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  • L4F
    L4F 40 seconds ago

    Saw that coming from the title lol. They're so predictable.

  • Flynn Lives cmd
    Flynn Lives cmd Minute ago

    Flirts with her in a playful voice. Now i suddenly dont know what happened or is happening.....

  • young power
    young power Minute ago

    Of course his name is Kevin 😂

  • Jorge Ayala
    Jorge Ayala 2 minutes ago

    It’s like they hire the smallest untrained people for these jobs

  • Boe Know
    Boe Know 3 minutes ago

    Women be ridin dirty

  • Al Skyviewer Allen
    Al Skyviewer Allen 4 minutes ago

    That lady that lost her fiancee and her daughter that makes me so sad 😢

  • Phuck Eyoo
    Phuck Eyoo 5 minutes ago

    Everybody talking about 6ix9ine , this dude snitched on HIS GIRL before he got to the station.

  • Kevin Spacey
    Kevin Spacey 7 minutes ago

    Sir, I think your bork needs some noms

  • Isaiah too Lit
    Isaiah too Lit 8 minutes ago

    When they light a cig for you before they take you in you’re serving real time.

  • Mahir Shahriyar
    Mahir Shahriyar 8 minutes ago

    It was kinda sad to watch tho😢

  • MadMax
    MadMax 9 minutes ago

    4:30 cop: What's your mom's name guy: I call her mom. LMFAO =))))))))

  • Melissa Standworth
    Melissa Standworth 9 minutes ago

    Lmfao He snapped when he found out the needed a minute to take the trash out...

  • 106SSGG
    106SSGG 10 minutes ago

    Yung lean seems different

  • Jmaxboom
    Jmaxboom 10 minutes ago

    Beans: "Im out".

  • Isaiah too Lit
    Isaiah too Lit 10 minutes ago

    Weed is worse than spice and cocaine thanks live pd🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Flynn Lives cmd
    Flynn Lives cmd 10 minutes ago

    Wow warwick has another sgt besides Curley? That guy is everywhere like LT Greyson Kennedy

  • Dems Suck
    Dems Suck 11 minutes ago

    you can NEVER change an arrogant blacks attitude, they only understand violence.

    GTA.ORIGINAL 11 minutes ago

    8am toking it up doing the daily

  • Backroad Joe
    Backroad Joe 15 minutes ago

    Hella sad, shes really pretty too. That’ll fly out the window if she continues using for 5/10 more years

  • Bambino
    Bambino 15 minutes ago


  • Jmaxboom
    Jmaxboom 15 minutes ago

    Officer : "Oh my God, I need a vacation", priceless.

  • StevieDee
    StevieDee 16 minutes ago

    That’s not the job for this dude he has no StreetSmarts whatsoever no wonder there’s a hit on him!

  • Robby Carr
    Robby Carr 16 minutes ago

    dude was legit the happiest dude on earth.

  • Yyyyzyyy
    Yyyyzyyy 17 minutes ago

    That cop looks like Ralphie May's significantly healthier brother

  • Backroad Joe
    Backroad Joe 18 minutes ago

    19 years old and her voice sounds like she’s a 55y/o everyday smoker

  • Max Zhao
    Max Zhao 18 minutes ago

    Hopefully, in the future 911 will be able to transfer the calls back to Chinese 110.

  • Robby Carr
    Robby Carr 18 minutes ago

    bro you live in west texas, if you need cash that bad just get your CDL and work at the oil field

  • Abdullah Jarushi
    Abdullah Jarushi 20 minutes ago

    Anyone have any info on Ms. Virgina ? Any details. Address. Number etc ... I’m a type 1 diabetic myself and I run a free program to help type 1 diabetics manage blood sugar levels, carb counting, etc. please if anyone knows her dets. Message me !!

  • Anairdyej Onaimat
    Anairdyej Onaimat 20 minutes ago

    So if your loved on tries to swallow some dope "STOP he doesn't have anything" Girl stfu do you want him to die? Wtf!?

  • Coins & Collectables
    Coins & Collectables 21 minute ago

    Why the fake sirens

  • tyedye 28304
    tyedye 28304 22 minutes ago

    Tell tale signs of meth heads. Skin scale, skinny and bad decisions.

  • Charlie W
    Charlie W 22 minutes ago

    You are traveling, to Jail.

