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Sew Hem: SEW WHAT 104
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Morning T&T Trailer
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So Sew: SEW WHAT 103
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Sew Cheat: SEW WHAT 102
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  • fried chicken
    fried chicken 41 second ago

    1:23 STFU

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas Minute ago

    I want to see the rest of Raven's dress, I love how it's not symmetrical but still completely balanced, and the fabric is beautiful.

  • ilovetosing2008
    ilovetosing2008 14 minutes ago

    Katya: Is it a Tarantula? The tarantulas: Hola, it's me, Tarantula!

  • king
    king 15 minutes ago

    literally no budget

  • Nina Noir Paints
    Nina Noir Paints 19 minutes ago

    This Bitch is super annoying! She tries waaaay to Hard.

  • DL V
    DL V 19 minutes ago

    I went to the University clinic. The doctor was old, though.

  • JamesGallagher1990
    JamesGallagher1990 21 minute ago

    I'm from Bournemouth as well lol. They make me wanna do drag just so I could come and be on one of their videos xD Also, it's not that crappy here honest...the beach is pretty amazing actually & we do have a gay scene...though I rarely go lol. Come visit!!

  • Andrew Nieto
    Andrew Nieto 29 minutes ago

    Omg the way they click, I’m dying 😂😂

  • Shawntae Campos
    Shawntae Campos 36 minutes ago

    Valentina is me trying to give some advice to my dumbass friend lmao 😂

  • Your Local Pinkity Drinkity

    ok, the queens are amazing, but why the hell would they get nude photos of celebrities?....

  • Ashleigh Benois
    Ashleigh Benois 49 minutes ago

    I love katya so much

  • Elyjah Rose
    Elyjah Rose 53 minutes ago

    Katya is too cute and I will probably never not have a crush on her

  • Just Charlie
    Just Charlie 54 minutes ago

    I’m and Aussie And the Australian accents going on here are brilliant 👌🏼 😂

  • yandrsupreme
    yandrsupreme 55 minutes ago

    Why are these bitched copying each others' drag names? If I see another "O'Hara" on RPDR, I think I'll throw up, and turn around and lick it up.

  • Lina Osman
    Lina Osman 59 minutes ago

    Throwing shades that you're witches..

  • Kylie LaChappelle

    Wong Foo is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time!

  • Charlotte Tohi
    Charlotte Tohi Hour ago

    I 💛 Shea Coulee

  • tyler Richard Pinto

    Yes I was going to say I really wanna be a drag queen because a lot ove girls hat me when.i talk to them

  • Brian Craigen
    Brian Craigen Hour ago

    Ron is HOT!!! BUT, I'm extremely allergic to cats. 😿

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones Hour ago

    The best untuckeds from the nicest and most wholesome group of people to come into the show. Love over drama always

  • Elise Sugar
    Elise Sugar 2 hours ago

    Raja is a poop with a cherry on top wth

  • Marie Flamands
    Marie Flamands 2 hours ago

    Nebraska is so gay that she doesn't even know what a vagina looks like omg 😂

  • ItsjustDragFool
    ItsjustDragFool 2 hours ago

    “Girl you know this just how bob the drag queen apartment look” “Just skinny thinks hanging from the ceiling.” I CANT BREATHE

  • axolotl
    axolotl 2 hours ago

    the outfit of darienne wasn't flatering

  • llama girl01
    llama girl01 2 hours ago

    Hell she may be smaller legs than naomi but she got the ass this betch isnt only hot in drag but out drag looks handsome hell she got beauty and the feisty I got her I know what want hell yeah I will do it with her

  • llama girl01
    llama girl01 2 hours ago


  • Tracy Frederick
    Tracy Frederick 2 hours ago

    These two 😂😂😂 no other besties

  • Erin Okay
    Erin Okay 2 hours ago

    makeup swap now

  • carry bean islands
    carry bean islands 2 hours ago

    "Don't miss an episode of the new series.. wOrKtheWoRLd, featuring.. mE" I love Kim chi so much but damn why was that the take they chose? 😂

  • llama girl01
    llama girl01 2 hours ago

    Hell yeah shes a transgender turning to a woman congratulations my gurllll

  • llama girl01
    llama girl01 2 hours ago


  • llama girl01
    llama girl01 2 hours ago


  • Caitlin .Shephard
    Caitlin .Shephard 2 hours ago

    'Wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door'

  • dimplechops88
    dimplechops88 3 hours ago

    What film is that clip from with the nails?

