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  • Stephanie Estrada
    Stephanie Estrada 4 hours ago


  • kelly ukor
    kelly ukor 4 hours ago

    We are done officially 😀😀😀😀😀

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire 4 hours ago


  • Amun
    Amun 4 hours ago

    Crazy that half of you commenting think this is just entertainment when it’s many of our realities.

  • Giselle Joseph
    Giselle Joseph 4 hours ago


  • Siwa Dinesh
    Siwa Dinesh 4 hours ago

    Bitch !!!!!

  • Gerald D
    Gerald D 4 hours ago

    0:16 Borat

  • Yes No
    Yes No 4 hours ago

    what about magents bitch

  • The_Phantom
    The_Phantom 4 hours ago

    You guys missed "Gatorade me, Bitch"

  • Sir Banana Sebas
    Sir Banana Sebas 4 hours ago

    This needs to be put on Spotify

  • incorrect
    incorrect 4 hours ago

    What about Yo?!?!

  • NotFyro
    NotFyro 4 hours ago


  • vic
    vic 4 hours ago

    Can we just talk about the fact that u can shoot Scarlett Johansson face from any angle and she looks good,

  • sapphicmoon
    sapphicmoon 4 hours ago


  • Sam Mullett
    Sam Mullett 4 hours ago

    I was saying bitch to everyone for years, then Aaron Paul makes it famous 😭

  • Jack Dennis
    Jack Dennis 4 hours ago


  • Simply Z'hara
    Simply Z'hara 4 hours ago

    Why does she remind me of Sinclair from Living Single?! Lol I just love her

  • Evannah
    Evannah 4 hours ago

    These women... ❤️

  • ijs
    ijs 4 hours ago

    anime version : i want to delete my memory and watch over and over again netflix version :i wanted to delete my mermery ...

  • Patrick Madrigal
    Patrick Madrigal 4 hours ago

    I like how Jesse somehow has a way to include B** in almost every sentence

  • Dabwitso Zumani Phiri

    Zambia ❤️

  • Mia Infante
    Mia Infante 4 hours ago


  • Seba Gutier
    Seba Gutier 4 hours ago

    you can immediately tell its shot on film oh oh how beautiful

  • Pentakill Vlad
    Pentakill Vlad 4 hours ago

    You missed Gatorade me bitch and magnets bitch!

  • Saurabh Dhanuka
    Saurabh Dhanuka 4 hours ago

    What about magnets????

  • Emi
    Emi 4 hours ago

    Language! Lmao

  • Jack
    Jack 4 hours ago

    Aaron Paul analyzing the meanings behind bitch sounds like English teachers trying to find ridiculous meanings behind stories

  • Michael Bramlett
    Michael Bramlett 4 hours ago

    I don't watch movies with subtitles. If I want to read I will grab a book.

  • Lea Ga
    Lea Ga 4 hours ago

    But srsly tho, Cazzie needs to be together. They MUST be together NETFLIX!!! U HERE ME???

  • Karamel fan
    Karamel fan 4 hours ago

    So we are getting another A Christmas Prince movie yay! I love both of the movies

  • Lea Ga
    Lea Ga 4 hours ago


  • Florian Hagenauer
    Florian Hagenauer 4 hours ago

    Bitch is to Aaron Paul what Motherfucker is to Samuel Jackson.

  • Hannah Goddard
    Hannah Goddard 4 hours ago


  • Dhiogo
    Dhiogo 4 hours ago

    Ejerce si yeah bitch (season 5 episode 1)

  • Andrea Nathew
    Andrea Nathew 4 hours ago

    Aaron is definetely a big actor.

  • Robert Downsyndrom Jr.

    I like all these bitches

  • Александра Н.

    Of cource Dean!!!

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A 4 hours ago

    This show is so underrated!

  • Col. R
    Col. R 4 hours ago

    Hell yeah. Can't wait

  • Dania
    Dania 4 hours ago

    i just want LUDO AND FIORE

  • Jim Cowhand
    Jim Cowhand 4 hours ago

    Avengers 😴💤💤💤 and ST💩R W💩RS

  • Angie C
    Angie C 4 hours ago

    im crying laughin..BITCH 😂

  • Marcus Worsham
    Marcus Worsham 4 hours ago

    Need for Bitch !!!

  • Autumn !
    Autumn ! 4 hours ago


  • Gil Guillermo
    Gil Guillermo 4 hours ago

    Fave Line: "Put me up against a Barbie, Like they don't already know what I KEN do"

  • dattaram sawant
    dattaram sawant 4 hours ago

    I see davi schwimmer....I immediately click on the trailer

  • javacryptid _
    javacryptid _ 4 hours ago

    Joanne jumping levels!!

  • Rorry Templeton
    Rorry Templeton 4 hours ago

    Hmmm they must have left a few out. I like when he calls the pre-med doctor a bitch when he tells him he can't smoke outside the hospital

  • ZA_Survivalist
    ZA_Survivalist 4 hours ago

    More anti cop and race baiting premises. Bravo.. beating that dead horse of a concept again, eh? Such a cheap copout in terms of creative writing.

  • Jordan Verbeek
    Jordan Verbeek 5 hours ago

    1:15 This is always the question that is asked . . . and the response is all too real.

