Strictly Dumpling
Strictly Dumpling
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  • Nikki Cicero
    Nikki Cicero Hour ago

    I’ve never been to a buffet, how do you keep your seat while you’re looking for food? Is there an attendant or somebody who watches your table? How do other guests know you’re sitting at that table? Do you have to get rid of your own plates ?

  • Bumblebee
    Bumblebee Hour ago

    What dreams are made of

  • Nikki Cicero
    Nikki Cicero Hour ago

    If this was a first date that definitely would be a second ❣️LMAO

  • Setos
    Setos 2 hours ago

    13:41 What is that white thing on your mouth Mike?

  • StatingDiamond
    StatingDiamond 2 hours ago

    What was the intro song? Kinda fire

  • Chante Hayward
    Chante Hayward 2 hours ago

    Nearly cried watching this. Not in a good way either. In Cape Town, South Africa, abalone is so badly poached from our coastline that it nearly went extinct. We have nurseries along the shoreline where we have to raise them safely. There is places where there are about 5 feet deep of just abalone shells. If you are caught poaching, it's jail time and a massive fine.

  • Lahtysz
    Lahtysz 2 hours ago

    Are You vegetarian ?

  • g gilroy
    g gilroy 2 hours ago

    Always nice to see you enjoying your food! Great content! Pls visit Amsterdam soon! Great restaurants and bars to visit!

  • Troy Mattingly
    Troy Mattingly 2 hours ago

    Awesome, as always, Mike!

  • Sathya Narayan
    Sathya Narayan 2 hours ago

    Do a chicken wing tour

  • DaDo
    DaDo 2 hours ago

    The intro music is very fitting! :D

  • Shifa Rosnizam
    Shifa Rosnizam 2 hours ago

    You are the best

  • Krispytreasure M
    Krispytreasure M 2 hours ago

    😂 looks like that green sauce is seating there for days.

  • Hhh Moskov
    Hhh Moskov 2 hours ago

    Did he just say the f word at 4:32 Oh wait I think he said 'pho'

  • prusha glli
    prusha glli 2 hours ago

    Don’t forget your veggies 🌶 ❤️❤️

  • Pratik D.
    Pratik D. 2 hours ago

    That Samosa tho 😐 Blasphemy! 😲

  • Niraj Maharjan
    Niraj Maharjan 2 hours ago

    I thought the guy on thumbnail was you

  • aloha115
    aloha115 2 hours ago

    I'm not jealous of you Mike you just tuck in to that juicy bit of meat. I will just be here kicking the cat, but i'm not at all jealous no sir not at all.. Damn you Mike Chen!!!

  • Macklebe
    Macklebe 2 hours ago

    PLEASE GO TO heart attack grill

  • Esther JOSEPH
    Esther JOSEPH 2 hours ago

    Please don't take waite you eat so much take care of you🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

  • Yexii Nicolas
    Yexii Nicolas 2 hours ago

    Back in February I went to 2 buffet for my birthday. Wynn and wicked spoon both enjoyable experience. The pork at wicked spoon was so good though

  • kiran dhillon
    kiran dhillon 2 hours ago

    Your making me hungry 😋

  • Pang Swee Yang
    Pang Swee Yang 2 hours ago


  • Me and You Hello
    Me and You Hello 3 hours ago

    I don't want this video to end! Can I hold your bag everywhere you go?

  • smart pop
    smart pop 3 hours ago

    Too bad he didnt try the Lechon Crocodile.....

  • Hien Dinh
    Hien Dinh 3 hours ago

    Omg my mouth is watering

  • Kyyo
    Kyyo 3 hours ago

    is bone marrow really that good?

  • Roy
    Roy 3 hours ago

    Kung fu panda 🐼 brought me here.

  • Xkkj Gaming
    Xkkj Gaming 3 hours ago

    That fish tho....Look like my pee Pee 《¤~¤》xd jk

  • A Stone in the Sun
    A Stone in the Sun 3 hours ago

    Is it me or does she sound Australian at times? I cant place her accent at all.

  • Kumaran S
    Kumaran S 3 hours ago

    Being a work out fanatic would be interesting if he makes a video on his work out routine on his other channel. Amazed to see him maintain such a good physique in-spite of him consuming such high calories regularly.

  • Ralph Barbagallo
    Ralph Barbagallo 3 hours ago

    Wicked spoon 10000%

  • René Wuttke
    René Wuttke 4 hours ago

    Love buffet videos!

  • Charles Yoo
    Charles Yoo 4 hours ago

    I love you Mr Jackie Chan

  • Ha Vu
    Ha Vu 4 hours ago

    Isn't that a duck drumstick?

  • Matt Lund
    Matt Lund 4 hours ago

    I would take duck over bone marrow! bone marrow is amazing though!

  • rajesh verma
    rajesh verma 4 hours ago

    Missed the buffet videos . Keep up the good work mikey.

