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Happy Mother's Day!
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Bath Time with Flynn
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Baby Flynn
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One Month Baby Update!
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2018 was hard.
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The birth of my son!
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I need your help.
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I'm not doing well
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I'm Pregnant
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We need to talk.
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I'm done.
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  • Laura lynch
    Laura lynch 2 hours ago

    This screams USA

  • Priscilla Palacios
    Priscilla Palacios 2 hours ago

    But Diva Cup

  • ilovetotourofficial 1958-forever

    Literally I use these pads and they are amazing, I really recommend them girlies trust me your life will changes with these bad babies

  • Daisy Duarte
    Daisy Duarte 3 hours ago

    well I’m meh mom’s account and I have the period and I’m NINE YEARS OLD WHYY THAT AGEEE IT RLLY HURTS ;ccc

  • Bethany Joyes
    Bethany Joyes 3 hours ago

    Omg lol who is here from 2019?

  • Izzy Awesome1000
    Izzy Awesome1000 3 hours ago

    YASSS GIRL these are the best pads they’re actually comfortable, don’t leak, have wings, and are super thin!! A good price too!! These will be my only pads!😍

  • Mark & Nicky Stott
    Mark & Nicky Stott 4 hours ago

    i am jealous about you, you always look amazing even with no makeup

  • Piano God
    Piano God 4 hours ago

    lol sounds like me............. (the dude)

  • JcTheFun ASMR
    JcTheFun ASMR 4 hours ago

    Awwwww so cute the family

  • Percillia Lefeau
    Percillia Lefeau 5 hours ago

    Try to teach your baby to do the peek a boo

  • Miko Qais
    Miko Qais 5 hours ago

    I'm glad there's someone like me out there

  • James Chambers
    James Chambers 6 hours ago

    2 0 1 9

  • ツJustPeachy
    ツJustPeachy 6 hours ago

    Colleen’s like trying so hard not to eat while doing a thumbnail 😂😂😂😂 love ya’ll!!!

  • elise serena
    elise serena 6 hours ago

    Who’s here after she’s had Flynn ❤️

  • Ice Cream Smasher
    Ice Cream Smasher 6 hours ago

    I've been watching this like nonstop... I'm not kiddin'.

  • Ice Cream Smasher
    Ice Cream Smasher 6 hours ago

    “i HoPe yOu bReAK sO mANy LegS” - Kore DeSoto, 2019

    GAMER GIRL 6 hours ago

    I feel like this is voodoo

  • Mabrouka Arhoma
    Mabrouka Arhoma 7 hours ago

    Aww I love you Colleen and Kory. I will always look up to you guys no matter what happened I will always want to be a big part of your story and I hope you let me LOVE 💗 YOU GUYS

  • Banana Bob
    Banana Bob 7 hours ago

    You blocked yourself

  • Tina Davies
    Tina Davies 7 hours ago

    The dick spying clip genuinely made me lol

  • Jonasftw
    Jonasftw 7 hours ago

    This gave me goosebumps o_o Loved this.

  • Soren Getti
    Soren Getti 7 hours ago

    9:40 I gagged the heck outta my lungs but I’m still hPpy for her

  • Brileigh Peters
    Brileigh Peters 7 hours ago

    so happy for you

  • C r e a m
    C r e a m 7 hours ago

    *Me looking for men in the comments* THIS IS FOR US WOMEN NOT YOU

  • Scarlet Ramirez
    Scarlet Ramirez 7 hours ago

    I was 12 and all my friends had it and I didn’t but one day when I was dress shopping for my dance when I was in the fitting room and I discovered it I was shook but my mom got me balloons and I watched Netflix all week and just did nothing

  • Ashley !
    Ashley ! 7 hours ago

    "she stole 75¢ from me everyday for 2 years so she could buy a warm chocolate chip cookie from school" that is the most Colleen thing I have ever heard 😂🍪💜

  • MARUA M.
    MARUA M. 7 hours ago

    This video made me want to be transgender

  • Jalynne Cardany
    Jalynne Cardany 7 hours ago

    My first period was on thanksgiving and then on Christmas

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Apollo shorts.... Code 4

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    SHIRT unrambo snugkT

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    Strike 1 ..... was established..

  • Taylor Gabriel
    Taylor Gabriel 7 hours ago

    #MOMLIFE 😂 #relatable . Love the cut! Love the video! Love the adorable babes! So fun to see him grow! Great job guys! And Flynn! And you look great! Looks like you’re getting back to your old weight before baby Flynn . Good for you! #momsupport. Looking great hope you’re doing great love you guys

  • d w
    d w 7 hours ago

    RBG be abvised I stepped out for air... And a young couple outbound seemed.... Non in chi... I only took off my shirt... Then i heard Ballrog and mutter... Then he chilled

  • Olivia Martinez
    Olivia Martinez 7 hours ago

    I have pcos so I'm berly starting to get my period at 19. currently on it!!

