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Huge Try-On Bikini Haul..
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on wednesdays we wear pink...
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It's Finally Here...
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  • Lil Fox
    Lil Fox 8 minutes ago

    You know what’s really great? Friday is a weekend day for my school all the time

  • kimberly jane liu
    kimberly jane liu 9 minutes ago

    4:16 please don't hate me IF IT WAS $200 THEN WHY DONT YOU PUT IT IN YOUR BACKPACK?? OR maybe hold it tighter????? Like clutching it not holding it out so the wind can swoop it Im not trying to hate it just cringes me when i see that clip Im a huge fan this is just how I feel so don't comment me like " YEAH PUT ITS FOR THE EXAMPLE YOU !! " or something like that So please I'm sorry but this is how i feel..... Its nothing now cause she is so much bigger of a channel now its just.. Not really realistic . sorry

  • Kayla Choeun
    Kayla Choeun 10 minutes ago

    I think she’s gonna keep it

  • Hannah Grace
    Hannah Grace 17 minutes ago

    Doritos and ketchup try it

  • Shannon Moodley
    Shannon Moodley 22 minutes ago

    You should do a vsco video. Please

  • NA-KD
    NA-KD 29 minutes ago


  • Tiffy Cranberry
    Tiffy Cranberry 31 minute ago

    I think that she is going to keep it like this

  • Stella Baumann
    Stella Baumann 44 minutes ago

    I really love the vid but it’s not 24

  • Nikoleta Psarros
    Nikoleta Psarros 44 minutes ago


  • Lily Kirkman
    Lily Kirkman 50 minutes ago

    Keep it the way it is

  • Marthalita Mulyani Wijaya

    I go to school at july 1

  • Elizabeth Nt
    Elizabeth Nt Hour ago

    Going to the same drive thru 50 times !

  • Makenzi Juarez
    Makenzi Juarez Hour ago

    I start September 3

  • Makenzi Juarez
    Makenzi Juarez Hour ago

    Who’s watching this in 2019??

  • Olivia Elea
    Olivia Elea Hour ago

    Cole Sprouse is my celeb crush

  • Ysabel_ Jisoo
    Ysabel_ Jisoo Hour ago

    2 0 1 9 👇

  • heyitsmaja
    heyitsmaja Hour ago

    I want alisha because she is good at pranking

  • Brandi Lauren
    Brandi Lauren Hour ago

    i loved the way you redid ashley’s room haha New youtuber here :)

  • lane rogers
    lane rogers Hour ago


  • About CHARM
    About CHARM Hour ago

    I'm gonna float on a subscribe floatie

  • Coco’s Bookshelf

    My school colors are purple and white lol. 😂

  • Pizza Pig
    Pizza Pig Hour ago


  • elmagnificodep
    elmagnificodep Hour ago

    WTF kind of “challenge” is this? Staying in a Holiday Inn would have been more of a challenge than this.

  • Harika Bingi
    Harika Bingi Hour ago

    Alicia come to India

  • Diary Ramazan
    Diary Ramazan Hour ago


  • Kim Jiwon
    Kim Jiwon Hour ago

    alisha can you tell the two letters to put in front of wikipedia to summarize the page??? rly need this rn

  • Kara Bell
    Kara Bell Hour ago

    I had to do the same and your right it’s never to early like everyone has to be obsessed with Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

  • Stella Cox
    Stella Cox 2 hours ago

    I have way to many BFFLs so I can’t name any of them!!

  • Epic Gamer Helena
    Epic Gamer Helena 2 hours ago


  • Ritasha Nandwani
    Ritasha Nandwani 2 hours ago

    It is my birthday and it would mea. The world to me if u replied. You are the first go to youtuber I started watching and I have never stoped watching you since. I love you videos so much and now the Pretty Basic Podcast

  • #Lady #Zakura
    #Lady #Zakura 2 hours ago

    i hug you madam please get me back hug also on my channel plss

  • Ana Dragin
    Ana Dragin 2 hours ago


  • Justin :3
    Justin :3 2 hours ago

    I love how Alisha just changed the room without feeling bad and the way she said she was going to change the rooms it was funny like I was dying

  • Forest Wolf
    Forest Wolf 2 hours ago

    Lmao did anyone else notice that the outside of the screen record, the phone isn't an X even though it has the bar at the bottom?? 😂

  • Ruben B. Cerbo
    Ruben B. Cerbo 2 hours ago

    7:02 look at our little vsco and i oop- girl

  • the grannys
    the grannys 2 hours ago

    please give me a shout out

  • Holly Aston
    Holly Aston 2 hours ago


  • Sara Marshmallow
    Sara Marshmallow 2 hours ago

    Your „merch“ looks straight up like from Shein or Zaful. Nothing original just another way so finesse money of us to buy yourself coffee or another basic white shoes smh

  • Sara Marshmallow
    Sara Marshmallow 2 hours ago

    It is soo selfish of Alsiha to have such a huge room with a huge bathroom and a closet.Poor Ashley

