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Grid - Before You Buy
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Code Vein - Before You Buy
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  • fahad memon
    fahad memon 4 hours ago

    How different is it from Legend of Heroes?

  • James Williams
    James Williams 4 hours ago

    The booster pickup bothers me because the boosters are useless when you have to spend time trying to get your reticle in the right place to pick them up, your gun reloads before you pick them up, and meanwhile you are getting shot more than the booster actually helps you. That's why I never used them in BL2. The scrolling on the price is really annoying compounded with the fact that boards have only one place to sell your stuff at the beginning of the map. Really hard to earn money selling stuff to increase your backpack size when you start with a small backpack and nowhere to sell.

  • Flux_Time
    Flux_Time 4 hours ago

    this is takedown lol

  • Elijah A
    Elijah A 4 hours ago

    SwitchPunk 2077

  • Little Panda
    Little Panda 5 hours ago

    Man.. I finished this 3 times I love it

  • Secondary
    Secondary 5 hours ago

    8:30 my head hurts now. I have a curved monitor so the dollar bills look distorted a bit when they move closer and then away from the screen

  • Sean kraker
    Sean kraker 5 hours ago

    The movements in this game are horrendous...i couldnt get past an hour into the game before throwing it out on the window.

  • Kris
    Kris 5 hours ago

    I won't be happy, till they get rid of lootboxes, microtransactions, season passes, and battle passes. With Battlefront I didn't buy it till it was 20$... didn't buy any dlc and after a while they gave all the dlc away for free... because battlefront 2 I guess. Good things might happen sometimes for those who wait.

  • p7reston777
    p7reston777 5 hours ago

    For anyone who never played this game, I highly recommend it! Just throwing that out there. The game is long itself and then you throw in expansion packs. You won’t be disappointed

  • IMustBe Crazy
    IMustBe Crazy 5 hours ago

    Devil magic?

  • cheese
    cheese 5 hours ago

    Got it to play with a friend. This game is a glitch pile of shit. Hilarious to try and play throu thou.

  • MrYoungHegelian
    MrYoungHegelian 5 hours ago

    This looks better than the PS4 and Xbox One version. It has that Nintendo magic. Nintendo making SONY and Microsoft look bad again.

  • Seth Mccraney
    Seth Mccraney 5 hours ago

    I sooo hate you right now for that "hey" i soooo hated just playing lol

  • Jake Whitwell
    Jake Whitwell 5 hours ago

    Sonic forces is my most disappointment game, the story was short and shit, the levels were shit, the villain was shit.

  • amazingblur
    amazingblur 5 hours ago

    Wait a minute, I stay up into the wee hours of the morning all the time on my computer that I assume has the same blue light issue. I don't think I have glaucoma, but I also smoke a lot a weed so how would I ever know? Does weed simply work as a remedy for glaucoma's effects or is it an actual preventive medicine or cure for it? If it's the later, then I'm in a good place!

  • Deepak Daniel Nesaraj D A

    Lost my shit when he tried to put on headphones with laptop charger 😂😂😂

  • teo argueta
    teo argueta 5 hours ago

    Y not Jurassic park: operation génesis tho

  • Senji Ken Kryomasa
    Senji Ken Kryomasa 5 hours ago

    Silent hills has been my favorite Halloween game to play for many many years but my two fave games have to 4 and homecoming and what’s I loved most about it the atmosphere and the sounds music most of the times fits so well and the monster where always highlight to many to name.

  • My_Channel_Is_almost_Dead1921

    Now I’m glad I got a regular Nintendo switch instead of a Nintendo switch lite

  • hyuna xia
    hyuna xia 5 hours ago

    POP is the best GAME but not also GOOD like AC, love all AC series..

  • kacercreed1234
    kacercreed1234 5 hours ago

    Ok. He got me at switcher 😂😂😂 Rip

  • Aleon Flex
    Aleon Flex 5 hours ago

    People need to stop bitching about the micro transanction cuz it's a free game. How else are they gonna make any profit? And why would they make a game if they don't see profit? I get it if you have to pay for the game and there are micro transaction in the game but don't bitch about it if the game is free.

