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Life after ballet | 7.30
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  • Duxitisation B
    Duxitisation B 15 minutes ago

    Can you turn the comments on for the previous video please? A publicly funded channel is not there for you to determine when people should or should not talk..

  • M Ferretti
    M Ferretti 2 hours ago

    ??? Look at your own!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • High Beyond
    High Beyond 2 hours ago

    Hey ABC worker, not the network but the individual human who is scarred of hearing what the public has to say, you are in the minority and you know it.

  • The Equalizer 2014
    The Equalizer 2014 2 hours ago

    At the funeral home, I would like a TV screen on top of the casket (head end), and the picture shows my top half laying down inside the coffin, and the mourners can select their name on the screen to view a personalised message from me, so they can hear what I really thought of them (good or bad).

  • Jeffery Maxwell Rawson

    Funerals are part of the grieving process for the living so a memorial of some sort is helpful in many ways. I have something about that in my Will so it's covered. I do wish that someone here in Oz offered a nice efficient freeze-drying, powdered and composting service though. Something less energy-intensive and environmentally neutral. My brother finds that mortifying and thinks you'd end up in China as powdered milk.

  • Limara64
    Limara64 2 hours ago

    Hi, how do you like my idea. Pop up coffin I want to be secured to a board that has a large spring on the back, then, the coffin lid is hinged and at a given moment I would pop out with a pre recorded message. X Lv x

  • spikastalker 101
    spikastalker 101 3 hours ago

    So the ABC doesn't want to control the narrative? What happened to the comment section on nearly all of your so-called news vids? Very weak ABC. 👎👎👎

  • Samuel mmmk
    Samuel mmmk 3 hours ago

    Yeah, publicly funded. Should definitely allow public comments.

  • sc0tte416
    sc0tte416 4 hours ago

    Why does this channel disable comments on almost every video? Shouldn't a publically funded company allow public comments? I ways thumb down those videos.

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul 4 hours ago

    When I die, I hope some animals will find my body and eat it ... it'll be useful for somebody! You're dead! You're a corpse! Why would you bother thinking about it?

  • Ain't no Slice
    Ain't no Slice 2 days ago

    neoliberals always making friends with war criminals. He should be at the ICC, not a football game. Also what is this idiotic notion constantly propagated by conservatives and centrists that we should tolerate intolerance? _"Uh why won't you just respect my beliefs and let me demonise immigrants and deny transpeople their right to exist in peace?"_

  • Melbourne Shorts
    Melbourne Shorts 4 days ago

    How is this considered news? Garbage

  • Alexander Hermann
    Alexander Hermann 5 days ago

    Can you do some journalism please.

  • John Nixon
    John Nixon 5 days ago

    Until the last 15-20 years, the answer was yes. The left has become too intolerant for this to continue.

  • John La Marca
    John La Marca 6 days ago

    Murdering scum who do it for more money with our veterans are great friends... Those who plot to wire and demolition the world trade center with innocent people in it - for money - and torture people in Iraq "Where are the weapons of mass destruction!!?" Now we will kill your other child too if you don't tell us where they are! YES!! These are people we all can be friends with... Let live rattlesnakes crawl all over your living room floor!! Make sure your two-year-old is crawling on the floor with them!! We can all be friends together!!!!

  • sycam3472
    sycam3472 6 days ago

    ABC has become garbage television, trash journalism and Soros operatives. It didn’t take long in this story for the gay propaganda to begin. Its trash.

  • Charms
    Charms 6 days ago

    Buzzfeed eww

  • Hamish Hooper
    Hamish Hooper 6 days ago

    This is report is a disgrace to the ABC. This is not journalism this crap would maybe be passable on channel 7 or 9 but not the ABC. You guys literally got someone from BuzzFeed to come in on the segment, have you no shame! Please fire who ever thought this was a good thing to report on. Yours sincerely Yet another Jordan Shanks ( friendlyjordies) Flash-Player follower.