  • Adelia Cruz-Bianchi
    Adelia Cruz-Bianchi 3 hours ago

    Hi I’m....not too bad for two kids. 😂😂 also the IBS bit is too relatable 😅😆

  • andrew r
    andrew r 3 hours ago

    re watching this in dec 2019, and the dramageddon reference hasn’t gotten any less hilarious

  • Luana Castro
    Luana Castro 3 hours ago

    Omg me and my friend used to cary blades around and cut ourselfs bc we liked it idk why during softmore year as well and just the other day we were thinking about how strange it sounds, but now I know we weren't the only ones 🤔

    • Luana Castro
      Luana Castro 3 hours ago

      And I also used to lick it cuz I thought i was so goth

  • EeviumZ
    EeviumZ 3 hours ago

    at 3:05 when katya said to trixie about something she will be offended by the video said "My Talent". You can't make that up sis

  • Tahlia
    Tahlia 3 hours ago

    I didn't actually know what trixies nose looked like without contour I'm shook

  • A Person
    A Person 3 hours ago

    Alaska and Cody arguing is what me and my sisters sound like, only add a little loudness Legit the only thing we all like is drag and even then we argue about that lol

  • molly heald
    molly heald 3 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks that their hands look rly small in this vid?

  • Stacey Wylde
    Stacey Wylde 3 hours ago


  • hehe sad
    hehe sad 4 hours ago

    Omg! Lizzos music gives me the most positive vibes ever! Then here comes you miserable hatin ass hoes talkin shit about Silky!!... Like. Really bitch? She made top 4!! Stfu and Get over that shit already. We don't need your negative ass comments here. Take that shit to some other video.

  • maya dijakovic
    maya dijakovic 4 hours ago

    Katya's really living her Karen fantasy rn I love it

  • Jayden The Fat
    Jayden The Fat 4 hours ago

    I just want you to be in here and you look like y’all up to date you can come to pick y’all fr was the day

  • Lucy May
    Lucy May 4 hours ago

    My kink is Trixie making katya wheeze laugh That is all

  • Elvis Phoenix
    Elvis Phoenix 4 hours ago

    Very messy...all of them...

  • tea century
    tea century 4 hours ago

    40 year olds are always wise.

  • Franco
    Franco 4 hours ago

    This loss...MADE TRIXIE!! Thank God she was sent home!! A WOMMMMAAAANNNNN

  • Jake Greenaway
    Jake Greenaway 4 hours ago

    4:14 UNNNHHHH honey, ergh my gahd

  • Listen2Me 05
    Listen2Me 05 4 hours ago

    Raven is giving me Malibu Barbie becomes a soccer mom, gets divorced from her douchebag manz, and gets a job as a receptionist at a cosmetic surgery clinic😂

  • Antanasia Coleman
    Antanasia Coleman 4 hours ago

    Lol. They look nice and so la

  • Jade Lee
    Jade Lee 4 hours ago

    *Alaska, coming out in a LITERAL trashbag* Judges: "Wow I LOVED your two looks!!"

  • Morganized Morganizer

    I'm assuming Katya doesn't like Katy Perry because she was sent home after losing to Roar by Katy Perry

  • Crazy ALDC
    Crazy ALDC 5 hours ago

    This is going to sound REALLY CRAZY but I think I’m ACTUALLY starting to like Laganja and it SCARES ME!!!😱

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 5 hours ago

    I usually find the subject of aliens interesting, but I just woke up from a nap, and this video is still playing. BORING PEOPLE. It's obvious nobody listens to them so they make up a story about being abducted by aliens and think they're suddenly not boring. My God. Glasses called a room 'dirty'. She is the only person to say a UFO was dirty.

  • Tom
    Tom 5 hours ago

    They're sitting the wrong way round and it makes me very uncomfortable.

  • Morganized Morganizer

    The original e-girl

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 5 hours ago

    I don't know why the woman is talking about aliens and warping time when her glasses are so thick she can see the future

  • Franco
    Franco 5 hours ago

    "And I Oop" was actually Jasmine remembering this dumb argument.

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 5 hours ago

    Bob had a very adult and responsible response. MKD shone as usual, such a beautiful answer. Wow even Gia was polite

  • Atlantean Craft
    Atlantean Craft 5 hours ago

    Jinx grew some chunks

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 5 hours ago

    Manila or Monique... Damn straight. I can actually see Alyssa and Vanjie going for president 😂😂😂 Seriously though Alyssa please run

  • - Maya -
    - Maya - 5 hours ago

    1:15 jojo's bizarre advantures

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D 5 hours ago

    Yeah, I’m 21...thank you 😉

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 5 hours ago

    Does. Miss fame have BPD? I totally get it. The struggle with that disorder is real.

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 5 hours ago

    I don't know Kandy ho landed a role on the season. That awful beardline, lack of personality and bad runways. However, her empathy when Ginger burst into tears after talking to her husband, that was not fake. It was so sweet Why they gotta talk about Violet like that?? Katya gave 120% everytime there was a challenge or runway. Katya has a lovely funny personality too....

