First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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  • shigsho
    shigsho 14 minutes ago

    Brady is GOAT. Een Rodgers will say that.

  • WRECK 215
    WRECK 215 Hour ago

    Patrick mahomes has a gift FROM God. Andy Reed has the best quarterback in the NFL I hope they win the Superbowl this season. 👍😉.

  • Derek Michaloski

    Definitely not the real deal, has a way to go

  • The Amish Rectal Oculosis Research Center

    LeBron James didn't make everyone feel like a teammate last year when they were willing to trade everybody for AD during the fire sale last season.

  • Terry Thomson
    Terry Thomson 3 hours ago

    Cam has gone from being Johnny Unitas to being Gianni Versace.

  • Rasha Wiley
    Rasha Wiley 3 hours ago

    Too much mahomes for the players and coaches to handle

  • The Ultimate Male
    The Ultimate Male 3 hours ago

    There is no POCORN at the HALL only reason T O did not go.

  • You Heard It From Hev

    Steelers need to clean house from top to bottom keep, a few players but for the most part coaching has to go and some players need to be release... at 0-2, Steelers are on pace to have a 7-9 season...therefore missing the playoffs again!

  • DeeDaRamsFAN 28
    DeeDaRamsFAN 28 5 hours ago

    Of course they didn’t! #horns up. This is why Macklemore should never guest host.

  • mikeyy425
    mikeyy425 6 hours ago

    Matt Ryan has three losing seasons in eleven years, how is that not winning consistently? And everyone has/had weapons, Big Ben had Bell(best rb), Brown (best wr) and Heath for years, aint won squat. Plus you morons answered ur own question earlier, hes never had a defense, duh

  • Werkin Progress
    Werkin Progress 6 hours ago

    Nick makes sense at times when and only when and if, he’s not discussing you know who

  • Werkin Progress
    Werkin Progress 6 hours ago

    Cam’s shoulder may be injured, but so are his wardrobe choices. He’s double injured. Injured the same time.

  • Tyler Clark
    Tyler Clark 6 hours ago

    This didn't age well...... :)

  • Sammy LiffDaddy
    Sammy LiffDaddy 7 hours ago

    Despite that however,I respect his opinion on the game and his speech was very powerful

  • Sammy LiffDaddy
    Sammy LiffDaddy 7 hours ago

    “There are very few opportunities in America for a black man” race is never a problem unless you make it a problem

  • Tony A
    Tony A 8 hours ago

    Isiah Thomas even though you were a Detroit Piston, you're sharp minded and know basketball. I watched you in the early 1980's in tournament's before going to Indiana you were really just playing taking it easy against some good players. i have nothing but respect for Magic Johnson,but right now i still stand on Madison St and say you're the best point guard i've seen.I never seen a 6'1 point guard with such big of heart.We Chicagoan's proud of every Chicago ex nba player and younger nba players who's in the league now. It doesn't matter if you played on the west.south,north, or east side. Were proud of you guys and god bless you'll.

  • whodatmartin 89
    whodatmartin 89 8 hours ago

    I'm tired of hearing Andrew luck while speaking of cam

  • shindanu
    shindanu 9 hours ago

    Just came back to say "HI." Lol RAMS proved it right?

  • Justin Erickson
    Justin Erickson 9 hours ago

    Hahaha first things first how bout that 27-9 RAMS WIN. RAM UP BABY!!

  • Taipan 1 2 3
    Taipan 1 2 3 9 hours ago

    Sorry, Nick Wright, the Rams beat the Saints. Both teams got something coming when the Cowboys kick their behinds later this year. Go on America's Team.

  • D 416
    D 416 10 hours ago

    KD is a diva.

  • thelastcopier
    thelastcopier 10 hours ago

    Chris Carter has become a much better analyst since leaving ESPN. I watch all the Colts games, and the things he said Jacoby needs to improve on are spot on. And lucky for us Colts fans, Jacoby is improved.

