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The Truth About Apple TV+
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  • Elena Sos
    Elena Sos 13 seconds ago

    Todd Phillips is an amazing filmmaker


    I saw joker yesterday and I loved it . The only scene extremely violent in my opinion was the one where he stabs into that dudes head with scissor , I loved the scene with the small man (Terry I think )

  • XxBeezyxX
    XxBeezyxX 4 minutes ago

    Because he sucks

  • Fast-Cast Joker
    Fast-Cast Joker 4 minutes ago

    It bombed because it was only 2 will Smith, and not 4

  • Aviel Ziv
    Aviel Ziv 5 minutes ago

    Sounds like a pretty shitty superhero to me

  • Vishal Pujar
    Vishal Pujar 5 minutes ago

    Hulk can't lift Thor's hammer

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 5 minutes ago

    Because it wasn't very good! But I over stood the messaging.

  • Vishal Pujar
    Vishal Pujar 5 minutes ago

    Thor is the strongest avenger

  • ShiestyShamus
    ShiestyShamus 6 minutes ago

    The ENTP vs the INFP.

  • Video Vagrancy
    Video Vagrancy 7 minutes ago

    I have to respect the guy for taking the blame himself instead of blaming the fans like so many other companies are doing these days.

  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 8 minutes ago

    Yeah they mad leto jokers, like a gangster more like a hip hop music video with mob boss mentality who’s organized crime. Joker never has anything organized he doesn’t like to run a business.

  • Graciano Mendoza
    Graciano Mendoza 9 minutes ago

    I honestly feel like Sony is lost without Marvel I mean reality how many other movies were actually great there's a couple that are okay but great no not without Marvel

  • Cry
    Cry 9 minutes ago

    Much more could have been done and story could have been twisted so much more, imo more movies to come

  • Talia selyse Pierce
    Talia selyse Pierce 9 minutes ago

    Netflix always does this, they cancelled sense8 and the OA along with countless others, but keep producing a show that promotes suicide and violence or a show from the 90s that's not even funny. Once my subscription runs out I'm not renewing. I just hope they don't cancel Sabrina or stranger things.

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 10 minutes ago

    Who in the right mind finance a sequel to Elf.. freaking Elf..?! And 29 million to Farell..? Jesus, some billionaire must've loved the first one.. 💩

  • ObsidianSpectre
    ObsidianSpectre 10 minutes ago

    People don't like mirrors. They like filters.

  • Sheila Alves
    Sheila Alves 10 minutes ago

    Stranger thing é legal 😇😇😀😀😇


    Batman's never been a hero he's a nazi... For all its flaws nolans dark Knight kind of addressed and fixed this by having batman abuse gothams civil human rights which causes a rift between him and Lucian fox... But the twist at the end is that batman allows fox to destroy the spy tech. In the comics batman would just use that spy tech. It's the kind of thing marvel addressed with the superior spiderman / doc oc villainous hero spiderman.. But that makes sense because doc ocs morality is absolutely fucko... The fact that batman's is naturally shitty is the reason I don't get on with dc comics. The majority of their hero's were forged during and after ww2 a time where the allies were flirting with nazi ideals (whilst attempting to crush them) unfortunately after the war the nazi ideologies spread throughout the West.. Look at America, Britain, Russia, France today and you don't have to look far to see the reiche is sadly alive and well... It's been hiding and now it's at a point in history where it has indoctrinated people with thought altering bigoted TV, news, radio, literature and music and can pretty much act in plane sight. Worlds fucked and Pattersons "devisive view" on batman is absolutely spot on.

  • poop shaloop
    poop shaloop 11 minutes ago

    That's because leto's joker sucked and he knows it.

  • CPB1
    CPB1 11 minutes ago

    1:27 I bet he didn't even call that sheep the next day. Seriously though, Les is the best.

  • Movie matics
    Movie matics 11 minutes ago

    Not head turning, but accurate.