  • TheEmerald
    TheEmerald 5 hours ago

    Anyone else watch this show because the sister character is really hot?

    10M views 5 hours ago

    I've watched the entire series except for the last episode I will do that now

  • Manar Z
    Manar Z 5 hours ago

    Aaron's brain during this interview : "can we get some sleep now"

    10M views 5 hours ago

    "That was one of the hardest bitches I've ever had to do" lmao

  • theQiwiMan
    theQiwiMan 5 hours ago

    Are we all just supposed to pretend they aren't way too old to be in this type of movie?

  • Kiely Newsome
    Kiely Newsome 5 hours ago


  • Jesse Carpenter
    Jesse Carpenter 5 hours ago

    I love everything about this!!! Bitch... :)

  • Becky Connolly
    Becky Connolly 5 hours ago

    Flawless is amazing

  • Becky Connolly
    Becky Connolly 5 hours ago

    Flawless is amazing

  • Max Karat
    Max Karat 5 hours ago

    U miss a bitch when Jesse find the money in the fridge, but i love it anyway. 😂❤️

  • claritap10
    claritap10 5 hours ago

    Jess toda la vida.

  • Arose Arow
    Arose Arow 5 hours ago

    Am not crying

  • Proserpine
    Proserpine 5 hours ago

    This is gonna get me so emotional

  • NB3797
    NB3797 5 hours ago

    I’ve never met a person who didn’t like Aaron Paul

  • 1funnyfish
    1funnyfish 5 hours ago

    Not billing JEREMY JORDAN is a crime like he’s literally in the whole play.....

  • mo
    mo 5 hours ago

    This looks lame...

  • AEC Media
    AEC Media 5 hours ago

    Hey whats the music in this trailer called?

  • OG
    OG 5 hours ago

    Where is "YEA BITCH, MAGNETS! "???????

    ALPHA WOLF 5 hours ago

    Why does it looks like Scarlet Johansson has a moustache in the thumbnail?

  • Rufaro Asuquo
    Rufaro Asuquo 5 hours ago

    I’m so happy 😁 that my favourite show is back ☺️

  • Ömer Faruq
    Ömer Faruq 5 hours ago

    What's up biatch!

  • WildGaston
    WildGaston 5 hours ago

    Anyone here after fat Todd?

  • Juliana Meiers
    Juliana Meiers 5 hours ago

    I would love to see cole sprouse and Matthew Perry together

  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker 5 hours ago

    This looks like a year jerker.

  • kricket250
    kricket250 5 hours ago

    I’m so glad they went with the white trailer hillbillies terrorizing strong attractive minorities. This hasn’t been done a million and one times or anything.

    JOSH SENTERS 5 hours ago

    Jeremy Jordan could arrest me any day

  • Hannah Gutierrez
    Hannah Gutierrez 5 hours ago

    liked her season one Hated her season two Felt her pain and loved her season three

  • xMinipanda
    xMinipanda 5 hours ago

    They forgot the train Robby one

  • Samuel Ndaire
    Samuel Ndaire 5 hours ago

    2:22 he had the chance to call it a bitch hat trick and he blew it

  • Martyna Ferencz
    Martyna Ferencz 5 hours ago


  • विग्नेश्வரன்

    Look!!! this bitch doesn't age😱

  • darkwind the deity
    darkwind the deity 5 hours ago

    A true friend...

  • TheZzZzZzZzZzA
    TheZzZzZzZzZzA 5 hours ago

    Ah yes, the movie "Kerry Washington", starring American Son. Great video title format, Netflix.

  • Lilly M
    Lilly M 5 hours ago

    i can’t wait🥺🥺🥺

  • Rod A.
    Rod A. 5 hours ago

    I have a major mancrush on Adam Driver.

  • Shamique Nizam
    Shamique Nizam 5 hours ago

    I showed this to a cricketer. . . . . He is our PM now.🇵🇰

  • Gold Lattes
    Gold Lattes 5 hours ago

    Cardi aka Joanne the SCAMMER 😂😂😂

  • cccckxcckeo
    cccckxcckeo 5 hours ago


  • Redentor Domingo
    Redentor Domingo 5 hours ago

    This will sweep all the Oscars

  • Shahriar Dipto
    Shahriar Dipto 5 hours ago

    Netflix hats off to you man! ♥️

  • Monique Santos
    Monique Santos 5 hours ago

    Jess 😍

    DJM.FILMS 5 hours ago

    Simple camera on gimbal trick

  • Shakermaker
    Shakermaker 5 hours ago

    Yo Mr White

  • izzy kate
    izzy kate 5 hours ago


    VOLDEMORT'S SISTER 5 hours ago

    Stop quoting the movie ✋😑

  • Musa Tales
    Musa Tales 5 hours ago

    That look in her eye while flawless did the flawless victory. She knew she was done.

  • Yeraz Production
    Yeraz Production 5 hours ago

    Love how he cracks up at some of them

  • Mully
    Mully 5 hours ago

    What about 'YEAH BITCH! MAGNETS"???

  • Austin Rood
    Austin Rood 5 hours ago


  • raruto 23
    raruto 23 5 hours ago

    Omg holy shit