  • Bryce Henson
    Bryce Henson 10 hours ago

    Colts 1-1 right now

  • smxwing
    smxwing 11 hours ago


  • Nathan Odle
    Nathan Odle 11 hours ago

    Well this didn’t age well

  • Bull Ache
    Bull Ache 11 hours ago

    Wrong lol

  • Bu11et23
    Bu11et23 12 hours ago

    No love or respect for the Bucs..smdh

  • iLikeTurtles
    iLikeTurtles 12 hours ago

    Go rams!!!!!!!

  • Max Benzaquen
    Max Benzaquen 12 hours ago

    This aged well

  • Seth Rydberg
    Seth Rydberg 12 hours ago


  • Dennis
    Dennis 12 hours ago

    Put your money where your mouth is! Seriously, all talk and no action...your record has been wrong multiple times more than you have ever been right.

  • Leonard Sanchez
    Leonard Sanchez 12 hours ago

    Lol RAMS WIN!!!!

    LYRIC RAIN 12 hours ago

    RAMS 27 SAINTS 9 FINAL... um, NIck was fulll of it again 🏈🤣🤣😂🤦‍♂️

  • Steven L
    Steven L 12 hours ago

    27-9 🐏 🤪

    • Keenan Staggs
      Keenan Staggs 12 hours ago

      The way he was looking at the camera gave it away

  • Stephen Owens
    Stephen Owens 12 hours ago

    Ok what you gotta say now Nick?!

  • Jack C
    Jack C 12 hours ago

    This hot take didnt age well 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jacob Navara
    Jacob Navara 12 hours ago

    Carson is wrong

  • Jesse Leverett
    Jesse Leverett 12 hours ago

    Cam would've gotten all kinds of concussions if they ran the QB sneak.

  • Flat earth is New Jerusalem

    As touching as all that is...many people have been in a state of concussion for many years of their life..not from making millions of dollars playing sports either...just being a truther that the government does not like...they hit us with electromagnetic frequencies so many times so hard we walk around in a state of concussion..a lot of our lives..put that in your pipe

  • Mr. Fluffles
    Mr. Fluffles 12 hours ago

    Anyone here after the Saints lost?

  • Alex Drives
    Alex Drives 12 hours ago

    Well, Rams win it again 🤣

  • Christopher Harrington

    Well it looks like after today we might have a good fit for AB, nice start

  • Loyal Ram
    Loyal Ram 13 hours ago

    Hey Niiiiccck? Who’s better you loudmouth?

  • Steve DG
    Steve DG 13 hours ago

    Lol, not even close. Rams are destroying them.

  • Joe Jennings
    Joe Jennings 13 hours ago

    Talk that 💩 now lmao

  • Just me
    Just me 13 hours ago

    Haha saints will win on Sunday??? ...Rams is playing their worst game and yet they're still up!

  • Trolley The Troll
    Trolley The Troll 13 hours ago

    Overrated Saints gonna get blown out

  • David Bertrand
    David Bertrand 13 hours ago

    The 💩💩💩💩💩💩😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞 officiating needs to be fired. That isn’t officiating, that’s look the other way rules.

  • Logan D
    Logan D 13 hours ago

    He very clearly stated he had other options. Football was the BEST option for him in his unique circumstances. There are so many successful black people in today’s society such a statement would be idiotic. Still, Black White or whatever race you are good luck finding a better option than professional sports in today’s world from an economics standpoint.

  • Rashaad Horne
    Rashaad Horne 14 hours ago

    Chris Canty look like Carlton Banks in the thumbnail 😂😂💯

  • All lives Matter
    All lives Matter 14 hours ago

    Of course the refs blew a call again

  • D. Felix Photo
    D. Felix Photo 14 hours ago

    CTE is real. Back in the day how many times they showed football players as dumb jocks. You think they weren't suffering from some form of CTE. You see how many highschool athletes after its over not be able to adjust to regular life. That can go for any sport for that matter. Sports gives a lot but takes away far more.