  • OneShot_PACATT
    OneShot_PACATT 12 minutes ago

    I mean....Christopher Nolans BATMAN series is just one of a kind. Its umatched on an entirely different level. The cast. The music composer (Hans Zimmer). The storyline. The overall world that Nolan built is unparallel. Batman Begins, Dark Knight, & and a Dark Knight Rises will be THE Batman films for a long time to come.

  • craig henderson
    craig henderson 13 minutes ago

    What a way to make movie goers feel like shit who wants to go to the movies anymore when it makes more than a small country overall the world's priorities are fuckin pathetic

  • TD_ roblox
    TD_ roblox 13 minutes ago

    Jared leto suck

  • Jesse Dozier
    Jesse Dozier 13 minutes ago

    I dont know how y'all feel but prodigal son is good I've been keeping up with the episodes and hopefully it gets picked up for another season

  • J-Dog West-Combo
    J-Dog West-Combo 16 minutes ago

    Jared Leto sucked

  • Ali Alhajeri
    Ali Alhajeri 18 minutes ago

    I love how Bale doesnt even mention Letos joker 🤣

  • blueboyV
    blueboyV 19 minutes ago

    i read the title and thought who tf needs an understanding of the ending?

  • Detective Conan
    Detective Conan 21 minute ago

    I really want other studios to step up and give disney a competition

  • Wolfka
    Wolfka 23 minutes ago

    Oh god, there is no limit to how bad DC can screw up their own characters or movies.....Please bring back Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale....DC Movies would be so much better if they hired Marvel to bring their characters and stories to life....

  • Insurgent Ewok
    Insurgent Ewok 25 minutes ago

    I have not had a chance to go! But now I will!

  • Ryarios
    Ryarios 25 minutes ago

    Ah, critic’s reviews... I generally find their reviews to be worthless and disagree with them more often than not...

  • Mike Faller
    Mike Faller 25 minutes ago

    I didn't care for the last Suicide Squad or that 'version' of the joker. Now Margot Robbie... She could make a 5-hour video of her trying on socks and I'd watch it.

  • DaemonPix
    DaemonPix 26 minutes ago

    Will Smith is not the actor he once was. After earth is a good example of this.

  • haydes004
    haydes004 26 minutes ago

    I watched it, and all I could think of while watching it was how deadpan the acting was 😐 Will Smith did a great job, but the others around him did not do the same 😪

  • Heather Heath
    Heather Heath 26 minutes ago

    What about the badass pilot. She better come back

  • Peter Reynolds
    Peter Reynolds 27 minutes ago

    Every one has their opinions but I thought it was a good movie. I would agree with commentator that you should not judge solely on the amount of money a movie take in to value its success. However, to each its own. I like the movie and would see it again.

  • Mike Hockhurts
    Mike Hockhurts 28 minutes ago

    The 1st suicide squad was the most schizophrenicly put together film i have ever seen. Was soo disappointed.

  • Nat Terrazas
    Nat Terrazas 28 minutes ago

    Now they'll do pennywise orgins lol

  • Bharat Bist
    Bharat Bist 29 minutes ago

    Ledger is best 😍😍

  • occam
    occam 29 minutes ago

    The critics hate this film because they share in the politics of the people who are continually poking at people like Fleck. They know or at least sense that society is heading towards some kind of violent war or mass instability and they can't help but to feel that they are at fault. It breaks their cognitive dissonance and they hate being subjected to that. To me, the rioters in the movie were certainly left wing but Fleck himself would probably be on the right (excluding all of the miscegenation and the politically correct subway shootings which weren't realistic at all). They would have no problem with his film If fleck was a black trans handicapped women who was all about killing the rich.

  • gianni bude
    gianni bude 29 minutes ago

    Lets see why i didn't like it. You had a great comic origine storry of dark Phoenix. What they not did. Instead we got the over female inpowerment story again. Hitting on men.

  • Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos 31 minute ago

    Joker is a slow movie but it's makes that up by how good it is.

