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Can't believe I did this..
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Meet Lucifer.
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She was NOT expecting this!
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  • Digital street outlaws

    7:52 broo I was literary thinking they should put eggs in the oil omg!!

  • Forrest Jones
    Forrest Jones Minute ago

    Your videos are pretty cool and I have a new channel with some riding videos if anyone here likes woods racing, informational videos, and motocross you should check it out. 😁✌️

  • xGodlyPvP
    xGodlyPvP 2 minutes ago


  • BallaThief
    BallaThief 2 minutes ago

    Yo u need to take this down blur that mans face and repost it before u get him fired lmao

  • J.dripster ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʟᴀᴄᴋ

    You should of ran your plates was not on so your good

  • Daniel Rouhi
    Daniel Rouhi 3 minutes ago

    I got pulled over last night for speeding for going 110 in 65 and I was honest Gave me a fat ticket and court day😐

  • Re4p_zoom
    Re4p_zoom 3 minutes ago

    sO WheRE dO i Go fOr tHE LemON GivEAway?@!!?@,*#&$&"&#*#&×,@??????

  • billy smith
    billy smith 4 minutes ago

    leave the car. call 911

  • Knavish
    Knavish 4 minutes ago

    Damn mbn I got a ticket in August doing 121 in a 65 in Hurst, TX and my very nice cop just got me for speeding lol I was so happy I didn’t get arrested that night and I’m 17. Insurance didn’t go up. License didn’t get suspended. Just respected the cop n went to sleep in my bed that night :)

  • Christopher Collett
    Christopher Collett 4 minutes ago

    I’ve had bad and good experiences with cops for sure! I’ve got pulled over for going 5 over one time and got talked to really bad. Everyone is different on how they take there jobs. Some are really cool and nice and some have bad days and try to destroy other. But at the end of the day just try to stay positive and help others stay positive!

  • Tomas Higareda
    Tomas Higareda 4 minutes ago

    Why not blur his face. Now hes getting in trouble xD

  • Deandalapanda
    Deandalapanda 4 minutes ago

    Officer: You were flying down the road... Gavin: Sorry sir.. I didnt know it could do that...

  • bdawg7693
    bdawg7693 5 minutes ago

    Shocked you weren’t sobbing

  • billy smith
    billy smith 5 minutes ago

    do u have a warranty is the car brand new

  • T Vlogs
    T Vlogs 6 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the pistol

  • Lil shizzle
    Lil shizzle 6 minutes ago

    Do you Remember the last race you had with Demonolgy. Can you race him again

  • billy smith
    billy smith 6 minutes ago

    is it a brand new car

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 7 minutes ago

    I've had a similar experience I've been evasive and it went bad I've been honest and they were way too koo!

  • Pagan Sosa
    Pagan Sosa 8 minutes ago

    So all I say is that I was “data logging” and I should be good?

  • Hellcaaat
    Hellcaaat 8 minutes ago

    black cops are always cool lmao and i live in Cali 🤣

  • david mayorga
    david mayorga 8 minutes ago

    Holy fuck daniel had a reaction.

  • Jair Martinez
    Jair Martinez 9 minutes ago

    You handled it smoothly gavin!! Take care, God bless you!!🙏

  • deadheadgaming
    deadheadgaming 9 minutes ago

    I thought him and jess broke up or is it a different girl???

  • Joshua Krol
    Joshua Krol 9 minutes ago

    This is a fact. I got caught going a 112 in a 45 and I was 100% honest with the cop and he let me off with a verbal.

  • Michael Kelligan
    Michael Kelligan 9 minutes ago

    That's felony speeding anywhere in the US at 140mph,your a dumb ass man. It should have been impounded for reckless endangerment and speeding on your part! 😒

  • DJBobbyChicago
    DJBobbyChicago 10 minutes ago

    yea... maybe in YOUR state.

    QUADSQUAD TV 10 minutes ago

    Gavin:you do not lie too people 🤫 Us I mean all of us: I thought you were gonna keep your cars stock 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • FlaboomRulezYT
    FlaboomRulezYT 10 minutes ago

    Jeez Such cliff hanger

  • Og Baker420
    Og Baker420 11 minutes ago

    Wait did I miss a video???? I thought Gavin’s girl was blonde 🤔

  • Aspective TV
    Aspective TV 13 minutes ago

    You need a radar detector Gavin if your gonna be driving on the street in that car

  • Stewart Cleesen
    Stewart Cleesen 16 minutes ago

    That would have Never happened in California but it's good to know there are still good cops out there

  • Pgamer TBP
    Pgamer TBP 16 minutes ago

    Lies or not you go to jail just for been a stranger or as they sometimes call you ''a new face around here'' sometimes.... Not because of a law.. But because ''they can''

  • Evan Hess
    Evan Hess 17 minutes ago

    Gets arrested for exhausted but doesn't get arrested for so many things illegal with the car and going 140 mph lol

  • blackdragon46819
    blackdragon46819 17 minutes ago

    DAMN!!!!!! Youre ass is lucky as fuck

  • Zander13
    Zander13 17 minutes ago


  • Zach Doe
    Zach Doe 17 minutes ago

    That’s the worst feeling in the world when you do a pull in your car. Then you realize, shit there was a cop

