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  • monzkie001
    monzkie001 4 hours ago

    This movie is not actually bad and I'm suprised it was entertaining.

  • PJ Greenfield
    PJ Greenfield 4 hours ago

    best death ever 10:19

  • hi guys
    hi guys 4 hours ago

    I was disappointed how they beat him by just shouting shit at him which half I couldn’t hear but other than that the movie was good

  • MrPajamaShark
    MrPajamaShark 5 hours ago

    James Franco's cameo in Alien: Covenant is stranger than any other

  • Lolly C.
    Lolly C. 5 hours ago

    Welp now I'll be waiting for the 2043 IT remake (or 2046 depending which year they will go with either 2016 or 2019)

  • Bobby Whitter
    Bobby Whitter 5 hours ago

    This movie was not scary even the jump scares sucked.

  • Sir Bacon
    Sir Bacon 5 hours ago

    I haven't seen this movie but that symbol he's drawing looks an awful lot like the brand of sacrifice from Berserk.

  • Lan C
    Lan C 5 hours ago

    This movie deserves the score it got. It is not a good movie.

  • John Moreno021006
    John Moreno021006 5 hours ago

    I was watching this movie with my lil bro and my dad. And my bro starts crying so we had to stop at the part where Daniel and that chick(forgot her name) were tossing the bodies in the goat pit and we had to get out and watch Spider-Man homecoming

  • Madd J
    Madd J 5 hours ago

    I love anything with Ed and Laurain Warron. So Conjuring 3 will be interesting! Also, a Crooke Man movie would be so so so awesome!!!

  • Blueniter
    Blueniter 5 hours ago

    i think this movie feels like Home Alone movie but with ghost/demons instead and yes ive seen the movie.

    TAUFIK JAMIL 2014 5 hours ago

    It chapter two full 2019 HD1080p »» Il Film c’è , BASTA CLICCARE SUL LINK in Descrizione. Il titolo è più che corretto , così nessuno potrà sollevare Polemiche ... almeno spero

  • Sereda Cousland
    Sereda Cousland 5 hours ago

    I really freaking love that "but JEEZ" lmao 02:30

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller 5 hours ago

    Put off watching the Netflix adaptation of this movie, because I love the anime. I finished the movie tonight, and I wish they would have portraited both Light and L better. Both characters have more depth and are more level headed than they here. L was not a hot-head, and Light was way more secluded about the Death Note. Why would you tell Mia right off the bat. I kind of figured they would change things in this movie. The rules of the Death Note are even changed. I get that they wanna make it more "Hollywood" or whatever. I personally think if they at least kept the key aspects of the story in the movie it would have been a lot better.

  • Jimbo Shrimp
    Jimbo Shrimp 5 hours ago

    I feel like Myers was scary because he’s not some supernatural monster or demon, he’s just a really strong guy. And then it gets kind of ruined by him surviving things that would kill a normal human and then walking away like nothing is wrong.

  • Tezcatl
    Tezcatl 6 hours ago

    Belzebuth next please.

  • joey c
    joey c 6 hours ago

    one for secret window 🙏

  • CNN Blackmail Support

    Mama dont care about consent.

  • R&B
    R&B 6 hours ago

    JOKER NEXT PLEASE... I watched Midsommar, like dumb I'm a bit salty they had a director's cut that I couldn't see cause overall the film was so beautiful and crazy but alot of plotholes.

  • KParks
    KParks 6 hours ago

    5:58 uh ohhh lmao

  • Ashley Rodeheffer
    Ashley Rodeheffer 6 hours ago

    It was a good movie if you think of it as a dark comedy :)

  • Nathanael Etienne
    Nathanael Etienne 6 hours ago


  • Mayeur000Donz
    Mayeur000Donz 6 hours ago

    I was genuinely not sure at the end, if she was gonna bail on Jeremy Renner or not. Like, she'd lose the future with her daughter but also spare both of them the grief. Either route would've been melancholic and I wasn't confident at all which one she'd do.

  • WorkdayFiddle
    WorkdayFiddle 7 hours ago

    I really enjoyed IT chapter 2, I felt it was a fun and scary adaptation of the source material. And really my only complaint is that if Beverly had been seeing their deaths for the last 27 years she should have seen eddies death coming a mile away and even that is probably explainable. The kills are gruesome, even if the ones of the children are fast and cut away quickly. It is funny. The new actors did an incredible job portraying their younger counterparts. They didn’t go with zombie Vic like in the book, and zombie Belch like in the miniseries, but went with zombie Patrick. The scenes of them collecting their artifacts were fun on their own (despite the ritual not working in the end, they still were useful, mike believed the ritual would work) we get to see a better look at the lengths It will go, far enough to become a giant terrifying Paul Bunyan statue, and pretending to have eddies mom captured. The ending of this movie was the best yet.