  • jacob drolet
    jacob drolet 5 hours ago

    Amazing I love the Witcher games can’t wait to pick it up play it on the go and my tv also I love all the Witcher characters dwarfs elf’s monster humans love them all it’s beautiful gorgeous world to lose yourself in for hours of gameplay too amazing can’t wait for them to make the Witcher 4 game etc fantastic job on the video best work yet gameranx 🌟

  • comrade the space pimp

    ask yo mom why big is gud yo x

  • sa
    sa 5 hours ago

    Warframe > Destiny 2

  • Zibbe Zabba
    Zibbe Zabba 5 hours ago

    I paid £60 for the game only to see it drop to £20 4 weeks later. I promised myself I would never pay full price for a AAA game and I haven't since. Also the 'essay' sketch made me want to call into the office personally and punch Todd in the face. Little gobshite.

  • Christian Peralta
    Christian Peralta 5 hours ago

    Does any of you PC gamers get eye strain from playing on the switch? I'm on the fence from getting a switch due to me getting eye strain from playing ps4 games at 30fps, for example playing Skyrim

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez 5 hours ago

    The tactile feel for the buttons are also different from the joycon, they have a more crisp feel than the original and feel great, especially if you're sensitive to those types of things. I really really want to get a lite but I'm concerned of the analog drift and not being able to repair/replace it easily. It's so pretty tho *____*

  • terry achtung
    terry achtung 5 hours ago

    Yep, every time there is. A microscopic scratch messes up the hole thing

  • Militant Pacifist
    Militant Pacifist 5 hours ago

    I didn’t even know it barely came out today. I thought it came out like one or two months ago on the Switch. 😂

  • XDeath
    XDeath 5 hours ago

    Falcon the hero killing it as always.

    PLAYER1 5 hours ago

    The indirect result of "The Witcher 3" being on The Switch is it proves big, AAA open world games can be ported and run well, relative to the hardware. This means, perhaps, we will one day see games like GTA, and RDR2 on The Nintendo Switch? It would depend solely on Rockstar, but the fact games of this scope can work on The Switch is now not a question of "If", but when.

  • Silver
    Silver 5 hours ago

    Honestly, the two things I hate the most in botw are the Octorock things (the bane of my existence, my mortal enemy) and when you end up in some corner or narrow space and the friggin camera won't get out of your ass. I mean those stupid gamepad puzzles are horrible and brought me to tears, but so far I've only had to solve 2. Where as I deal with the camera and my mortal enemies a hell of alot more often.

  • Drawn_Gamer vids
    Drawn_Gamer vids 5 hours ago

    50$ can't buy a new game mannnnn!!

  • longdix69
    longdix69 5 hours ago


  • Lukas Schreiber
    Lukas Schreiber 5 hours ago

    I just bough my ps4 😭

  • MistahBroccoli
    MistahBroccoli 5 hours ago

    I'd move to Toussaint is a heartbeat

  • john raymond
    john raymond 5 hours ago

    The touch pad is to big when I was press the Staert or Select buttons! I like reverse compatibility PS3 down loads?

  • Sean-Paul F
    Sean-Paul F 5 hours ago

    bought it. definetly will be supporting CD Projekt Red from here on out. they are amazing towards us. thank you!!!!!! dammit i just started Dragon Quest XI too.... sigh not enough time to play all these freaking awesome games...and Atelier Ryza at the end of the month.... UGH AND THANK GOD .... Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition comes out in 2020... gives me time to play these damn games

  • anthony
    anthony 5 hours ago

    why are you whispering jake

  • Steven Bryan
    Steven Bryan 5 hours ago

    This port is for people those who haven't yet played the game and the people who are really big fans of the game. I applaud CDPR for making this happen because people need to experience this amazing game. It's still one of the best of this generation. I personally will not be picking this up but if you haven't played it yet, you should absolutely get it and play it. You won't regret it.

  • Danny Ruiz
    Danny Ruiz 5 hours ago

    Im not

  • • RealDTSM •
    • RealDTSM • 5 hours ago

    I just watch guide videos so I at least have something to achieve

  • Freezing Falcon
    Freezing Falcon 5 hours ago

    EA is acting like “cough cough” Rovio and other mobile game developers by making you spend over $1000 to beat it in a reasonable time

  • JeffTheWinner
    JeffTheWinner 5 hours ago

    Use of a mod chip and/or RGH chip will probably get you banned too.

