ae ( after effects) but after this I think it will 😂

  • Justin Merrill
    Justin Merrill 27 minutes ago

    This wasnt a scrapyard wars, they just bought already built pc,s and thats it, i like the old days when they didnt have very much money and tried to build decent pc,s out of nothen, come on guys.

  • Jack Duno
    Jack Duno 28 minutes ago

    Linus: what would you like to install next? Olly: gr- Linus *_No_*

  • Vibhansh Gupta
    Vibhansh Gupta 28 minutes ago

    ..and I'm with the 2019 15 inch MacBook Pro 😫

  • Noah Kelly
    Noah Kelly 28 minutes ago

    needs rgb