  • Arthur Johnston
    Arthur Johnston 7 hours ago

    Now you have 1.46M subs!! Congrats!!

  • croatoanist
    croatoanist 7 hours ago

    Why is it that in every video talking about Maturin people use the picture of A'Tuin from Discworld.

  • Buhay Canada
    Buhay Canada 7 hours ago

    I think there is a date that they need to kill one person for ritual inorder to.preserved they mortal life but sadly the time has running out.and the girl was dodge and accidentally the curtain has fall down and sunlight ray hit them all and a few minutes ago they ezploded.. i thoight the girl has gain a telekenitic power but its not xD so thats the story it goes thats why they kill people for ritual... and only thing they got that one of them got married one person for they prey xD

  • Bored Mary Read
    Bored Mary Read 7 hours ago

    Technically Bruce cameback for one more go in Dead by daylight

  • Ethan Davis
    Ethan Davis 7 hours ago

    Jeepers creepers 3 was trash

  • wth tristan
    wth tristan 7 hours ago

    do “The Death And Life of John F Donovan” next please!!!

  • xSilentGhost
    xSilentGhost 7 hours ago

    All annabel showed me was that demons are not patient

  • Maxwell Skinnies
    Maxwell Skinnies 7 hours ago

    I really missed Pennywise, killed in when on screen though.

  • Mr Grimmton
    Mr Grimmton 7 hours ago

    The movie looked crappy from the get go, you aren't alone, bud

  • suhyab hasan
    suhyab hasan 7 hours ago

    I honestly like this movie

  • comradepeggyhill
    comradepeggyhill 7 hours ago


  • speeddemon847
    speeddemon847 8 hours ago

    I cant help but imagine demons bored out of their minds sitting next to ouija boards they ordered from Toys Are Us waiting for a signal from dumbass teens

  • Huu John
    Huu John 8 hours ago

    was it just me or did Eddy opened his eyes when his friend held him before leaving his body in the cave in.....

  • Hiddenlotuslord
    Hiddenlotuslord 8 hours ago

    Humans win. EMP lol

  • Venture Ads
    Venture Ads 8 hours ago

    This ain't no movie white Supremecy do this shit for real, taking kidneys, heart transplant and more....from blacks

  • agirlnamedperla
    agirlnamedperla 8 hours ago

    In the movie theater when they showed the opening scene of the two guys kissing some lady yelled ewww and the second time they kissed she yelled “oh my god that’s disgusting” my blood literally was boiling of anger all I could say out loud was “WHAT THE FUCK” smh the rest of the movie she was quiet I was just waiting for her to say something so I can go complain, if people are not okay with scenes like that they should just wait for the movie to come out and watch at home 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Mike Tobias
    Mike Tobias 8 hours ago

    Those spider things look like skuletas from Zelda ocarina or time

  • lasvegasloner
    lasvegasloner 8 hours ago

    One of the better reviews I've heard in a long time-- thank you! Oh... and you actually pointed out the annoying and completely unnecessary comedy at every gathering (and then some). Thank you once again!! I can't stand that crap, and it's gigantically distracting from the flow of any good story or film the it's forced like that. For those who will immediately defend this ridiculous but popular trend in film making (yes, other film makers feel the need to cram "something for everyone" into some films these days, wrecking the point of seeing a film)... you have other ways in life to escape or feel better about the bad things in this world besides insisting any or all films be a crazy quilt of scenes stitched together meaninglessly. Go get some ice cream. Listen to happy music, pet your dog... but stop saying films are good when they aren't, just because they made you chuckle a few times at mediocre whit. The couple that sat next to me watching "IT Chapter two" ruined the already messy film because of that all-too-familiar habit of modern-day film goers; talking, getting up in the middle of the film for MORE popcorn, rooting around in the bag for each fucking piece instead of simply taking a quiet handful of popcorn right at the top and closing their damned mouthes when they chew instead of eating like a four year old. Go to your own house and watch it if you're going to treat the theater like a picnic and as if we all agreed to know and tolerate your animalistic tendencies. No wait, that's a compliment. Animals have an excuse. They didn't invent these traditions. Anyway, that type of idiocy helps the directors continue THEIR idiocy in making a film as if its gathering time for everyone to hang out and be merry. We sit there near strangers because of most of us don't have that gigantic screen and sound at our houses, not because it's a family outing to barely pay attention to the film, and whenever we look at the screen you have something happening, whether it's funny, scary, loud..... something, and it doesn't have to be coherent or feels right. Just something for somebody to look at. That's the way film makers keep leaning, and it's more terrifying than IT. They are further dumbing us down. I don't want to know what it will be like in the future, but I have hope because some films (like chapter one) are still very, very good. Oh and one more thing.... if another film maker sticks a tip-'o-the-hat to another film as exact as they did with IT showing the spider legs coming out of a piece of IT's creations and walking, inspiring one character to say "You gotta be fucking kidding me", I'm going to find them and give them a choke hold until they pass out, and then leave them on the floor of a cafeteria dish washer's area of film school where they belong. Mention a word, show a flash of one hint of a film you love.... but don't ever recreate a scene like that without at least making sure everyone knows where you got it from. Some punks are going to think you came up with it.

