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Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!
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The All-ROG Gaming PC!
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  • Malcolm Muhammad
    Malcolm Muhammad 28 seconds ago

    11:16 boom! roasted

  • ED Bon
    ED Bon 37 seconds ago

    Ok, that's a cool experiment to do and watch. Congrats!!

  • ohfuku
    ohfuku 45 seconds ago

    I love the look on Linus`s face when 32 amps is mentioned. All us kids are waiting for the bang ;)

  • Emon Khan
    Emon Khan 2 minutes ago

    Buttons is always better. Fuck gesture

  • Josh Jameson
    Josh Jameson 3 minutes ago

    co2 for electrical fires Linus!

  • Archie Balls
    Archie Balls 3 minutes ago


  • 근당
    근당 4 minutes ago

    Oh... I think pro camera looks like something.... @Master Yi

  • Akam king
    Akam king 4 minutes ago

    MIUI10 has all this stuff

  • Lighting 101
    Lighting 101 5 minutes ago

    The best part of the video is the golden Minecraft sword I like were we are going

  • TheMrCH4OS [KoL]
    TheMrCH4OS [KoL] 5 minutes ago

    Just cool your peltiers with other peltiers. :D

  • 88djdmepfdnkjf94
    88djdmepfdnkjf94 6 minutes ago

    liquid nitrogen cooling has issues with condensation... but if you seal the pc in a case and have a vent system at the top with a flap just for pressure(because its cold and will sink) you can purge the moisture slowly bringing the temp down and the pc will never condense.

  • Trung Dinh
    Trung Dinh 6 minutes ago

    The location setting is also from iOS lol

  • Carp Andrei
    Carp Andrei 7 minutes ago

    Hey guys, why not use a car radiator in the water loop? I mean, if it's sketchy, max it out! Or a condenser from the AC loop in a car, which is a little smaller. Anyway, nice work! I'm looking forward for more videos like this!

  • Rajesh
    Rajesh 7 minutes ago

    Please support for cauvery Calling

  • Dane Keating
    Dane Keating 7 minutes ago

    For fucks sake. Linus speaks clearly with no sub-titles needed. Everyone else mumbles incoherently and needs sub-titles. Mumblers be self-aware you are publicly speaking so speak clearly. Steve is constantly mumbling and slurring all the time.

  • Ali Berk ÖZDERYA
    Ali Berk ÖZDERYA 8 minutes ago

    If you want hundreds of watts of cooling you can also try using rc airplane and rc quadcopter motors with propellers instead of fans. There are also electric ducted fan units that are used in rc jets and they are very powerful. You could build a several thousand watt cooling system inside a pc case with those

  • Misterworldwide
    Misterworldwide 8 minutes ago

    But it still collects your data ;)

  • alex
    alex 9 minutes ago

    13:00 you could just flip the polarity

  • Nightscopepalm
    Nightscopepalm 10 minutes ago

    What happend to project trebble to solve faster updates?

  • AH 900
    AH 900 10 minutes ago

    i bought it had for several weeks

  • 260 NOB
    260 NOB 10 minutes ago

    The surface area in your cooling block is too small. Taller fins and more of them.

    • 260 NOB
      260 NOB 5 minutes ago

      This can easily be confirmed by measuring the differential between the water in and out temp hence the the thermal exchange efficiency compared to the cpu temp.

  • Raymond Morgan
    Raymond Morgan 10 minutes ago

    Nope. No they weren't.

  • Most Wanted
    Most Wanted 11 minutes ago


  • Moritz Drückler
    Moritz Drückler 11 minutes ago

    Alex always looks so sad

  • Akmal Playz
    Akmal Playz 11 minutes ago

    put some mentos on it with liquid metal cooling'liquid

  • wus poppin
    wus poppin 11 minutes ago

    RGB chair???!? Hell yeah! Now I can have a flashy RGB thing that I don't even see 80% of the time

  • Randolp Ascano
    Randolp Ascano 12 minutes ago

    I wonder why some of these features was just implemented now when all these years, MIUI and EMUI already had them. This is why Xiaomi and Huawei is on the top of the market, they're cheap but full of features.

