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  • Mr. Sir
    Mr. Sir 5 hours ago


  • RedBlue Media
    RedBlue Media 6 hours ago

    I can't help but prefer the Mandela Effect as a parallel universe thing it was much more fun . You just ruined it for me, thanks so much . LOL

  • Heather Feather
    Heather Feather 7 hours ago

    If it is possible to go from the cockpit to the area of the plane where the two transponders were deactivated in the time between the last good night radio call, then it is possible that the person who made the radio call could have been the one who manually deactivated transponders. If there is no way that someone could have done this in that time frame, then you can rule out the speaker on the radio call as the person responsible for disabling the transponder.

  • Fortress Griffon
    Fortress Griffon 7 hours ago

    Jesus fuck they took a 54k feet nose dive

  • Michael Panarelli
    Michael Panarelli 7 hours ago

    Nobody knows what's going on in area 51.. not the president and not the highest military so who fucking knows

  • R P
    R P 7 hours ago

    *Royal Aeronautical Society : Malaysian Airlines MH370 Disappearance* This is the best true explanation about MH370. By a bunch of engineers with inmarsat satellite findings.Please look up On youtube or Google.

  • Muhammad Al - Idrissi

    ...and it turns out the 'S' is the the thing that makes up quarks, or maybe the shape of the universe, or maybe something a wise man did to preserve unity and connection between the whole world, or the whole universe...

  • The Crazy Institute
    The Crazy Institute 7 hours ago

    Why snake ? What happen with the nomenclature ?

  • Shadxed
    Shadxed 8 hours ago

    To be honest I think the disappearance has something to do with the pilots, I think they crashed the plane somewhere

  • Muhammad Al - Idrissi

    the only documentary where I skipped backwarrds but not forwards

  • Toby Roth
    Toby Roth 8 hours ago

    Half-Life had the most realistic faces until fallout 4

  • Redalt 99
    Redalt 99 10 hours ago

    I had a dream that this video wasn't seizure-inducing but I woke up...

  • Flames
    Flames 10 hours ago

    Gaben: 1, 2, 2.1, 2.2....artifact?..no...Alyx

  • Lamar Isn't a RB
    Lamar Isn't a RB 11 hours ago

    Aliens: sends message to earth Earth: *seen 20 years ago* Aliens: 🥺

  • BooB SooS
    BooB SooS 11 hours ago

    3301 vs Erratas

  • Gita Astari
    Gita Astari 11 hours ago

    Your assumption about this case, is one of the most logical explanation that I ever watched in Flash-Player

  • Flames
    Flames 12 hours ago

    i know exactly what happened. it crashed somewhere on earth. that narrows our guesses from an entire universe down to 1 planet. oh wait fuck

  • Mr. Bump 2.0
    Mr. Bump 2.0 12 hours ago

    It's always rough to hear the last recorded words of somebody.

  • Chippy Fish
    Chippy Fish 12 hours ago

    imagine if surviving passengers watched multiple planes pass over and the desperation to reach out to them. It’s scary to think what happened before and after the incident

  • Cowcow Manmanthingit
    Cowcow Manmanthingit 12 hours ago

    Wait counter strike has numbers 1.cs 1.6 2.css 3.csgo So valve did make a third game

  • crazygame crafter
    crazygame crafter 12 hours ago

    1:11 *gasp* IT'S THE WITHER!!!

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 14 hours ago

    "it's impossible to say what the searchlights are on" "none show a UFO" ..if it's impossible to say what it is it IS a UFO ..UFO doesn't mean alien spaceship it means something in the sky you can't identify

  • waffen ssrzlp lll
    waffen ssrzlp lll 14 hours ago

    Or maybe the 9999999999 thing was a reference for the ww2 movie downfall

  • Marcus Cornwall
    Marcus Cornwall 14 hours ago

    What about the photo of the dark figure that could possibly be a Sasquatch?

  • Flint Glockwood
    Flint Glockwood 14 hours ago

    The prize is compensation if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

  • Max
    Max 15 hours ago

    sounds more like a scam than a flight recording

  • spoon_er
    spoon_er 15 hours ago

    I got flight sim ad for this video

  • XxunoriginalgamingxX
    XxunoriginalgamingxX 15 hours ago

    5:32 that was straight

  • Lime Bread
    Lime Bread 15 hours ago

    It's actually the 5th grade s logo

  • Shaun R.
    Shaun R. 16 hours ago


  • ToxiCastigator
    ToxiCastigator 16 hours ago

    I will always love fnaf but I yearn for this much simpler time period

  • maximus01
    maximus01 16 hours ago

    GREAT SILENCE..??? Military (Navy) just announced verification on UFO to be real. Obviously, controlled by an intelligence, other than human. This among decades of eyewitness reports by politicians, military personnel, astronauts, pilots and many more.