  • Maria
    Maria 7 hours ago

    I didn’t feel good in the morning before school n my mom let me stay home so I ended up getting my period when I went to the bathroom thank goddddd

  • Smile Smile
    Smile Smile 8 hours ago

    Am I the only person who really wants Colleen to watch Momma Doctor Jones review her birth story?

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    I can't believe your baby girl is about to be Thor though I can't wait

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    Me and Eddie know don't think we dont

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    I told you guys..I didn't mean to snitch on Captain crunch but 250,000 big ones I mean come on that's a little wild OG smHDamN and a little you know????

  • d w
    d w 8 hours ago

    Ok we know you cool alright let's EVERYBODY be COOL

  • Maddalyn Stacey
    Maddalyn Stacey 8 hours ago

    I have watched this 2 times Also why does it feel so long for a 5 minute video

  • mythical dragon
    mythical dragon 8 hours ago

    The mom and sisters reactions were the best! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    UNICORN LOVERS 8 hours ago

    Dont got one

  • Waltz
    Waltz 8 hours ago

    I'm a guy and I one time sat in period blood I was so frickin confused.

    EMMALEE OWEN 8 hours ago

    what do you use in your hair “shampoo” love that for her😚

  • S U G A R Y
    S U G A R Y 8 hours ago

    I got mine in fourth grade so now I’m stuck at only 5’1 while I was expected to grow to 5’8 to 6’0.So thanks to that, I can kiss the chance of being tall goodbye and said hello to always heavy periods and excruciatingly painful cramps while being handed ibuprofen like it’s candy.

  • Darcy Newton
    Darcy Newton 8 hours ago

    Just had my son over 10 hrs ago. C section. Too much in love with my second child to care and you get too busy too. I want to be healthy. Do I want my feminine body back? Yes but not at the risk of being unhealthy. I lost all my pregnancy weight with my daughter in the 1st week because I had a very rough time. Lost the ability to feed her with my milk, migraines and plenty of baby blues and post partum. Focus on your health over your looks and be proud of the scares. We are all amazing for giving life.

  • •just trying•
    •just trying• 8 hours ago

    me: has heavy period and knows i would bleed through those in about 2 seconds ;(

  • miss statsgamplay
    miss statsgamplay 8 hours ago

    Omg they are 1 person but how her Miranda face different

  • miss statsgamplay
    miss statsgamplay 8 hours ago

    Whats her real name Miranda or colleen

  • Alexandra I am not telling


  • Maria Chase
    Maria Chase 8 hours ago

    Back in 2014 this was the coolest video to me

  • Mariann Woodruff
    Mariann Woodruff 8 hours ago

    I have been there before. I was their when I was younger.

  • Kaitlynn
    Kaitlynn 9 hours ago

    Did anyone else almost call 911 when they got their period No just me

  • Mommy Boutique
    Mommy Boutique 9 hours ago

    I have the same phone case as you, and I also still have my Samatha American Girl Doll, oh and the Pretty, Pretty Princess Game was also my favorite game.

  • Alyssa Leslee Larrien Pangilinan

    You're so cute Flynn! ❤ from Ph 😘

  • Josh Evans
    Josh Evans 9 hours ago

    This is the best video ever lmao

  • 943 943 9 hours ago

    5:37 "wHoOps"


    OMG haters back off season 2 comes out the day after my birthday!

  • OK Marie
    OK Marie 9 hours ago

    Omg Colleen your sooooo blessed to have a baby soooo cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kristin Baylor
    Kristin Baylor 9 hours ago

    The original question was “how are you today” lol

  • Naela Aquino
    Naela Aquino 10 hours ago

    3:34 lol I am dead 💀 😭😂😂😂🤣

  • Sessy Tony
    Sessy Tony 10 hours ago

    This makeup look is basically the same makeup look that Miranda used when covering Lady Gaga’s Applause

  • Brauna Richmond
    Brauna Richmond 10 hours ago

    So so so PRECIOUS. Thank you for sharing your sweet moment with all of us!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Cyra Sweet
    Cyra Sweet 10 hours ago

    Fist period:Besties house Second:Besties house Third:BESTIES HOUSE!!!!!! IM JINXED AND SO IS HER HOUSE!

