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Clock Destroyers
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Deven Green: Cool Mom S2 E7
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  • Sophia B
    Sophia B 58 seconds ago

    As a bio female weightlifter. I LOVE MILKS LOOK. Represents being strong all sorts of types

  • Dom Paul
    Dom Paul Minute ago

    I love these looks!!! I don’t remember ever watching this one lol

  • RetroFalconPilot 23
    RetroFalconPilot 23 7 minutes ago

    “Rebecca is the fakest bitch I’ve ever met.” -Jade 2009

    MRLOVER ANDF 35 minutes ago

    Rebecca Glasscock, Jade, Shantay you both stay (Ru, crying)... Vinegar Stroke, Something wrong, Sashay away.... Bye... yes (moving her head)....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yeboi ASMR
    Yeboi ASMR 50 minutes ago

    I hate ginger

  • bird_pluse_hotgluegun
    bird_pluse_hotgluegun 54 minutes ago


  • Crydra McLovin
    Crydra McLovin 57 minutes ago

    tempest got a divorce :( she works at the university i go to

  • Kristian Hunter
    Kristian Hunter 59 minutes ago

    is it just me or does Katya look good as hell in hats? lmfao i regret nothing

  • Timothy Corcoran

    I love all of them, give me more

  • Matheus Gurgel
    Matheus Gurgel Hour ago

    Jade my love

  • David Reed
    David Reed Hour ago

    I feel like Bianca is the natural heir to RuPaul, like it will become Del Rio’s Drag Race after RuPaul retires...

  • Carmen Alberto
    Carmen Alberto Hour ago

    Don't hate me but...the UK queens looks not as polished as I expected. And yeass the shoes, meh.

  • Anthony Michael
    Anthony Michael 2 hours ago

    Ditch the other guy

  • Gabriela Egas
    Gabriela Egas 2 hours ago

    1:23 rupaul stole the move hhaha

  • Rei Gregory
    Rei Gregory 2 hours ago

    This is just Jinkx doing a whole episode of snatch game by herself 😂

  • Eboni Love
    Eboni Love 2 hours ago

    I think my husband and I are the ONLY adults in their late 20s that absolutely do not drink under no circumstances.... and people don't believe me when I tell them.. Oh Jeffree Starr doesn't drink either so....maybe we are the only 3 people....

  • Jason Hall
    Jason Hall 2 hours ago

    The OG robbed queen

  • Anasofia Martin
    Anasofia Martin 2 hours ago

    Sometimes I forget that Ging is a man

  • No Body
    No Body 2 hours ago

    I am suddenly very confused...

  • TheArianator Life
    TheArianator Life 2 hours ago

    They Look like Mariah and MiMi

  • CameronUnicorn
    CameronUnicorn 2 hours ago

    Jade is one of my favorite season 1 girls

  • MarvelousChaos
    MarvelousChaos 2 hours ago

    If anyone here watches 90 day fiancé Jade here makes me think of Darcey in how she talks.. :p

  • Zechariah Segovia
    Zechariah Segovia 2 hours ago

    Jade for ALLSTARS 6!!!

  • Demetra Settle
    Demetra Settle 2 hours ago

    Wait, who's this?! 😛

  • Caroline Toth
    Caroline Toth 2 hours ago

    Katya’s hair is more high fashion and camp than basically everything we saw at the Met Ball

  • Claresa Everlasting
    Claresa Everlasting 3 hours ago

    Not fish eating fish!

  • Nika Anastasia
    Nika Anastasia 3 hours ago

    The funniest thing they said was that alexis Michelle has style....😂😂😂

  • Victory J
    Victory J 3 hours ago

    We do have prom and we pronounce it the same 😂

  • Nic Aguilar
    Nic Aguilar 3 hours ago

    Wait she's still alive?

  • Ruby Reduxx
    Ruby Reduxx 3 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣 even her name gets me every time

  • Foxy BeautyBar
    Foxy BeautyBar 3 hours ago

    OMG Malikas eye color is stunning!!!!!

  • j money
    j money 3 hours ago

    Raven mispronouncing queen's names for 16 mins straight

  • Eli Taylor
    Eli Taylor 3 hours ago

    Courtney needed hip pads to offset the shoulders. Bring more of that hourglass figure and less of a box. Laganja's overlay makes her tuck look like it's not secure. Ben Delacreme needed to cinch her waist with a belt.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 3 hours ago

    7:20 So now we know how Trixie came to fame and fortune 😂

  • Admiral Holdo
    Admiral Holdo 3 hours ago

    I’m sorry, but his and his girlfriend’s weird baby esthetic is making me uncomfortable.