  • Katay smith
    Katay smith 6 days ago

    When did actors/actresses become authorities on other people's lives? Ruffalo should look in his own yard before passing judgement. How many did his brother kill while drug dealing? Hypocrite!

  • Ryan Heath
    Ryan Heath 6 days ago

    This whole thought that 2 people of different political thoughts can't be friends is about as absurd as 2 people from different religions being friends. Get a grip on reality and stop tying to polarise people or make people feel like they need to take a moral stand. I don't care about your political beliefs to be your friend, as long as you're a decent person we will get along.

    • Douglas Maclaine-cross
      Douglas Maclaine-cross 6 days ago

      Being an apologist for war criminal sympathisers is not a good stance to take. He has not apologised or been repentant whatsoever for any of his past actions. This means that he remains a person to be reviled. Being friends with him makes you revilable too. Which is a shame... because Ellen did seem like a nice person. Pity she has decided to become revilable. I didn't make that choice: she did.

  • Robert Skitch
    Robert Skitch 6 days ago

    ABC: Can the political left and right be friends? Me: That person is a war criminal...

    • VaselineLenz
      VaselineLenz 6 days ago

      And the other one isn't a politician

  • Qadir Ghulam
    Qadir Ghulam 6 days ago

    Borsh doog

  • MatthewNoPants1atoll

    Anybody else cringe at the attempt at an American accent? "New Yooooork city" ugh

  • craig jessup
    craig jessup 6 days ago

    The right side of politics in Australia stinks like dog shit

  • Patrick Debellefeuille

    *The war in Irak killed millions and millions and millions of civilians, woman, children, pregnent woman, babies, elderlies ect... ect...*

    • Ian 57
      Ian 57 5 days ago

      Keeps a cap on numbers

  • MrStGeorgeIllawarra

    Straight, gay, black, white, brown: The rich stay together. End of story.

  • milo samsara
    milo samsara 6 days ago

    The wealthy elite always share a common bond - don't rock the boat . So what if Bush murdered thousands , she had good seats .

  • Iwill
    Iwill 6 days ago

    It's not that you're friends, Ellen. It's that building 7 fell from small office fires.

    • VaselineLenz
      VaselineLenz 6 days ago

      Yeah I know, It's a pretty loose relationship.. An understanding, at the very most.

  • Chad Norman
    Chad Norman 6 days ago

    You can't compare him to someone who just has opinions that fall on the right, I have plenty of friends with different views. He's a war criminal. He was responsible for over a million deaths in Iraq alone and that resulted in ISIS and the whole middle East being destabilized, attacks on the west and the refugee crisis. He is responsible for the world we currently live in. How could anyone be friends with a monster like that?

  • Nonofya Bidnez
    Nonofya Bidnez 6 days ago

    War Criminals make for GREAT friends...

    • Iwill
      Iwill 6 days ago

      I want a war criminal for Christmas

  • Elizabeth Iloveelohim

    Shalom, everyone can get along if they allow Yehovah's love into their hearts

    • milo samsara
      milo samsara 6 days ago

      True , the victims of Auschwitz should have handed the Nazis flowers .

  • Phill Emmanuel
    Phill Emmanuel 6 days ago

    I don’t see what’s wrong with it? I mean Ellen is a good friend of the Clintons and they aren’t exactly left wing either so I don’t see the outrage of her hanging out with George Bush!

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 6 days ago

    I completely agree with Ellen

  • LooGGiii TV 1
    LooGGiii TV 1 6 days ago

    The elite are all friends.... Only us should be divided in order to keep the elite in control....

  • LooGGiii TV 1
    LooGGiii TV 1 6 days ago


  • RedCapitalist
    RedCapitalist 7 days ago

    your title should read "can international war criminals and propagandist talk show hosts be friends?"

  • zak ortega
    zak ortega 7 days ago

    Bush is a war CRIMINAL.