  • taurusx1000
    taurusx1000 32 minutes ago

    maybe the storyline sucked or was too confusing

  • lewis lighting777
    lewis lighting777 32 minutes ago

    Him and harley is the whole movie lets be real other than there parts suicide squad really sucked and the story line could have been put together way better

  • Crazy Jesse
    Crazy Jesse 33 minutes ago

    All I know is they fucked up, season 10 is great.

  • BeachBum4Life
    BeachBum4Life 33 minutes ago

    He is so overated, would have been a terrible Penguin. The casting is weird....I'll bet this movie is a disappointment.

  • King Kreebz
    King Kreebz 34 minutes ago

    Of course it bombed ! It should have come out in June! GEMINI man!

  • Jeremy Everett
    Jeremy Everett 35 minutes ago

    Violent films have been around for a hundred years with little-to-no influence on crime statistics. Did Phantom of the Opera cause a bump in troubled loners kidnapping young vixens and holding them in underground lairs? No. Bad parenting and a general decline in morals are far more responsible for bad behavior than films will ever be.

  • VytenisR1
    VytenisR1 35 minutes ago

    aww they disliked that it didnt make them feel warm and fuzzy inside, some didnt even understood what they watched, just goes to show you how much meaning these awards have haha

  • Cyber Doomgirl
    Cyber Doomgirl 35 minutes ago

    Without Henry and Ben, chances are high for this mess to increase. We just need better directors and script and screen writers. C'mon it can't be that hard :(

  • Odysseas Laghios
    Odysseas Laghios 36 minutes ago

    It has to get on oscar!!!

  • Dylan K
    Dylan K 37 minutes ago

    Jared wasn't even that bad, we barely seen much of it

  • Marius
    Marius 37 minutes ago

    I'm really pissed about this. I think everyone is wrong. I enjoyed his Joker. A lot. People don't like him because they compare him. Heath's and Phoenix's Jokers belong in totally different kinds of movies. I loved Leto's take on the Joker and yes, he overdid it on a few occasions. But I thought his depiction of the Joker was cool as hell and it fitted the style and universe of the movie very well. He was more a cartoon-pimp and I see nothing wrong with that. And I don't get why Suicide Squad got so much shit either?? I saw it first time YESTERDAY. I loved it. It was the extended cut fyi. Fun, ridiculous, unpretentious and just.. Fun. Will Smith was awesome. Margot Robbie was awesome. Leto's Joker was nothing like Ledger's performance, but it is really unfair to compare the two. They are two completely different kinds of films. It's like comparing classical music to punk. I thought he was fun as fuck. I feel bad for Leto. I want him to return. And I hope the producers have the balls to do it, even if people rant about it. I mean, they have established a relationship between the two now. I wanna know what happens after Joker breaks her out of prison. Removing him will just feel weird.

  • Pvt Marsh
    Pvt Marsh 38 minutes ago

    I actually really liked Letos Joker in the extended cut of Suicide Squad 1 and really feel he needed more screen time to get any chance of success. That being said for him to follow Ledgers Joker and people being how they are there was little to no luck of any joker that isnt completely the same to be successful.

  • Josh The Boss
    Josh The Boss 39 minutes ago

    Jared letos joker was good especially how the theme of suicide squad was made. y’all just mad cause he’s different from the comics and the previous joker. everybody played their part great it’s just the monsters they were fighting and some other parts that ruined the movie.🤔🤔🤫

  • Nicholas Grey
    Nicholas Grey 39 minutes ago

    Cuhz it was trash duh

  • AWOL
    AWOL 40 minutes ago

    Why watch Gemini man when I can watch Joker 4 times..

  • Heath Bilbrey
    Heath Bilbrey 41 minute ago

    BS, it's because Smith decided to open his mouth about his political views of the current president and his supporters insulting half of the country.