  • FlaboomRulezYT
    FlaboomRulezYT 18 minutes ago

    He’s finally calling satan a racecar

  • blazed v2
    blazed v2 19 minutes ago

    ok how tf did he just give you a warning

  • TR99FRC
    TR99FRC 20 minutes ago

    You got convinced into by ID injectors, when they are just a big hype. FIC injectors do as well or even better...bro I’m not hating but you honestly sound like such a rookie sometimes...a rookie with too much money. I mean y’all use power tools on cylinder heads and head bolts and stuff...seriously mna

  • whodis
    whodis 20 minutes ago

    great cop wish i had cops here like that....i went 35 on a 25 because i was late for school...i told him i was late for school....gave me my first ticket smh

  • Sharp Element
    Sharp Element 20 minutes ago

    Yo that’s crazy I live below you in Pineville and I just found out about this channel I gotta sub now

  • Nxgrodomus
    Nxgrodomus 20 minutes ago

    Some cops are cool yo 👌🏾

  • TR99FRC
    TR99FRC 23 minutes ago

    Cops aren’t like people, they are people who are supposed to enforce laws, not opinions, policies, or any other bullshit. He was a stand up citizen, not just a cop.

  • Chico Hernandez
    Chico Hernandez 23 minutes ago

    Bro Daniel stop with the "Coming next video" it makes me impatient😂😭Follow @zorbii

  • Richard Cohen s
    Richard Cohen s 23 minutes ago


  • Tim Curtis
    Tim Curtis 23 minutes ago

    Have gotten off tickets doing the exact same thing. Police arent bad people. If you talk shit to them though, you deserve everything they throw at you

  • Jeordan Marcos
    Jeordan Marcos 25 minutes ago

    Damn.. must be in a good part of Louisiana. Cops in Shreveport just want all the money they can get lol. Just got a $400 ticket a couple months ago for going 13 over....

    FONZARELi 25 minutes ago

    Next time im going 95 in a 65 ima say im data logging 🥴

  • John Sexton
    John Sexton 25 minutes ago

    Hey man, awesome vid. Respecting the law and the people that serve our community is great. That cop was respectful as well. Very mature and respectful/ honorable video bro

  • Julian Algarin
    Julian Algarin 25 minutes ago

    How many y’all’s freaked out when Gavin’s GoPro died. 😭😭😭 RIP #savethegopros

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy 27 minutes ago

    Why You Gotta Be So Stupid Fast Gavin 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells 27 minutes ago

    Who's this new girl?

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith 28 minutes ago

    fake as fuck! nice try

    FR05TBITE 28 minutes ago

    Gavin: "so this is how the conversation went...." Me: "oh shiiiiii*** he gonna get the car impounded!" Gavin: "he gave me a warning..." Me: *jaw drops and hits the ground.*

  • Brandon Chauvin
    Brandon Chauvin 28 minutes ago

    After Gavin was giving a warning he told the cop …….Right now if you want a chance to win a vette go to .lol

  • Leland Allor
    Leland Allor 29 minutes ago

    Id get cops info and give him the Vette in thanks

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells 29 minutes ago

    You do what they ask to a point you have cretin rights in this country use them or lose them just don't be a ass about it. And I agreed be honest about what you're doing but don't let them get your whole life story!

  • TR99FRC
    TR99FRC 29 minutes ago

    Why such dinky small piping for the cold side and charge piping??

  • mod4drvr
    mod4drvr 29 minutes ago

    Must be nice to be lucky. I've told cops the truth twice and went to jail both times.

  • Ben Ellebrecht
    Ben Ellebrecht 29 minutes ago

    Man here he is doing over twice the speed limit in a car with so many illegal mods and he gets a warning, yet I do 17 over and the cop doesn't even ask and just hands me a ticket. Some people have all the luck.... well except when he got arrested for an exhaust.

  • MaxOwly
    MaxOwly 32 minutes ago

    Why does that corvette gotta be yellow?? Making me buy stuff from your store to try and win it. Well it worked 😂

  • Ryan E
    Ryan E 32 minutes ago

    Saw the thumbnail and said “oh boy hes fucked” 😂 I got pulled over at 114mph cop said if u were one mile faster I’d impound ur car lmao

  • Ayewut
    Ayewut 32 minutes ago

    3:17 is what you came for.

  • Yung ATM
    Yung ATM 32 minutes ago

    Wowwww, a warning...

  • John g
    John g 33 minutes ago

    Shit what is Jess number so i can give her a call

  • FunnyDkk
    FunnyDkk 33 minutes ago

    Gavin got a new girlfriend?🤔

  • Erik Williams
    Erik Williams 33 minutes ago

    I love your channel but the majority of cops are not like that gavin you got lucky my man

    UNEEK LOGIK 33 minutes ago

    F**k THAT!!. Black lives matter.

