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Sew Hem: SEW WHAT 104
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30/30 VISION: World of Wonder
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  • ZinnerGames1
    ZinnerGames1 39 minutes ago

    5:46 has me dead

  • Gerson Mendoza
    Gerson Mendoza 48 minutes ago

    I love the ru Paul impressions xD

  • Peter Cord
    Peter Cord 51 minute ago

    God bless, love you my girls

  • 松谷春樹
    松谷春樹 54 minutes ago

    Is anyone else bothered that the tracks of hair aren’t actually 613 😂

  • Latisha Croissant

    Naomi and Trinity would have been a better tie and the fans would have been way more excited and happy with the Monet but WOW and VH1 kinda bungled this one

  • Shantia Melton
    Shantia Melton Hour ago

    Alaska caught her self! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jesstine Ann
    Jesstine Ann Hour ago

    I just love this segment so much. ❤️

  • Peachy Cobbler
    Peachy Cobbler Hour ago

    Bruh she called out Mr. Phoenix and joker didn’t even out come out yet...

  • c t
    c t Hour ago


  • Day Griego
    Day Griego Hour ago

    blu not in the top three? sum ting wong

  • Fatin Azwari
    Fatin Azwari Hour ago


  • ThrillRider247
    ThrillRider247 Hour ago

    gurl Nebraska aint a queen. its a guy Alaska made over in makeover challenge.. he was just a skinny twig who thinks he was everything bc he was in the force. HAHAHAHAHA.. hashtag get your facts in check.., like actually perform … compete in pageant .. then you think you a queen gurl.. you aint no derrick. sorrryyy… oh and I actually heard from numerous people Nebraska is a horrible performer .. its a train wreck …ROFL . gurl just save it. go back to your day job...kk

  • Cedestra
    Cedestra Hour ago

    7:26 unintentional ASMR

  • Kyler Murray
    Kyler Murray 2 hours ago

    It took me so long to realize they were talking about Adore Delano and not an actual door.

  • EndJewishSupremacism

    Tanya is amazing

  • Paradise Lost
    Paradise Lost 2 hours ago

    Find the top 0:20

  • Grant Harrison
    Grant Harrison 2 hours ago

    I just noticed you can hear violets earings clacking the entire time...its bugging me.

  • Cedestra
    Cedestra 2 hours ago

    Fuck, you took 290 and jerked off, Katya? Even at 2 a.m., that is not a choice I'd make. Maybe the Pike, but not 290.

  • missfairuzadotcom
    missfairuzadotcom 2 hours ago

    9:24 Katya foreshadowing Fleabag Season 2. Wishes do come true bich

  • Isabella Solken
    Isabella Solken 2 hours ago

    14:35 😂😂😂 the way Raja said "Nina Bo nina Brown" just killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Queen of Despair
    Queen of Despair 2 hours ago

    She’s so sweet omg

  • Felipe Ortiz Mena
    Felipe Ortiz Mena 2 hours ago

    She started as a comedy queen, and now she’s a country queen! I love it!! Charisma and talent

  • gforce 26
    gforce 26 2 hours ago

    And one day, for no reason at all, people voted for Hitler.

  • gforce 26
    gforce 26 2 hours ago

    Every day we stray further from God's light

  • Stella Strange
    Stella Strange 2 hours ago

    I’ve been there! Almost drowned myself lol.

  • Madison Stewart
    Madison Stewart 2 hours ago

    Y’all ever cry so hard that you lose your breath? There’s been times where I thought I was suffocating because I couldn’t catch my breath while crying.

  • Sub2pewdiepie
    Sub2pewdiepie 2 hours ago

    Sasha says the pearl shouldn’t be here while pearl makes it to top 3 and she goes home the 2nd week Noice

  • Diana Adrianna
    Diana Adrianna 2 hours ago

    Her pit hair is disturbing to me and I love the transformation!

  • Justin Brugman
    Justin Brugman 3 hours ago

    I thought Pandora was Alexis Michelle at first. Hahah

  • Amanda Bourke
    Amanda Bourke 3 hours ago

    Manila Luzon is serving Buffy the Vampire slayer realness!!! Yasss Spike!

  • A. A.小丹
    A. A.小丹 3 hours ago

    Raja is not mentally there

  • dan scolaro
    dan scolaro 3 hours ago

    Scary........just look in the mirror......too easy!

