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  • zx19
    zx19 2 hours ago

    Wow dan looks actually horrific in the dark

  • Sean Walker
    Sean Walker 2 hours ago

    Sean’s just casually sitting on the couch filming Arin being the lovely weirdo he is, love you guys

  • E.J. Connor
    E.J. Connor 3 hours ago

    I just want Danny to do a proper curly hair wash, I love how he just let's it go its thing but imagine how voluptuous it could be if he put a hair mask on 😍

  • HiI'mPixel
    HiI'mPixel 3 hours ago

    There's something so impossibly wholesome about Dan falling against Arin laughing.

  • Grob83
    Grob83 4 hours ago

    Arin accidentally selling star bomb merch over here

  • virtual-toast
    virtual-toast 4 hours ago

    Pleeeeeeease play Until Dawn this year!! Seeing your reactions (especially Dan's) would be amazing!

  • Kreole Macaroni
    Kreole Macaroni 5 hours ago

    Arin looks like of Shrek and Post Malone had a love baby

  • gokaury
    gokaury 6 hours ago

    You should play Resident Evil 2 Remake, or finish RE7 (without VR).

  • Nia Harris
    Nia Harris 7 hours ago

    I find it quite funny that Jack is videotaping this with his phone

  • bluh bluh babe
    bluh bluh babe 8 hours ago

    12:23 I s2g Sonics foot moved but probably bc arin kicked it

  • donovan carrasco
    donovan carrasco 8 hours ago

    Guys you should play your turn to die got ghoul grumps it's a great game

  • Jon Mohler
    Jon Mohler 8 hours ago

    Slender the arrival!

  • crossbow kid
    crossbow kid 8 hours ago

    Who's cheeks aren't rough

  • EpicKrimson
    EpicKrimson 8 hours ago

    It's not a 10mph without dan doing the song from Edward Scissorhands

  • Dat 0ne guy
    Dat 0ne guy 8 hours ago

    On game grumps can you guys start a thing called throw back Thursday and play old games that you all played in 2014

  • Brandon Deeb
    Brandon Deeb 8 hours ago

    Malta is delicious

  • Amber Bancroft
    Amber Bancroft 8 hours ago


  • Charlee Byrd
    Charlee Byrd 9 hours ago

    9:50 idk why I lost it lmfao

  • gokissthewookie
    gokissthewookie 9 hours ago

    i argue that the remakes of the parent trap and freaky friday (the ones with lindsay lohan) are really good remakes

  • billidabeast
    billidabeast 9 hours ago

    you guys wanna know what would be amazing is if arin could play a VR horror game while dan also sees what arin is playing like he is in the gg animated where he is there seeing the same stuff but comentating on what arin does i think it would be hilarious

  • Ryan Little
    Ryan Little 9 hours ago

    Would Higurashi be a good ghoul grumps? Just recently started it myself and my first thought when starting was the doki doki playthrough Or would that maybe be a little too slow paced with it being a full on VN with little gameplay (not that doki doki has much, but it's a lot shorter)

  • Just a Друг
    Just a Друг 9 hours ago

    This is one giant fever dream

  • Caleb Hughes
    Caleb Hughes 10 hours ago

    The fact that Arin said "I'm gonna call up my friend Zedd" and it legitimately gave me pause concerns me. Does anyone know if they're actually friends? I need answers.

  • MB
    MB 10 hours ago

    Proof you can have all age appropriate liquids and still have a good time ☺️💕

  • HayhayKj
    HayhayKj 10 hours ago


  • NextToLegendary
    NextToLegendary 10 hours ago

    That wasn't even a lot of soda, most of the people I know drink a 2 liter a day lol

  • Oscarmonster 81
    Oscarmonster 81 10 hours ago

    Arin is wearing a wiggler shirt awesome

  • Jayda Starr Jones
    Jayda Starr Jones 10 hours ago

    whyd i blow a kiss at the same time as dan tHATS KINDA GAY TF daaan you comin onto me? ;)

  • the master yeeter
    the master yeeter 11 hours ago

    Ok so you dont do many first person shooters but it'd be awesome if you played titanfall 2

  • sunblind apollo
    sunblind apollo 11 hours ago

    I love how you commit to the “ten minute” part of the power hour.

