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Purgatony Coming To YouTube?
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  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon 5 hours ago

    Right: you can always have another ;) and dat booty coming with a smoothy RIGHT but if you can’t do it you can kill god your choice.

  • RichRichGaming
    RichRichGaming 5 hours ago


  • Gamerfrienship
    Gamerfrienship 5 hours ago

    Yourself: Be selfless dude

  • Pixel Plasma
    Pixel Plasma 5 hours ago

    Left: let the son live his life, he is just toddler

  • The New Era Of Gaming

    Kill god this time! If you fail you can work for satan!

  • Oblivious Owen
    Oblivious Owen 5 hours ago

    God: he has become to powerful and you need to show him whos boss

  • Max Symko
    Max Symko 5 hours ago

    Train Jane. Maybe she will join you in heaven and ur son will continue ur legacy

  • lockend2
    lockend2 5 hours ago

    jane, otherwise shes gotta die old and saggy

  • Connor Crawford
    Connor Crawford 5 hours ago

    Train Jane: if you kill her she will be in heaven with you with that caboose that don't quite while tom he shall live to see another day

  • Vojta Fucik
    Vojta Fucik 5 hours ago

    Doesn't the god have same voice actor as death from Purgatony ? That means the god is realy just imposter, and Death is fooling Tom all along

  • Jack O'Brien
    Jack O'Brien 5 hours ago


  • HomieGaming
    HomieGaming 6 hours ago

    Kill train Jane, sibce she has lived her life, or go to hell and kill tram sams family again

  • Cormac Steffann
    Cormac Steffann 6 hours ago

    Both: so you can smash AND love your entire family

  • Animefan8050
    Animefan8050 6 hours ago

    Kill the son, you can always make another one with Train Jane.

  • Andrew Knowles
    Andrew Knowles 6 hours ago

    🧀🐟🏖¿¿Do they have shirts with Tony on the phone on them?🍌🦍🗺🗺

  • Asante Carter
    Asante Carter 6 hours ago

    BOTH: Tom... are you a moron? Your son is a GINGER... That means Train Jane took Tram Sam for a ride around the railroad tracks... Now she and that red headed abomination of theirs must die together🙃🙃🙃

  • Omar Riyami
    Omar Riyami 6 hours ago

    Kill both: Jaine clearly had an affair with sam thats why ur son is ginger like sam. So this way u ll kill a cheater and the last surviving member of tram family.


    That is nice

  • SkullHunterXD
    SkullHunterXD 6 hours ago

    kill god, he will punish you doesnt matter which one you choose

  • Boris Is board
    Boris Is board 6 hours ago


  • blue scorpio
    blue scorpio 6 hours ago

    Kill train Jane then she can be with you forever

  • XxMEmEsBoIxX
    XxMEmEsBoIxX 6 hours ago

    right: because you had four children named Trolley Tom Junior before then you can have another child

  • GC GoldShoe
    GC GoldShoe 6 hours ago

    Right because you could have another kid

  • Wolfofthe fallen
    Wolfofthe fallen 6 hours ago

    I think you should take Jane because that would be you reunited with her

  • banana god
    banana god 6 hours ago

    Yourself use one last mega bolt to take out all of heaven

  • Ahmed AlZahrani
    Ahmed AlZahrani 6 hours ago

    if you stop making sorts I'll send you the money

  • wolf martins
    wolf martins 6 hours ago

    Yourself then you become stronger then god

  • the boy wonder
    the boy wonder 6 hours ago


  • Vukasin Petrovic
    Vukasin Petrovic 6 hours ago

    Right! Your son is not your son. Look at his ginger hair

  • meddis
    meddis 6 hours ago

    Jane, she's probably be with you if you kill her and she's old so there's not much for her anymore but your son is Young and there's alot of in front of him Poop