  • Isabella Solken
    Isabella Solken 3 hours ago

    "You're Raven and I'm Raja!😱😱" and both like "OMG yesss!!!😱😱😱" 😂😂😂😂 these two

  • paola martinez
    paola martinez 3 hours ago

    trixie is so adorable i- 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • John Webstre
    John Webstre 3 hours ago

    Best line coming up @6:56. You're welcome :)

  • Naughty Scottie
    Naughty Scottie 3 hours ago

    Katya in all red and the cowboy hat looks gorgeous!

  • paola martinez
    paola martinez 3 hours ago

    ... why is ginger here

  • Javen Martin
    Javen Martin 3 hours ago

    Tag yourself im "checking for bedbugs"

  • Ladonna Collins
    Ladonna Collins 3 hours ago

    I LOVE you bagga.

  • ——
    —— 3 hours ago

    oh my god they were roommates

  • Riley Lee
    Riley Lee 3 hours ago

    Slutty Blackjack dealer, what does Raja not understand about that?

  • Jennie Todd
    Jennie Todd 3 hours ago

    Yay, little puffers. 🐡 🌬️ 💨💨

  • Shinori Shun
    Shinori Shun 3 hours ago

    uhmmmm am I the only one who's wondering "who was that hottie on the carpet with Shuga & Plastique...?"

  • Spooky Doo
    Spooky Doo 3 hours ago

    “Wine’s alcoholic tea.” Quote of 2020 for me.

  • Grecia Marquez
    Grecia Marquez 3 hours ago

    I didn't know that Kameron was so funny

  • Giovanni Elson
    Giovanni Elson 3 hours ago

    Girl, Mariah knows more mythology than me XD

  • Chris Critelli
    Chris Critelli 4 hours ago

    The little Maserati ....LMAO I CANT!!!!

  • azumono
    azumono 4 hours ago

    God Danny is hot

  • The Painting Stoof
    The Painting Stoof 4 hours ago

    I love Chad 😍

  • Is there somewhere
    Is there somewhere 4 hours ago

    This feels like a Brandon Rogers skit😂

  • Dawn DiPierro
    Dawn DiPierro 4 hours ago

    We need more seasons of Dragula. We can’t have just 3 seasons. BRING US MORE!

  • Shelbi Andersen
    Shelbi Andersen 4 hours ago

    This shows their separate aesthetics really well. Trixie looking cute and pretty in Pink, Katya looking soul crushing in black.

  • D R
    D R 4 hours ago

    OMG lets play dumb and uninspired for life because that makes us funny and cool. :-)

  • Morgan Peck
    Morgan Peck 4 hours ago

    Damn they are killing me lol

  • Poro
    Poro 4 hours ago

    Alexis had bigger tits on her back then her chest

  • rannierunsfast
    rannierunsfast 4 hours ago

    Kimora is not a super idiot. It kinda shows when they were playing Heads Up.

  • Amanda Bourke
    Amanda Bourke 4 hours ago

    Im sorry, I am just not there for the UK Queens make up! It just doesn't seem as put together as the US Queens. Am I missing something? Is it a particular style?

  • Tony Martinez
    Tony Martinez 4 hours ago

    okay but why is Laganja me when I’m high as a kite lmaooo

  • JustJ8
    JustJ8 4 hours ago

    Lol yous should watch Jakeyonce's drag con video on Danny...

    • kiwisoup
      kiwisoup 2 hours ago

      It's kinda hard to find when he doesn't explicitly name him but for anyone wondering he talks about someone's rude diva behavior at drag con and didn't want to say the name but if you watched another video you can put two and two together and he is clearly talking about Danny.

  • Cinema Inclined
    Cinema Inclined 5 hours ago

    Trixie is offering terrific cheerleader aesthetic today. :)

  • And صادق السلطان


  • Livi Coombs
    Livi Coombs 5 hours ago

    I just found Madison from this video and thank you Flash-Player the world needs more Madison!!!!

  • Just Cade
    Just Cade 5 hours ago

    So glad Violet won. She is the only one that deserved it. She has elevated so much more, even past this point. Today she was at the Schiaparelli show in Paris sitting across from Anna Wintour, she is truly iconic.

