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Why I HATE Flying - Animated
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Getting My ASS BEAT part 1
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  • Maris Noma
    Maris Noma 14 minutes ago

    1:25 true

  • A'ron Robinson
    A'ron Robinson 15 minutes ago

    I know what you talking about youngdonsauce

  • madison rutledge
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  • MOH Darius 24
    MOH Darius 24 21 minute ago

    My birthday is on the 24th let's gooooooo

  • Sean Benidict Ocampo
    Sean Benidict Ocampo 33 minutes ago

    Can u dunk my g.

  • Landen Drake
    Landen Drake 36 minutes ago

    Can you please do more like these? They're really good.

  • Eyal Bar
    Eyal Bar 40 minutes ago

    This video isnt really good as your others tbh.

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack 44 minutes ago

    My g its porn hub

  • MINISTER Nicole Gadson

    You forgot your girlfrens dad

  • TalonsCrush
    TalonsCrush Hour ago

    Ikatskiiii mussiiccccc 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • BeastMode
    BeastMode Hour ago

    What is ur job

  • Snickers Does cocaine 24/7

    I found out about it by my older bro he showed me the power of the HUB

  • BeastMode
    BeastMode Hour ago

    What is ur job know?

  • BeastMode
    BeastMode Hour ago

    What do u do know don

  • 40k FrEnZy
    40k FrEnZy Hour ago

    Make a video with swoozie

  • Tommy Carabajal
    Tommy Carabajal Hour ago

    That what hard netflix cut this boy acheck hes mad talented.

  • angelo toto
    angelo toto Hour ago

    Why didn't you use all your power like me at 3rd grade my enemy set me in ultra instinct and bit him and he lay down and gave him a nice punch and made him cryyyyyyyy

  • kyren moss
    kyren moss Hour ago

    Heeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeeeew

  • kyren moss
    kyren moss Hour ago

    Faaaaaaadddaaaaaa jjjeeeeeeessssuuusssssss

  • Rith Sopheaktra
    Rith Sopheaktra Hour ago

    Audio sound so low on this vid except for when he talks about the air pods

    MANIAC SPAMS L2 Hour ago

    Please pick me I need them don please

  • clean pops
    clean pops Hour ago

    Who watchin in 2019

  • Shavacadudes_ nøvã

    Were I'm from it's called beef patae

  • Alpha TimmyYT
    Alpha TimmyYT 2 hours ago

    Lil does Don know it was the GAYNESS of the pride flag and where the coffee shop is made it great. Gays know how to make coffee Don

  • goffiey
    goffiey 2 hours ago

    air pods for me = god bless approved

  • Imani Newton
    Imani Newton 2 hours ago

    The story starts at 2:20

  • ilovemygirl
    ilovemygirl 3 hours ago

    Who else low-key just finished watching porn?? Like if u did. Comment if u didn't and why

  • bluechip dirt
    bluechip dirt 3 hours ago

    Got bored typed titties on Google

  • Gino
    Gino 3 hours ago

    Yo my mans why us ur voice like this, been binge watching ur videos. But a nigga getting annoyed with ur weird ass voice 😂😂ain't u from broward?

  • Super RaH NATION
    Super RaH NATION 3 hours ago

    What about the boss

  • Larry Knicks
    Larry Knicks 3 hours ago

    PSP web surfing 👽👍🏽

  • Shawn Wong
    Shawn Wong 4 hours ago

    I know how u feel my G.... This was a total nightmare when I was similarly in your shoez 😳

  • Savagekiller21 ?
    Savagekiller21 ? 4 hours ago

    Plz I need to flex need AirPods broski

  • AsianEthan
    AsianEthan 4 hours ago

    “And then we lean in....” The guy sitting behind me: *farts*

  • Kylar 2 hungry
    Kylar 2 hungry 4 hours ago

    that’s crazy I go to that barbershop called generations

  • Thotucus
    Thotucus 4 hours ago

    I know this video is old but you guys didn’t realize that he said shoe locker instead of foot locker

  • Peter Chung
    Peter Chung 4 hours ago

    Entered giveaway❤️

  • Nothing To see
    Nothing To see 5 hours ago

    One time this autistic kid told me he got caught watching RedTube by his mom because he didn’t know how to clear his history

  • Jailan Rayvon
    Jailan Rayvon 5 hours ago

    WYATT foo at the end

  • Emanuel Ellis
    Emanuel Ellis 5 hours ago

    I found out about those videos in my dad‘s old Car when I was 8 because he had one of those cardboard coverings and it had a bunch of little pictures of boobs and butts so I stole it can I just use to stare at the pictures lmfaoo