  • Epic Gamer Helena
    Epic Gamer Helena 2 hours ago


  • Jordz Bridget
    Jordz Bridget 3 hours ago


  • XxLuna_ PastelxX
    XxLuna_ PastelxX 3 hours ago

    Pink Donut

  • Colleen Mac
    Colleen Mac 4 hours ago


  • Cøcønut and Milk
    Cøcønut and Milk 4 hours ago

    I think she is gonna keep her room that way

  • Clover The Gryffindor

    That’s Awk

  • Pauleen Kate Vlog
    Pauleen Kate Vlog 4 hours ago


  • seren akl
    seren akl 4 hours ago

    my best friends name is AYAH and I love her so much she is the best friend ever

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 4 hours ago

    Hello, Humans. “You a communist? Huh? How’d you like it, man? They tell you all the time what to do, what to think, what to feel. Do you wanna be like a sheep? Like all those other people? Baah! Baah!” - Tony Montana. (Scarface 1983) TERRANCE OUT

  • Charlotte Holt
    Charlotte Holt 5 hours ago

    i think she is gong to keep it

  • Maegan Yust
    Maegan Yust 5 hours ago

    Y’all look at least mid twenties...almost 30’s maybe???Atleast 25ish. Seems like people are less concerned with creating a family or at the very least a home of their own these days.

  • Takira Bassett
    Takira Bassett 5 hours ago

    I think she’ll keep it I would because I’m lazy and wouldn’t move it 😂

  • Soldier of Life
    Soldier of Life 5 hours ago

    When she puts all her camera stuff on the table 😂👍

  • Soldier of Life
    Soldier of Life 5 hours ago

    Great edit & video. Keep up the good work

  • Fairy Wings
    Fairy Wings 5 hours ago

    Our school mascot is an Eagle 🦅

  • Desiree Jacobson
    Desiree Jacobson 5 hours ago

    Poor Ashley Alisha has such a better room

  • Stella Cox
    Stella Cox 5 hours ago

    Freaking Jessica

  • Kasey Adolph
    Kasey Adolph 5 hours ago


  • Karyn Sauers
    Karyn Sauers 5 hours ago

    Why is your room so much bigger and with a tub?

  • e
    e 6 hours ago

    sister, sister

  • Bibisha Sitaula
    Bibisha Sitaula 6 hours ago

    That’s not a problem in the UK bc we have to wear uniform so we always look the same

  • meikaa
    meikaa 6 hours ago

    5:32 yuck what’s on the floor?? 🤢🤭😂

  • lara
    lara 7 hours ago

    we want a WEEK

    JAMAURIA WYSINGER 7 hours ago

    That spray tan ain't it sis!

    JAMAURIA WYSINGER 7 hours ago

    Oscar he is nice☺

    JAMAURIA WYSINGER 7 hours ago

    Melisha (may-lisha)

  • Nicole Deval
    Nicole Deval 7 hours ago

    I really love your merch but i can't afford it maybe this december i'll buy one bcs i really love them

  • Miss Meila
    Miss Meila 7 hours ago


  • Glen Humchitt
    Glen Humchitt 7 hours ago

    Beautiful looking lady’s awesome vlog 😉

  • Freya H
    Freya H 7 hours ago

    Ashley: *starts to open door to see her rearranged bedroom* Un skippable ad: *starts* Me: smh

  • Andrea Emory
    Andrea Emory 7 hours ago

    You should stay in t a bowling alley For 24hours

  • slinky crown
    slinky crown 7 hours ago

    I wish I had a room

  • Kayla Alfaro
    Kayla Alfaro 7 hours ago


  • sherocks54
    sherocks54 8 hours ago

    Go vegan

  • Madison SAUNDERS
    Madison SAUNDERS 8 hours ago

    Sister, sister

  • 勳KY
    勳KY 8 hours ago

    Ohmigod im using the SAME EXACT BACKPACK RIGHT NOW IN SCHOOL!!! 1:15

  • Carly Ball
    Carly Ball 8 hours ago

    She's trying to be like emma Chamberlain😩

  • Mirna Ashraf
    Mirna Ashraf 8 hours ago

    I am sure most of the people did alot of these lies😂😂👌👌

  • Mirna Ashraf
    Mirna Ashraf 8 hours ago

    Hahaha this is soo funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie 8 hours ago

    I wish to go to a school that doesn’t have dresscode

  • Lucy Woodard
    Lucy Woodard 8 hours ago

    Who else likes their own comment? Like if u do.

  • Olya Tsokeva
    Olya Tsokeva 8 hours ago

    The only thing I don't like is that you used plastic bags.

  • William Munny
    William Munny 8 hours ago

    They should just be lesbians already and record it

  • peach ً
    peach ً 8 hours ago

    "she stole my makeup" "i found my missing shorts" 😂

  • Prisha Singhal
    Prisha Singhal 8 hours ago

    Keep it this way

  • Andrea Emory
    Andrea Emory 8 hours ago

    Those would be me 😟🤪

  • Harley Makynna Pinter

    Why is alisha room bigger than ashley

  • Chelsea Bright
    Chelsea Bright 9 hours ago


  • The Carpenters
    The Carpenters 9 hours ago

    There so extra get it cause of Alisha

  • Simone Bright
    Simone Bright 9 hours ago


  • Zureen Sofea
    Zureen Sofea 9 hours ago

    This is so funny oh my god 😂😂

  • Kelly Otway
    Kelly Otway 9 hours ago

    January 6th 2009

  • 10Gaming
    10Gaming 9 hours ago


  • Alexei deserved better



    Sorry I’m late but I love your vids so much and I’ve been on your channel since 1M!! ❤️😇

  • Holly Aston
    Holly Aston 9 hours ago