  • Diana Bratt
    Diana Bratt 5 hours ago

    Nononononon no sorrysss.... gad i love you !! I can eat your potty now !!! Thanks for being my saviorsss

  • Courtney Hayes
    Courtney Hayes 5 hours ago


  • asmartist enthusiast

    Chilean minor. 😂

  • jordan pastry
    jordan pastry 5 hours ago

    Camerons thirsty entrance wig lol

  • Theus Martins
    Theus Martins 5 hours ago

    I loved It kkkkkkkk

  • Jovany Garza
    Jovany Garza 5 hours ago

    I would like to see them as a duo on this show🥺 bitch pudding is so funny

  • Paul housbey Art
    Paul housbey Art 5 hours ago

    Kimora: “What’s a turtle?”..... Me: Was she born in the future where turtles have become extinct !

  • Olivia Blackburn
    Olivia Blackburn 5 hours ago

    I love Eurekas new look. She looks so pretty with her “hair” down.

  • marvin raphael monfort

    Thought ganja was gonna do her own version of introduce urself!

  • London Dunn
    London Dunn 5 hours ago

    Danny Is a great actor. His most known for mean girls but his been in movies like bully, I spit on you're grave and etc..

  • María Eugenia
    María Eugenia 5 hours ago

    @16:17 lmao Thorgy is me right there.

  • Gillian DeVaal
    Gillian DeVaal 6 hours ago

    gia's look in this one??? UGH so cute

  • carly
    carly 6 hours ago

    admit it, you’re here for 11:20

  • yoboi01
    yoboi01 6 hours ago

    They did her soooo wrong !! Lol

  • Lucas Guilhermino
    Lucas Guilhermino 6 hours ago

    If its the first time you're watching this episode be aware that this fucking bug will be remembered forever

  • OhManThisShampoo
    OhManThisShampoo 6 hours ago

    We need more of this way more!

  • ThatTATsaysBRAT
    ThatTATsaysBRAT 6 hours ago

    Omg 😂😂😂 trixie on the shitter! 😂

  • dumbalek
    dumbalek 6 hours ago


  • Victor Tapia
    Victor Tapia 6 hours ago

    THE KNOWLEDGE!!! I learnt so much today

  • Candida Cole
    Candida Cole 6 hours ago

    I can’t fuckin Chris is so gaddamn annoying!!!! But I love adora to the moon

  • scofield z
    scofield z 6 hours ago

    I was thinking so many times, maybe shea was talking bad about nina just when the camera wasnt running... It could be true tho and no one believes her

    LORI BRYANT 6 hours ago

    Pre med students in their first anatomy lab are skinning cats, ahh college memories 😂

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia 6 hours ago

    I wear the same 3 shirts and 3 pair of shorts so when I get dressed up everyone be like FUCKING GODESS like okay 🤣🤣

  • gamewildkid
    gamewildkid 6 hours ago

    Things Italian Moms Say.

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia 6 hours ago

    Me still waiting for another episode

  • Paula Ruiz
    Paula Ruiz 7 hours ago

    Killed it

  • hanna cave
    hanna cave 7 hours ago

    *cause space* *C A U S E S P A C E*

  • TooHeavy
    TooHeavy 7 hours ago

    Jasmine is annoying asf

  • Fumerie Hilaire
    Fumerie Hilaire 7 hours ago

    This was tan mom Katya era. Never forget.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 7 hours ago

    Tammie out of drag is really hot...

  • Pamela Ramsey
    Pamela Ramsey 7 hours ago

    I love Bianca so much

  • Insanityle
    Insanityle 7 hours ago


  • Jewels Brewner
    Jewels Brewner 7 hours ago

    Lagonga I need ur outfit. Soooo cute. Love u and this show

  • Mister Winkybluff
    Mister Winkybluff 7 hours ago

    4:29 Fucks sake people, she’s parodying Odd Job-one of the most famous bond villains. The fact that it was a bond *villain* and not necessarily a bond *girl* was a nice subversive touch. Learn your references girl, Bond is popular in the U.S. too.

  • voilaviolamh
    voilaviolamh 7 hours ago

    I've always the same with that final question, shampoo on the pubes.

  • Raesha Vierra
    Raesha Vierra 7 hours ago

    Omg I miss them

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia 7 hours ago

    I mean aliens already came to earth. All the huge pyramids are proof AINT no Human that can build that