  • RoseofSharon
    RoseofSharon 11 hours ago

    Swedish accent: Borf, borf, borf. ;)

  • Succ Fire
    Succ Fire 12 hours ago

    Acid rain: ☁ People in the painting: 💂💂💂

  • Xcizior
    Xcizior 13 hours ago

    i love how you guys are still talking about PT- i really miss it too. i really wish it was still available, but it was taken down. thank you for the content, gg, im fighting politics every day for you

  • ShadowAkatora
    ShadowAkatora 13 hours ago


  • Frogs
    Frogs 13 hours ago

    You know there are generally WHITE TABS on papercrafts so you can glue them together, right? it's easier than trying to glue together to very thin edges.

  • Savi._.draws p
    Savi._.draws p 13 hours ago


    WEEMEANSYES 13 hours ago

    Why'd you fire supermega?

  • Ry Bones
    Ry Bones 13 hours ago

    yeah, I cringed a little when Dan said "little ding dongs" didn't think that one through, huh?

  • Sydney Faith
    Sydney Faith 13 hours ago

    10:29 okay but why does Arin look like Post Malone

  • L P
    L P 14 hours ago

    What song is Dan humming?

  • KionKamon
    KionKamon 14 hours ago

    The fanfic was hilarious in my opinion

  • Ryan Mercil
    Ryan Mercil 14 hours ago

    "Im sorry we're way off topic" Literally the show

  • Hannah DD
    Hannah DD 14 hours ago


  • Vicky Violet
    Vicky Violet 15 hours ago

    Little Nightmares for Ghoul Grumps!!

  • Alex Pearce
    Alex Pearce 15 hours ago

    They should play Resident Evil 2 Remake for Ghoul Grumps! :D

  • weaboo trash
    weaboo trash 16 hours ago

    Probably the only time I've heard someone say they had OCD and it actually being true

  • snooze911able
    snooze911able 16 hours ago

    They should do this again but with supermega.

  • Onion Child
    Onion Child 16 hours ago

    Why is NOBODY talking about Matt and Freddie in the back

  • i'm cold.
    i'm cold. 16 hours ago

    aah yes. my favorite color. y a r a n g e

  • FishTank Gaming
    FishTank Gaming 16 hours ago


  • Quentin Combs
    Quentin Combs 16 hours ago

    That star bomb be looking fly tho in the black light

  • Enter name Here
    Enter name Here 17 hours ago

    10:01 jack

  • Vince Travis
    Vince Travis 17 hours ago

    When ur ipad breaks dont get another apple one get something that isnt made to be a money pit. Nice video

  • slapstick comedy2.0
    slapstick comedy2.0 17 hours ago

    Everybody's super sonic racing, stop making love to my daaaaaad!

  • Der Werwolf 93
    Der Werwolf 93 17 hours ago

    I highly recommend Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem for Game/Ghoul Grumps. If I could get my lazy ass to the post office, I could send you a copy.

  • Artenuga
    Artenuga 17 hours ago

    tl;dw yes

  • gabe 046
    gabe 046 17 hours ago

    Matt and Ryan are the real good boys 12:44

  • gremlinbd
    gremlinbd 18 hours ago

    This show rules

  • William Stein
    William Stein 18 hours ago

    Arin should tell Dan that as soon as you grab the flashlight in PT, the woman is always behind you every single second of playing.

  • reva farley
    reva farley 18 hours ago

    Of course sean is just sitting over there on the couch videoing them. Id rather him do this then play Minecraft

  • Uncle Lucky
    Uncle Lucky 18 hours ago

    I miss Resident Evil 7 so much oh my goodness

  • reva farley
    reva farley 18 hours ago

    This whole video i couldn't stop thinking of, how does dan look great in that hat? He looks amazing already for his age(40!)

  • Meadz
    Meadz 18 hours ago

    I sort of want them to try Fatal Frame for Ghoul Grumps

  • Coolay Dunno
    Coolay Dunno 19 hours ago

    I love Arins raection to Dans comment at 9:43

  • Luvias
    Luvias 19 hours ago

    I love the Sonic fanfiction it's so hilarious! <3

  • RinRiddle
    RinRiddle 19 hours ago

    i want them to do FNAF VR

  • OrangeGrape Soda
    OrangeGrape Soda 19 hours ago

    When you’re supposed to be doing work but you choose to watch 2 grown men do arts and crafts

  • Arin Koc
    Arin Koc 20 hours ago

    Play Re2 Remake for Ghoul Grumps!