  • Vincent Ciccarone
    Vincent Ciccarone 26 minutes ago

    9:18 hey could someone explain why officers often touch the rear of the car like this before talking to the driver ?

  • Yyyyzyyy
    Yyyyzyyy 27 minutes ago

    Welcome to equality :)

  • Carlena Gomez
    Carlena Gomez 27 minutes ago

    Sad I remember him back in 6th grade.

  • Ashley Glasgow
    Ashley Glasgow 27 minutes ago

    It’s sad when you know or grow up with every single person in this video (officers and offenders) lmao wakulla is too small and it’s always the same offenders over and over again every week.

  • Jason Z
    Jason Z 28 minutes ago

    “Obey me or go to jail” what great police training

  • Zack M
    Zack M 28 minutes ago

    So his job is to arrest service members? Why is he patrolling on base?

  • Wormimo
    Wormimo 34 minutes ago

    Lol that aint no pound xD little kid protecting that half with a gun gtfo xD

  • Redstool
    Redstool 35 minutes ago

    A simple condom would have prevented all this😩

  • Tammy Ruggles
    Tammy Ruggles 36 minutes ago

    New to Live PD. Do they ever show child protection investigators in the shows? I was one for 10 years, and it would be interesting to see our involvement, but would have to do something about the confidential aspect of things, like blur out faces.

  • Mal Buckets
    Mal Buckets 37 minutes ago

    How do they get they nails done in jail.

  • hallow point slugz
    hallow point slugz 37 minutes ago

    The cop straight up lied to him 😂 I don't think he's getting released right away on a burglary warrant there's possibilities that he can get bailed out unless it's a no bail warrant

  • Kyle Wren
    Kyle Wren 37 minutes ago

    "Ive storted cocaine", "you've done only marijuana?"

  • Michael Jackson. Thriller

    Pink must be his favorite color

  • Smash Radio 1fm
    Smash Radio 1fm 39 minutes ago

    Who else thought it was messed uo when keke said I hop she die to her mother

  • patrick elwood
    patrick elwood 39 minutes ago

    Bring my cigarettes!!

  • Damian Ryan
    Damian Ryan 40 minutes ago

    "come here boy' anyone else catch that?

  • Lorewalker Choo M. D.
    Lorewalker Choo M. D. 41 minute ago

    Struggling to break into mainstream relevance, therefore in desperate need of an award? BETTER CALL SAUL

  • Cathryn Hill
    Cathryn Hill 42 minutes ago


  • Austin Norflet
    Austin Norflet 43 minutes ago

    that girl snitched u tf out bro thats how they found yo dumb ass...u see her face when he asked howd u find me?

  • KingDiaz210
    KingDiaz210 45 minutes ago

    You are officially a dead man walking 😆

  • Lorewalker Choo M. D.
    Lorewalker Choo M. D. 46 minutes ago

    You can even hear the cheer for Bob being slightly louder.

  • #YangGang 2020
    #YangGang 2020 47 minutes ago


  • Yyyyzyyy
    Yyyyzyyy 48 minutes ago

    "I live in jail." Hey man, don't we all.

  • Joan Pashinsky-Greve
    Joan Pashinsky-Greve 48 minutes ago

    I would have kept those kids in the room with the inmates I think those kids thought it was a big game there not scared because there going home keep them in there for a whole day and night show them the real deal

  • Marc Britt
    Marc Britt 48 minutes ago

    “You’re actually under arrest, ok?” “Can I actually ask why?”

  • CyanideTV
    CyanideTV 50 minutes ago

    Which way? Dat way

  • Black Sea
    Black Sea 51 minute ago

    4:29 LOL I thought that was Kevin Durant for a second!!!!

  • Wyatt Blinn
    Wyatt Blinn 52 minutes ago

    florida man

  • Ahmed Hashem
    Ahmed Hashem 53 minutes ago

    Pink cuffs

  • Backroad Joe
    Backroad Joe 53 minutes ago

    Says she bangs blood, does suwoop call. Lol wut

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane 53 minutes ago

    What a joke!!! He is a total moron!!!!

  • Yyyyzyyy
    Yyyyzyyy 54 minutes ago

    She has severe Trump Derangement Syndrome. Or paranoid schizophrenia. But hey, they're basically the same thing.

