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Team USA
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Olympians Made Here
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  • Cody
    Cody 9 hours ago

    Why isn't this on trending! Go team USA! See you in February here in OC

  • jacqueline russell
    jacqueline russell 12 hours ago

    USA USA USA 👍Go Team USA

  • mgtow dada
    mgtow dada 16 hours ago

    I won't forget the 1996. Went to Gable's camp. Had a great time. Don't know if he let all the teams at his camp come to his house for a tour and cookout but we were one of three teams at his house. Still got the pictures. Bill Zadick and Joe Williams were there hanging out. The worst part of the whole experience was in the kitchen though. His wife made great cookies and I could't help myself from taking one and talking to his wife and daughter. Then I was talking to just his daughter. Clearly I was a dumb 14 year old at the time. After about five minutes of talking I got that sick feeling that one gets when you know something is wrong. I turned and Coach Gable was there boring out my soul with a stare only a few feet away. I went to the bus right after that and waited on my team to get done.

  • Lil Doney
    Lil Doney 18 hours ago

    Im Filipino-American 🇵🇭🇺🇸❤️

  • WantOxide
    WantOxide 18 hours ago


  • Colin Sarabosing
    Colin Sarabosing 20 hours ago

    Go Steve Serio!!!

  • missreds88
    missreds88 Day ago

    Gravity.exe has stopped working

  • Belinda Paul
    Belinda Paul Day ago

    Boom! #CrushedIt

  • Iskandar X Napoleon fan

    He’s hot af. Perfect boyfriend material. I wonder if he has a boyfriend 😂

  • WantOxide
    WantOxide Day ago

    Watched the 70s Olympics and this. Doesn't feel as good as watching the 70s ones but damn we got faaaaaar more advanced in this sport nowadays... She's incredible

  • Dylan Hayes
    Dylan Hayes Day ago

    If Lochte’s finish was so garbage then he probably would’ve been closer to winning

  • whobitmyname
    whobitmyname Day ago

    What the hell did physics ever do to you, Simone?

  • soda slope
    soda slope Day ago

    Lmao conder waiting so much energy jumping back n forth

  • breakshot74
    breakshot74 Day ago

    my knees are hurting just from watching

  • Remi Maloney
    Remi Maloney 2 days ago

    Hey it's Amber!!

  • A G
    A G 2 days ago

    Doping 101 %

  • art n
    art n 2 days ago

    ..a great diver and pretty woman 2020... beat this China..!!!

  • gemma soyls
    gemma soyls 3 days ago

    Tanith needs to eat something, stop coloring her hair and have no more face lifts.

  • AzureBoltTC
    AzureBoltTC 3 days ago

    Couldn’t they have chosen a better thumbnail 😭💀

  • AzureBoltTC
    AzureBoltTC 3 days ago


  • Lina Wagner
    Lina Wagner 3 days ago


  • Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer 4 days ago

    Allysson seems to ran effortless and her eyes are of gazelle's

  • Vito Karleone
    Vito Karleone 4 days ago

    man or woman?

  • hexa
    hexa 4 days ago

    It's awesome that she went to CSULB! It does take a lot of work to be a student athlete...

  • nilsuthor
    nilsuthor 4 days ago

    I still prefer Olga Korbut.

  • Chris Hunt
    Chris Hunt 4 days ago


  • Leather Sweet Sweet

    It ends up with Phelps getting a gold and locate not making the podium in rio

  • Advanced Chiropractic

    He will not make it to the Olympics this time. Kyle Dake going to beat him.

  • Advanced Chiropractic

    The lifting was not that impressive at all. I know who he is, but surprised his lifting was not more substantial. Other than that he is hell of an athlete

  • 9
    9 5 days ago


  • Pallavi and Maanika

    She is amazing at gymnastics Like if u agree

  • Kurt Dardis
    Kurt Dardis 6 days ago

    Soon to be dominated 100% by males and people who identify as females

  • Ameerah Supreme
    Ameerah Supreme 6 days ago

    This makes learning it easier for me

  • T N
    T N 6 days ago

    I dive with her kassidy you are awesome!!!!!