  • Philo Forry
    Philo Forry 6 hours ago

    Yourself. Self sacrifice is better than either of them

  • Fatal Peasant
    Fatal Peasant 6 hours ago

    Yourself You won't go to hell for being selfless

  • TT Lynch
    TT Lynch 6 hours ago

    Go for blood zap God he's putting you in these positions without enough information

  • TryToEpic
    TryToEpic 6 hours ago

    God: he deserves it

  • Genuine slims377
    Genuine slims377 6 hours ago


  • TRI66ER_ 78
    TRI66ER_ 78 6 hours ago

    Left: he drove his tram over my dog

  • Sr. Bearsalot
    Sr. Bearsalot 6 hours ago

    Left : You can always make another one.

  • Red Reaper Raven
    Red Reaper Raven 6 hours ago

    Both so they go to heaven and your family will be reunited

  • Pro_devilsgaming
    Pro_devilsgaming 6 hours ago

    Do a backflip for the fun of it

  • The Last Kodiak
    The Last Kodiak 6 hours ago

    Kill train Jane. Their son can continue the family and Jane will go to trolley heaven with Tom.

  • Alex Barron
    Alex Barron 6 hours ago

    Left at the very least his son can continue the family name

  • hike rieger
    hike rieger 6 hours ago

    Kill god

  • duck
    duck 6 hours ago

    Just sit and be silent

  • Tristan Matthys
    Tristan Matthys 6 hours ago

    Yourself: atleast they get too live

  • You Nice Keep Going
    You Nice Keep Going 6 hours ago

    Yourself: since you are already dead it won't affect them and that way you sacrifice yourself in order to make your family happier lmao. It will cost them to lose another member (i wrote too much lmao)

  • BeeBee Tee
    BeeBee Tee 6 hours ago

    The Clone Zone was weak but the others were cool.

  • Ganjalf The Pusher
    Ganjalf The Pusher 6 hours ago

    Kill god

  • james d
    james d 6 hours ago

    Kill god

  • Hans Majestet
    Hans Majestet 6 hours ago

    Yourself because god is gay

  • Austin Heartless
    Austin Heartless 6 hours ago

    Neither: Ask God to show you how it's done, then mourn your son when God kills him.

  • Twilight Sparkle
    Twilight Sparkle 6 hours ago

    small idea youve prolly already thought of, maybe do a kickstarter type of thing?

  • Ag's vlogging and gaming


  • Lab928 1
    Lab928 1 6 hours ago

    Definitely kill god now

  • Twilight Sparkle
    Twilight Sparkle 6 hours ago

    this is just every episode fully, yay

  • Damian Winterburn
    Damian Winterburn 6 hours ago

    Yourself cuz gods a sick fuck

  • xox yayıncılık
    xox yayıncılık 6 hours ago

    Kill both of them and they will come heaven you won't be alone

  • Overwatch Universe
    Overwatch Universe 6 hours ago

    Kill train Jane bros before hoes

  • GG gamer
    GG gamer 6 hours ago

    Yourself: you will be happy and god can see your selfless

  • mlmbird
    mlmbird 6 hours ago

    Kill both, so you can join them on hell and plot a revenge aggaint god, for all od this is his plan, and his plan sucks

  • infinity juul
    infinity juul 6 hours ago

    right: you can make another one

  • The Spook
    The Spook 6 hours ago

    Left, maybe Train Jane can join you in heaven with that butt.

  • Ammageddon89
    Ammageddon89 6 hours ago

    Kill Train Jane, so you can "train" Jane in the heavens - iykwim ;)

  • level up
    level up 6 hours ago


  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 6 hours ago


  • HipstaJesus_ -_-
    HipstaJesus_ -_- 6 hours ago

    Kill jane, cos then she’ll be in train heaven with you

  • Metallic
    Metallic 6 hours ago


  • alucrash1
    alucrash1 6 hours ago

    Wait one trolley traveling minute... why does trolley tom jr have red curly hair. I suspect train jane got railed by tram sam and lied to trolley tom and whats worse then a totaled trolley is she named him after tom. Send her to her to trolley hell.