  • Tiffani Butler
    Tiffani Butler 10 hours ago

    Seeing you on Broadway was a dream come true!

  • Min S.
    Min S. 10 hours ago

    I mean tbh like at first i thought colleen would be better in long hair ( i wasn't rude tho ) but now tbh i almost like the short hair better

  • It'sJessie
    It'sJessie 10 hours ago

    This is before Arianna was talking about buying her hair.

  • ฅMeowkittyฅ
    ฅMeowkittyฅ 10 hours ago

    I like how Flynn is just doing duck faces

  • amy steffen
    amy steffen 10 hours ago


  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith 10 hours ago

    This is the birth of a child and people dislike the video wow

  • Xx_PuppyPlayz_xX
    Xx_PuppyPlayz_xX 10 hours ago

    Poor Colleen, she was trying and Maranda was like, “Oh my god stop stop.” I love you both. xD

  • Avery Glidden
    Avery Glidden 10 hours ago

    Collin I think that you shouldnt say I look bad when if you like it then that’s all the matters

  • Zuse
    Zuse 10 hours ago

    Low key not high key he wants s going to be tall

  • Charis Mathis
    Charis Mathis 10 hours ago

    I want to be just like you when I grow up

  • womernellons
    womernellons 10 hours ago

    I finally fucking watched it Flash-Player, leave me alone now

  • ijono
    ijono 10 hours ago


  • PastelOokie
    PastelOokie 10 hours ago

    In the thumbnail she was tryna act cute but little does she know she's not. 😌🤭

  • marie.k
    marie.k 10 hours ago

    Having a baby is such a beautiful blessing, BUT MY GOD its even better when you have a loving partner with you by your side! Mine kept watching tv....................................

  • Erika Alvarado
    Erika Alvarado 10 hours ago

    It happened when I was in the forth grade I was at home tho I needed to go pee so I did when I wiped myself down there I saw it my sister said i wasn’t on my period so later I went to the mall with my mom 2 hours later I felt something mushy down there so I went to the bathroom I got my worst nightmare my period and that’s it bye

  • Emily Ryan
    Emily Ryan 10 hours ago

    I never opened the microwave Me: can’t relate

  • Chicken Little bitch
    Chicken Little bitch 10 hours ago

    pause 9:40

  • morgann plays
    morgann plays 10 hours ago

    Collien I love your channel . I need some support .

  • Patty Arenson
    Patty Arenson 10 hours ago

    I can't.

  • kristan sandrovich
    kristan sandrovich 10 hours ago

    ok i know this is to late but is colleen married yet to be pregnant?

  • Charis Mathis
    Charis Mathis 10 hours ago

    Do more baby videos

  • Esme Cervera
    Esme Cervera 10 hours ago

    I don’t know about anyone else but all three of my labors were natural and labor wasn’t too bad. My pregnancies were worse. 😂

  • Jazmin Nieves
    Jazmin Nieves 11 hours ago

    I'm 38 weeks pregnant and also wishing for me to go into labor like right now. I'm so over it. Hoping my water breaks tonight lol it would be wonderful to just have my princess already and not be in so much pain.

  • ssamia
    ssamia 11 hours ago

    I’ve never got my period 😭😭😭

  • Harlie And More
    Harlie And More 11 hours ago


  • Audrey TheBookLover
    Audrey TheBookLover 11 hours ago

    I’ve watched this video like three times and it never ceases to make me laugh

  • Gen Hubis
    Gen Hubis 11 hours ago

    Wild power is an amazing books 2 doctors wrote on the power of the menstrual cycle. Is it an amazing book and I reccomend every woman read it!

  • Fluffy Burnside
    Fluffy Burnside 11 hours ago

    its every 4 weeks

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith 11 hours ago

    I was lucky enough to never get a surprise period... though I did end up in the hospital... and get bed ridden for 10 days........ ._.)

  • Jessica Vandal
    Jessica Vandal 11 hours ago

    Colleen your so strong I love you so much ❤️

  • Briley Wilson
    Briley Wilson 11 hours ago

    The seat crack(that sounds wrong)it’s my phobia too if there’s a crack on a seat I wouldn’t sit there and if I have to I’ll stand in the booth and walk to the other side

  • It’s my Creation
    It’s my Creation 11 hours ago

    Cutie pie I can hold any baby in my life

  • Janette Wallace
    Janette Wallace 11 hours ago

    Stop filming and go to the hospital

  • Allyson Rowling
    Allyson Rowling 11 hours ago

    Daddy finger daddy finger where are u😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • French Toast
    French Toast 11 hours ago