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  • Blackedy
    Blackedy 4 minutes ago

    Y does he talk like dat

  • Kit Man
    Kit Man 4 minutes ago

    I suppose the Gameboy Micro is the most.... GREY-TIST Gameboy you ever tried? LOL

  • Alex Flint
    Alex Flint 8 minutes ago

    Hi! Weird question but need to know. If I wanted to connect a PS4, do I connect it to the hdmi on monitor or do I connect it to the hdmi on the game case? One of my friend has it connected to the game case but when I look it up I donโ€™t see to seem a answer. :(

  • Yu And
    Yu And 8 minutes ago

    What about skill

  • gameboy
    gameboy 11 minutes ago

    gaming is an expensive hobby lol

  • Chezburger
    Chezburger 19 minutes ago

    Tried reviving a system and my PSU blew up

  • Steel YT
    Steel YT 20 minutes ago

    I just watched 11 minutes and 12 seconds of him talking about better battery life on the new switch. This could be useful if Iโ€™m buying a switch though.

  • gamer shark
    gamer shark 21 minute ago

    Who needs 14 terabytes

  • Just a Random kid on the Internet

    I think the console wars is silly,it's just a box and everybody has their opinions

  • JB
    JB 24 minutes ago

    when he said, "this cost next to nothing", it hurts a little man ๐Ÿ˜” feels bad. hahahaha

  • MrDucxy
    MrDucxy 26 minutes ago

    You could have got a Dell Optiplex from 2012 with a 2nd gen core processor and threw in a 750Ti

  • Efaz Noor Chowdhury
    Efaz Noor Chowdhury 28 minutes ago

    If you have a kid just get them a tablet or a chrome book

  • Skullyton
    Skullyton 30 minutes ago

    Your hair looks so thin in the intro ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Your Buddy AK
    Your Buddy AK 32 minutes ago

    Do a whole 300$ build...its the budget of most people

  • the Ali playz master
    the Ali playz master 34 minutes ago

    well there is probably more than 1687708 people that share the same problem as me

  • Nicolas Lorenzen
    Nicolas Lorenzen 36 minutes ago

    Shouldn't the pronunciation be Ace-uhs? You know, kinda like ASUS?

  • Spencer Schumacher
    Spencer Schumacher 38 minutes ago

    Hey, Love the PC its great wish I had something like that! AUSTIN FOR THE WIN!!!! Also, I want your PC.

  • Shaun Kelly
    Shaun Kelly 39 minutes ago

    1:40 I laughed so hard ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Aaron Gilchrist
    Aaron Gilchrist 44 minutes ago

    weird flex Read More

  • Jeff hollaway
    Jeff hollaway 45 minutes ago

    Who is this dude? And letโ€™s never see him again.

  • sTk
    sTk 45 minutes ago

    love the Yuru Camp wallpaper

  • Dr. Sam's Health
    Dr. Sam's Health 45 minutes ago

    You opened it wrong - you're supposed to attach the stand while it's still in the box :) Love this monitor.

  • Dennis Reacts
    Dennis Reacts 46 minutes ago

    I think Austin won cos you can get more free games off of game jolt then getting trash games from Live gold so that what I say

  • Sheng Chen
    Sheng Chen 47 minutes ago

    Ken is hilarious! Quite the personality. Does he have his own Flash-Player channel also?

  • Tek Gung
    Tek Gung 56 minutes ago

    Austin is the most ethical man alive!

  • Andrew
    Andrew Hour ago

    I won a Xbox one x from taco Bell. Never win shit, was so freaking surprised.

  • XX_YT
    XX_YT Hour ago

    I mean you could get a disk drive to put some games in

  • 234fired vlog
    234fired vlog Hour ago

    Go to the point to much talking man

  • pink thing der
    pink thing der Hour ago

    ppl be complaining about there pcs when im here with a gtx 760 1.5 gb ddr3 ram and a i3 6100 and not even a ssd ;/

  • Everyday Gaming
    Everyday Gaming Hour ago

    Austin why do you do this to your as Self reply plese

  • Stephen Lipps
    Stephen Lipps Hour ago

    This is getting old

  • Karasmic
    Karasmic Hour ago

    I mean, Ken has a good point. It's cheaper to buy a console than a good end pc. Like sure, you can build a pc with $200, but it's not going to be as good, and imo, worth it compared to just saving money and taking advantage of sales towards a good pc that can run stuff better than a console.

  • Will Ratkey
    Will Ratkey Hour ago

    I mean honestly, 150$ for the Xbox SAD and 60$ for a year of Game Pass is a pretty dang good deal...