  • drei t
    drei t 5 hours ago

    Im so excited to play this even with my annoying drifting joycons

  • Mystic System
    Mystic System 5 hours ago

    This is relieving as a person interested in game design, i was worried that using tools like random/procedural generation to aid development was cheating for years when designing video games and in various other art mediums I was worried people where gonna hate me for using tools like that

  • Swag Trooper
    Swag Trooper 5 hours ago

    Nintendo should really advertise toilet play

  • Beany_weanerson
    Beany_weanerson 5 hours ago

    I love gameranx videos like this

  • Big B
    Big B 5 hours ago

    It's advertised as a really tactical game but it's typical COD, selfish players rushing around getting their K/D up.

    PLAYER1 5 hours ago

    The next generation of open world games should incorporate substantial, dynamic changes to the world depending on what players do. This doesn't just mean geometric destruction from combat. This means worlds where the NPC systems (politics, economy, resources, etc.) change in relation to players' actions. The world should always be going on around the player, but when the player engages in a major actions that disrupt the world, the world should respond to those actions, positively or negatively. Some games already do this e.g. The Division 2, with the Control Points constantly being fought over by in-game factions. Extending greater world simulation to open worlds is the next evolution because it helps immersion and can help minimize repetitive tasks, too.

  • Gregory Schmidt
    Gregory Schmidt 5 hours ago

    1 millionth viewer lets go

  • Solitude
    Solitude 5 hours ago

    Any game with hardcore becomes a horror game with HC on.

  • Nzube Okey-iwobi
    Nzube Okey-iwobi 5 hours ago

    Who here remembers PS -1 when Jesus played mortal combat with his disciples. I remember those days 😌😌

  • hi im justin
    hi im justin 5 hours ago

    5:27 Is that real or fake?

  • Frankie Peppers
    Frankie Peppers 5 hours ago

    Those 24 hour endurance races that were in Gran Turismo 4. Yeah I did all of them the legit 24 hours of straight gameplay way back in the day. Final Fantasy 3 (SNES) all in one run took about 32 hours of gameplay. Those Gran Turismo 3 and 4 championships that were like 10 races 10 laps a piece took a long time to do all in one play as well. Zelda A Link to the past 100% run in one play took a long time. Yeah I spent way too much time gaming when I was younger. I can now do the Zelda run much faster thanks to watching lots of speedruns but the other ones I listed would still be true endurance tests even today.

  • Ghostpro353
    Ghostpro353 5 hours ago

    Gwent time

  • Emanuel Gonzalez
    Emanuel Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    You should do gears of war 3

  • holdmebackbrah
    holdmebackbrah 5 hours ago

    Ok this isnt the first time I've heard about a google console. But I never see anyone talk about it. Is anyone taking it serious? Or nah🤔

  • Jake Mills
    Jake Mills 5 hours ago

    I’ve been using hellraiser and I love that class

  • Scoobs
    Scoobs 5 hours ago

    Buy it. That's all you need to know.

  • Neutralis
    Neutralis 5 hours ago

    They don't understand that some of us gamers actually get paid to play games.

  • Buzz Fuzz
    Buzz Fuzz 5 hours ago

    Seems like a lot of developers don’t get how what’s on screen is only as far as the eye can see like I can that lags the game like it’s not 2007 anymore

  • P_U_F_F_E_R
    P_U_F_F_E_R 5 hours ago

    Let me change my damn username, how about that for a change?

  • Geno Gonzales
    Geno Gonzales 5 hours ago

    Not true doesn't come out Intel next year

  • That_Guy_Rodrigo
    That_Guy_Rodrigo 5 hours ago

    You should do a video on Activision because they put microtransactions in almost every game ever

  • Yoan Campion
    Yoan Campion 5 hours ago

    Ava is the new Claptrap

  • Docwiz2
    Docwiz2 5 hours ago

    More than half of the information is history that everyone knows about from almost a decade ago. Save yourself some time and skip this video, it just explains the obvious and completely fails at explaining anything from today or tomorrow.