    LIFE IS LIE 41 minute ago

    Main thing was hype that every corner of the world had with endgame but it didnt seems with other movies

  • fact gasm
    fact gasm 41 minute ago

    Personally I thought the last scene was straightforward enough. Joker walks away, leaving his psychiatrist's blood in his footprints. "You won't get it" he says.

  • fact gasm
    fact gasm 44 minutes ago

    Superb movie. The makers really understood how someone can slide all the way from struggling with life all the way to insanity. I felt very sorry indeed for the main character. He had a bad start in life and took one huge blow after another in quick succession with no safety net there to catch him. That's why he resorted to suicide ideation. He couldn't take being who he was any longer, being a no-one, rejected, humiliated and tormented every direction he turned. He had to become someone else. Once he found a source of strength, a way to punish and to eliminate those who wronged him, he felt power - probably for the first time in his life - and suddenly he was a someone.

  • fact gasm
    fact gasm 44 minutes ago

    Superb movie. The makers really understood how someone can slide all the way from struggling with life all the way to insanity. I felt very sorry indeed for the main character. He had a bad start in life and took one huge blow after another in quick succession with no safety net there to catch him. That's why he resorted to suicide ideation. He couldn't take being who he was any longer, being a no-one, rejected, humiliated and tormented every direction he turned. He had to become someone else. Once he found a source of strength, a way to punish and to eliminate those who wronged him, he felt power - probably for the first time in his life - and suddenly he was a someone.

  • Jacque boyce
    Jacque boyce 45 minutes ago

    re the advert about student debt and the long delay in being able to afford a new home. This is part of the preparation for communism - first you get the people to be immoral through the entertainment media (yes that's right, it was the communists who paid film people to put nudity, swearing, blasphemy and sex into films) because you first corrupt all morals then you weaken them with poverty, they they are are ready to accept the promise of a better life under communist principles - no marriage, children state educated, women's equality - that is to work equally with men in the factories life long so the state brings up the children - no wealth, no owned houses - everything collective - that is what you are being prepared for US. Common core education to put you in a box for work-production purposes lifelong - yes that means do not teach subjects like art appreciation or music if you are going to be a dustman - Your have been walking into this US for forty years and only now are the symptoms showing - as you describe in the ad accompanying this avatar film expose. The Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta Epsilon social class is on the cards. Trump is holding it all back and that is why the left so hates him - he is undoing what they have spent decades building up for communism.

  • Fromth3d3pths TM
    Fromth3d3pths TM 50 minutes ago

    Can we just stop with cat woman?! I get it but, c'mon.... Way better characters that could be in the movie.

  • Burnningsoul
    Burnningsoul 54 minutes ago

    and I see empty theaters all over the world with "The Batman " on the marque. Another exciting movie to come.

  • Just passing throoo
    Just passing throoo 54 minutes ago

    The movie is excellent. Jaoquins performance was one of his best. End of. Move on. ✌

  • Aglaitso
    Aglaitso 54 minutes ago

    So... no one's going to talk about the "Arthur flex" on the beginning?

  • hustlla
    hustlla 56 minutes ago

    Endgame will reign for awhile (10+ years maybe).. until VR is brought to the theatres somehow and I believe it'll be a space genre kinda movie to break that $2.8B mark. Avatar 2 I predict will hit $2B but not surpass Endgame if it does then it was meant to be, James Cameron is King. 🤯🤯

  • Roy Arroyo
    Roy Arroyo 56 minutes ago

    Idc that joker sucked

  • theyoutube nerd
    theyoutube nerd 59 minutes ago

    Some Jedi disappear because they were FULLY trained in the art to eternal life (becoming a force ghost). Before you say Qui-Gon was fully trained, he wasn't, so he could only appear as a force in one certain place, or as a disembodied voice (anywhere).

  • james vincent
    james vincent 59 minutes ago

    Feminism is the cause of much mental illness. Sadly.