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D 5 hours ago

    Don’t be a Becky. CLEARLY! 🤮

  • Aimee Grober
    Aimee Grober 5 hours ago

    Ok guys, this is how it works: They film the show, then while it's being edited and prepared for viewing, they audition for the next season. It's not weird. You had 3 seasons of Drag Race in one year and Drag Race UK JUST ended and everyone's still going "what's taking season 12 so long?! Where is all stars 5?" Calm down you hungry, hungry bottoms.

  • EeviumZ
    EeviumZ 5 hours ago

    Love how funny Cheryl is.

  • Aimee Grober
    Aimee Grober 5 hours ago

    No one: Still no one: Everyone, in every comment section: "No one:... "literally no one:...:

  • Erich Weiler
    Erich Weiler 5 hours ago

    To the lady with the glasses: 1) You weren't abducted by aliens. Not even a grey finds you interesting 2) You don't have a boyfriend. (self explanatory) It's obvious: she makes up a story about aliens and people suddenly listen to you

  • Aimee Grober
    Aimee Grober 5 hours ago

    Djoodi for season 13!

  • Ruairi Askin Email
    Ruairi Askin Email 5 hours ago

    this was edited by a straight man who doesn't know shit about drag race

  • chicken
    chicken 5 hours ago

    i guess they’re doing this early because rupaul is getting busy.

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D 6 hours ago

    You know who you are, Becky ☠️

  • Brian Sherrod
    Brian Sherrod 6 hours ago

    I live for Lady Bunny. She’s so funny!

  • Brian Sherrod
    Brian Sherrod 6 hours ago

    If Lady Bunny was a judge with Rupaul, Michelle, Santino and Todrick, I would laugh and gag all day long!

  • Jazz Sad
    Jazz Sad 6 hours ago

    Serena Cha Cha looks so gorgeous!

  • Jamaene
    Jamaene 6 hours ago

    Did anyone noticed the little "sound of music" refference when the deer came in? :D :D

  • abdulkader alabasie
    abdulkader alabasie 6 hours ago

    Omg not the butterflies 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elias sandavol
    Elias sandavol 6 hours ago

    idk. I'm still team Sharon. All the way. Bye latrice 👎

  • Harriet Holt
    Harriet Holt 6 hours ago

    Omg who ever thought of this idea is a genius

  • Whitley Takiyama
    Whitley Takiyama 6 hours ago

    10:01 I like how Katya’s talking but her mouths not moving

  • Eman Brizuela
    Eman Brizuela 6 hours ago

    OMG I was so surprised when Ongina Speak tagalog.

  • heckin tasty
    heckin tasty 6 hours ago


  • Caprice Moore
    Caprice Moore 6 hours ago

    Raja's hair is slayed. Blouse is an old school term. My aunt, grandmother refers to women shirts as blouses.

  • Taylor Montgomery
    Taylor Montgomery 6 hours ago

    why is no one talking about that photo at 3:26... that shit is real!!!

  • Vlogs by Elle Bassa
    Vlogs by Elle Bassa 6 hours ago

    Nina’s look is fifty shades as hell

  • Jes Lewis
    Jes Lewis 6 hours ago

    Now I feel obligated to watch Contact

  • PhoebeArticuno 477
    PhoebeArticuno 477 6 hours ago

    Yoooo that gingerbread house reminds me of Alaska's candy dress from Season 5... IT KEEPS FALLING TO PIECES XD

  • Bruno Ribeiro
    Bruno Ribeiro 7 hours ago

    What’s that background song at 7:53?

  • Shae
    Shae 7 hours ago

    “don’t he look like tinker bell?” 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • Lily May
    Lily May 7 hours ago

    Those spring rollllllllsssssssss

  • johncalderwood1
    johncalderwood1 7 hours ago

    Luiz is the reason I hate being gay.

  • cfvilt
    cfvilt 7 hours ago

    Love you! Can’t wait to see it😍 Hugs from Amsterdam🥰

  • Faye McCormick
    Faye McCormick 7 hours ago

    yeah randy and bart are definitely a couple

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 7 hours ago

    Alyssa and Shangela slay it everytime. Iconic queen's!!!

  • Lisa Ruth
    Lisa Ruth 7 hours ago

    It seems like even though they are completely opposite of each other you could see it they were happy to be around each other they were comfortable with each other they respected each other's differences you could see it now as a kid it was probably a lot different toit in all honesty a lot of family should be like that.

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 7 hours ago

    Impressed with how much shot Alyssa dealt with growing up and made it even before Rupaul. Its awesome though she's helped Shangela boost her career even further and Laganja too. She also helped Gia gunn..... Alyssa and Shangela were both in Biancas first film and Shangela and Katya were in the second film From Russia with hate. So who really cares who wins the title? The haus of Edwards seem to selling out shows!!!