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith 33 minutes ago

    Damn he got a little money and ditched the girl that had been there from the beginning for a pocket shark. that's fucked up

  • Tim Wasson
    Tim Wasson 33 minutes ago

    Can I share on my FB ?

  • EKFiPod
    EKFiPod 34 minutes ago

    you get a warning for going probably double the speed limit , but i get a ticket for running a light 🤦‍♂️

  • CamBreBet3 v
    CamBreBet3 v 34 minutes ago

    Honesty is key .. Great cop ..

  • Jay Doe
    Jay Doe 34 minutes ago

    Hey Gavin how do you park the black car with no EBrake because of the handbrake stufff you installed???

  • John Craddock
    John Craddock 35 minutes ago

    When I was younger (now 31) I would do stupid like this all the time without care for anyone else I share the road with... Now that I have a family with a wife that drives my two sons on the same roads people like you act like a dick on it deeply angers me that someone could have such little care for others life's... (All this coming from someone that used to do the same stupid stuff)

  • Oi nobody io
    Oi nobody io 36 minutes ago

    Your literally my favorite Flash-Playerr. I watch all your vids with no skips

  • castiland1000
    castiland1000 36 minutes ago

    Wait what happened to Jess

  • Jim Burig
    Jim Burig 37 minutes ago

    A good day! You go scot-free after going 140, Fuel Injection Clinic sends you cool stuff and partners up with you. You're a lucky man!

  • Steven Felmeten
    Steven Felmeten 37 minutes ago

    One lucky SOB. You need to go buy a lottery ticket now. Lol

  • Nothin But Crap
    Nothin But Crap 37 minutes ago

    And this is what happens when you respect the police and tell the truth! After doing criminal speed over 120mph, No guns were pulled, no shots fired, and everyone went home safe! So crazy how that works!!

  • Rotsy_ Potsy
    Rotsy_ Potsy 38 minutes ago

    If he was white and you were black you’d be in jail 😂

  • Toasted Bread
    Toasted Bread 38 minutes ago

    Daniel should put memes when something happened

  • John g
    John g 38 minutes ago

    Honeslty is the best policy, I’ve gotta out of ticket doing 140 as well here in SA tx. He had a talked to me about my car and being safe and he himself who use to own a 4th gen fbody

  • Badge #1st Amendment Ohio

    I wonder how exaggerated your story of how the cop convo went getting a warning lol

  • Vicious VQ
    Vicious VQ 39 minutes ago

    *I honestly thought you were going to Click Bait..* *but you Didn't. Good Shit Gav!*

  • Brain McClen
    Brain McClen 39 minutes ago

    Did anyone hear his voice crack at 8:52

  • Badge #1st Amendment Ohio

    You and your ego high key cringey

  • romanik26
    romanik26 39 minutes ago

    What happened to Jess??

  • Devils Eye
    Devils Eye 40 minutes ago

    He really had to tease us at the end😩 that’s fucked up bro😂

  • Nick Thornton
    Nick Thornton 40 minutes ago

    I wish I had loads of money id buy literally anything this man promotes

    • Nick Thornton
      Nick Thornton 4 minutes ago

      Mustang Boy I listen to the song just about it every but I think you missed the point of my comment

    • Mustang Boy
      Mustang Boy 6 minutes ago

      Nick Thornton listen to the shake down by trace money = friends that you don’t want

  • Atom Rigdon
    Atom Rigdon 41 minute ago

    Don't let this distract from the fact that Gavin's mustang started up like it was nothing

  • Badge #1st Amendment Ohio

    You could’ve said “I’m going to be honest with ya” a few more times lol

  • Walter Heil
    Walter Heil 42 minutes ago

    Should not have pulled you over did not hurt or harm anyone or thing

  • Kenneth Suire
    Kenneth Suire 42 minutes ago

    Who ever she was! She was beautiful! Show her often as you can! Congrats on her!

  • mark hosie
    mark hosie 42 minutes ago

    You did a brake stand in a water puddle. I rate it at a meager 1

  • Dashcam Channel
    Dashcam Channel 43 minutes ago

    You caught a break on this one. Next time you will get literally buttf**ked.

  • Brandon Hatfield
    Brandon Hatfield 43 minutes ago

    Your so wrong man....I can tell you haven't had alot of run ins with the cops, your saying 99% of the time if you respect theyll respect you back, ummm that's so far from the truth my dude !! Theres 1 good cop out of a 1000 you get lucky and run into but glad he was that 1 cool cop and didnt Inpound the stang

  • Andy Martinez
    Andy Martinez 44 minutes ago

    If you were here in California you’d get stopped at gunpoint and get that car in pounded no doubt about it 😓

  • Kenneth Harrison
    Kenneth Harrison 44 minutes ago

    Happened to me when I was doing a pull data logging. He said you know why I pulled you over? I said yeah? He said why you think I pulled you over? I said being stupid . He verified my insurance and let me go

  • Lilqua Harris
    Lilqua Harris 44 minutes ago

    Where are your other friends? haven’t seen them in a video in a min

  • BlackHammer2601
    BlackHammer2601 45 minutes ago

    Nobody: 6:50 😂😂😂😂