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20,000 Magnets Vs A Car
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How I Gave Away $1,000,000
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Donating $10000 To Pewdiepie
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  • Amtixs
    Amtixs 17 seconds ago

    Imagine if it was “Game of Life”

  • gabriel giroux
    gabriel giroux 18 seconds ago

    The rumor said that Juice world won having a heart attack on the toilet.... R.I.P

  • AnimeBingeWatcher
    AnimeBingeWatcher 33 seconds ago

    2019: “Planting 20 million trees-- My BIGGEST project ever!” 2020: Picking up all the garbage in the Pacific Ocean-- my _B I G G E S T_ project ever!! Spam so MrBeast can see!

  • Sou1 3ater
    Sou1 3ater 54 seconds ago


  • Logan Gamer
    Logan Gamer Minute ago

    8:52 chandler has no one to high five

  • Zcoolster !!
    Zcoolster !! Minute ago

    He stole the throne!

  • Senpai -Chan
    Senpai -Chan Minute ago

    “Oh no ,little jake is still going*

  • Goodmorning And night
    Goodmorning And night 2 minutes ago

    Get cocaine and give the drug dealer a jail tour

  • Neil McGuinness
    Neil McGuinness 2 minutes ago

    Hey mrbeast you need more pizza?

  • Ya Boi Parkie
    Ya Boi Parkie 2 minutes ago

    8:31 Chandler got booty

  • First-name Last-Name :D

    People: minding their own business Mr beast: *I'm about to fund this man's whole career*

  • Alyssa Depresso
    Alyssa Depresso 2 minutes ago

    As a person from Ohio... it is pretty weird

  • Ray Elmorado
    Ray Elmorado 2 minutes ago

    Doordash, Ubereats all the other delivery apps squeezing the drivers, I think you should do some giveaways to them, maybe these gig companies do sponsor your videos. Keep em coming more giveaways

  • Becky Stafford
    Becky Stafford 2 minutes ago

    I love your videos so so much and chandlers been weird also no mcdonalds

  • Bautista Depaolini
    Bautista Depaolini 2 minutes ago


  • luckycatplays wolf
    luckycatplays wolf 3 minutes ago

    11mil likes check

  • Rudster14
    Rudster14 3 minutes ago

    I feel bad for that one pickup trick behind them lol

  • Panda72 Yt
    Panda72 Yt 3 minutes ago

    Imagine refunding all that

  • It's Legacy
    It's Legacy 3 minutes ago

    I want to play so bad 😂😭

  • Maria Carreon
    Maria Carreon 3 minutes ago


  • King-kroblox
    King-kroblox 3 minutes ago

    That’s epic

  • Feet Plays
    Feet Plays 4 minutes ago

    Chandler wearing a Baltimore Orioles shirt is the reason he can't win challenges

  • nolan marx
    nolan marx 4 minutes ago

    Half of these are people using the fingerprint scanner

  • Mr_DragonSteel 12
    Mr_DragonSteel 12 4 minutes ago

    I would join

    BHAGWAN GAMING 4 minutes ago

    Can I have all the loser ticket please Mr. Beast! Please

  • Ke76541 1155775
    Ke76541 1155775 4 minutes ago

    U no just sum peeps can’t make it all the way through high school= me I’m stupid as hek Oop

  • Barneyismygod
    Barneyismygod 4 minutes ago

    Ha ha I've read the description and you can't take my dog because the Chinese man from down the street already made a chow mien bitch

  • The silent Majority
    The silent Majority 4 minutes ago

    Hi katie

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 4 minutes ago

    New subscriber

  • max tuipulotu
    max tuipulotu 5 minutes ago


  • Maria Carreon
    Maria Carreon 5 minutes ago

    Your a good Man m.r Beast 👍😭😭

  • Lucy Mitshulis
    Lucy Mitshulis 5 minutes ago

    LEGO life matters

  • Success Snacks
    Success Snacks 5 minutes ago

    I want to do this!!!! Lol

  • carlos carlos
    carlos carlos 5 minutes ago

    His shirt

  • Wolfyowlz Mobile
    Wolfyowlz Mobile 5 minutes ago

    *the reason why Mrbeast survives is because he had done nice things.*

  • anthony jones
    anthony jones 5 minutes ago


  • DWPF Horsemen
    DWPF Horsemen 5 minutes ago

    Have you never considered bringing small mattresses when you do 24 hour challenges

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 5 minutes ago

    Wow Mr beast can u give me ml diamond ??

  • Maddox Maddaedman 08
    Maddox Maddaedman 08 5 minutes ago


  • Tarson
    Tarson 5 minutes ago

    2019: planting 20M trees 2020: cleaning the ocean and the beach. spam :D

  • Zuhur Dahir
    Zuhur Dahir 5 minutes ago

    I’m so happy for the guys at least some people got money 😁

  • Jowell Muñoz
    Jowell Muñoz 5 minutes ago

    Damn, I wanted an Oculus Rift S...

  • The real Sans
    The real Sans 6 minutes ago

    Chandler lookin *T H I C C*

  • Matt latt
    Matt latt 6 minutes ago

    If you don’t make this man show up in future videos, I’ll kick you in the balls

  • White Lives Matter
    White Lives Matter 6 minutes ago

    Cris 8/10 Jake 1/10 Sister 5/10

  • Aashish Rai
    Aashish Rai 6 minutes ago

    Bro I wanna b ur frn

  • Janniel Arbelo
    Janniel Arbelo 6 minutes ago

    This is so touching honestly

  • PoJoTheGreat
    PoJoTheGreat 6 minutes ago

    “Giant Monopoly Game with Real Money” So America...?