  • Kira Hoshi
    Kira Hoshi 20 hours ago

    Jack just is just there casually taking a photo.

  • ReevesMagoo
    ReevesMagoo 20 hours ago

    I want Arin's wiggler shirt god dangit

  • Wolfygirl
    Wolfygirl 20 hours ago

    I would absolutely love if they played PT again.

  • Kog Blaw
    Kog Blaw 20 hours ago

    Gotta love that grateful dead shirt Danny has on him

  • Bear Digital
    Bear Digital 20 hours ago

    Since they played Phoenix Wright, they should play Danganronpa

  • just due it
    just due it 21 hour ago

    After watching countless Game Grumps animations, I must know why almost all of the animations give Dan a scar on his eyebrow. I do not see one. Dan, do you have a scar on your eyebrow? Near as I can figure, Dan is so perfect looking that animators give him a flaw so their heads don't hurt from trying to render his looks.

  • NoodleCat
    NoodleCat 21 hour ago

    where the hell did all the SCP comments go ? 0.o

  • NuclearNachoz
    NuclearNachoz 21 hour ago

    12:23 do do do do

  • Kat Devereaux
    Kat Devereaux 21 hour ago

    Okay hear me out.....Outlast 2 for Goul Grumps

  • tomm04471
    tomm04471 22 hours ago

    It's always Arin that suffers in one way or another... So it needs to be Dan feeling terror in a ghoul grumps >:D.. totally aloud to quit.. for 1 minute >xD.. the false sense of relief is so delicious >:}

  • Atticus Nari
    Atticus Nari 22 hours ago

    This episode seemed super rushed and awkward

  • Amber Pye
    Amber Pye 22 hours ago

    You guys are literally the only channel who can get me to do a (reasonable) thing by asking for it (the cue applause).

  • Mattias Antonsson Nilsson

    11:40 looks like the block of cheese has pimples, he's finally hitting puberty

  • Dave Davis
    Dave Davis 23 hours ago

    no one: dan: mmhmhmmg h ã t

  • jesse jones
    jesse jones 23 hours ago

    i promise man of medan is an at least 4 day experience

  • Tyler Wadsworth
    Tyler Wadsworth 23 hours ago

    Why is jack there

  • Ishtar Dawe
    Ishtar Dawe 23 hours ago

    "Are there any remakes better than the original?" Little Shop of Horrors: "am I a joke to you?"

  • Laura Bremmer
    Laura Bremmer Day ago

    Oh I hope they play the man of medan!

  • Johnny AppleSeed

    My boi Arin looking like the mask. Lol.

  • london61407
    london61407 Day ago

    You guys should play Granny Chapter 2.

  • Emma Watkins
    Emma Watkins Day ago

    It’s was funny, the fanfic shit was funny

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Day ago

    We need more Phoenix Wright please.

  • Adam Kallibjian

    x gon give it to ya....

  • Mamamew TheRani

    ngl.... I have eaten bags of fondant/ rolling icing like that.... I have also eaten icing sugar/ powder sugar right out of the bag before.... I definitely have a problem.

  • Lucy Back
    Lucy Back Day ago


  • Robin Lundmark

    Resident Evil 3! Nemesis chases could be hilarious.

  • ratty mc fatty

    PIZZA SWEATer makes it's seconds apearence!?!?!!😲🥺🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤭🤭😳😳😳😳😳

  • Kayleigh Haines

    oh man i love pocky

  • Sierra Gooley
    Sierra Gooley Day ago

    Show Feet?

  • Bluelamp 450
    Bluelamp 450 Day ago

    When was this video filmed? Cuz Sean has no big beard and man bun

  • Joseph Giordano

    Play deadly creatures some more

  • Micah Bouldin
    Micah Bouldin Day ago

    Arin: “sToP gIgGlInG lIkE yOu pEeD iN iT!!!” Flash-Player: *immediately cuts to commercial*