  • MrJupsik
    MrJupsik 12 minutes ago

    This was one of the funnier ones indeed

  • Ezwan Rohman
    Ezwan Rohman 14 minutes ago

    Ohhhh so many quirks in this video

  • gothicman03
    gothicman03 14 minutes ago

    Linus throwing dog whistles. Not surprising coming from an Intel shill lol

  • Amir FakhriBadri
    Amir FakhriBadri 15 minutes ago

    the beginner user..It he need to learn more from fuji photographer

  • Frog Dog
    Frog Dog 15 minutes ago

    I hope they have a warehouse full of Merch they cant sell. Im so tired of seeing it. Duuuurrrrrrrrr Hosers!!! TEC cooling would have a market already if it would have ever worked for cooling CPU's DUUUUURRRRRRRR HOSERS!!!

  • Ozan
    Ozan 15 minutes ago

    My car has a smaller radiator... 9:05

  • Shabaz Ahmed
    Shabaz Ahmed 16 minutes ago

    So...MIUI, but stock android. Okay.

  • Unco Casey
    Unco Casey 16 minutes ago

    Isnt a switch like a tenth of the price?

  • Amir FakhriBadri
    Amir FakhriBadri 17 minutes ago

    I think it he don't know to setup and setting..

  • Zappyguy111
    Zappyguy111 18 minutes ago

    You have the TEC in the wrong place, the optimum and less useless place (but still useless) would be between the input and output of the radiator. Sandwich the TEC between two CPU water blocks, move the "hot" water entering the radiator through the hot TEC block and the "cooled" water from the radiator through the cold TEC block. This should theoretically increase the heat being radiated by the radiator as it is increasing the temperature of the water entering the radiator and cooling water entering the rig, and you don't have to mill your own blocks to do it.

  • W0pper
    W0pper 18 minutes ago

    Never happend to one of my MacBooks just sayin. 5 years in use and faster then my friends 2015 XPS which he used for the same stuff as I do.

  • 2 subs with no picture
    2 subs with no picture 19 minutes ago

    18:50 hi new timmy Joe intro

  • Icywhisker
    Icywhisker 20 minutes ago

    "Don't touch that." Does anyone else realize Linus literally almost died. That's 32 amps... like he wouldn't have just died.... One (1) single little tiny amp is all it takes to kill a human. 32 amps. Ouch.

  • khaleddrici
    khaleddrici 20 minutes ago

    The Android system should allow some of its features to be updated by Play Store It seems to be faster and more efficient

    MCWDD 20 minutes ago

    I used to use BitDefender once upon a time. I found it too be too good. It used to ruin my game saves in Escapists and I think it killed my LAN gaming on my machine. It's customer service was garbage though as my rep had no idea what "Rescue Mode" was. Won't deny that it was nice to have during the WannaCry outbreak though

  • Astreaprime
    Astreaprime 20 minutes ago

    : did I get dejavu.. or.. I just already using that gesture navigation and wifi QR sharing on Android Oreo..

  • Harsh Raj Always free
    Harsh Raj Always free 21 minute ago

    Pfft outdated Flash-Player Hit me with some of dat iPhone 11 hate

  • Antivirus
    Antivirus 21 minute ago

    wait, I've been using my Huawei mate 20 pro since it came out and I had the option to use these swiping gestures (which I'm in love with). Was that something you could do for every android phone or was that a huawei exclusive feature until now?

  • Adam Mathis
    Adam Mathis 21 minute ago

    what if you put one behind another tv and had a 3d effect

  • icinema gr
    icinema gr 21 minute ago

    Yes you can But OSX SUCKS so much!