  • Nikita A.
    Nikita A. 6 hours ago


  • Justice Dunham
    Justice Dunham 6 hours ago

    Left, your son has more life ahead of him and killing your wife brings her to Heaven with you.

  • DominoMell G
    DominoMell G 6 hours ago


  • Saeed aljassmi
    Saeed aljassmi 6 hours ago

    Left because your wife is already old well your son hasn’t lived most of his life

  • Kk 0192
    Kk 0192 6 hours ago

    Right:you can always make another one

  • Kadz
    Kadz 6 hours ago

    This reminds me of the Good Place

  • Jessica Robins
    Jessica Robins 6 hours ago

    Left:because your wife cheated on you to make a ginger kid

  • Massayoshi Hirasawa
    Massayoshi Hirasawa 6 hours ago


  • one kxng
    one kxng 6 hours ago

    Up tom become god or you can just take your wife to heaven

  • Mammoth The Kid
    Mammoth The Kid 6 hours ago


    SAVAGE BOSS OGG 6 hours ago

    Tony :what time is it Me :infinite to infinity Tony :tanks

  • Iamgodlike
    Iamgodlike 6 hours ago


  • Iamgodlike
    Iamgodlike 6 hours ago

    Choose neither one of them

  • Xan De Olivier
    Xan De Olivier 6 hours ago

    Can't help but to think about the time I was dreaming I was pissing in the toilet and suddenly end up waking and realising that it was only a dream ... worst wake up ever.

  • Jock Willy
    Jock Willy 6 hours ago

    Train Jane she is probably cheating on you since your dead

  • I wiLL CLApYO M8 Razvan

    Left if god really hates you because your son has a life to live and if you kill your wife she will be with you in heaven.

  • Randall Silver
    Randall Silver 6 hours ago

    Ok, I'm getting a little tired of all these compilations and mashups and stuff. Where's some new content? Apart from the Trolley Tom thing

  • Sir Spawn Alot
    Sir Spawn Alot 6 hours ago

    Both, bring them with you to heaven! or hell, I don't care.

  • suckmyvenom
    suckmyvenom 6 hours ago

    Predatory run by bureaucrats? That's hilarious!

  • Vega Arcturus
    Vega Arcturus 6 hours ago

    Left: Because what ev

  • Pan Japko Panjapkowski

    Kill god

  • Christiangwhyte
    Christiangwhyte 6 hours ago

    Kill both so you can see them in heaven

  • Vi-king production
    Vi-king production 7 hours ago

    Kill god, kill god, kill god. He is pretending to be god and he is actually the devil. He is putting you through torture. I had suspicions before but this had only confirmed them. KILL "GOD" 👼⚡💭

  • Jack Egan
    Jack Egan 7 hours ago

    Both, they have been good, send them up to heaven with you

  • Hyper _Death
    Hyper _Death 7 hours ago

    God saved his son now do what god did kill your son

  • Sergio Gomez Goldmek14

    Yourself. Even if you go to hell your family can still live happy

  • RealKakus
    RealKakus 7 hours ago

    Left: u can frick her in heaven

  • Zaza B.
    Zaza B. 7 hours ago

    Left: Kill the wife your son will live longer then she will anyway

  • GBGi
    GBGi 7 hours ago

    Yourself, you can’t kill what’s already dead. Also you can seem selfless at the same time.

  • Ninja GrimReaper
    Ninja GrimReaper 7 hours ago

    Neither: family comes first and if you do go to hell you can this team up with the devil

  • Big Boom787
    Big Boom787 7 hours ago

    Yourself: sacrifices must be made

  • Peachey Goodness
    Peachey Goodness 7 hours ago

    Both, if one or the other is bad... then both must be right.

  • Big Boom787
    Big Boom787 7 hours ago

    Yourself: sacrifices must be made