  • RayVision3D
    RayVision3D 8 hours ago

    This would have been a great animated movie.

  • My Channel Sucks, Help!

    they really beat the Demon Clown by calling him names lol

  • Daniel Boswell
    Daniel Boswell 8 hours ago

    This is one of the best Synthwave remixes of the Phantasm theme I've heard:

  • Markus E
    Markus E 8 hours ago

    Disgusting movie. But I liked it.

  • One Fat Kitten
    One Fat Kitten 8 hours ago

    Sad that the girl from Purge and GetOut died

  • nevaeh cummings
    nevaeh cummings 8 hours ago

    Anyone laughed at naked grandma

  • Nino Falletta
    Nino Falletta 9 hours ago

    I hope if they make a sequel, they include that story The Babysitter. My mother showed me that image in the book in Toys R Us when I was a kid, and it scared the shit out of me. Can you also do an Ending Explained on The Banana Splits Movie?

  • PheonixFlame156
    PheonixFlame156 9 hours ago

    I want to see this sucker deal with a guy scanning the Creepers weapons and mass producing them against the Creeper. He'll, have him get the attention of the entire US military

  • sekan star
    sekan star 9 hours ago


  • Yuri Souza
    Yuri Souza 9 hours ago

    Fuckin hell this concept is scary as fuck

  • Alexandra Lamond
    Alexandra Lamond 9 hours ago

    ngl one of the only horror movies that actually scared me when i was younger ... still love watching it today ... great vid

  • Clubbedspoon 129
    Clubbedspoon 129 9 hours ago

    Chud not fucking chewd

  • one piece pirate captain

    I honestly didnt know this was a up in the air thing lol. I was just like "well, everybody died I guess" ... Sad. ... Lol . the only thing I was wondering was who opened the door, although the older kid is the most likely suspect to me. After reading some other peoples theories though I like the one were the kid is infected all along from the gramps and spread it to everyone else.

  • Kay Genyse
    Kay Genyse 9 hours ago

    Plan inside a plan inside a plan inside and plan 😂😂😂

  • Nino Falletta
    Nino Falletta 9 hours ago

    I wish they would've included that scene in the book where IT takes the shape of the shark from JAWS

  • -GoDLESS -
    -GoDLESS - 9 hours ago

    100% agree with you mate, I thought the same thing after the movie, stupid jokes during serious moments and unnecessary CGI moments. Actors such as Bills talents wasted for stupid CGI. The jokes should be in IT part 1 since it’s about Kidd’s but adding it to a bunch of adults made the aching scary moments funny. Also I did not like how they killed off 2 characters. The losers club pact was broken the moment the first guy died.

  • Hunter TheJack
    Hunter TheJack 9 hours ago

    Foundflix gives us the review Dead Meat gives us the recap

  • Keelan Airey
    Keelan Airey 9 hours ago

    He protecc He atacc But most importantly That Rv is wacc

  • Legendary Super Saiyan God Green Saitama

    Those kids go to my school. Walnut high schooolll

  • Anthony Jordan movies and more

    My Pennywise Robert gray theory is a little darker Pennywise Robert gray was just a clown that love children What would terrify him more than something that kills and eats children and the knowledge of it rubbing it in his face before it kills him that it's going to use his form in the last thing children will see his him

  • Mr Grimmton
    Mr Grimmton 9 hours ago

    The Hair, NOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Jamie
    Jamie 9 hours ago

    i really hate unsatisfying climaxes :(

  • 818116A
    818116A 10 hours ago

    Nigga, what ye talking about!

  • tyronic
    tyronic 10 hours ago

    If the purge was real: me and the boys raiding the apple store.

  • Legendary Super Saiyan God Green Saitama

    The scariest part of this movie is the sounds

  • Reilus Johnson
    Reilus Johnson 10 hours ago

    It 2 was awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashy slashy1101
    Ashy slashy1101 10 hours ago

    I didn't expect to enjoy this movie, but i did...

  • The Nikgata
    The Nikgata 10 hours ago

    The one thing I don't understand about this movie is why do Marylanders have Canadian accents?