  • DakotaTheUnicorn 07
    DakotaTheUnicorn 07 6 minutes ago

    Idea: pretend to be an Uber driver then give them the car

  • DJ Mystic Moon AJ
    DJ Mystic Moon AJ 6 minutes ago

    This is me and my friends when we are having a sleepover

  • W L
    W L 7 minutes ago


  • excuse me wat
    excuse me wat 7 minutes ago

    I watched this on a toilet ngl

  • Juicy Pineapple
    Juicy Pineapple 7 minutes ago

    Mrbeast congrats on making it in 2019 youtube rewind

  • Bryce Cook
    Bryce Cook 7 minutes ago

    You can never trust chandler

  • Tracey Glass
    Tracey Glass 7 minutes ago

    Mr beast: We will be spending 24 hours in this insane asylum! Chris: yay

  • rr0xyy sanchez
    rr0xyy sanchez 7 minutes ago

    Chandler should of been one of da contestants since he is always on da toilet😂😂😂

  • Orange Oasis
    Orange Oasis 7 minutes ago

    Dude, I wonder how much money Jimmy spent on all these cars...

  • NotTheWorst
    NotTheWorst 7 minutes ago

    Bro tell me why a guy broke into my car and stole all my money and popped my steeeing wheel column

  • Daniela Corzo
    Daniela Corzo 7 minutes ago

    A lot of trash :(

  • akaTripzayy
    akaTripzayy 7 minutes ago

    I would easily win this.

  • Keira V
    Keira V 7 minutes ago

    Ethan danced the best

  • Armaan Talabi
    Armaan Talabi 7 minutes ago

    Mr Beast: Ya so the house is yours no strings attached Joey: 😑

  • Gobala Krishnan
    Gobala Krishnan 7 minutes ago

    You guys are so great! Keep helping people in need! Teared for this man's feelings.

  • Juicy Pineapple
    Juicy Pineapple 8 minutes ago


  • xevious gaming
    xevious gaming 8 minutes ago

    How many people are going to get mugged when they walk out

  • PounceBoi 12
    PounceBoi 12 8 minutes ago

    So the only app that is good is the dentist map

  • James Miller
    James Miller 8 minutes ago

    Where does the money for all these stunts come from? Is it really all sponsorships some how?

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
    Aesthetically Pleasing 8 minutes ago

    Okay but get Mr beast an oscar

  • Alisa Crozier
    Alisa Crozier 8 minutes ago

    2 haves of a chair

  • john mugisha
    john mugisha 8 minutes ago

    You should melt them together and make the ultimate snicker bar

  • Izzie Stanton
    Izzie Stanton 8 minutes ago

    I want to see his ostrich!!!

  • Deluxe_ Kaya
    Deluxe_ Kaya 9 minutes ago

    This channel should be called MrJimmy

  • Ellie Jones
    Ellie Jones 9 minutes ago

    Sign: NO stupid people MrBeast: *Exist*

  • Paws
    Paws 9 minutes ago

    I would be the first one to poop in the toilet.

  • Eric Cook
    Eric Cook 10 minutes ago

    this is comedy.

  • Coyote Productions
    Coyote Productions 10 minutes ago

    we must protect this man at all costs. amen.

  • Baberaham Lincoln
    Baberaham Lincoln 10 minutes ago

    Come on we can do this!

  • British89
    British89 10 minutes ago

    So who got the iPhone?

  • Madison Padilla
    Madison Padilla 10 minutes ago

    I know it was a year ago but chis should have lost because jimmy said no sitting he sat

  • dotaapso
    dotaapso 10 minutes ago

    Me, being a random student: yes

  • Michelle Goebel
    Michelle Goebel 10 minutes ago

    GIRLS RULE 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Yoan Campos
    Yoan Campos 11 minutes ago


  • Happy Halloween
    Happy Halloween 11 minutes ago

    Congratulations! You're awake.

  • Kai Whitford
    Kai Whitford 11 minutes ago

    Last to leave mars. Thoughts?

  • Wolfyowlz Mobile
    Wolfyowlz Mobile 11 minutes ago

    *MrBeast For President*

  • OneGirlWithBigDreams 9
    OneGirlWithBigDreams 9 11 minutes ago

    Lol he was suffering on my birthday lol

  • Reece Williamson
    Reece Williamson 11 minutes ago

    Sine me up I will last 48 hours

    GAMING WITH HARIEZ 11 minutes ago

    This is why mrbeast go to jail.😔

  • Mr Pineapple
    Mr Pineapple 11 minutes ago

    Wait mc Donald has working ice cream machines?

  • King-kroblox
    King-kroblox 11 minutes ago


  • v a n n a h
    v a n n a h 11 minutes ago

    When Chandler ACTUALLY won and got the money you can actually see that he's happy. IT WARMS MY HEART-

    • Larni CoolCat
      Larni CoolCat 7 minutes ago

      Same, plus my brothers name is chandler lol

  • hunter Spence
    hunter Spence 11 minutes ago

    Ok boomer

  • Warren Hardy
    Warren Hardy 11 minutes ago

    I'm convinced mr beast made 9 figures in btc

  • Peque Squeaks
    Peque Squeaks 12 minutes ago

    8:27 *SO INTENSE*

  • Baratorn
    Baratorn 12 minutes ago

    Well just a matter of time before morgz copies him Wich will be a win win for the earth

  • Isaac León
    Isaac León 12 minutes ago

    Were they all using the same type of shorts?

  • magic genie
    magic genie 12 minutes ago

    I would have asked how much for the dumster itself

  • Garrett Golden
    Garrett Golden 12 minutes ago

    Jake is much better

  • Brianna Lucia
    Brianna Lucia 12 minutes ago

    Make a while bunch of lottery tickets that all win

  • Spikedvampero New
    Spikedvampero New 12 minutes ago

    When your the 7,99999 sub Insert evil morty theme