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My New BULLET ANT Colony
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  • Bunny. Kate
    Bunny. Kate 21 minute ago

    Name her goldy

  • dipshitnipps Humpper
    dipshitnipps Humpper 25 minutes ago

    El neagro

  • Marcus Shepherd
    Marcus Shepherd 41 minute ago

    3 days to eat the meat

  • Verbal Wound
    Verbal Wound 51 minute ago

    Ants and spiders don't go well together. Make sure no ant ever gets into the spider terrarium or the spider will be devoured overnight.

  • Qatar The Redstoner

    Choco fiber #name

  • Bev Kenny
    Bev Kenny Hour ago

    Omg SO good!! The quality of your footage is amazing! Loving the red light shots! Well done 👍🏻👏 ☯️ love the shared name suggestion for the Black Panthers. I think there will probably be some drama unfolding regarding the colonies mixing... But it will be successful.

  • *Buzzy bee studios*

    Call her present

  • Hieronymos Gaming

    Wow my dream collab exotic lair and mikey

  • Ahab Mc one-leg
    Ahab Mc one-leg Hour ago

    Christmas arachnid Bros didn't expect them to know each other neat!

  • Spencer Isnain
    Spencer Isnain Hour ago


  • Dyllan Edwards
    Dyllan Edwards Hour ago

    Would you be interested in some Mimosa pudica plants? (Not selling but tryna give)

  • Shane Craig
    Shane Craig Hour ago

    That is the cutest damn frog I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

  • nancy oliver
    nancy oliver Hour ago


  • Gwf Dys
    Gwf Dys Hour ago

    Call her Gwen it’s female spider man

  • Shua Khang
    Shua Khang Hour ago

    Cockroach:nooo plz Ants:shut up

  • Natalia Rodas-Calderon


  • Dr. Dank
    Dr. Dank Hour ago


  • Shua Khang
    Shua Khang Hour ago


  • Firedemon 385
    Firedemon 385 Hour ago

    Dionysus because she loves the vines and builds burrows! Like so ac can see plz

  • Amber Mayer
    Amber Mayer Hour ago


  • Jan Staniszewski


  • Liam Welch
    Liam Welch Hour ago

    Ur making this escape problem harder than it is, of course I'm no ant keeper

  • techman ty
    techman ty Hour ago

    Cleopatra like the Egyptian queen

  • Dipper-Kun UWU
    Dipper-Kun UWU Hour ago

    Goldie is the 101 top used names for any creatures

  • Codebreaker45
    Codebreaker45 Hour ago

    The pharaoh ants are all over my house. AntaCanada: makes traps Me: whips out lighter and deodorant

  • jstarvlogging
    jstarvlogging Hour ago

    He named the tarantula: Gold dust

  • Rory Kennedy
    Rory Kennedy Hour ago

    Add tree ants

  • ThunderBird117
    ThunderBird117 Hour ago

    in case anyone was to scared to look incase it was a spider... I also tried to do this because I despise spiders

  • James Fallon
    James Fallon Hour ago

    Imagine if he gave mrs thailand black or the OBT Mrs lord have mercys Btw name her goldilocks

  • Rory Kennedy
    Rory Kennedy 2 hours ago

    The spider should be could Angelina

  • Mr Nick
    Mr Nick 2 hours ago

    I’ve been a big fan of exotic for a long time so cool

  • steven universe
    steven universe 2 hours ago

    *ninja mantis* ?

  • Cory English
    Cory English 2 hours ago

    I've had all my guppies eaten also by the clear shrimp I took from the river here in Texas (San Angelo), afterwards I kept the local Gambusia Affinis with them and they seem to do just fine.

  • jvhunko
    jvhunko 2 hours ago

    7:54 yeah if they don't destroy each other

  • Raquel Reyes-Guerrero

    Thank you for the cool vid with the hidden videos! Question of the Week...You handled her because she is a more docile kind of tarantula.

  • spacetime dilation
    spacetime dilation 2 hours ago

    Booo I wanted you to win

  • Jackieboi 4433
    Jackieboi 4433 2 hours ago

    Name her Dorada!

  • RebelWulf
    RebelWulf 2 hours ago

    Name her Aurelia. It's female Roman name derived from Aurum (''gold'').

  • Brooke Allan
    Brooke Allan 2 hours ago

    You should check out Empire of the Undergrowth! Awesome game about building up your own ant colony. It would be awesome to watch you review it.

  • Klap p
    Klap p 2 hours ago

    Take the death sprites to another tank with the angel of death and maybe the gecko 🦎

  • Gabrielė Hey! ;3
    Gabrielė Hey! ;3 2 hours ago

    Hilja is really beautiful name for this tarantula in my opinion, she's really calm and beautiful girl. This names equals as peace and calmness queen.

  • Vorname Nachname
    Vorname Nachname 2 hours ago

    Hi, I am looking for an ant species that is monogynic, comes from very dry, hot and sandy regions, does not get too big (colony size), is good for beginners and does not keep hibernation. I am quite overwhelmed by the large selection on the Internet. It would also be cool if she is active and good at hunting. Thanks for the answer in advance.

  • Mayaza Valiantdri
    Mayaza Valiantdri 2 hours ago

    2 of my friends handle their P.Metallica like it's a goddamn albopilosum 😖 and stupidly, I tried once (out of curiosity) and almost got tagged 💀

  • Björn L.
    Björn L. 2 hours ago


  • Hannah Hedrick
    Hannah Hedrick 2 hours ago

    Name her Everest

    DJ LUERS 2 hours ago

    The golden Palace

  • Cifer
    Cifer 3 hours ago

    Midas, or maybe Mida?

  • Jesse Tye
    Jesse Tye 3 hours ago

    We should name it queen Chaco.