  • Samuel Candero
    Samuel Candero 6 days ago

    "on the parallel bars" YA MEAN uneven bars luv x

  • TheReapersSon
    TheReapersSon 6 days ago

    This guy’s a giga-chad, lol

  • OweeMan_TIB
    OweeMan_TIB 6 days ago

    The Afghan soldiers singing says much more than words can

  • Rudlene Jean
    Rudlene Jean 6 days ago

    Did that person say money

  • Ben Fowler
    Ben Fowler 6 days ago

    Anyone else glad to see the dude with those wack ass glasses fall and lose them? Lol

  • MrJCN90
    MrJCN90 6 days ago

    Can anyone who knows more about gymnastics tell me, why her mount onto the beam is so boring / generic? There are vids of some crazy mounts on Flash-Player. Why doesn't the best gymnast of current times do one of these?

  • Mary Patton
    Mary Patton 6 days ago

    I tried gymnastics when I was 5, then 6 and then again at 7. I loved gymnastics and was naturally flexible but I didn't work out. I was terrified whenever I was upside down. I never got over that fear. Paranoid.

  • Mary Patton
    Mary Patton 6 days ago

    When she does the triple double, does she keep her eyes open? I wonder what that looks like from her perspective. Could she do it with a tiny camera on her head? I imagine dizzy beyond all recognition.

  • Evan Saifman
    Evan Saifman 7 days ago

    Pause at 1:31. I’m Jewish and got scared lmao

  • Krystelle Saliba
    Krystelle Saliba 7 days ago

    She honestly tries way too hard

  • Segundo Gelos
    Segundo Gelos 7 days ago

    She is an exemplary gymnast, for sure. I just don’t enjoy watching her that much... I much rather see other gymnasts, both male and female... I don’t know what, but there’s something missing when she performs.

  • Cece The gymnast
    Cece The gymnast 7 days ago

    I have her practice leo replica!!

  • allan Bell
    allan Bell 7 days ago


  • Endri Glanton
    Endri Glanton 8 days ago

    Destination Final 5

  • AL C
    AL C 8 days ago

    Her butt can kick my ass (no pun intended) it’s sooo toned with muscle

  • Jessa Krchnar
    Jessa Krchnar 8 days ago

    She’s so pretty

  • The Devil
    The Devil 8 days ago

    She deserved it. I'm so proud of her!

  • william anderson
    william anderson 8 days ago

    Sanya is just to Fine..

  • Ty Durnan
    Ty Durnan 8 days ago

    Steve Stifler is a better gymnast than I expected

  • Ricosheij
    Ricosheij 9 days ago

    smh refs aint calling travel violation

  • Granville Walker Jr.

    For the most part, these guys look like normal sized men. I expected them to be somewhat oversized, perhaps a little bloated, like Olympic weightlifters in the super heavyweight division. But then again, looks can be deceiving.

  • Metodo Canalisystem

    Thanks for sharing, but why is the content unavailable for Italy? My friends cannot access the video.

  • Pandora James
    Pandora James 9 days ago

    I dont understand why they take her points off it was perfect

  • NorthWind
    NorthWind 10 days ago

    His shoulders are bigger than my thighs!

  • Rebecca Pressley
    Rebecca Pressley 10 days ago

    Such a sweet spirit!

  • Michael Katz
    Michael Katz 10 days ago

    This is what happens when you let Henry Caville (docile English breed) mate with the wily Australian High Jackman.

  • Roberto Benson
    Roberto Benson 10 days ago

    Owens himself said that on one occasion, while in the stadium, he caught sight of Hitler: “When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him.”

  • Math Davies
    Math Davies 10 days ago

    How difficult is it just to swing all the way around on the bar?

    • Kold Koolaid
      Kold Koolaid 10 days ago

      Math Davies very, takes most people months or years

  • elijah rogers
    elijah rogers 10 days ago

    I hate how the thumbnail just gives away the win before I even watch the video

  • David Windsor
    David Windsor 10 days ago

    She is using banned substances,people!