  • CriminalCuteness
    CriminalCuteness 5 hours ago

    Oh hell yeah bruh I can't wait for those car crash compilations

  • Zion Edmond
    Zion Edmond 5 hours ago

    Odyssey was phenomenal

  • TE Sutcliff
    TE Sutcliff 5 hours ago

    Bro these legit are spot on for me 😂

  • sherridan graham
    sherridan graham 5 hours ago

    Good list, I would've gone with Turok Evolution on the PS2.. That game... Just the atmosphere and then the weapons as well, it all just blew me away as a kid

  • KiraOnii Chan
    KiraOnii Chan 5 hours ago

    With data caps in some places, Stadia is pointless

  • Karl Vincent Dela Cruz

    Winds howling... Battery draining...

  • Rommel Manuel
    Rommel Manuel 5 hours ago

    The title says the games are free but hyper light drifter is 4.99

  • Eternal Senshi
    Eternal Senshi 5 hours ago

    This is a really good review without all the bs for someone who is just honestly wondering what the game is about before committing to buy.

  • Thomas Naphy
    Thomas Naphy 5 hours ago

    Gta time : 15 sec, trigger too itchy

  • likemice
    likemice 5 hours ago

    Thank you for listing ten basic game mechanics.

  • Drifters Unite
    Drifters Unite 5 hours ago

    I'm supprised I didn't see part compatibility in there

  • Steve Harvey
    Steve Harvey 5 hours ago

    2:10-2:32 Painful to watch

  • PyroMatic
    PyroMatic 5 hours ago

    Bruh I worked hard at a low level for the bane

  • deadlykevin7
    deadlykevin7 5 hours ago

    deadside looks like a game im looking for like dayz without all the bugs and a better engine of course that is to be determined wether or not this game lives up to the hype not a whole lot of info but i like the idea of it

  • Brak
    Brak 5 hours ago

    Warmode was not released in 2019, I played it back in 2015 m8.

  • Sean S
    Sean S 5 hours ago

    a genre that is as big of a let down in games as it has been in movies.

  • Jerald Davis
    Jerald Davis 5 hours ago

    What's the name of the background music in the beginning of this video?

  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera 5 hours ago


  • Pqfire 09
    Pqfire 09 5 hours ago

    Oh god, please help a poor wretch in need. Pretty please.

  • RawkL0bster
    RawkL0bster 6 hours ago

    Wind's howling in 720p

  • manuel matamala
    manuel matamala 6 hours ago

    They could make an entire planet with every single detail just in a couple of minutes if they polish more that scanner geologist people already have. But the procedural programmed technique is pretty good and more cheap and easy

  • Aleido Vellerophon
    Aleido Vellerophon 6 hours ago

    The game looks pretty damn good even on my 1080p PC monitor which is how I mainly play on my switch. The graphics certainly take some getting used to but man does the world building and lore just SUCK you in and I never played Witcher 1 and 2; you don't need to. I once wanted to play this on PS4 when the Witcher 3 was first anounced. I was one of the first peeps to board that hype train back in the day. But I never got to play it on PS4 after I sold it. Now I'm settled with just my Nintendo switch and I'm glad I bought this game for it. Assuming there's going to be a switch pro in the future, this game will only get better. Team Nintendo all the way.

  • The-JoKeRFoXtRoT
    The-JoKeRFoXtRoT 6 hours ago

    at least is not a Cutesy version like Final Fantasy 15

  • Teddy Pittman
    Teddy Pittman 6 hours ago

    God of War would be a nice addition to the Switch!

  • Sean S
    Sean S 6 hours ago

    no ps3 games, me no buy.

  • Denice Campa
    Denice Campa 6 hours ago

    When playstaion 5? I’m already to play destiny 3 on playstaion 5???❤️🤔😪❤️

  • Jimmy Page
    Jimmy Page 6 hours ago

    "How excited for you are it"?

  • Teka To
    Teka To 6 hours ago

    Gameranx is a tech review channel now

  • SciTk
    SciTk 6 hours ago

    Black Desert is also for PC just for those who don't know and highly addicting if your into more than just fighting.

  • RandomClam24
    RandomClam24 6 hours ago

    with shit and no inspiration

  • OxnardMontalvo
    OxnardMontalvo 6 hours ago

    Add this to the novelty side of switch games with Skyrim and doom 2016. Is it fun? Yeah. Does it play good? Sure. Should you play it somewhere else if you can? Of course