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I Auditioned For Kidz Bop
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Losing Your Relatability
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Arrested for Clout
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Is SNL Even Funny?
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Sequels That Aren't Sequels
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Stuff Nobody Says
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Vine: Where Are They Now?
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Top 10 Top 10 Lists
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Are We Really Doing This?
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Good cop/Bad cop
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  • Rex
    Rex Minute ago

    Vines are this generations Monty python quotes

  • MovingForward
    MovingForward Minute ago

    Ha ha...so true.

  • Emily Carpio
    Emily Carpio 3 minutes ago

    OoH! Her dad’s Santa.

  • RejectedTheOnes
    RejectedTheOnes 5 minutes ago

    This is not crazy; it's a legitimate psychological phenomenon: flash-player.net/video/VO6XEQIsCoM/video.html

  • danny aakhus
    danny aakhus 15 minutes ago

    do this on android and its even worse

  • Soy Bean
    Soy Bean 15 minutes ago

    0:20 “That’s right, me, me, Kurtis”

  • ed
    ed 16 minutes ago

    idk how this hasn't surpassed a million views yet

  • katherine is uwu
    katherine is uwu 17 minutes ago

    He mentioned NNN im dying🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • skater. emily
    skater. emily 17 minutes ago

    My birthday is December 10th

  • Vinicius Miranda
    Vinicius Miranda 19 minutes ago

    Man, I'm now the age you were when you wrote those notes, and I wonder: those feelings, do they ever go away?

  • brandon perez
    brandon perez 19 minutes ago

    I picked hamburger, gottem

  • Diane Magnolia
    Diane Magnolia 19 minutes ago


  • BTonyH587
    BTonyH587 19 minutes ago

    This is just Ray Gun Recap except you're this weird pale kid and not the Puerto Rican gremlin I know and love.

  • Noah mills
    Noah mills 21 minute ago

    Everything has been more political since trumps election tho...

  • cj222100
    cj222100 22 minutes ago

    I died during your audition video, like I actually have mascara all down my face from laughing so hard😂😂😂

  • Dana Bananas
    Dana Bananas 24 minutes ago

    2broke girls is obnoxious. The dark haired one always has just one line zingers .. what a annoying friend to have ... She's just so quirky!...

  • Spam Mail
    Spam Mail 24 minutes ago

    5:56 *any female born after 1993 can’t cook... all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie*

  • pdot1123
    pdot1123 25 minutes ago

    I got a fucking hooked ad on this video. What. The. Obama.

  • Cal N
    Cal N 26 minutes ago

    You predicted tik tok

  • definitelynotbrean
    definitelynotbrean 27 minutes ago

    I dont understand what was the point of pointing out that guy following 2k people

  • sam fox
    sam fox 27 minutes ago

    youre great and youre funny and everythings perfect

  • Mohssen Kassir
    Mohssen Kassir 27 minutes ago

    11:46 plz send me money plz

  • Samagra Dev
    Samagra Dev 28 minutes ago

    This dude’s like to dislike ratio is insane

  • doomexe
    doomexe 29 minutes ago

    I have no idea who the hell the person this video is about is.

  • Benjamin Gutierrez
    Benjamin Gutierrez 31 minute ago

    covet :)

  • Skankhunt 42
    Skankhunt 42 32 minutes ago

    Y’all would still be in the dark ages if it weren’t for white men.

  • that one hispanic
    that one hispanic 33 minutes ago

    Its just sad to see there are so many people that want to be comedians who have talent who are funny performing at small shows/comedy clubs who are more funny than this racist hypocritical womanchild who doesnt deserve a late show the only reason she got it is money not her talent

  • Infinite Brain Coral Void

    This has "Kamp Krusty" energy

  • juste ndayishimiye
    juste ndayishimiye 34 minutes ago

    anybody else accidentally press the skip buttons during the video

  • Manuel
    Manuel 34 minutes ago

    I hate my voice but then i hear Vin Diesels voice...

  • Sydnie
    Sydnie 35 minutes ago

    Sorry I couldn’t watch this

  • Dana Bananas
    Dana Bananas 36 minutes ago

    The second guy talks how I talk to my dog .. it was confusing

  • William Sebren
    William Sebren 36 minutes ago

    Oh shit, one of these people were from MS. That's upsetting and unsurprising.