  • Daily Tofu
    Daily Tofu 3 hours ago

    *Dubia roaches*

  • Weeday420
    Weeday420 3 hours ago

    the '' no cap'' has me rolling on the floor !

  • Bugs and insects
    Bugs and insects 3 hours ago

    Also i watch both exotic lair and you

  • Bugs and insects
    Bugs and insects 3 hours ago

    i really love your videos

  • J McKech
    J McKech 3 hours ago

    I'd name her vomit after stomping on it a feet times (I don't like spiders)

  • Kanon
    Kanon 3 hours ago

    Name her goldyLocks or goldmember

  • Zareena Paker Mohd
    Zareena Paker Mohd 3 hours ago

    This species of tarantula rarely bite

  • abishkar kafle
    abishkar kafle 3 hours ago

    Name suggestion. "Riqueza" refers to wealth riches and golden for our golden knee queen please pit this name

  • 113dt 1
    113dt 1 3 hours ago

    Golden legs

  • Kamarul IrsyadUddin
    Kamarul IrsyadUddin 3 hours ago

    Animalogic brings me here :)

  • Olly H
    Olly H 3 hours ago

    3 days

  • Nishat Syed
    Nishat Syed 3 hours ago

    Isent this amazing to watch mother nature’s creation

  • Kristjan Peter Sørensen

    "Golden Peace" for her bright colors and her peaceful behavior

  • Cece
    Cece 3 hours ago

    Also; you could handle her cuz when you touched her with your stick thingy she wasn’t standing up and showing off her fangs which is a huge aggressive “gtfa” sign. And you gently eased her onto your hand, not forced her which kept her calm as well.

  • Amal El Jarjoui
    Amal El Jarjoui 3 hours ago

    #team Aries

  • Amal El Jarjoui
    Amal El Jarjoui 3 hours ago

    #team Aries

  • Cece
    Cece 3 hours ago

    The Golden Peace The Queen of Knee The Golden Empire Ruler Golden Whiskers

  • Enzo Nogueira
    Enzo Nogueira 3 hours ago


  • Amal El Jarjoui
    Amal El Jarjoui 3 hours ago

    #team Aries and Hephaestus

  • krankykid 08
    krankykid 08 3 hours ago

    NaMe It KERMIT

  • Teacher's Daily
    Teacher's Daily 4 hours ago

    I know you mikey

  • Spencer Huffman
    Spencer Huffman 4 hours ago

    Athena should be the name

  • nancy oliver
    nancy oliver 4 hours ago

    I saw this before

  • Amal El Jarjoui
    Amal El Jarjoui 4 hours ago

    We can call him Axy!

  • Dryable Walcker
    Dryable Walcker 4 hours ago

    Any coupons to get stuff for a cheaper price?😭☺️great channel I want to go all ants Canada setup. I just can’t afford it

  • Sens
    Sens 4 hours ago

    Name her Echo

  • King Jaden
    King Jaden 4 hours ago

    For a second I thought this was exotics lair video lol

  • Ashfur502505
    Ashfur502505 4 hours ago

    AC question of the week: Exotics Lair said they were chill tarantulas. (I am not here to win, I just wanna be noticed lol)

  • Swathi Sajja
    Swathi Sajja 4 hours ago

    Check bromini blind snakes

  • Reggie Marc Sarmiento

    AC Question of the Week answer: Because Chaco Golden Knee tarantulas are generally calm and docile.

  • samturret gb
    samturret gb 4 hours ago

    Because you were wearing gloves and being gentle.

  • Hien Nguyen
    Hien Nguyen 4 hours ago

    You were a expert

  • Hien Nguyen
    Hien Nguyen 4 hours ago


  • Joy Y. Z.
    Joy Y. Z. 5 hours ago

    Lol now i hate ants so much, thank God they were created so small!!!! I hate them they are evils!

  • Billy Baque
    Billy Baque 5 hours ago

    Ugh, Dude safety first. With those bullet ants around everybody in your house (I hope you don't live in an apartment) is in danger at all times. Even if you live alone its not cool to those around you to keep dangerous pets. If your neighbor was a self taught tiger expert would you want him having ten tigers next door. No you wouldn't. And if your ant....fetish (this is obviously far more than a hobby) is more important than the safety of those around you, its time to reevaluate this ant thing.

  • OverHealing
    OverHealing 5 hours ago


  • Mary joy Gelizon
    Mary joy Gelizon 5 hours ago

    5 queens, overpopulation was going to be the main problem of the golden empire

  • fopdoodle
    fopdoodle 5 hours ago

    Okay love it but it's pronounced CRAW-FISH

  • Mary joy Gelizon
    Mary joy Gelizon 5 hours ago

    So ants have democracy too?

  • Pokz Music
    Pokz Music 5 hours ago

    I believe early but 7:16 Whoaaat Its A Fake Wasting my data

  • Red Drift
    Red Drift 5 hours ago

    Lol, more like the season of inflammation.

  • jozen Nidoy
    jozen Nidoy 5 hours ago

    Barracuda hehehe

  • Christopher Keen
    Christopher Keen 5 hours ago

    Really not a commenter but she's beautiful and added to your style of narration and videos she is a brilliant fit. Name her EXOLIA as a tribute to the man who gifted her. Exotics lair.

  • Scrooge McDuck
    Scrooge McDuck 6 hours ago


  • Emeon grier
    Emeon grier 6 hours ago

    Me to

  • Cole Monpas
    Cole Monpas 6 hours ago

    Fuxk. That.

  • Emeon grier
    Emeon grier 6 hours ago

    We saw it first

  • Edna Dio
    Edna Dio 6 hours ago

    For those people who have arachnophobia they would say that's even worse they could fly oh my god