  • El Jesus
    El Jesus 17 hours ago

    Why does this feel like a cutscene from the original modern warfares??

    RAGE QU1T 17 hours ago


  • Alex Blues
    Alex Blues 17 hours ago

    -the smoke flew with the wind, at the same time it froze and hit the other two skiers stretching their ribs ...

  • Odisséia Evolutiva
    Odisséia Evolutiva 17 hours ago

    Reptilians, reptilians, reptilians. Just google: "human mutilations + ufo". The narrator's materialistic perspective of the facts impoverish the conclusions so much..

  • Crazy Lane
    Crazy Lane 18 hours ago

    They abducted you, probed you in the ass then you were satisfied...

  • Ethaisa123
    Ethaisa123 18 hours ago

    you should collab with ahoy

  • Victor Resnov
    Victor Resnov 19 hours ago

    Where’s the top 10 Fortnite literally it’s the most popular game in the world and you still won’t make a list for it

  • SpuRkZ
    SpuRkZ 19 hours ago

    As a proud Dane it's good to see that the hate that we have for Sweden is returned. Btw give us Skåne back

  • Martian Moon
    Martian Moon 20 hours ago

    The cake is a lie is a 4chan joke People used to post ms paint obstacle courses and you’d have to explain/draw a way to go over - and the reward was always cake. People would always say the cake is a lie. People started just making portals to get to the cake, although I’m not sure if that part was before narbacular drop

  • Peter C
    Peter C 20 hours ago

    Chinese here. No, this symbol is unheard of in China.

  • Archi Pelengo
    Archi Pelengo 20 hours ago

    Liber vel lapidis lazuli chapter V verse .8. And Oh the chirp of the *cicada* by frater .ON. from the order of the A∴A∴(aka me, Thomas William winter) Chirp chirp tweet tweet (twitter) A mosquito my libido (buzz buzz) ( lapidis lazuli=is a deep-blue metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color.) Liber aL vel legis the book of the law chapter one verse 14 ABOVE (me Thomas winter right now it's a camera spectrum colour)the gemmed AZURE the naked splendour of nuit ,she bends in extasy to kiss the secret ardour of hadith. The winged globe,the starry BLUE are mine ,O atank-af-na-Khonsu. MICROSOFT (AZURE) Stab your demoniac smile into my brain 🙂 I dont even have a computer or followed any of the clues or breadcrumb links Nox populi=night of pan

  • mp-04
    mp-04 21 hour ago

    No one: LEMIMO: and also 63 earth can fit inside uranus

  • Hewi
    Hewi 21 hour ago

    ask who was on the board and which of them was actually uncomfortable for usa gowernment. solved

  • The Frözenfires
    The Frözenfires 21 hour ago

    I miss these year in review videos

  • ScratchGamingEDA12
    ScratchGamingEDA12 21 hour ago

    *so a dogecoin rocket launched this year?*

  • Nicolas Wenchich
    Nicolas Wenchich 21 hour ago

    The winner will get the emerald armor recipe for minecraft.

  • Sutyrus
    Sutyrus 21 hour ago

    "No homo" - Alien

  • LuisIsGaming A
    LuisIsGaming A 22 hours ago

    There are probably aliens making videos like these also thinking they are alone.

    JOSUAL NEW 22 hours ago

    Didn't aspect much from you . To serious for you this matter.

  • Jerry Jazzbo
    Jerry Jazzbo 22 hours ago

    Well made. I was entertained.

  • Alexander Deluxe
    Alexander Deluxe 23 hours ago


  • Max Tangen
    Max Tangen 23 hours ago

    so good video! keep up the good work man

  • isaac cooke
    isaac cooke 23 hours ago

    Bit late but poise in Ds3 does work. It's tied to your weapon. Whilst in attack frames hyper armour is activated. How much hyper armour depends on the weapon type. A basic rule of thumb is heavier weapon class = more hyper armour. The poise value from your armour is active during hyper armour frames.

  • Kevin Vásconez
    Kevin Vásconez 23 hours ago

    Note to self: remember to edit this terrible pun

  • JamesAndGames
    JamesAndGames Day ago

    I love this guys accent so much

  • Super Orphan God's Worshipper

    The death of more than 250 people along with their own dreams and dreams of dear and near ones, without a SINGLE trace, is a matter of profound grief for any human being, IF he/ she IS a human being. The bodies were not available for performing the last rites (as is practiced by some families) or to be buried in the family graves for performing annual rituals on death anniversary date. BUT what is MORE SAD than that, is the CRUEL comments and humourous jokes of some INSENSITIVE people.