  • CuRtIs TiSbeRgEr

    Lol dumb Jew boy

  • HBlatz87
    HBlatz87 Hour ago

    The split pad pro controllers are great. They're light as hell cause they don't have batteries (they only work when attached to the switch) but they're SO comfortable compared to the joycons.

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith Hour ago

    Neither won. Austin never included monitor, keyboard, mouse and games. As did Ken and the TV in the budget

  • _B r a n d o n_J e a n_

    *starts talking about raid shadow legends* The right arrow key: *my time has come*

  • Glish Family
    Glish Family Hour ago


  • romeer sharma
    romeer sharma Hour ago

    austin: this isin't a real country japan:ใ‚ใ‚ใ€ใ‚ใชใŸใฏใƒใ‚คใฎๆฏๅญ

  • Kevlargu
    Kevlargu Hour ago

    That DSi trade back price is horrendous.

  • 83338 A
    83338 A Hour ago

    They found a fucking gameboy micro *still in the box.* What is that luck?

  • Daveid Manafe
    Daveid Manafe Hour ago

    Agree to Ken: "Find a Job"; buy i7 Skylake/Haswell Dell Optiplex, put used RX 570 and Cheap 240 SSD + 1tb SSHD = 300USD Gaming PC (Well actually im using Hackintosh so.....)

  • Obese _Morgz
    Obese _Morgz Hour ago

    Do how to spend $69.69 on Ebay

  • Natski Chr
    Natski Chr Hour ago

    That pc makes me wanna vomit

  • Nothingness
    Nothingness Hour ago

    I think Austin won. Yes Xbox One has better graphics and stuff But PC just has more accesibility. You can tweak with the video settings in games, actually download free games from the internet. While for Xbox Games you have to pay no matter what. And if you want the full online functions and stuff, you have to pay extra dollars And yes online gaming isn't free on PC too (Most of the times) It can sometimes be free like if you download COD4 Modern Warfare there are cracked servers you could say. But putting that aside you just need to pay for the games on steam. You don't need to pay for an extra subscription to play online. And yes some of you will think "Well you need a mouse and keyboard, monitor and speakers or headphones (Of course it's optional)" But still if you have all that, you will have 10x more features than Xbox One has. Simply said. PC is better

  • Just Eddy
    Just Eddy Hour ago

    Your setup doesnโ€™t control your skill

  • slummest
    slummest Hour ago

    nice shirt weeb

  • Elzero Dragon
    Elzero Dragon 2 hours ago

    Advantage of Desktop: you can have bulky cooling unit for performance boost

  • GameAwxy
    GameAwxy 2 hours ago

    I have that same excact Rii keyboard lmao

  • random internet person

    With 200 you could have just bought a switch lite

  • CWB Gaming
    CWB Gaming 2 hours ago

    HEY GUYS THIS IS AUSTIN wow we would have NEVER KNOWN because your Flash-Player name isnโ€™t Austin or anything

  • DENY bumblee
    DENY bumblee 2 hours ago

    I bought a prebuilt pc for 1380 and it had an i7 9700F with nvidia geforce rtx 2070 and 16 gigabytes ram

  • Jace Cowart
    Jace Cowart 2 hours ago

    Can I have it

  • Matz Playz
    Matz Playz 2 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Munster_edd
    Munster_edd 2 hours ago

    In this video they just came off as 2 arrogant assholes Get a job losers Use an old PC to stream games what if you don't have high speed internet and $150 for an Xbox is a million times better deal I like Austin but this video was terrible and the get a job line from Ken he's gone down in my opinion not everyone can earn a boatload off Flash-Player ๐Ÿ‘Ž

    NORTH WHEELS 2 hours ago

    That Chinese guy has a disgusting mouth/face

  • CrewRiderz
    CrewRiderz 2 hours ago

    the thumbnail hurt me lol

  • Elizabeth Williams
    Elizabeth Williams 2 hours ago


  • Brit_ByunOh
    Brit_ByunOh 2 hours ago

    I love the PS3, it was part of my childhood :')

  • jalu ariasatya
    jalu ariasatya 2 hours ago

    im staying with my under 300$ pc

  • ElixirPokeTree
    ElixirPokeTree 2 hours ago

    Being completely serious ken won cause I'm sure that the XBone ran better, has game pass so lots of games for cheap monthly fee

  • Mr Big
    Mr Big 2 hours ago

    Cant pirate games on xbox so a broke gamer should go for a broke build pc.