  • John and Malie
    John and Malie 4 hours ago

    Nice! An updated video on the Bacchanal. We’ll be going next month so this new video has just solidified our decision to go! 😋😋😋

  • Larry Mixer
    Larry Mixer 4 hours ago

    The difference between the two gumbos is again Cajun or Creole. The thicker or slimy one was thickened with okra and the other with the more brown sauce was likely thickened with file gumbo powder. You should have grabbed a fried oyster poboy, it is the bomb and don't forget the mufaletta sandwich and I like both of mine wet.

  • Jack Watts
    Jack Watts 4 hours ago

    What was the long green chelli

  • vikash vlogs
    vikash vlogs 4 hours ago

    Do make video for health issues in food review vlogs. What do you do for maintaining your health, stomach and fitness. Tell us your benefits and suffering also. What is your secret for your success. I love your passion. Keep on Entertaining us. God bless.

  • Tim Lee
    Tim Lee 4 hours ago

    I heard many great things about the wicked spoon Buffet, but it just wasn't for me....

  • Cornelia Adriana
    Cornelia Adriana 4 hours ago

    Again, my simple dish of pumpkin soup and eggs tasted amazing, just because I watched you eat..... Amazing what you can do to so many people, dearest Mikey.....! 🥰

  • Martin Galvez
    Martin Galvez 4 hours ago

    I love wicked spoon everything was great.

  • Cherry Pickfotos
    Cherry Pickfotos 4 hours ago

    Man.. Try some crocodile dishes of Mindanao.

  • Lisa Holman
    Lisa Holman 4 hours ago

    Next time dude, hit up Texas De Brazil

  • B Sinita
    B Sinita 4 hours ago

    Ugh omg yesss!! My food fantasy 🤗😍😍😍😆😁😋👍🏾🥐🥞🍔🥓🥩🍗🍖🌭🍕🥪🌮🌯🥙🧀🥚🍳🥘🍲🥗🍿🍜🍣🍤🍦🍨🍪🍰🧁🥧🍹🥂 I love videos like this because well cus..............buffets.🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️😉duh lol

  • Tanuj Oundhakar
    Tanuj Oundhakar 4 hours ago

    That feeling when you have food poisoning and don't want to eat but Mikey posts a buffet video 😭😭

  • Zicong 37
    Zicong 37 5 hours ago

    I love your buffet videos

  • Claire White
    Claire White 5 hours ago


  • eclipsegts1
    eclipsegts1 5 hours ago

    Man you didn't get the fried chicken wings at Wicked Spoon? That's my favorite there!

  • thisisjon
    thisisjon 5 hours ago

    Next time in Vegas try El Gordos tacos. Not saying it's the greatest, but a local favorite for late eats.

  • Sung Jin-Woo
    Sung Jin-Woo 5 hours ago

    Man, only if my egg was crunchy.

  • Gabriella Rosa
    Gabriella Rosa 5 hours ago

    Mike marry me !!! 😍

  • Karra Le'Shone
    Karra Le'Shone 5 hours ago

    Ive lived in Vegas for more than half of my life and DIDN'T know about this lmao smh

  • david sanders
    david sanders 5 hours ago

    Worst looking Prime Rib I've seen in a long time

  • PW218
    PW218 5 hours ago

    The beef in the thumbnail is not cooked well enough :/

  • Blix
    Blix 5 hours ago

    I think it's really hit or miss depending what you happen to get when you go. When I went to the Bacchanal ,the brisket there was the driest and toughest piece of meat I had for a while, and the rest of the food was definitely not up to par. On the other hand, the wicked spoon selection that day was of a higher quality.

  • Beth Barclay
    Beth Barclay 5 hours ago

    I hope it’s not fake sauce on the pasta, make me sick literally. Pasta has to be proper pasta and sauce can’t be out of a packet.

  • j m
    j m 5 hours ago

    Pozole my favorite specially green pozole(chicken) !

  • Righteous1
    Righteous1 5 hours ago

    Everything looks so good

  • 808slowly
    808slowly 5 hours ago

    Bro that’s osso buco that you were calling short ribs. You’re going to have some viewers asking for short ribs at Caesar’s! 😂

  • Unic Khan
    Unic Khan 5 hours ago

    If you come to BD, I’ll get better samosas at 0.005$

  • 808slowly
    808slowly 5 hours ago

    Bro that’s osso buco that you were calling short ribs. You’re going to have some viewers asking for short ribs at Caesar’s! 😂

  • shaikh sameer
    shaikh sameer 5 hours ago

    Please make spicy noodles video

  • 2lumbridge
    2lumbridge 5 hours ago

    Yess another buffet video! (Side note: I was wondering about your hot oil? I'd really like to order some when it is released!)