  • cold chub
    cold chub 3 hours ago

    finally! we need more of the talented queens ,also I still want max

  • Rudy Zamora
    Rudy Zamora 3 hours ago

    I’m glad she keeps shouting out Rebecca Glasscock. OG Fish

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 3 hours ago

    Lets not forget Stephen Harpers shitty apology for the mass genocide of Aboriginal peoples. So the gov does say sorry, but sorry don't mean shit if you do it again.

  • Your sleep Paralysis demon

    So no one's gonna talk about ongina's hentai moans?...ok

  • Crystal ASMR
    Crystal ASMR 3 hours ago

    Leave the bone in baby

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 3 hours ago

    As a female I don't think guys will ever know the feeling of cutting your literal clit with your razor because you slipped or decided drunk shaving was a good idea 😂 Although slicing up your asshole isn't fun either, but not nearly as brutal as the clit cut 😥

  • Kelly Kwarta
    Kelly Kwarta 3 hours ago

    Anyone clock trixie’s new teeth?

  • Pathetic bitch
    Pathetic bitch 3 hours ago

    Looking for love? All Stars 5 girl, we want to see you.

  • Kelly Kwarta
    Kelly Kwarta 3 hours ago

    Anyone clock trixie’s new teeth?

  • Chase Elliott
    Chase Elliott 3 hours ago

    We don’t really see much of Jade any more.

  • Dr L q
    Dr L q 3 hours ago

    Your too funny, I do like girls specially like yours Mamacita una vez estuve con una chica como tu, no puedo negarte que si baby

  • Tropic Lush
    Tropic Lush 3 hours ago

    DAVID just take already, I love you.

  • Daniel Jalomo
    Daniel Jalomo 4 hours ago

    Call Natasha Lopez.

  • Look-hass Peral
    Look-hass Peral 4 hours ago

    Hii jade miss you

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 4 hours ago

    The first time I shaved downstairs every single pore was bleeding 😂 and I thought it would be a good idea to cut off my skin tag (just askew of the bikini triangle) with my razor- with the little nugget of information I had I believed it was like dead skin or like tongue webbing, I mean I thought there were no nerves or anything and that it was just extra skin so it shouldnt hurt and should come off no problem. I was wrong, ten minutes later I had a skin tag (still half attached) that was so gory I thought I was bleeding to death 😂 after a week it lost circulation due to it being cut in half, turned black and fell off. Moral of the story, don't make real life decisions involving razors you've made based on theoretical assumptions 😅 Beauty is pain but the body is not impervious

  • thanks pete
    thanks pete 4 hours ago

    Yes! I love this lmaoo!

  • jess
    jess 4 hours ago

    tracy sits like a lesbian in the beginning

  • ardyxo
    ardyxo 4 hours ago

    this aged well

  • Laura forest
    Laura forest 4 hours ago

    Is it me or the voice at the end is sharon needles voice ?

  • Lord Anger
    Lord Anger 4 hours ago

    *In alyssa edwards voice* Chin rolls???

  • Lexi Thomas
    Lexi Thomas 4 hours ago

    Nikita and gia since when

  • gloria Mukisa
    gloria Mukisa 4 hours ago

    Parents were are our kids. Are they still at home.

  • aidan pierce
    aidan pierce 4 hours ago

    Me: *Tries to sneak out of my room* My bedroom door: 9:06

  • Alida van Veen
    Alida van Veen 5 hours ago

    She’s pretty, and she’s never won. I’d like to be the clown who did win 🤣 Yaaassss Bianca! Love how she is always so humble about winning 😝

  • Tito Lívio
    Tito Lívio 5 hours ago

    - You know what? I was wrong, this is the best Halloween e- -OH MY GOD SHUT UP lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo Jinkx is perfect

  • Lora Alexandrova
    Lora Alexandrova 5 hours ago

    What is wrong with those English queen's. Are they blind? They can't be possibly looking at a mirror before the show and thinking these outfits are good 🤯😵🤢

  • Clara T
    Clara T 5 hours ago

    Untucked is very sad, at least to me.