  • Jailan Rayvon
    Jailan Rayvon 5 hours ago

    4:05 lawd 💀💀😂😂

  • Javian Banks
    Javian Banks 5 hours ago

    This need a part 2

  • Alapeti Seui
    Alapeti Seui 5 hours ago


  • MyraidSZN
    MyraidSZN 5 hours ago

    I’ll just founded type pepper pig back in nursery

  • BlackJesus H
    BlackJesus H 5 hours ago

    Damn man I remember when I just subscribed to you and you were don hinds at 50k subs. Now you're one of the biggest animators keep up the grind bro

  • Joshoncloudz
    Joshoncloudz 6 hours ago

    The pain theme song killed me 😭😭😭😭

  • Aylin Lopez The Unicorn Queen


  • iinixis
    iinixis 6 hours ago

    lmaoo the psp

  • folashade adekoya
    folashade adekoya 6 hours ago

    I need airpods

  • Eden Luque
    Eden Luque 6 hours ago

    Aye Pville on the map!

  • Ian Heck
    Ian Heck 6 hours ago

    Yo don. When u say "magic" in ur vids. Do u mean like weed, or shrooms like watchu mean by magic. Love ur vids btw

  • Talk talk Drama
    Talk talk Drama 6 hours ago

    I know that feeling trust me

  • TTVGhost21 21
    TTVGhost21 21 6 hours ago


  • krazykiller quan
    krazykiller quan 6 hours ago

    Trinidad gang

  • Xx.Erikaaa.
    Xx.Erikaaa. 6 hours ago

    I knew since kindergarten. How? Welp I literally don't remember or know...

  • Jaivir Sidhu
    Jaivir Sidhu 6 hours ago


  • Heavenly Instinct
    Heavenly Instinct 6 hours ago

    i got a samsung ;-;

  • Talk talk Drama
    Talk talk Drama 6 hours ago


  • CriticalX
    CriticalX 7 hours ago

    My mom walked in while I was watching this vid so when she walked in, I immediately turned off the phone thinking it was p●rn

  • iimasheii aka thatoneanimegyt

    Yo this came out During my Bday

  • Duken Juken
    Duken Juken 7 hours ago

    My Jamaican parents would not let me celebrate hollween

  • Matilda Akpo
    Matilda Akpo 7 hours ago

    Ayeeeee I answered the end question on tiktok 😎

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  • joji xxx
    joji xxx 7 hours ago

    dang 14 wow i was 12

  • jaykob508 jaykob508
    jaykob508 jaykob508 7 hours ago

    Like if you’ve been here since the McDonald videos a few years ago

  • Tr1nityX2
    Tr1nityX2 7 hours ago

    Hopefully I win

  • Jasmine Savage
    Jasmine Savage 7 hours ago

    I introduced myself to everything incognito mode history and all I think it was mah curiosity by eavesdropping on kids behavior at school

  • Faouzane Kaloucha
    Faouzane Kaloucha 7 hours ago

    Tik Toc is gay

  • #Anime Gurl
    #Anime Gurl 7 hours ago

    Honestly, idk what the flipp ur talkin' about TXT

  • Sharon Edogbanya
    Sharon Edogbanya 7 hours ago

    yo, wtf is Feek on 😭😭

  • Gamer Sammy
    Gamer Sammy 8 hours ago

    Bro u missed Belize 🇧🇿

  • N M
    N M 8 hours ago

    Don has one of the darkest skin voices, but he's lightskin

  • ewan2631
    ewan2631 8 hours ago

    The website the guy gave Him was a Cristian minecraft sever link

  • ItsYuxgZz
    ItsYuxgZz 8 hours ago

    Me: *Watching bad videos* Flash-Player: *don on watching bad videos* Me: God tf u doing