  • Tim Sports Expert
    Tim Sports Expert 15 hours ago

    Mcvay sucks! I'm Rams fan

  • Andre Johnson
    Andre Johnson 16 hours ago

    Getting ready to play the LA Refs😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • M Steen
    M Steen 16 hours ago

    Why do they have a chick on the show no one pays attention to her won't even let her speak ?

  • Celypoloswag Quintana
    Celypoloswag Quintana 16 hours ago

    Why y’all always OD us with the Tony Romo commercials 😆😆😆

  • DJ Cryptkeeper
    DJ Cryptkeeper 16 hours ago Rivera is a goofball.

  • DJ Cryptkeeper
    DJ Cryptkeeper 16 hours ago

    Yeah all this bs and the fact he's rockin girl's clothes. He went nuts. The O line sucks. If it was up to me we would trade him while he had a lil value remaining and go with Allen at QB.

  • Vaughn Miller
    Vaughn Miller 17 hours ago

    What's more of a issue, is his desire to dress like a female...

  • United Fan For Life
    United Fan For Life 17 hours ago

    Lamar > Flacco + Cousins combined

  • Manuel otero
    Manuel otero 18 hours ago

    Everyone talking about the pats going to the superbowl already lol laugh if they dont win it with ab on the team

  • um me
    um me 18 hours ago

    Palmer is a fukin idiot.

  • Charles Cass
    Charles Cass 18 hours ago

    Where did this "Patty" bs come from?

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 18 hours ago

    Well you heard Nick everybody - after losing the opening game of the season.. the Steelers are now officially eliminated from making the Playoffs! .. I can remember countless numbers of BIG opening games that the Steelers, coached by all 3 coaches - have dropped - way more than they have Won - and yet they always seem to be still playing in the post season - its crazy to put the Steelers in a big prime time nationally televised game on opening night - and expect a Classic performance - lopsided final scores are the norm..

  • Jeffrey Finken
    Jeffrey Finken 18 hours ago

    The defense has done better against the run. Look at the stats CC

  • Michael Jefferson
    Michael Jefferson 18 hours ago

    'We doubled TJ Watts 85% of the snaps.- Bill Bellichick

    • Thomas Kelly
      Thomas Kelly 11 hours ago

      To anyone who listens to belichick this is hardly a news flash.he always takes away the opponent's best players and makes the others try to beat him.

  • Matt Scarey
    Matt Scarey 18 hours ago

    I mean look at what ppl in the military have to go through without the hope of millions of dollars at the end of the road. Moat ppl in the military dont get the free ride through great college. Alot of them dont have anything.

  • jessie jones
    jessie jones 19 hours ago

    Chris. Uncross your legs. Youre a man

  • Alyssa Tran
    Alyssa Tran 20 hours ago

    I think Isiah Thomas can teach Scottie Pippen about class and intelligent sports commentary.

  • 1ChelseaBoi
    1ChelseaBoi 20 hours ago

    Who’s cutting onions ??

  • Donovan Burnum
    Donovan Burnum 20 hours ago

    Lmao I love Jenna

  • Jaq Dax
    Jaq Dax 20 hours ago

    Why wouldn't CC care about the fans not liking someone, everyone's wanted him off this show for years

    CAP'N FTB 20 hours ago

    I'm a die hard steelers fan, but as much as I like Tomlin, sometimes I think him and his whole coaching staff need to be let go.

  • Erick Williams
    Erick Williams 20 hours ago

    I hope Ron listen and cam

  • Tony Fleming
    Tony Fleming 20 hours ago

    Lol when the saints lose the narrative will be “ they could be 0-2 if it wasn’t for that stupid corner from Houston playing off the receiver. That’s why Houston let him go the next day

  • Jan Finn
    Jan Finn 20 hours ago

    Chris Carter, are you so ego centric that you don’t realize it takes all teams to make a TEAM? To say you don’t work on defense? Good thing you only care about YOU>

  • Al Knight
    Al Knight 20 hours ago

    Boy oh boy there are no facts that state the saints as a clear favorite whatsoever. Ref made a bad call but there were so many other missed calls on both sides I'll come back after the game to check the energy of the people saying rams will lose

  • Philip Elias
    Philip Elias 21 hour ago

    the no call in the fourth quarter had a huge effect on their play after that...