  • Noah Noneyobusiness
    Noah Noneyobusiness 59 minutes ago

    It's funny how this video completely ignored the most obvious Easter Egg of all, which is how in taxi driver Robert Deniro makes a fake gun with his hand and pretends to blow his brains out. Phoenix does the samething in joker. Most of these these aren't even Easter eggs. They are just coincidences. You could dig up similarities like these with any film considering all of movie history. I will say King of comedy is a valid comparison though.

  • vidit patel
    vidit patel 59 minutes ago

    Christian bale will always be the best batman

  • Guest666 Ahnemiller

    None of them look creepy

  • CColdCWwolfW
    CColdCWwolfW Hour ago

    Wanna Real Joker? bring Kevin Mcallister From Home Alone , he Psycho since kid

  • Nelson Verdejo
    Nelson Verdejo Hour ago

    It's not because they kill off fan favorites and negans brutality that caused people to stop ... the brutality is nothing because the show was built on brutality... why would we not be able to stomach negan bashing in brains (especially when he did it in the comics) if we can stomach the governor mowing down his entire team with an assault rifle in a fit of rage? Also, the fans know that no one is safe which is what made it so intense .. knowing that at any moment one of the beloved characters would meet their fate... people stopped watching because the show lost the intense and emotional impact it had during the first 5 or 6 seasons... also it just got boring... most episodes have nothing major happening.. by season 7 and 8, it got to the point where only the season premieres and midseason premieres and finales and season finales were the best episodes that actually had things happening... now even those episodes are a waste... season 9 season finale the storm was a complete bore... an episode of nothing but them walking through a blizzard to get to a safe house.. no threats, no suspense.. no death.. nothing.. alpha is a boring villain ... nothing is happening... also, it is boring now because most of the characters the show began with are gone.. fine... but all the new characters have no interesting attributes.. we dont see them long enough for them to grow interesting .. no dark side, nothing... all you have left is Daryl, carol and michonne.. none of them have done anything interesting in seasons and michonne is like an annoying politician now.. they're trying to get in touch with Daryl's lighthearted side and show he has good feelings but please at least keep some of his badassery... none of the new characters are interesting... magdas group is boring and u hardly see them... eugene is no longer interesting after all his dark secrets were spilled and he got so many passes, rosita was always just like that secondary character same with gabriel, theres just too many people now to care about... honestly, killing off rosita, gabriel and eugene early on would have been better than abraham or glenn... I think it would have been great to see how those two reacted to how things are now and how they could've evolved... I still watch and give it chance after chance in Hope's it will revive itself, but the whisperer arc keeps dragging more and more and there isn't any interaction between the whisperers and the rest it's getting boring and I'm so close to tuning out on one of my favorite shows. I feel like things will just get intense at the very end when some battle ensues between the whisper and the communities and people will die but it wont have any emotional impact cuz there is no one left to care about. And, if anyone like daryl, Carol or michonne gets killed, it will cause more people to tune out cuz now every original character is gone and there is no one interesting left to carry the show

    • Crazy Jesse
      Crazy Jesse 21 minute ago

      that being said, I think tonight might be worth tuning in for, but it could be another episode of set up.

    • Crazy Jesse
      Crazy Jesse 24 minutes ago

      I loved the season 9 finale, was fantastic. What is boring is shows that end a season with a barely resolved climax. The season 9 finale was a nice denouement to a season that had the main character leaving the show, a 5 year time jump and 10 peoples head stuck on pikes. I found it exactly what I needed after that season, Daryl and everyone having a snowball fight. I understand if it's boring to you, but it's possible you would benefit from just binge watching seasons after they air instead of watching week to week, because with a cast of this size set up episodes are inevitable. In my opinion that's all game of thrones ever was, very few truly exciting episodes, with loads and loads of set up, which is just something that is indicative of a show with a cast that large.

  • GOKU
    GOKU Hour ago

    Cillian Murphy would be a great cast for The Dark Knight but Pattinson is fine too

    JANEYJIM Hour ago

    The trouble is although it is a fictional movie Bruce lee is NOT a fictional character. that is where the sore point is..Bruce Lee was a hero and a great philosopher, very smart and strong.