    • Delon Duvenage
      Delon Duvenage 6 days ago

      @Hamish Hooper no it's more like Jesuit much

    • Delon Duvenage
      Delon Duvenage 6 days ago

      actually he wasn't he was just following orders from the man with the pointy hat

    • Hamish Hooper
      Hamish Hooper 6 days ago

      And Ellen just shrugs off she's mates with him. Illuminati much

  • Gersh Klein
    Gersh Klein 7 days ago

    The man's from BuzzFeed. RUN!

    • Delon Duvenage
      Delon Duvenage 6 days ago

      don't think anyone should be taking advice from anyone working at buzzfeed

  • Htoo Doh
    Htoo Doh 7 days ago

    My wife and I are friends.

    • Ian 57
      Ian 57 5 days ago

      Me too, she’s left I’m right

  • Hayden Dunner
    Hayden Dunner 7 days ago

    buzz feed? why?

  • david hunt
    david hunt 7 days ago

    Obama is friends with Bush if I am not mistaken . I am sure we all work with people who have very different political views . Some of these people we get to know very well and we have great friendships with them despite differing views. Democracy is about differing views ,life is about differing views and opinions .

  • Animal Farm
    Animal Farm 7 days ago

    When you stop thinking of the corporate media as entertainment, and relabel it as a tool for marketing and propaganda, the World will make a lot more sense. In today's fabricated politics, there is very little difference between Left and Right. Usually both parties in each country (Australia - Liberal & Labor: Britain - Conservative & New Labor: US - Republican & Democrat) are owned and controlled by the plutocrats; and it is these same plutocrats who own and control the majority of the media. So when you see Ellen and a war criminal enjoying a game; just remember they work or have worked for the same people. The question you should be asking is who owns the box in which they are sitting?

    • Animal Farm
      Animal Farm 6 days ago

      @if it ain't foreign it's borin! : If it was up to me, every high-school student would own a copy of Edward Bernay's "Propaganda" as a compulsory read. In a real democracy, it is important for the people to understand all the tactics of manipulation and control. This would be followed up with an accurate account of history (Howard Zinn or Peter Kuznick); not the biased garbage now taught in state schools. Now the psychologists will tell you these professional manipulators know people decide based emotion and then justify using flawed reasoning. A little understanding of the tactics used by the marketers and the political puppets of the plutocrats to manipulate the emotions of the people to get their desired outcome would actually set the majority free. What we have now is a farce; understanding is the true road to a true democracy!

    • Animal Farm
      Animal Farm 6 days ago

      I'm just thankful that the ABC apparently screwed up and forgot to disable comments on a controversial topic. This gives the people a transient opportunity to have their say. Who knows when the people will have another opportunity in this "1984" Orwellian control tool of the plutocrats? Or maybe it was intentional and they were just sampling public opinion for their masters - again, who knows? They aren't going to tell you!

    • if it ain't foreign it's borin!
      if it ain't foreign it's borin! 6 days ago

      Op- you must not have much emotion. With such insight how could one. To see truth you must part with feeelings for they are irrelevant & misleading. You seem observant AF

    • Iago Pierri
      Iago Pierri 7 days ago

      Definitely, very well analised. The media is so biased for reasons that most of the people have no idea of.

    • Panda Bear
      Panda Bear 7 days ago

      Animal Farm Well said and good question!

  • 3.12.1854 Eureka Stockade

    The problem here isn't whether left-wingers and right-wingers should be friends. The problem is Ellen is hanging out with a war criminal. Bush has the blood of countless Iraqis on his hands, and this attempt to humanise him is disturbing.

  • kamlem
    kamlem 7 days ago

    There are plenty of right-leaning non-mass murders to be friends with.

    • Rob Sherlock
      Rob Sherlock 5 days ago

      Plenty of left-leaning non-totalitarian dictators to be pals with as well.

  • Joe
    Joe 7 days ago

    This is not news.