  • QuickSetUp01
    QuickSetUp01 5 hours ago

    And I'm sitting here eating bologna on a tortilla shell

  • GlamUpWithYeri
    GlamUpWithYeri 5 hours ago

    Been to Bacchanel 2x only. The first time, I wasn’t too impressed. So I decided to give it another shot this year, and have to say that I think that I felt the same way this time around also. It’s definitely a little overrated, but I will give it to them when it comes to their dessert selection.

  • ths gaming
    ths gaming 5 hours ago

    Buffet : *exist Mike. : I'm gonna end this buffet whole career

  • Safi Rouhi
    Safi Rouhi 5 hours ago

    For that much goddamn money have a sit down meal at a really nice restaurant with food made entirely to order and far fewer octogenarian lottery winners

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 5 hours ago

    A mesmerising feat

  • Tommy Vo
    Tommy Vo 5 hours ago

    Does anyone know the song Mike uses at the beginning?

  • Blimmo D. Clown
    Blimmo D. Clown 5 hours ago

    Thank you for showing me the Miracle of Hot Oil. Now I can't stop eating the stuff. XD

  • Skeleton Beauty
    Skeleton Beauty 5 hours ago


  • Dev Pandya IRONSTARK

    Man where is de fara??.. .where is best pizza???.....i'm sorry bro i like your videos but this time you didn't done your homework

  • Queen HEATED
    Queen HEATED 6 hours ago

    Lol Mikey u killed that first round

  • D34Dbox_21 CCC
    D34Dbox_21 CCC 6 hours ago

    Idk why but I hate people who are tour guides. They typically aren't the locals with the know it all but are the people who get all dressed up and have more tour based knowledge rather than some insider knowledge. I find that the locals that know it all are the ones that aren't all dressed up and are talking to the people at the stalls and restaurants like they are best friends because they go to the good spots often

  • Okami Renki
    Okami Renki 6 hours ago

    i can't agree with you about the bowl that you call "phở" in video....cause i'm vietnamese and all i see in that bowl is just an something else but not phở... anyway, great video like always :D

  • stan giles
    stan giles 6 hours ago

    they overcooked the egg

  • stan giles
    stan giles 6 hours ago

    Ive been at many buffets , for free or use a $7.99 coupon deal , just as good

  • JudeHope Rogowski
    JudeHope Rogowski 6 hours ago

    Your buffet videos are my favs and I'm sad cuz it this one seems a lil out of focus and harder for me to watch.

  • Likealady
    Likealady 6 hours ago

    Breakfast-Wynn (pastries & dessert) Lunch-M Resort (Seafood) or Wicked Spoon (duck wings) Dinner-Bacchanal (Hot crab legs)

  • Sandra Say
    Sandra Say 6 hours ago

    Idk about seafood in Vegas. How fresh can it be?

  • Shadow killer Frost
    Shadow killer Frost 6 hours ago

    All I ask is that pls get a gf or wife you look so sad and lonely

  • Wesley Cogill
    Wesley Cogill 6 hours ago

    I love the buffet videos Mikey .

  • Wesley Cogill
    Wesley Cogill 6 hours ago

    You gotta love this guys background music

  • darkninja1012
    darkninja1012 6 hours ago

    there should be a round two for breakfast of them sometime would be interesting to see the quality of each for that as well tho thats just my opinion, love ur vids

  • Yiping Han
    Yiping Han 6 hours ago

    Ok, this buffet is so so, I won’t go.

  • John Thurmon
    John Thurmon 6 hours ago

    I wish I could eat like you! Amazing

  • Phiology
    Phiology 6 hours ago

    Bellagio Buffet is the best, the Wicked spoon cant compare.

  • da dude
    da dude 6 hours ago

    I'm trying to lose weight and watching this, recipe for disaster going to the kitchen lol

  • Meo SF
    Meo SF 6 hours ago

    See this video : mouth watering See my fridge : eyes watering

  • Princess Adaro
    Princess Adaro 6 hours ago

    You eat the whole labuyo(chilli) woah!!

  • Princess Adaro
    Princess Adaro 6 hours ago

    How was ur stay in the philippines. Am from philippines🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • shashank shukla
    shashank shukla 6 hours ago

    CHOLE BHATURE, BAW-BHAJI you should use more onion and pickles you will love them.

  • Minh Khoa Nguyễn
    Minh Khoa Nguyễn 6 hours ago

    i think that is "hủ tiếu" not Phở

  • KingChris
    KingChris 7 hours ago

    Does anyone know the intro song?

  • Innocent Spectator
    Innocent Spectator 7 hours ago

    Just latest buffet vidoe.. & I like this guy👍🏿

  • Nathan Ou
    Nathan Ou 7 hours ago

    song @ 18:43?

  • Trust!!
    Trust!! 7 hours ago

    Can’t believe you went to Michoacán. I go every year it’s awesome state for the food and culture . I definitely recommend if anyone are planning to go to Mexico go to Michoacán especially the city Apatzingán my uncle owns the best goat tacos(birria)