  • Fox Steel
    Fox Steel 37 minutes ago

    Oh my god!!! I'm so spooked because I was thinking DOG!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  • H*ck off
    H*ck off 37 minutes ago

    *Timmy House*

  • Joy Peters
    Joy Peters 40 minutes ago

    They are making more for the hooked app by the way drew you should cover it!!!!!!

  • Backyard Hedgehog
    Backyard Hedgehog 40 minutes ago

    I spent my my families savings for vacation on a claw machine and put it in my room. They still didn’t notice

  • Dumb Gothicc Bitch
    Dumb Gothicc Bitch 41 minute ago

    Sequels that aren’t sequels Home alone 3 , 4 and 5

  • cubingkid3.6
    cubingkid3.6 42 minutes ago

    literally restarted my computer bc i thought it was frozen because of the intro

  • jiggus figgus
    jiggus figgus 43 minutes ago

    don't blame the studio audience. They are instructed by an audience coordinator on stage to laugh when necessary and to applaud at request. These things remind me of Craig Ferguson content for the Late Night system by telling the most awful joke only to make fun of the "warm up comic" at the audience.

  • tara k
    tara k 43 minutes ago

    okay but I've never heard of either of these and I have no idea what they're about

  • Dumb Gothicc Bitch
    Dumb Gothicc Bitch 43 minutes ago

    Daddy day care already had a sequel called daddy day camp

  • Rye want to cry
    Rye want to cry 46 minutes ago

    I fucking love the Big Bang theory

  • Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie

    I died when he said he dices his bagels

  • Some Frickface
    Some Frickface 48 minutes ago

    When Vin said " " I felt that

  • Mr. Henry
    Mr. Henry 48 minutes ago

    i honestly think friends is funny and can be funnier if the laugh track was taken out and they made conversations flow better

  • Diane Magnolia
    Diane Magnolia 49 minutes ago


  • Another Fanatic
    Another Fanatic 50 minutes ago

    "My kids can't hear me calling you a bitch cuz they're listening to Kidz bop."

  • Box Lane Productions
    Box Lane Productions 53 minutes ago

    the biggest scam is a..... magician and how his tricks work

  • Cole Rasmussen
    Cole Rasmussen 54 minutes ago

    I like where he put the midroll ad in this one

  • sexylazercatwizard
    sexylazercatwizard 56 minutes ago

    Big thumbs up my butt for goobie

    EWITT MOTH 56 minutes ago

    Christmas with Christmas at Christmas

  • abingleyboy
    abingleyboy 56 minutes ago

    Very sunny for christmas in that postman scene.

  • CaraFrog2008 Whitehouse
    CaraFrog2008 Whitehouse 58 minutes ago

    They put more on there now

  • Infinite Brain Coral Void

    Man, I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets paralyzed with media choices. Everyone always talks about "binging shows" and I feel like we don't even belong to the same species.

  • spectant _
    spectant _ 58 minutes ago

    i hate myself...

  • Diane Magnolia
    Diane Magnolia Hour ago

    I guess as long as you're attractive and loud, it counts as comedy?

  • partisan
    partisan Hour ago

    He could easily just said that he dosen't want a girlfriend because he "wants his freedom"

  • Reyna Pineda
    Reyna Pineda Hour ago

    He did drugs!

  • partisan
    partisan Hour ago

    Not mexican or Israeli and shit. Well at least hes got this one right

  • Isabella
    Isabella Hour ago

    Nice cheese go moo

  • Subway
    Subway Hour ago

    17:29 how do u dress that bad?

  • Erin Price
    Erin Price Hour ago

    It’s not cool to do drugs not cool to do drugs cool to do drugs to do drugs so drugs drugs

  • ThaLukesta 2112
    ThaLukesta 2112 Hour ago

    No one Flash-Player Rewind 2019:

  • Key Man
    Key Man Hour ago

    Literally got a hooked app ad during this video xD

  • AJ Kellogg
    AJ Kellogg Hour ago

    Drew: "Every item visible within this video is for sale..." Me: How much is Drew worth?

  • E Harland
    E Harland Hour ago

    When he said that kids bop was the 2nd worst thing that happened in 2001 it took me a hecking while to figure it out what the 1st was holf shit

  • What About
    What About Hour ago

    She sure is making all Flash-Playerrs seem super untalented on TV. Like if you pull them off of the internet on a standard production, they expose how untalented they truly are. That is what Lilly is doing.