    • Ian 57
      Ian 57 5 days ago

      Come on mate they need to fill the gaps some how

  • BaronNolanvonStraya

    I can’t believe this is a real debate. YES of course you can be friends with someone who you politically oppose

    • iced coffee
      iced coffee 6 days ago

      @BaronNolanvonStraya hold on a sec, you said mate, oh you're Australian... yeah Australia is pretty much like North Korea when compared to American democracrats lmao yall are cool as hell, you even recognize climate change. must be nice to live in a place where you don't have constant shootings.

    • iced coffee
      iced coffee 6 days ago

      @BaronNolanvonStraya but like honestly how are the Republicans in your neck of the woods? they call migrants invaders? they think women are only capable of cosmetology degrees? I mean the free market is great, but we need regulations or else the rich will ne our lords

    • iced coffee
      iced coffee 7 days ago

      @BaronNolanvonStraya Georgia, the bible belt... I need to move away from all these bible thumpers then maybe I'd be able to tolerate people. where I live, outside of the major city limits, everyone blames everything wrong with America on women, gays, jews... from what I see Republicans all over the country do it. look how many voted for trump, an obviously sexist bigot. one great example of this is comedy clubs in Atlanta, horribly depressing, every time I've gone the comedian even gets depressed. the audience doesnt launch at anything at all unless it can be misconstrued as racist or sexist, it's horrible. but what's the point in moving, might as well stay here and hope it becomes a purple state, it's not too far away with all the people moving here, young native people are just as bad as their bigoted parents tho.

    • BaronNolanvonStraya
      BaronNolanvonStraya 7 days ago

      iced coffee Mate, you should get out more, meet new people and try not to be so politically minded. You might be surprised

    • iced coffee
      iced coffee 7 days ago

      and the libritarians are even worse, you might as well want anarchy.

  • Storm Bird
    Storm Bird 7 days ago

    Wow, clearly a lack of diversity of opinion in this segment with the presenters. Any one of them right leaning, nope. Eco chamber.

  • Gerik Mirkujan
    Gerik Mirkujan 7 days ago

    LOL SURE! looooooooooool someone in this WORLD thinks that political ALL not friends? and all the same "MAFIA" who care ONLY about own power money and egotism

  • Mimi Rogers
    Mimi Rogers 7 days ago

    Uhhh...since I actually live here, and am experiencing Trumps Hate, I would say, this is exactly what we as a Nation need to hear.

  • Stephen Gloor
    Stephen Gloor 7 days ago

    George W seems like such a statesman compared to the present. Never thought I would say that.

    • iced coffee
      iced coffee 7 days ago

      I'm super happy trump is in office, hes so incredibly incompetent, everything hes done will be erased when we get a new pres. hopefully reverse his environmental policies of loosening regulations on oil and power companies.

  • Evelyn Day
    Evelyn Day 7 days ago

    Buzzfeed is one of the harmful algorithm subscribers that polarises society and stops the conversations. Many of us are stagnating in our silos listening only to what we want to hear shoring up extreme views and misgivings.

  • Jeffery Maxwell Rawson

    Interestingly I'd love to hear from Janeane Garofalo on this topic especially pertaining to politicians.

  • brentoneccles
    brentoneccles 7 days ago

    I'm not sure that DeGeneres can be described as 'left'.

  • iced coffee
    iced coffee 7 days ago

    this is stupid, ellen isnt left, she might be gay, but that doesn't make her a democrat, shes a centrist.

  • drom techmarine
    drom techmarine 7 days ago

    Can left and right be friends? are you kidding? at one time they were but not any more. Its your fault ladies.