  • Leolionross
    Leolionross 2 hours ago

    Last question: why the hecc do ppl make ransomware anyway

  • Alloy Brax
    Alloy Brax 2 hours ago

    His friend looks like Ned Leeds from Spiderman lmao

  • Alloy Brax
    Alloy Brax 2 hours ago

    Bro your hair makes you look like an actual egg.

  • Matty Matty
    Matty Matty 2 hours ago


  • skullpoly
    skullpoly 2 hours ago

    PC because skills

  • Blane Smith
    Blane Smith 2 hours ago

    Not everyone is able to work for various reasons Ken!! Fuck you...

  • UltraTech&Gaming
    UltraTech&Gaming 2 hours ago

    Bought a GTX 560 Ti OC for $35. Upgraded from GT 620

  • Jecca Ordena
    Jecca Ordena 3 hours ago

    Cheap quality paint ๐ŸŽจ ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ buy the 11 pro or the max

  • Syrv Goldstar
    Syrv Goldstar 3 hours ago

    Buy a shitty 50 dollar pc and use geforce now

    CLAVIN ZKL 3 hours ago

    asutin: broke gaming challenge also austin: this video is sponsored by free components

  • Polo Pixie
    Polo Pixie 3 hours ago

    I play Fortnite on PC

    CLAVIN ZKL 3 hours ago

    you both cheated tbh lol

  • Stubbertville
    Stubbertville 3 hours ago

    Ha, Iโ€™ll beat that I built a gaming pc for free!

  • Hayden Gomez
    Hayden Gomez 3 hours ago

    Broke wanna be gamers rise๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿคš๐Ÿป

  • Adampazaz
    Adampazaz 3 hours ago

    That bee excellent headset is absolute fucking garbage the only way to make it light up is plug the super short usb cable into the pc or console, after 3 days the audio cable broke with normal use.

  • Domisec
    Domisec 3 hours ago

    I GOT A WISH AD TOOoOo ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Scott
    Scott 3 hours ago

    16:41 who else thought he was gonna say "Hey guys, this is Austin"

  • Aidan Li
    Aidan Li 3 hours ago

    I can read Chinese. I think that its a coupon.

  • Hot Stuff!
    Hot Stuff! 3 hours ago

    Two years ago i bought the rx 560 variant with the same case but an fx-6300. Served me pretty well for two years (it was $500 w/ warranty, keyboard and mouse)

  • Juan Francisco
    Juan Francisco 3 hours ago

    im currently on a pc that cost me $200

  • Bilal Qadir
    Bilal Qadir 3 hours ago

    I tried one of those fake AirPods and I had the same problem. It would not connect together

  • Cursed_skeppy 14
    Cursed_skeppy 14 3 hours ago

    My setup Tv Xbox 1s Controller Keyboard and mouse (soon at Xmas) And of course Minecraft Setup =460 pounds or dollars Lol Iโ€™m cheap

  • Samo 7491
    Samo 7491 3 hours ago

    you guys are deadass the real life Peter Parker and Ned

  • Arda23
    Arda23 3 hours ago

    The broke Gaming Setup Me: *first time?*

  • DucksFoLif
    DucksFoLif 3 hours ago

    Just buy a console ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Brendon B
    Brendon B 3 hours ago

    NO! You get a job!

  • Nathan Lopez
    Nathan Lopez 4 hours ago

    Ken won. He thougght outside the box, but his entire setup probably went over $200 including Game Pass

  • SPX04
    SPX04 4 hours ago

    Straight up Mr Ken, I need to know where tf you get all your graphic shirts cus I need that animu in my life

  • ์†ก์ฃผํ˜„

    Next: How I install Mac on PS5?

  • project Deryck
    project Deryck 4 hours ago

    Microsoft won. Ken is true bout the last part though lol

  • Your average User
    Your average User 4 hours ago

    Why is this a question. Yes its not like its super outdated

  • Louis rodriguez
    Louis rodriguez 4 hours ago


  • Weeviltube
    Weeviltube 4 hours ago

    You gotta love when the cheap keyboard is the exact keyboard I'm using it sure did bring me down to earth

  • Gilberto Velazquez Hernandez

    Scrapyard wars!!!

  • Gamers Blog
    Gamers Blog 4 hours ago

    I've been doing that challenge my entire life

  • Kendall Johnson
    Kendall Johnson 4 hours ago

    Wii sports was my child hood

  • Lilโ€™memer
    Lilโ€™memer 4 hours ago

    2:02 *Satrts whistlening instead of saying โ€œSโ€*

  • GetUsomEnuts GetUsomEnuts

    You don't have to buy anything to enter the contest. If you read the fine print on the adds it says "no purchase necessary" the website to go to and enter is listed in the fine print