  • Kris Buggenhout
    Kris Buggenhout 22 minutes ago

    got to love those cheap S-micro boxes, that are so dependable and rugged. yes I am sarcastic, ... crapiest servers ever, but they are cheap, thermal nightmares, airflow dont

  • Jiachen Zhou
    Jiachen Zhou 23 minutes ago

    That swipe left&right thing comes from Huawei EMUI right?

  • RealLifeTech
    RealLifeTech 23 minutes ago

    Best. Phone. Reviews. On. Flash-Player. Period.

  • Stephen
    Stephen 24 minutes ago

    last time I checked shadow wants £30 a month, which is far too heavy for just gaming, I could not sit down and enjoy playing anything knowing that I had agreed to that irresponsible a contract.

  • David Cheishvili
    David Cheishvili 25 minutes ago

    12:17 cough, cough Apple

  • Cameron Zukoff
    Cameron Zukoff 25 minutes ago

    Disappointing? Nah it was awesome... Because Science

  • Triceraptus 96
    Triceraptus 96 26 minutes ago

    For that price you can build a fine PC...

  • Justin Urhead
    Justin Urhead 26 minutes ago

    This is pretty hella epic gangnam style if I do say so myself fellow gamers.

  • Adam Rasmussen
    Adam Rasmussen 26 minutes ago

    ...speaking of a 10sec. skip....

  • zeehijaker
    zeehijaker 27 minutes ago

    How DARE you use a N4zi sign in your thumbnail?!

  • David Cheishvili
    David Cheishvili 27 minutes ago

    10:14 - "I lied" Us: are we a joke to you Linus?

  • James Shields
    James Shields 28 minutes ago

    Love the video. I'm looking at a EGPU setup for my girlfriend's MacBook air, so getting some great tips. Also, love the Photobomb at the end!

  • Jan MP
    Jan MP 31 minute ago

    how long did this whole mess take? good video

  • Pixel Virus
    Pixel Virus 31 minute ago

    6:39 it has been a major feature in xiaomi for years now

  • Techne Spechie
    Techne Spechie 31 minute ago

    The gesture is not from IOS But from Meego OS on Nokia 9

  • UXSpecialist
    UXSpecialist 31 minute ago

    I'm sorry but his earrings look so stupid...

  • Tropic101x
    Tropic101x 33 minutes ago


  • Orion MA
    Orion MA 33 minutes ago

    I recently spent almost 1,2k$ ( 10150 dhs ) to build my new PC , and i'm more than happy . Fuck you apple , fuck your staff , i will never never never spend a penny for your shit .

  • The Tech Mate
    The Tech Mate 33 minutes ago

    Don't let go of this project just yet! You can try different things with the TEC. Try cooling the water instead of the CPU directly, try lapping the TEC with a mill.

  • 1Bloodpaladin
    1Bloodpaladin 34 minutes ago

    Always enjoy watching Alex's inventions.

  • Toby Wenman
    Toby Wenman 35 minutes ago

    The reason the relay didn't work is because solid state relays are based off a component called a triac. They essentially will only turn off after the current drops below a certain threshold. That's why they work on AC as that happens twice every cycle. On DC this never happens so it would remain stuck on. You either need a traditional mechanical relay or a component such as a MOSFET or igbt with the appropriate drivers.

  • Jokke Huovinen
    Jokke Huovinen 35 minutes ago

    Xiaomi has that same kind of gestures and I love them! They're so much better than the buttons on the bottom

  • Michael Duffy
    Michael Duffy 37 minutes ago

    I tried the G-wack J29, but I can't get it to stay paired to my iwatch or iphone. It will connect for about 1-2 minutes before disconnecting. I've tried a lot of troubleshooting ideas including moving to a remote area without any interference, but it still won't stay connected. I'm trying to get a refund now...

  • Anushik Airapetyan
    Anushik Airapetyan 38 minutes ago

    All information given seems paid vocals.

  • Harvey Yin
    Harvey Yin 39 minutes ago

    Feel Like Linus Sponsor just turned into a part of the video all the time, nobody even feels like OH someone doing a advertising anymore.