  • Gerardo Aleman
    Gerardo Aleman 5 hours ago

    i love trixie but i hate that i can't see her fucking eyes

  • Nadia Rose Kennedy
    Nadia Rose Kennedy 5 hours ago

    why does Trixie look like ur old uncle here 😂

    D1ETPUSSY 5 hours ago

    Derrick: "It means we're _on a roll"._ HEY I'M A H*OE, I'M ON A ROLL🗣🎶

  • zyler
    zyler 5 hours ago

    russia is fucking filled with gender roles smh

  • Fifi •
    Fifi • 5 hours ago


  • Jay
    Jay 6 hours ago

    Zoey Tur is a terrible, mentally ill man who needs a bullet in the head.

  • Matt Pelletier
    Matt Pelletier 6 hours ago

    Why does raja give me jinx monsoon in that wig

  • Brian Pratt
    Brian Pratt 6 hours ago

    Who is that shirtless dancer? You know, for research purposes

  • Duygu Aydin
    Duygu Aydin 6 hours ago

    Tatiana's boob contour looks sooo good here...damn ;)

  • Sacred Wiccan Shamanic journey

    Seriously William is awesome u guys are being really mean even though I love you both

  • Ralf
    Ralf 6 hours ago

    Raja's outfit: Toot Raven's outfit: Boooooooooooooooooooooot!

  • Gabby Poe
    Gabby Poe 6 hours ago

    Kandy ho makeup was HORRIBLE 😨 smh

  • Besanii
    Besanii 6 hours ago

    Sad thing is I actually like the dress Alexis wore, just if she'd elevated the garment and not painted herself green, it could have been amazing. I would have rhinestoned the fuck out of the black lines of the dress and lined it with chiffon to make it flow, a nice wig and proper boobs instead of those weird paper plate ones.

  • Elliott Knight
    Elliott Knight 6 hours ago

    “honestly...for her...this is a fierce look.” lmaoo I love Violet

  • Froot Bat
    Froot Bat 6 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about Naomi's vine reference?


    The 5:16 "nothing its not funny" it's another "nothing i just like you"

  • Nikolina Veselinova
    Nikolina Veselinova 7 hours ago

    Katya and Trixie already sitting next to each other. Like... unhhhhh anticipation hello??

  • Lela Lightning
    Lela Lightning 7 hours ago

    What am I watching? And why do I like it?

  • Clara T
    Clara T 7 hours ago

    God I hate Eureka so much.

  • Lemi DrumAndBass
    Lemi DrumAndBass 7 hours ago

    Delta looks stunning

  • magic fénix
    magic fénix 7 hours ago

    I love u blanca so much, never die,

  • aesea
    aesea 7 hours ago

    woman caught on tape displaying her multiple personality disorder circa 1984 [colorized]

  • Jillian Zoë
    Jillian Zoë 7 hours ago

    I’m not creative I’m just gay

  • Miss Vanjie
    Miss Vanjie 7 hours ago

    I wanna fucking hug Trixie... with clothes on...

  • Stefan Milović
    Stefan Milović 7 hours ago

    I watch this once every 2 weeks

  • Karma Solorzano
    Karma Solorzano 7 hours ago

    Awww when nikita had 0 Scandals we all loved her so much at this time😭😭

  • L3V1
    L3V1 7 hours ago

    Is anyone going to say something about the nude illusion??

  • 미렐라Mirella
    미렐라Mirella 7 hours ago

    deep breath *im a little nice little baby one no one expects me to win i don't know i didn't even know i had a chance to win i just came here to make frieends waturofadacksbaAck* I LOVE HER SO MUCH WTF

  • Barbara Jean
    Barbara Jean 7 hours ago

    Adele vibes tho.

  • Hit me with a rock
    Hit me with a rock 7 hours ago

    4:50 I died from her response 😂

  • Duygu Aydin
    Duygu Aydin 8 hours ago

    Auqaria looks stunning here,the make up and hair are soooo good :)

  • Iconika Strange
    Iconika Strange 8 hours ago

    Sis clocked all the tea😂😂 aye make it happen bitch

  • goddess lyssa
    goddess lyssa 8 hours ago

    i need more episodes N O W😭😭

  • Juniperberri
    Juniperberri 8 hours ago

    Bring back my girls!

  • Caleb Armani
    Caleb Armani 8 hours ago

    Yas bitch Raven is LEGENDARY

  • Engorgio Armani
    Engorgio Armani 8 hours ago

    Absolutely stunning! You're so talented!

  • Sternenguckerle yo
    Sternenguckerle yo 8 hours ago

    What the hell: Raven looks stunning!

  • Jacqueline Farr
    Jacqueline Farr 8 hours ago

    7:50 When Katya is kicked why is one of her legs *A RAKE LOL* OH GOD