    • iced coffee
      iced coffee 6 days ago

      @MrAntiFarLeft you'll learn when you get older, lots of y'all neonazi kids running around these days

    • iced coffee
      iced coffee 6 days ago

      @MrAntiFarLeft gender and sex are not the same thing. you seem to be denying science if you don't believe gender is on a spectrum, psychologists agree on this fact. me personally I feel people who identify as either Male or female are the insane ones, me man strong, me woman dainty... stupid people just trying to fit into society. I'm above that and consider myself queer, I don't have to fit in with social norms and can just be myself

    • MrAntiFarLeft
      MrAntiFarLeft 6 days ago

      @iced coffee yeah and the left have never ever denied science.....986 genders

    • drom techmarine
      drom techmarine 7 days ago

      @iced coffee and ya all made it so toxic no one can talk sainly about it thanks for the example. CONGRATULATIONS.

  • Fred Fungus
    Fred Fungus 7 days ago

    911 Stinks George

    • Fred Fungus
      Fred Fungus 5 days ago

      @Ian 57 Yes I agree but he was the Boss Cocky as we say the buck stops with him.

    • Ian 57
      Ian 57 5 days ago

      Sure does but his only one of many

  • Jon Brown
    Jon Brown 7 days ago

    The concepts of left and right are tools if propaganda to stop people looking at policy. Please don't encourage this behavior.

    • iced coffee
      iced coffee 6 days ago

      @oasix98 as far as conservatives in the states are concerned a "one payer healthcare" system is communist. people literally gasped at me if I mention any sort of gun control

    • oasix98
      oasix98 6 days ago

      iced coffee Hey man I agree with you. But the media highlights the whole Left, Right, Capitalist, communist, To discourage people from focusing on the policy itself. For example, look at Bernie sanders and how he has been labeled a socialist, Communist by the conservatives, but in reality his policy’s are very grounded and have been implemented in many country’s other that the states.

    • iced coffee
      iced coffee 7 days ago

      @oasix98 I dont hear any Democrats saying global warming doesnt exist. that one fact alone should be enough to convince anyone that the right is a bunch of idiots... not to mention the fact that they're all bigots, and don't even bring up black Republicans, they hate their own kind.

    • Gerik Mirkujan
      Gerik Mirkujan 7 days ago

      hey its ABC the propaganda chanel

  • BuildingCenter
    BuildingCenter 7 days ago

    Rich people can be friends.

  • Darth Locus
    Darth Locus 7 days ago

    Gorge bush the worst of the worst the dregs of society. His politics arnt harmful they are deadly ABC bobble heads 'bobble bobble'

  • Linear Concept Studio

    Did she meant that she doesn’t believe in W killing beliefs but she’s still his friend? I guess Ellen could have been a very good friend with Hitler too.

  • Katherine Warren
    Katherine Warren 10 days ago

    What is the big deal??? Here in BC you can't smoke in any mall, government building, hotel or restaurant/pub. Of course you can smoke in your own home but many rental apartments are totally smoke free. People who don't smoke, don't want to smell the stink of cigarette/cigar smoke every time they come home. You can smoke outside, in a home that you own and of course on your own property but rarely see someone smoking.

  • Jack Mack
    Jack Mack 10 days ago

    Is Australia going to ban Alcohol in city areas too?

  • Green Man
    Green Man 10 days ago

    Australia is desperately trying to become the new Sweden.

  • Chiquicat
    Chiquicat 11 days ago

    Lungs are to breathe air, not smoke. Smoking is no longer cool, it may have been in the nineties and earlier. Nowadays it’s time to quit. Ban the shit out of it for everyone’s sake, including smokers themselves.

  • Quick, Hold My Beer
    Quick, Hold My Beer 12 days ago

    Does a council ranger have the legal right to detain me if I do not produce Identification?