  • DAVID MATHEWS/The Minerals

    Let me guess...Because he's not funny.

  • darkness Ends
    darkness Ends Hour ago

    All those dislikes aren't dislikes those are likes from the people in the upside down

  • Dudja
    Dudja Hour ago

    Because his joker sucked plain and simple

  • Troy Amadeus
    Troy Amadeus Hour ago

    It's the Suicide Squad remake no one asked for

  • Gregoire Breton
    Gregoire Breton Hour ago

    I don't understand Why are There as Much people Who think that homecoming is the best

  • Quadro Warstar
    Quadro Warstar Hour ago

    So Gordon and Selina are gonna be Black? Not sure how I feel about that.

  • Mic Vensa
    Mic Vensa Hour ago

    It bombed because Will Smith is annoying. Let's just call a spade a spade.

  • Namrieth R. Williams

    Joaquin wya

  • Vengeance Gaming

    So basically this movie was a coming of age movie, Getting out of a horrible relationship. Finding a new family to call your own. Then KILL everyone. I see this movie as a mix bag. Cause we all know the pain of a breakup. It's in itself a Horror, if your deeply in love with another person, it takes awhile to notice what is going on. Either it's the guy or girl aiming to break it off. The suffering is there, the horror of knowing it's over it's maddening. But in this movie, there is Horror that shadows the movie. SO in my eyes it's a Horror movie regardless. The Breaking up is just the icing on the cake, to make you forget what is actually going on around them. I guess I look at things differently.

  • Narley F'n Radd
    Narley F'n Radd Hour ago

    Evil is nothing like x files smh

  • AngryZombie808
    AngryZombie808 Hour ago

    Christian Bale's Batman, Batfleck and now Battinson, lets just hope it doesnt go to Jared Leto's cringe route. The movie I Am Legend predicted the Batfleck Disaster in a form of Batman VS Superman poster, look it up.

  • Word Life
    Word Life Hour ago

    John Cena?? That'll be a bust too because we wont be able to see him

  • bynahelemaal
    bynahelemaal Hour ago

    Suicide squad sucked bc of the script... the only kinda good thing was will smith and even that character was underused... also the way margot robbie said mr. J. was kinda yugh

  • Prophet Madonna
    Prophet Madonna Hour ago

    pEOPLE who complain about Jared's JOKER are moronic. WHY? You have to judge this Joker on the context of the film. THE TRAILER never lied, it was like some HIGHLY STYLIZED FLICK, its not suppose to be the usual, it was like a REMIX. So judge it for what it intended to be. The movie was crap. WITH the VILLAIN being a joke, some VODOO or super natural witch from a KOREAN HORROR MOVIE. But leto joker complemented the HARLEQUIN. HE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A SEXIER JOKER, joker the lover of a hip and supposedly cool HARLEQUIN. NOW IF YOU DIDNT LIKE THE TRAILER why even watch the movie.

  • Sultan alharbi
    Sultan alharbi Hour ago

    SpongeBob can do a Joker better than Leto.☠

  • kent leonhart
    kent leonhart Hour ago

    Mixed reception to Leto's Joker? I thought everyone agreed it's the worst Joker in existence. 🤣

  • Peter Ang
    Peter Ang Hour ago

    Message from Space look more like Buck Rogers meets Flash

  • AJ
    AJ Hour ago

    The Soyman, no thanks that’ll be a hard pass from me and most other people.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark Hour ago

    It bombed because Will Smith isnt as good a actor as he thinks. He thinks he should be the lead role in every movie hes in.

  • AlcatrEX
    AlcatrEX Hour ago

    Couldn't they have Waited for 2 more months for the year to be over and then post this video, instead of saying "so far" ?? Idk man.. Just doesn't feel professional imo

  • dee jay
    dee jay Hour ago

    It's the too long conversations with himself in the film. It killed the vibe of the movie.