  • Carl Brown
    Carl Brown 8 hours ago

    I remember my first time going at it with my meat in the boxing ring. it was the time when my parents had to pay for all the channels on the cable contract and me being home alone one summer when I was 14. me and my sister was looking for something to watch going through one channel at a time then we ventured off to the high number channels nobody ever sees. we ran pass one channel with everybody sitting at a chair in front of a huge crowd naked. it was like a Jerry Springer stage set up, but it wasn't Jerry Springer it was 5 girls and 5 guys just chilling and me and my sister are like what the fuck? so we watch it and the crowd is just asking them to do shit on the floor in front of everybody and me and my sister crack jokes at it and shortly after changed the channel to loo for other shit to watch. I didn't think nothing about it afterwards. like 20 to 30 minutes later I had to take a shit. once I was sitting on the toilet I just started reading shampoo bottles and after 20 minutes of shiting and wiping my ass the cave man in me came out and i started going at it for no reason, I couldn't stop. I ended up using some body wash soap to make it better, BOI! that first nut was HAAAAAARD. then i took a piss that burned like hell (never used soap for that again). when I went back out to watch TV with my sister, she jokingly said, "you was beating off weren't you? NASTY ASS DUSTY ASS NIGGA HAHA, I BEAT YOU WAS BEATING YOUR MEAT." "THAT DISCUSSING AND YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES THAT!" And we started roasting each other and it never came up again, until months later in middle school I found out I like phat asses with this one girl who showed me her thong or at least her ass consumed the underwear until it looked like a thong. and I went at it again that night

  • Pierce Chambers
    Pierce Chambers 8 hours ago

    All your friends look the same

  • Roxas Livestreams
    Roxas Livestreams 8 hours ago

    This man said “the power of the hub” I’m dead 💀

  • Immm.Morgan_btw
    Immm.Morgan_btw 8 hours ago

    Oh wow air pods shaking in my mf boots👢 ouuuuuuuuu🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Shannell Carroll
    Shannell Carroll 8 hours ago

    DON:"Now let's get down to what yall really care about" ME: clicks off the video cuz I know I ain't winning nun☠☠😂✌

  • Dark Skulls77
    Dark Skulls77 8 hours ago

    Man he's like the only animator who updates his avatar

    • Kriss G
      Kriss G 7 hours ago

      Dark Skulls77 him and Domics

    VIVIAC MONSTER 9 hours ago

    Hey don I live in Austin and if you're looking for a good place to get haircuts I would recommend "tune up the manly salon"

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams 9 hours ago


  • Pierlo
    Pierlo 9 hours ago

    bro how i found out was from a random nigga on xbox 360 telling me to search up “pornhub” for free video games

  • Shadxw
    Shadxw 9 hours ago

    Oh we have the same birthday

  • Yung Valz
    Yung Valz 9 hours ago

    lol my uncles roast me good full strength my g come to Africa you'll know lol

  • Ad’ryan Williams
    Ad’ryan Williams 9 hours ago

    Trust me, I know what it’s like to grow up with a West Indian father and an Asian mom to whom, they’re great parents, make sure me and my siblings were in enrolled in school/college, made sure we have enough food to eat, clothes on our back, roof over our heads, they’d fund old after school activities, field trips, take us on holidays, we’d do things together from Time to time, but when we do dumb shit...I wasn’t safe...i would get my ass whooped with my dad’s belt...which at first was painful but as I grew up the beating didn’t phase me at all as they were getting less and less...but I did get my phone taken away and I had to stay in my room with no technology, no allowance and no going out

  • Young_Mister1012
    Young_Mister1012 9 hours ago

    I fw it.

  • Queen Jay
    Queen Jay 9 hours ago

    Luh yo song

  • Jayy Bee
    Jayy Bee 9 hours ago


  • BigDickMan
    BigDickMan 9 hours ago

    Is it weird that I just slayed my dragon and 20 seconds later found this video

  • Terry Wright
    Terry Wright 9 hours ago

    Threw out high school and my first two years of college I’ve had this problem of finding the right barber to cut my hair. Didn’t realize how bad they were until I found my current barber and saw the amazing job he did on my hair.

  • Nène Soto
    Nène Soto 9 hours ago

    I love this man🙃😻😻


    At 9:10 there just talking bout food.

  • keeta daves
    keeta daves 9 hours ago

    Wassup man

  • Cold Drako
    Cold Drako 9 hours ago

    Bro this need to be continued

  • Saint blade
    Saint blade 9 hours ago

    Kinda dug the art style you had before but wutevs ig

  • Dr Panda gacha
    Dr Panda gacha 9 hours ago

    Wow, you made me sad. That's pretty rare for a video to make me sad

  • super sani3
    super sani3 9 hours ago

    my parents did the same back in 2013 i asked for a xbox one but they got me a xbox 360

  • spartakiss99
    spartakiss99 9 hours ago

    My dad gave me nudie magazines because he said that it's the way I can become a man my mom agreed but not my sister and my brothers laughed at it because a 4 year old kid is looking at a magazine not knowing what the fuck is going on.