  • That person
    That person 13 days ago

    this is discrimination on smokers. look i accept smoking in public isnt the best thing but to total ban it in public places is a joke. smoking arias are made for a reason. non smokers should be to blame if they enter them arias. i dont like people eating next to me so why isnt that banned

  • N .A
    N .A 13 days ago

    DEAR ABC NEWS, WHY DID YOU BLOCK Flash-Player COMMENTS 4 DAYS? What happened? Sky news still allows comments on its Flash-Player channel despite what gets said. When can we return to contributing to real facts about your news reports? :) I noticed it started since the story abour the chinese relationship with our Australian economy story 6 days ago being blocked as well. Is that why? Regards Neil :)

  • ward1tony
    ward1tony 13 days ago

    The people who apply this rule to smokers should apply it to the consumption of Alcohol which has far more negative impact on society and cost millions of dollars yearly in anti social behaviour, health etc....this is the thin edge of the wedge. Be careful what you wish for, it might be the colour of your hair or how you dress next.

  • R B
    R B 13 days ago

    I am not a smoker and I do not agree because smoker need places to smoke. This is abused of other people's right.

    SDFG SDFG 13 days ago

    I don't mind smokers in public areas - as long as they don't exhale it.

  • Stand4 Liberty
    Stand4 Liberty 13 days ago

    what BS nanny state.

  • shawn steiny
    shawn steiny 13 days ago

    Is the government going to stop taxing tobacco?

  • Rowan Holmes-Smith
    Rowan Holmes-Smith 13 days ago

    I’m in Japan at the moment. Why is Australia always an all or nothing solution? Setup smoking areas in the city like in the US and Japan. Let the smokers smoke there as they have the right to and none smokers don’t have to go there and don’t have to breath it in everywhere else. Everyone’s happy. Australia is always so one track minded with our solutions, it’s infuriating.

  • MrStGeorgeIllawarra
    MrStGeorgeIllawarra 13 days ago

    The majority rules and the majority don't smoke. Do it in your own home.

  • Angel Heart
    Angel Heart 13 days ago

    I get fed up with hearing smokers say “you’re taking away my rights” but clearly many have no regard for others rights. Yes you can smoke, but away from the public. Your dirty 2nd hand smoke in my lungs is disgusting and a health hazard. When anyone inflicts a health hazard onto someone, they are charged with a criminal offence. Why should this be any different ? Smokers, it’s time to make your habit private and safer.

  • Viktor Ko
    Viktor Ko 13 days ago

    I think it is a good idea. Singapore is another example of where smoking is policed very strictly (even chewing gum is not allowed). The Australian public are not aware, but the anti-smoking campaign has actually worked here in Australia.

  • DudeRevolution
    DudeRevolution 13 days ago

    Ok fine, but you gotta ban cars because as a non-driver i dont want to breath in your filthy car fumes that destroy my childs lungs and environment.

  • Julian Alexander
    Julian Alexander 13 days ago

    Smoking is pleasant but no one can ignore that it kills. I quit a while back but I strongly believe banning is not a right move. In fact, I'm in favour of designated smoking areas even in shopping malls. At the moment, smoking is demonised in Australia. If it's going to be banned, then a nation wide ban is what we need and instead cheap and quality vaping could be encouraged.

  • M Ferretti
    M Ferretti 13 days ago


  • roverT Cameron
    roverT Cameron 13 days ago

    I'm an ex-smoker, Smokers have the right to smoke, but eclipsing that right is the right to fresh air for everyone. I favour the Japanese smoking areas idea shown here.

  • Robyn Conway
    Robyn Conway 13 days ago

    The six billion tax dollars goes towards hospital health care for tobacco induced health problems such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, cancer, amputations, heart disease, gum disease etc etc etc.

  • micheal pare
    micheal pare 13 days ago

    They have ban smoking in all jail's so it won't be long for the government to ban it every where

  • Ryza Genst
    Ryza Genst 13 days ago

    why when you breath in more shit from the traffic in a CBD

  • Dan theman
    Dan theman 13 days ago

    if smoking is so deadly to none smokers then why doesn't the government ban them, smokes is more expensive than illicit drugs, as addictive as cocaine, cause god knows what cancers and long conditions yet the government endorses smoking with TAX

  • Mau
    Mau 13 days ago

    Yes, Japan has designated smoking areas but you can still smoke in bars and restaurants. Australia already has some of the toughest laws for smoking in public already, which Japan should try to follow.