  • Southern Gothic
    Southern Gothic Hour ago

    "When has the subscribe button ever been above the video?" _oh honey_

  • LaFlame _
    LaFlame _ Hour ago

    god wow, god wow, shes so beautiful, look at here

  • Shadowgamer27
    Shadowgamer27 Hour ago

    I was watching this video and I got a hooked ad

  • regina simpson
    regina simpson Hour ago

    I can't stand the things

  • Diane Magnolia
    Diane Magnolia Hour ago

    Vin went from a 10 to a -10 in one fell swoop

  • edge of duality
    edge of duality Hour ago

    Your landlord sounds like minecraft villager

  • Rounak Chakraborty

    She sucks

  • Bob Vance Refrigeration

    10:10 there’s actually psychology behind that like “oh you hit a kid well I’m going to hit you” it’s negative reinforcement the worst way to stop a activity you don’t want.

  • tara k
    tara k Hour ago

    I never really watched Big Bang Theory but I loved Young Sheldon

  • Summer Time
    Summer Time Hour ago

    ok but what is the name of danny's ringtone?

  • jahaywa69
    jahaywa69 Hour ago

    She's Indian, why does she act black?

  • Melissa L
    Melissa L Hour ago


  • Sav Yeet
    Sav Yeet Hour ago

    i have that same striped shirt hahahah how funny i have that shirt lol big hugs in a second i have that same shirt

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones Hour ago

    Why would she take criticism well? To take criticism well you need to be willing to concede you aren't 100% perfect just the way you are. I doubt that's a message she's heard from anyone in a position of authority in her life ever, at least not since coming out as bi. I can't imagine what it must be like to have been taught your whole life that any sphere you could possibly enter would be improved by your mere presence. That you being made into a millionaire and getting your own show isn't outrageous good fortune, it's late.

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure Hour ago

    "she targets children" . . . FTC has entered the chat.

  • Bobby K
    Bobby K Hour ago

    Or you could change the channel

  • Cringe kid 555
    Cringe kid 555 Hour ago

    “Ok bloomer”

  • Timmy T
    Timmy T Hour ago

    Their channel should be called, First World Problems

    KORO PANDA Hour ago

    I didn't even know this existed. and now I wish I didn't.

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure Hour ago

      I always thought her humor was really hacky honestly

  • Mr. Lamppost
    Mr. Lamppost Hour ago

    "Kidz Bop debuted in 2001 and it was the second worst thing to happen that year"

  • NevaehBeatez
    NevaehBeatez Hour ago

    Blood tests don't actually take 24 hours. It depends on the priority. My dad went to the ER and his blood tests were done in an hour

  • AquaticIvy
    AquaticIvy Hour ago

    6:37 her desk looks like TCF Bank stadium

  • Ryan Drescher
    Ryan Drescher Hour ago

    I was a kid when I first saw his stupid videos. I never got super in depth about why he was playing us all but I knew he was and ignored his bs from the onset. I can't believe people buy his crap still.

  • AquaticIvy
    AquaticIvy Hour ago

    1:05 oh, that’s her last name

  • marmar 309
    marmar 309 Hour ago

    I know this is probably a useless comment but I really like this new structure of your videos. I hope you do more videos like this video and the SNL one. ❤️❤️

  • Dylan Noah
    Dylan Noah Hour ago

    “Unless it’s Kenan Thompson because he’ll be on the show forever.” 😔 no one tell him this is his last year

  • H*ck off
    H*ck off Hour ago

    Fuck you idiot

  • Jamie Roby
    Jamie Roby Hour ago

    Why did I get an ad with a lady with a foot fetish before this video? JUST BECAUSE I WEAR SHOES IT DOES NOT MEAN I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THEM WITH YOU

  • mansonlamps
    mansonlamps Hour ago

    U can’t criticize if u are a white guy? Ok? What world do I live in? I don’t give a fuck if I’m white if I hate it I’ll criticize

  • Biggest Normie Ever

    i feel like some ppl need to understand that there is such a thing as a “sense of humour” for a reason lol. all jokes are obviously subjective. imo it’s a bit of a loser move to make a 20 minute video about why u hate someone else’s but i guess that’s just me.

    • Slap shot Studios1708
      Slap shot Studios1708 Hour ago

      Biggest Normie Ever yea but if most of the audience dislikes it then there’s something wrong

    • youtubefinsta
      youtubefinsta Hour ago

      Biggest Normie Ever Sure, all jokes are subjective but if the jokes are widely disliked, that probably worth pointing out

    HP GAINER Hour ago

    "World wide tour. With 21 stops across America" 😐

  • CupCakeSprinkles

    0:30 More like Mt. Drew!