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 21 hour ago

    My boy westbrook needs to stop with the paint spray. It doesnt work fam

  • Ismx Tec
    Ismx Tec 21 hour ago

    The Brees interception was tipped.

  • Orella Minx
    Orella Minx 22 hours ago

    He was also a Puerto Rican, a race predisposed to corruption and violence.

  • batterista
    batterista 22 hours ago

    3rd and short. Go five wide. 3rd and inches. Go five wide. 3rd and goal on the one. Go five wide empty set. The Steelers offense is predictable and stupid. No play action, no Ben under center AT ALL. Even the runs are from the delay or quick handoff. Combine that with arguably one of the dumbest strategists in NFL history and you’ll have more mediocrity. Tomlin has ridden on Ben’s coattails for ages.

  • Yojimbo413
    Yojimbo413 22 hours ago

    They don't have a coach. They have a cheerleader.

  • Kobey Myers
    Kobey Myers 22 hours ago

    Brian Westbrook still the best rb we ever had imo. #flyeaglesfly

  • William Bass
    William Bass 22 hours ago

    OK! Yes the Rams were not called on that 1 play. The Aints had 3 not called on them in that same game. So, same as last year. RAMS WIN!

  • Peter
    Peter 22 hours ago

    Kevin Durant>Kobe

  • The Gifted Prodigy
    The Gifted Prodigy 22 hours ago

    Who is that guy with the glasses... HE KNOWS FOOTBALL

  • thalegacy6
    thalegacy6 22 hours ago

    He said it's the last chapter, I beg to differ! If I had the money, I'd start a football version of the big 3. Hmm. Maybe the big 7 or 8.. Vick, where you at?

  • Rev The Gr8
    Rev The Gr8 22 hours ago

    The media keep bringing it up no one cares honestly, and if the call was made it would have been an easy dub, the OT wouldn’t of had to happen so they should stop using that excuse

  • Jerome Bryant
    Jerome Bryant 22 hours ago

    Coach. I blame the Head Coach for the last. Two years

  • Nawlinz Kid
    Nawlinz Kid 22 hours ago

    Man the Saints ain’t worried about last year.. Please stop ✋ saying that we are. We have been moved on.

  • JaySw34
    JaySw34 23 hours ago

    That thumbnail looks like nick just got done crying in the bathroom before rushing to the set

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson 23 hours ago

    Cam is done...Get a new QB and a new offensive coordinator. If he cant run and cant pass why is he playing? Bench him and see what Kyle can do, it literally cant hurt.

  • Luke Yaple
    Luke Yaple 23 hours ago

    Nick super pumped he gets to finish a sentence without being interrupted with, “........Well that’s all well and good, but if I’m so and so, I’m doing such and such......look, I PLAYED for a great Vikings team that DIDNT make it, you gotta SHOW ME that the so and so can do such and such blah blah Hall of Fame blah.......”

  • Timothy Norat
    Timothy Norat 23 hours ago

    Remove percussive hits altogether

  • Timothy Norat
    Timothy Norat 23 hours ago

    What other choice does a black man have than the national football league? Hahaha. Ridiculous

  • Besus
    Besus 23 hours ago

    It sucks to go from feeling like the sky's the limit, to realizing you need a LT and QB. This offense is done. Not panicking, but def cutting ties with optimism in order to eliminate disappointment.

  • Shaquille Toussaint
    Shaquille Toussaint 23 hours ago

    How does Nick work with Chris, Chris Carter is a idiot

  • JaySw34
    JaySw34 23 hours ago

    lol classic nick wrong

  • murray webb
    murray webb Day ago

    I’m pretty sure Brees has moved on. Y’all need to move on. But we as fans don’t have to, we were all robbed of what would have been a classic SB matchup in NE vs NO. Refs robbed everyone (outside of Rams fans).