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Boxing KSI - The Outcome
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  • jack oo
    jack oo 2 minutes ago

    Cains on right and ranch on left

  • So Over Loaded
    So Over Loaded 3 minutes ago

    Right: Soy Sauce Left: Chick-Fil-A Sauce

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 4 minutes ago

    Aye Bushmills!!!! Yes Craig!!!!

  • Latingunner
    Latingunner 4 minutes ago

    Right: bbq Left: mayo

  • Bishop Williams
    Bishop Williams 5 minutes ago

    Right:hot sauce Left: mayo

  • irn bru
    irn bru 7 minutes ago

    Right: barbeque sauce Left: hot sauce

  • Dedenos
    Dedenos 8 minutes ago

    Right: Tabasco Sauce Left: Caniac Sauce

  • RexiChan19
    RexiChan19 8 minutes ago

    Right: soy sauce Left: Rufus Teague Whiskey Maple bbq sauce

  • not DK kingv
    not DK kingv 8 minutes ago

    Marinare and pesto

  • Micheal Garcia
    Micheal Garcia 8 minutes ago

    Left: honey mustard Right: butter

  • Ashatron Clouthier
    Ashatron Clouthier 8 minutes ago


  • Angela Burns
    Angela Burns 9 minutes ago

    R: honey L: mustard

  • TheTtil14
    TheTtil14 9 minutes ago

    Right: ranch Left: souvlaki marinade

  • Zziko
    Zziko 9 minutes ago

    Right: Satay Sauce Left: Sweet Chilli Sauce

  • RageMonkey97
    RageMonkey97 11 minutes ago


  • Lucazith
    Lucazith 12 minutes ago

    Right side: garlic aioli left side: Big Mac sauce

  • sarkis kinosian
    sarkis kinosian 13 minutes ago

    Right buffalo sauce Left sweet baby Ray's

  • yaboidolph1n
    yaboidolph1n 13 minutes ago


  • Arya the Schattig
    Arya the Schattig 14 minutes ago

    Left: creamy cilantro sauce Right: honeymustard

    CCNPNDA 15 minutes ago

    1:15 same time!?

  • Michel Tuning
    Michel Tuning 15 minutes ago

    Right: Nawhal's Barbecue sauce Left: Hellmann's Mayonaise

  • Infernal Spirit
    Infernal Spirit 15 minutes ago


  • Lydia Smith
    Lydia Smith 18 minutes ago

    Right: mayonaise Left: soy sauce

  • TheGray Fox
    TheGray Fox 18 minutes ago


    SON OF LIBERTY 18 minutes ago

    Caramel right Melted marshmallow left I’m going with icecream topping sauce

  • Zoe 🌊
    Zoe 🌊 18 minutes ago

    Chick-fil-A sauce and ketchup

  • Ray dogg_
    Ray dogg_ 18 minutes ago

    Right: fettuccine Alfredo Left: chicken Parmesan sauce

  • Kylie The Emo
    Kylie The Emo 22 minutes ago

    Right: ranch Left: hot sauce

  • Preston Bowman
    Preston Bowman 23 minutes ago

    Any brand of BBQ and any brand of ketchup

  • Cole Goodnow
    Cole Goodnow 23 minutes ago

    left:Chocolate sauce Right:Crabby patty secret sauce

  • Dominator2000
    Dominator2000 23 minutes ago

    Right: Sriracha Mayo Left: Ranch

  • Lotus S.
    Lotus S. 24 minutes ago

    Left: homemade chocolate sauce Right: vanilla creme sauce I’m sweet ;>

  • Dish Man
    Dish Man 24 minutes ago

    Why so serious? 2:29

  • Teddz Beaer
    Teddz Beaer 26 minutes ago

    11:22 mustard aaaand BBQ sauce

  • Alauda Arvensis
    Alauda Arvensis 26 minutes ago

    Right: SOY Left: also soy. Soy is superior >:/

  • Alexus Younge
    Alexus Younge 27 minutes ago

    Right: honey mustard Left: chipotle sauce

    WAINWRIGHT43 27 minutes ago

    Right: suspicious stew Left: regen potion

  • Isaac jr White
    Isaac jr White 27 minutes ago

    Right: Mustard Left: Big Mac Sauce

  • douche mcgiggles
    douche mcgiggles 29 minutes ago

    Right: McDonald’s sweet and sour Left: Sweet baby rays bbq

  • Rhys Ellis
    Rhys Ellis 30 minutes ago

    Right: Ancho chipotle Left: Smoky BBQ

  • Flaming Assassin
    Flaming Assassin 31 minute ago

    What type of dog is Yui

  • Chris I Yeah Boiii
    Chris I Yeah Boiii 31 minute ago

    Next Video: Try not to get scared challenge

    CRVZY KVRMV 32 minutes ago

    Well then.

  • T Craciun
    T Craciun 33 minutes ago

    Left: Cholula Right: Yum Yum Sauce

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi 35 minutes ago

    Chick-fil-a sauce on left Sweet baby rays barbeque sauce on right

  • XxzeroxX derp
    XxzeroxX derp 36 minutes ago

    Im drooling now 😂

  • Reamen Bot
    Reamen Bot 36 minutes ago

    I want sweet n sour and teriyaki

  • Isaac101ize
    Isaac101ize 36 minutes ago

    Left: wendys s'awesome sause Right : ranch

  • Austin Tulloch
    Austin Tulloch 38 minutes ago

    I laughed at 5:24 I LOVE REFRIGERATORS XD XD XD XD

  • Reamen Bot
    Reamen Bot 39 minutes ago

    I'm 19 bruh

  • Luna Howl93
    Luna Howl93 40 minutes ago

    Left side: siracha sauce Right side: bbq sauce

  • BurlyBigJ
    BurlyBigJ 41 minute ago

    Right:hot sauce Left: extra virgin olive oil.