  • Chris W
    Chris W 10 hours ago

    Even Pennywise gets offended in 2019. Millions of years of killing brought down by a good ol roasting.

  • EnderClan
    EnderClan 10 hours ago

    Feels more like he is bashing the movie then explaining for a lot of it lol

  • Jeremy Thielman
    Jeremy Thielman 10 hours ago

    Title says ending explained. 3 minutes in and still giving his criticisms. Fail

  • The Forbidden Nesquik
    The Forbidden Nesquik 10 hours ago

    Pennywise: *I A M T H E W O R L D E A T E R* The Losers Clubs: *Bruh Shut Up You Fuckin', C l o w n*

  • larux 612
    larux 612 10 hours ago

    The best part of the movie is when Stephen King drinks mate Greetings from Argentina!

  • Shadow Gutierrez
    Shadow Gutierrez 10 hours ago

    Did anyone else see Stephen King in the movie?

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee 10 hours ago

    You just shitted on the movie rather than explain anything. 🗑

  • Aja Wilson
    Aja Wilson 10 hours ago

    Pennywise: "I am the eater of worlds!" Losers: "We 'bout to ruin his whole career."

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee 11 hours ago

    The movie was good bro you sound like a hater

  • K Mann
    K Mann 11 hours ago

    The moral of the story in my eyes is that aloy of kids are bullied which centers around fear. Bullies need the victims to be scared in order for them to seem big and bad. But in reality a bully is nothing more than a clown and someone who has to be someone they aren't to gain followers. In order to defeat a bully the victums must stick together and bully the bully. Because deep down the bully is only as big as you make them.

  • Rebel Studios
    Rebel Studios 11 hours ago

    We need a Purge Video Game!

  • Itsyaboi 91
    Itsyaboi 91 11 hours ago

    Pennywise: I am a water of worlds! Losers: I'm going to do whats called a pro gamer move

  • Anne Bright
    Anne Bright 11 hours ago

    Good video! Although I was hoping that you'd go more into Stanley's suicide though since I found the letter to The Losers Club at the end to be the most confusing part of the story. From what I got his suicide was supposed to motivate the club to defeat Pennywise but he did it basically when they all were still terrified of Pennywise. So wouldn't that demoralize the club instead?

  • Albertus Magnus
    Albertus Magnus 11 hours ago

    Can I visit you ...enjoy some beers..share info...

    LATONYA FUQUA 11 hours ago

    Now hold on because his mother did not fully die, she was still breathing.

  • EdMcStinko
    EdMcStinko 11 hours ago

    I pretty sure they used an actual, literal robot for this movie. Mother looks and moves like the industrial robots we have now, and even the running may have been real because I knew they were trying to program that model to run about 5 years ago.

  • Puppy’s The name
    Puppy’s The name 11 hours ago

    Penny wise: I am eater of worlds😈😈😈😈😈 Loser club:Why should we give a crap??????

  • Branden apexo
    Branden apexo 11 hours ago

    The Adrian death and the kid in the fun house scene were the best most brutal and best Pennywise scenes, they should’ve gave Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise) more lines in this movie

  • John Hughes
    John Hughes 11 hours ago

    I swear in the opening scene the dude gets a massive chunk bitten out of him cause that scared the shit out of me

  • Willie Will
    Willie Will 11 hours ago

    Great movie in my eyez. I just wish the big toe corps was a female. It wouldve been more creepy

  • robert punu
    robert punu 11 hours ago

    the IT universe couldn't really exist here, so you're safe. check it out.

  • 1K subs no vids Ok :/
    1K subs no vids Ok :/ 11 hours ago

    2:00 but big monster

  • RK rk
    RK rk 11 hours ago

    This guy really likes movies.

  • Mr Grimmton
    Mr Grimmton 11 hours ago

    Boy, do I love tripped out cults

  • Toxic_Cholo
    Toxic_Cholo 11 hours ago

    my guy idc about what you think about the movie i want to know what the ending means XD

  • suhyab hasan
    suhyab hasan 11 hours ago

    Who else laughed during the movie

  • Isabella Alfaro
    Isabella Alfaro 11 hours ago

    Can you explain the end when Richie carves the letters R + E in the wooden fence? Who is E?

    • Sharnesherrese
      Sharnesherrese 11 hours ago

      Isabella Alfaro eddy is E Richie’s In love with eddy

  • Dragon rider 16978
    Dragon rider 16978 11 hours ago

    I saw David digs

  • 1800 Eli
    1800 Eli 12 hours ago

    Damn the losers club really said “🤡”

  • Gregory Foster
    Gregory Foster 12 hours ago

    When you gonna do The Dead Don’t Die?