  • ThatBadGuy
    ThatBadGuy 13 days ago

    When i was quitting i hated walking around a corner and getting slapped in the face by a cloud of smoke. Seems like every corner in the CBD has someone smoking outside their offices. I used to think whats the big deal if you're outside, but it is very intrusive to non-smokers.

  • SQW0
    SQW0 13 days ago

    Really? You allow commenting on trivial issues like this but not the other vids?

    • Captain Cook
      Captain Cook 13 days ago

      Their ABC is cultural marxist organization and all Australian taxpayers are forced to pay for the nonsensical far-left garbage their ABC spews out

  • The Equalizer 2014
    The Equalizer 2014 13 days ago

    The only place that I encounter second-hand smoke is in the CBD, I have to hold my breath walking past everytime (I get cleaner air going to the shopping centre!).

  • sycam3472
    sycam3472 13 days ago

    Councils have way too much power. I personally would like to see someone stab the councillor. My theory is that people who try to take the rights of others should learn that they are not infallible and should have their rights removed. A stab wound affects a persons right to good health. A right removed by a decision made by another. Anyone see my point? The context is the same.

  • At R
    At R 14 days ago

    Yes . Get rid of The dirty smokers

  • holee phuk
    holee phuk 14 days ago

    Will spend much less time there..

  • gniceboy1234
    gniceboy1234 14 days ago

    Good work Australia

  • Chad Adams
    Chad Adams 14 days ago

    While I believe that people have the right to do whatever they want as long as it's legal, I also believe that people who chose to inflict cigarette smoke on others are taking away the rights of others who would prefer to not be exposed to such things. There has to be a middle ground. Designated smoking areas may be a great place to start, But I do believe that for the health and well being of the entire country that cigarettes should eventually be banned. The government has no interest in helping those struggling with addiction, but instead would rather exploit their illness to to make money off of their taxes with no regard for their health or well being. You cannot argue with science. Smoking, both first and second hand, kills. Yes, other things also add to air pollution but the argument that we cannot deal with one problem because there are other problems out there that are potentially just as bad, if not worse than smoking is immature and unhelpful. Whether smokers like it or not their addiction effects those around them, and those effects should be taken into consideration. So to should the behaviour of the government that prays on those suffering from addiction. If you are a smoker you can and should quit, not just for those around you, but for yourself your health and your quality of life. It's not worth it.

  • Wayne Burner
    Wayne Burner 14 days ago

    Ban the sale of tobacco Australia wide

    • Chiquicat
      Chiquicat 11 days ago

      Wayne Burner I would love this but I imagine it would lead to contraband. Smokers need to quit.

  • Aj Melbaus
    Aj Melbaus 14 days ago

    Does this council support "safe injecting rooms" and "pill testing" and "making marijuana smoking legal"? What are this Councils views on alcohol and gambling? What about littering?

    • Aj Melbaus
      Aj Melbaus 13 days ago

      @Dean Bertwistle Perhaps I am overreacting, by assuming that today its Burke St Mall, next it will be all "Malls"; why just Burke St Mall? Shouldn't all "Malls" be free of smoke? Anyway, it wasn't really about "smoking" per say, it was just the loss of more freedoms and choices.

    • Aj Melbaus
      Aj Melbaus 13 days ago

      @Dean Bertwistle Just to gain an understanding of their beliefs. I am not a smoker so the smoking ban is of no consequence to me directly. But I feel the need to question the banning of a legal product. Restrictions yes, but ban!!