  • Rajesh Kumar Sahu

    Can’t any one track any passenger’s phone’s exact location through their phone’s tracking number or gps , just a curious

  • KWShado
    KWShado Day ago

    The real question here is was there any Muslims on board?

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg Day ago

    That is so weird. Like the distance isn’t even that far away from land and the route is pretty straight forward. This is truly a mystery

  • James Norris
    James Norris Day ago

    I know were it went

  • Eska Florence
    Eska Florence Day ago

    I wish i could find that intro track

  • Anne Asgard
    Anne Asgard Day ago

    So at a time when people are nervous about a possible attack .... why release balloons at night without announcing it ahead of time?

  • DaatBoi99
    DaatBoi99 Day ago

    For a sec I thought this was a new vid when it got recommended

  • sh4rkk
    sh4rkk Day ago

    why do so much research if you can just watch this video. lemmino you're dumb

  • Kaptein
    Kaptein Day ago

    how can i imagine exercise??

  • Pratt Deputy
    Pratt Deputy Day ago

    Golden freddy cant be a hallucination because after night 5 you could be two different night guard people cant have the hallucination

  • BackSeatHump
    BackSeatHump Day ago

    Bra gjort, LEMMiNO!

  • BoiCantGame
    BoiCantGame Day ago

    You will never reach the truth...

  • Genji's pet Soba

    3:29 Maybe Scott was introducing Withered Bonnie before he was released

  • DrNazoo1983
    DrNazoo1983 Day ago

    Am I the only one here that had never, and I _mean_ never, seen this "S" symbol until Lemmino brought it up here?

  • MMT-Games
    MMT-Games Day ago

    It Is *8*

  • KermitTheFrog
    KermitTheFrog Day ago

    the winners gets 500 gems in clash of clans

  • TruSt
    TruSt Day ago

    This video made me think about a theory where everyone is stuck inside a virtual reality and we are being tracked by people (scientists) who are testing or monitoring us on our daily life something like SAO alicization except they are not ai but people inside a room controlling the person itself. idrk if this theory is original or not but i just thought of it thats all.

  • Kitten X
    Kitten X Day ago

    D E M O N I Z A T I O N

  • Drakath
    Drakath Day ago

    2019- Manga still going strong Anime still being made George actually sold Star Wars :c

  • sakx_ura
    sakx_ura Day ago

    what if it flew out of the world

  • sakx_ura
    sakx_ura Day ago

    0:32 senpai

  • Nexus Gaming
    Nexus Gaming Day ago

    The origin of illuminati

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Day ago

    I love how I found out about some of these mysteries in reading comprehensions in English class.

  • ratudin alamsyah

    The winner got a toothpaste that never fell when you use it

  • Wr Ench
    Wr Ench Day ago

    The winner gets to remove 100% of bacteria

    SHEIKHWEST Day ago

    Man Cicada 3301 are probably the real life version of DedSec from Watchdogs

  • SplinterSTAN
    SplinterSTAN Day ago

    Lemino! *this video does not count as a countdown reset for the next video!*

  • Ugly Breath
    Ugly Breath Day ago

    Do a video on hackers. How they did it. What they learnt

  • TM31 / Cormorant

    The US army failed to shoot down a goddamn baloon

  • Denis Alimpescu

    9:31 is xxxtentacions head tattoo

  • Macie Scott
    Macie Scott Day ago

    I once actually once got the wrong number call.!

    CITYZEN16 Day ago

    Why no one see the plane flying across Malaysia??

  • Jett Jordan
    Jett Jordan Day ago

    Very interesting. Now i’m probably dead wrong about this, but the book was Liber Primus, which means First Book in Latin. The Romans had Latin as their language. But seems like the book proceeds to have Nordic Runes. The Third Reich used Nordic Runes and Germany has a vast history between them and the Romans. Very interesting.

  • Angus
    Angus Day ago

    2:39 HL:Alyx is announced, how did 15,000 years pass that quickly?

  • Jacob Anderson

    You piss me off, just press upload

  • Horsie
    Horsie Day ago

    Markiplier: Is that the bite of 87?!

  • firedragon3344

    Will there be a 2019 year review?

  • Gato Lector
    Gato Lector Day ago

    Congratulations, you’ve become the triggering of tonight’s existential crisis

  • Hafiz Aksana
    Hafiz Aksana Day ago

    The big bang was probably the "S".

  • kimnice
    kimnice Day ago

    If some worm would start to talk and would say prime numbers..I think most of us would consider that interesting.

  • HypnoCriticalz

    7:00 Boy, that makes my brain a mobius strip

  • Aliki Xenos
    Aliki Xenos Day ago

    You know what would have saved them all? If they had been wearing track suits.