  • David Windsor
    David Windsor 10 days ago


  • loveydonuts 8
    loveydonuts 8 10 days ago

    My favorite leotard ever

  • Angel Fernandez Cabrera

    Es un placer ve a Simone ejecutando!!

  • jid b
    jid b 11 days ago

    I mean, if Dick Grayson were real, he'd probably be built like this 🤷.

  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson 11 days ago


  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson 11 days ago

    Best in the world! Hands down! Of all time!

  • T Lee
    T Lee 11 days ago

    Are the 3 matches over one day or weekend?

  • Homespun Home Fragrance

    One of my all-time favorite Olympic gold moments ❤️❤️❤️

  • KSLPMakeupandCheer
    KSLPMakeupandCheer 11 days ago

    How many times was Martinez going to should check someone?

  • Chance1957
    Chance1957 11 days ago

    Why do these idiots put the results in the title?

  • Paul Yerby
    Paul Yerby 11 days ago

    shawn Johnson was better

  • Abby Darel
    Abby Darel 12 days ago


  • Lady Jay Mac
    Lady Jay Mac 12 days ago

    Who's cutting onions in here?...shes so beautiful and fast! ⚡

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 12 days ago

    My mom said she cried while watching this

  • Caleb Murray
    Caleb Murray 12 days ago

    5:02 you don’t get put on the cok right now

  • Luis rivera
    Luis rivera 13 days ago

    Greatest moment in the Olympics history! And yet still trump fans voting thumbs down.smh

  • French Bulldog 1
    French Bulldog 1 13 days ago


  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell 13 days ago

    Get the dog out of my home. slaver religion

  • Robert Lee, Countertenor

    His feet are so together it looks like one leg from the side.... Absolutely perfect

  • Jessica DeTrant
    Jessica DeTrant 13 days ago

    Isn't 5/10ths of a point half a point. Just wanted to ask.

  • ATUL Koundal
    ATUL Koundal 14 days ago

    Superbbb ❤️ from INDIA

  • Charizard Rules
    Charizard Rules 14 days ago

    What a star! She’s amazing!!!

  • Alfredo Durán
    Alfredo Durán 14 days ago

    Why the hell is the public allowed to scream while the gymnast is in his competitive routine? Is that valid? And if so, it shouldn't, as it would interrupt his concentration, IMHO! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Ken Zeier
    Ken Zeier 14 days ago

    Cox ran away

  • grace lee
    grace lee 14 days ago

    I can’t even do half a split

    • Charizard Rules
      Charizard Rules 14 days ago

      grace lee after I quit ballet all of my flexibility went away

  • somazwolf
    somazwolf 14 days ago

    That posture is ridiculously straight

  • Holly Ann Smith
    Holly Ann Smith 15 days ago

    Dake needs a shot has never had great offense, stays in great position and is hard to score on

  • Alessandro Do Nascimento Pinto

    Double double uallll

  • Dante
    Dante 15 days ago

    Owens wasn't happy about being placed in the relay; they removed the only Jewish runners from the team simply because they were Jewish.

  • TheBusttheboss
    TheBusttheboss 15 days ago

    I am a fan of Team USA but this was kinda a dumb win.

  • Celinde
    Celinde 15 days ago

    Those shoulders

  • Carlos Henrique
    Carlos Henrique 15 days ago

    Simone já entrou pra história da ginástica artística, uma grande e maravilhosa atleta, parabéns!❤️

  • Krzysztof Czajka
    Krzysztof Czajka 15 days ago

    God, I'm thirsty

  • Lazz the Wolf
    Lazz the Wolf 15 days ago

    Bro if you look closely, you can see thanos in the crowd scoping out Simone to try and recruit her

  • Lazz the Wolf
    Lazz the Wolf 15 days ago

    Bruh, the announcers “UGH....ugh” is literally me at home anytime I watch the goat 🐐 perform 😂 😆 Like words fall short I swear!