  • Edwardson Lee
    Edwardson Lee 40 minutes ago

    Is that a MKBHD reference??? 😂

  • Chris Lynch
    Chris Lynch 42 minutes ago

    More of this!

  • powerbuilder0
    powerbuilder0 42 minutes ago

    just be glad you ddn't use thermal 2 part epoxy adhesive to stick those bad boys on your nvidia 7600 silent and realize that its now permanent and a bad idea ;(

  • Lars Vaahlmar
    Lars Vaahlmar 43 minutes ago

    this game seems shit

  • Sidek Husaini
    Sidek Husaini 43 minutes ago

    Real time gaming is playing game with bunch of other people, like pubg, moba game, fortnite, a game that allow you to interact with other player in real time. Game such as candy crush is not real time.

  • fl00d
    fl00d 44 minutes ago

    I thought the 'thumbs down' thumbnail implied that it's a bad time to buy a GPU.

  • Mineraterz
    Mineraterz 44 minutes ago

    Literally when Linus said, “hey Siri.” My phone activated Siri, gotta love apple man...

  • maxiopti
    maxiopti 45 minutes ago

    So basically google took a few iOS features and copied them more or less obvious as “new” features 😂😂

  • Xogroroth666
    Xogroroth666 45 minutes ago

    The mentality of having to base your IRL around a fuckin game, where a clock wakes you to push etc... You hate it. Oddly, MILLIONS love just that, for whatever sodding reason they may have, and STILL believe they are intellectual... Makes me wonder: global IQ has to be, given fact, EXTREMELY low, no? o_O

  • Mp Extory
    Mp Extory 47 minutes ago

    Linus; What if the card were a little smaller.... Me; *PTSD Flashbacks*

  • Mister Lurk
    Mister Lurk 48 minutes ago

    ROG is nice but I wouldn’t go all parts ASUS. I do love my PG258Q monitor and 850W Thor Plat but my Aorus Master and EVGA FTW3 2080ti out performed my ASUS Strix and Maximus Hero. Cool aesthetics tho with all matching series.

    MISSION UNBOX 48 minutes ago

    Please do marshmello studio tour

  • Rajan Bhateja
    Rajan Bhateja 49 minutes ago

    17:30 I am dead!! 🤣🤣

  • The Luna Mage
    The Luna Mage 49 minutes ago

    ah yes RGB for the extra 10000000fps

  • Joshua Waurich
    Joshua Waurich 49 minutes ago

    Sponsered by iwix it

  • 그냥사람
    그냥사람 49 minutes ago

    "there is no way we can just finish this like this" *dO YOu neEd BeaTIfUl wEBsiTE*

  • Shane Liberty
    Shane Liberty 49 minutes ago

    I’d be pissed if I paid Linus for that half-assed promo at the start.

  • Shengran Qiu
    Shengran Qiu 51 minute ago

    14:06 ''If I have to blast a TITAN RTX I'm gonna be so pissed off'' Me: The GPU is useless in that test, use iGPU or use a GT 730 or something useless

  • Rickard V
    Rickard V 51 minute ago

    Someone make Jake shut his mouth. Jesus christ what an annoying little f*ck

  • tech24 x7
    tech24 x7 51 minute ago

    Samsung is being cheeky, with removal of headphone jack pushing users to use wireless headphones. And making battery replacements harder compared to iPhone which doesn't. If Samsung made battery replacements easier when they have poor battery shelf life record. It's so cheeky that most of the devices out there push to keep onto their most big flaw. For example, iPhone not shopping fast charger in box and making users pay after shedding so muvj for the phone per say. The companies are just manipulating the common users.

  • Nathan Perry
    Nathan Perry 54 minutes ago

    You guys are really upping your in-video commercial game, 3 adverts in an 8 minute video...

  • ZeroLast
    ZeroLast 54 minutes ago

    I using Flash-Player vanced