  • Ben Nupp
    Ben Nupp 54 minutes ago

    Are you dumb, or just stupid?

  • 26th ENT
    26th ENT 55 minutes ago

    Thst poor cat looks bad

  • 26th ENT
    26th ENT 56 minutes ago

    Im dead

  • arr0w user
    arr0w user 57 minutes ago

    The nigro kid is not scared lol. Came here in Philippines I can show you how to get scared nigro.

  • Qцёєи Bёє
    Qцёєи Bёє Hour ago

    Well I was feeling bad for her until...

  • Michelle Stockham

    I ju st wanted to smell good

  • lorey Thato
    lorey Thato Hour ago

    abner is full of himself

  • Chris Tian
    Chris Tian Hour ago

    Good job ESE!!

  • Zaltic
    Zaltic Hour ago

    I love when they have Crown vics in these episodes

  • Age Hernandez
    Age Hernandez Hour ago

    Beans is tweakin.

  • Phil Menzies
    Phil Menzies Hour ago

    Whats with the dude in the background @3:31 and @3:40 + ? Looks like a bystander ready to play the race card

  • mathew otilah
    mathew otilah Hour ago

    Hope this is introduced in Kenyan jails

  • Enrique Sotomayor


  • Ashkasha Hija
    Ashkasha Hija Hour ago

    why is assault legal in prison

  • Melanie fans
    Melanie fans Hour ago

    I love how in prison they have sassy chicks PERIODT!

  • Ashkasha Hija
    Ashkasha Hija Hour ago

    i love how assault is legal i prison

  • Whoop De Whoop
    Whoop De Whoop Hour ago

    i was waiting on u at the door.

  • Jmaxboom
    Jmaxboom Hour ago

    6 warrants, Zero worries, lots of floss.

  • Nick E
    Nick E Hour ago

    She should be the spokesperson of Sobriety and the power you have to change

  • MadnaPlays
    MadnaPlays Hour ago

    8 grams and he gets a citation??this must have been in Colorado or Cali, if that happened in SC he so would have been jailed.

  • Tidwell
    Tidwell Hour ago

    Why is it that the drunks always say they ain't drunk. Alcohol kills

  • Flynn Lives cmd
    Flynn Lives cmd Hour ago

    Female cop is acting like one of those drama hungry annoying pedestrians that try too hard to help the cop.

  • Nick E
    Nick E Hour ago

    Zach, like I said Die or get clean....that was the choices. I'm glad you picked the latter, I didn't think you and Whitney would be together after this, if you are in a Relationship and both use or codependent it generally can't last because the 1 thing you you have in common with each other is the 1 thing you are trying to let go of.Congrats on Sobriety, now be what that little boy needs.

  • Flynn Lives cmd
    Flynn Lives cmd Hour ago

    The extent that people go through to scam an extra burger. Companies need to stop bowing down to that because a customer gets "mad" and giving them what they want. Cause now everyone does it. Oooh bed bugs i want a free room "Uuh ma'am this is a new hotel, no ones ever been in that room" Oh....

  • Doggo N
    Doggo N Hour ago

    Thank you for the 🍰🍰 troopers😋😂

  • Tania John
    Tania John Hour ago

    It’s her car

  • Juan Argomaniz
    Juan Argomaniz Hour ago

    Instead of buying crystal meth you should had bought hygiene products

  • Yvngizzi
    Yvngizzi Hour ago

    Hate those kind of cops

  • cardin nelson
    cardin nelson Hour ago

    "Which one ya want!!!"

  • Doggo N
    Doggo N Hour ago

    And there it is....

  • Marquita Ivory
    Marquita Ivory Hour ago

    This boy said I'm about to vomit I'm dead asl😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rye
    Rye Hour ago

    the last clip, they definitely hid something, no consent to search then made a comment like "i don't know if he hid anything but i'm not being responsible" guess they got lucky

  • Christina Rudloff

    The kid actually died of an od. Sad...

  • I am the father
    I am the father Hour ago

    Needs 30 seconds hear him talking to understand he's the definition of trash.

  • Doggo N
    Doggo N Hour ago

    Guy: *on the ground looking like thanos* Me: what in the name of Ironman

  • Blaxican
    Blaxican Hour ago

    GORDO 40 YEARS: "The World is coming to an end and you don't want to be in here when it does." FACTS.