    • Brad Machell
      Brad Machell 13 days ago

      ​@Dean Bertwistle The relevance is that if they truly cared about the wellbeing of the public they would allow all of these things. Safe injecting rooms - you get supplied a CLEAN needle and if you overdose you have medical professionals that can save your life, as opposed to shooting up in an alleyway with a second-hand disease infected needle and overdosing and dying without a single person knowing. It's not like regular people like you or me are going to be like "oh shit... since inecting rooms exist I might go try shooting up some herion and meth!!". Pill testing - the drugs that were sold to you as MDMA, Xanax, Oxycodone or whatever your drug of choice is, but you have no idea of actually knowing unless you have your own testing kit - that you WERE GOING TO DO ANYWAY - can be quickly tested for other substances. I don't know about you, but I and most people I know that like to take drugs other than Alcohol would dispose of their pills if it turned out their MDMA was actually or contained Methamphetamines or their Oxycodone was laced with Fentanyl. Though, since people can't get their drugs tested they will just take what they have and hope for the best. Again, people that don't do drugs aren't going to go to a rave and take MDMA just because pill testing is now legal. Legal cannabis - I know from first-hand experience that there are many people out there that would benefit from weed. It's just common knowledge that it helps with so, so, so many different things and is completely harmless. The only harm caused by smoking weed is, well, from smoking; it's not the chemicals but rather just the act of inhaling a burning substance. There are many completely harmless ways of consuming the substance such as edibles or vaping (unless you are buying black-market THC cartridges lmao) but it's much harder to find edibles, oils, wax etc on the black market in Australia so people generally stick to smoking. Not to mention that there are so many people on Opiates that could substantially lower their dose or even, depending on their health issues and how their body reacts to Opiates, THC and CBD, completely stop the Opiates. I know from first-hand experience - I have multiple chronic illnesses, all of which causes all types of immense pain. I am prescribed Opiates and when I vape medicinal-grade weed (which is near impossible to find here if you don't know the right people) I can literally half the painkiller dosage because the combo of the two, at least for me, is 10x more effective than either on their own. It makes absolutely ZERO sense that we are legally allowed Opiates but not Cannabis. Don't get me wrong, I know that there are heaps of people out there that need opiates - I am one of them - but there are also plenty of people that would get the relief they need from cannabis and be able to slowly ween themselves off of the opiates. Obviously, everyone is different and things that work for some people don't work at all for other people BUT THAT IS WHY WE NEED THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! So yeah - I would say it's quite relevant. It makes no sense to say you're banning durries because you care about the wellbeing of others and then turn around and oppose a bunch of ideas that have no downsides and would generally help hundreds of thousands of people improve their quality of life and save many, many lives.

  • Johnny Yu
    Johnny Yu 14 days ago

    people are free to smoke but I have right to breath fresh air also, lets make it balance

  • Kerry Donk
    Kerry Donk 14 days ago

    I’m a smoker and I applaud this.

  • gaming moose
    gaming moose 14 days ago

    Cars produce more smoke, how about banning those

    • Janice Rook
      Janice Rook 13 days ago

      @SQW0 that's a good attitude, not!..we don't really need cars either, we have only had them for about a hundred years...tobacco has been growing for thousands or maybe millions of years, not that we should smoke which one produces more smoke

    • Dan theman
      Dan theman 13 days ago

      that's coming to a town near you in the very near future XD

    • SQW0
      SQW0 13 days ago

      Unless your workplace entry require you smoke a pack a day, people need cars more than you need a cig.

    • Squidwaan
      Squidwaan 14 days ago

      no cars, no trucks no vehicles equals no produce, no people going to work equals disaster idiot

  • richard Yonan
    richard Yonan 14 days ago

    Ban smoking ,what a farce..legalise pot, heroin injecting rooms, rampant alcoholism, pill testing...if you don't like it hold your breath. Farmers starving no water ,country about to go into recession. People pushed from their homes due to shoddy workmanship and THEY have no recourse and are expected to pick up the costs. Get real you fools. Is this a communist dictatorship or what..Australia used to be such a great place to live sadly the mentaly challenged lefties have taken over. Just saying.