  • sans W.D
    sans W.D 42 minutes ago


  • Mericnmello Menn
    Mericnmello Menn 42 minutes ago

    Dave’s and Sandy sauce and ranch dressing

  • Thomas Stockwell
    Thomas Stockwell 43 minutes ago

    I would have warm fudge

  • When pigs fly
    When pigs fly 44 minutes ago

    just ranch. both are just ranch. i only like ranch...

  • Joseph Helyer Lyon
    Joseph Helyer Lyon 45 minutes ago

    left: sweet baby rays right: mayonnaise

  • Redrino 64
    Redrino 64 45 minutes ago

    17 right:Arbys sauce left:chick-fil-a sauce

  • Jessica Lipe
    Jessica Lipe 46 minutes ago

    Right: mayo Left: taziki sauce

  • Grinder99
    Grinder99 46 minutes ago

    Left:mustard Right:ketchup

  • Kandy Delirious
    Kandy Delirious 48 minutes ago

    13:22 dont you mean you Craig it 😄😄😄😅

  • Thim Holm
    Thim Holm 49 minutes ago

    Right: Baby Rays BBQ Left: Bearnaisesauce

  • Neydzz
    Neydzz 49 minutes ago

    Ah, my favorite Flash-Playerr, Crig Thompwo.

    WILLIAM C 49 minutes ago


  • אורי שביט
    אורי שביט 49 minutes ago

    Right: Tomato sauce Left: Masturd

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor 52 minutes ago

    Left honey mustard Right Big Mac sauce

  • Hastypend
    Hastypend 52 minutes ago

    Right: Hickery Smoked BBQ Sauce Left: Cocktail Sauce I eat Subway.

  • Gohan Black
    Gohan Black 53 minutes ago

    Left Ketchup right mayonnaise

  • Kits 111
    Kits 111 53 minutes ago

    Thank you for making videos man

  • coryote
    coryote 54 minutes ago

    taco bell creamy jalapeño sauce, and sriracha

  • Spy Sniper
    Spy Sniper 55 minutes ago

    Microwaving Giraffe... if somebody can make an good ad for that... pls... teach me

  • Konner Green
    Konner Green 58 minutes ago

    Right: McDonald’s sweet and sour Left: honey mustard

  • Alacer
    Alacer Hour ago

    Ranch, sriracha mayo.

    DIS COS TAN Hour ago

    Right: Raising CANES, Left: Mild Sauce

  • Souls
    Souls Hour ago

    Right: actual good ketchup Left: soy sauce

  • Joshua Wynn
    Joshua Wynn Hour ago

    Yay being tall and from Alabama

  • Kein Tran
    Kein Tran Hour ago

    Chick-fil-A sauce and PDQ honeymustard

  • Sil3nt Wolf
    Sil3nt Wolf Hour ago

    Left side:Mini Ladd Right side: Craig Thompson

  • Noel Houser
    Noel Houser Hour ago

    Left: ketchup Right: catchup

  • MTMS gaming
    MTMS gaming Hour ago

    Hummus and salsa

  • Naomi
    Naomi Hour ago

    Right: Sweet Chili Sauce Left: Honey Mustard

  • brasileuvolto
    brasileuvolto Hour ago

    Left:flashbang hot sauce right:musterd

  • edioks 7
    edioks 7 Hour ago

    Left : sweet and sour sauce Right: ketchup

  • Dwall005
    Dwall005 Hour ago

    Right: queso dip Left: Texas Pete hot sauce

  • Fifa/Football Fun

    Left: hot sauces Right: chick fila sauce

  • Braelen Tourangeau


  • Maxesmagic Gaming

    Craig, I feel you. I am turning 25 in may and I am just shook that it's finally happening.

  • XtrippyX
    XtrippyX Hour ago

    Right: sweet baby Ray's barbeque sauce Left: honey mustard

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi Hour ago

    Last time I was this early, Poland hadn't surrendered yet.

  • Edward Biglin
    Edward Biglin Hour ago

    BBQ sauce and ketchup

  • Polina Stone
    Polina Stone Hour ago

    Do your son

  • Daniel Avrahami
    Daniel Avrahami Hour ago

    Play Kerbal Space Program, I really recommend it.

  • Killmaster 21
    Killmaster 21 Hour ago

    Nice, memecorp!

  • Hype shot3 jr
    Hype shot3 jr Hour ago

    Right: Chick-fil-a Left: Barbeque

  • MAD-Central
    MAD-Central Hour ago

    Look at your own risk: Right: Lubricant Left: Lubricant

  • Scout 2002
    Scout 2002 Hour ago

    Right burger sauce Left ipa barbecue sause

  • Alex Nealon
    Alex Nealon Hour ago

    Rick and morty sauce for both haha

  • Ennys Lopez
    Ennys Lopez Hour ago

    Right- teriyaki sauce Left- ketchup

  • piranha plant
    piranha plant Hour ago

    11:23 mayonnaise and honey mustard

  • Tornado Bolt
    Tornado Bolt Hour ago

    Right: Sweet Chilli sauce Left: Bbq Sauce