The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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  • Stealth Attack
    Stealth Attack 4 hours ago

    Hahahahaha You ought to be careful when referencing Lord of the Rings around Stephen.

  • Austin White
    Austin White 4 hours ago

    Jimmy Carter is the only Christian President who still practices the Faith as it should be.

  • luci fer diablo
    luci fer diablo 4 hours ago

    hows stephen gonna snatch that woman's hat on tv

  • TroyCandy 8626
    TroyCandy 8626 4 hours ago

    Only 1 donor, because no one else wants him.

  • Mike Tracy
    Mike Tracy 4 hours ago

    Bernie's record is a guy who now owns 4 expensive homes and is also a multi millionaire. How many working families has be allowed to live in 3 of his vacant homes?

  • Aaackermann
    Aaackermann 4 hours ago

    Never saw Colbert nerdier! Loved it!

  • Francisco Apolinário

    Lefters are cringe

  • Randall Dixon
    Randall Dixon 4 hours ago

    What in the hell is wrong with your ear?

  • Wolffsrain
    Wolffsrain 4 hours ago

    I don't understand how this video has so many likes, yet most of the comments are negative.

  • LegitMex 14
    LegitMex 14 4 hours ago

    He looks like Rick Grimes lmao

  • Gerard Ferry
    Gerard Ferry 4 hours ago

    the first time i saw her name i thought it said sore arse, just assumed it was Gaelic for something else like tree or something

  • MintSodaPop
    MintSodaPop 4 hours ago

    1:52 YES THANK YOU FOR DISCUSSION! Here's looking at you ted bundy "stans" - HE. IS. A. MURDERER. STOP.

  • Dennis Lafferty
    Dennis Lafferty 4 hours ago

    In my opinion, Adam Driver's performance as Kylo Ren is the best thing about the sequel trilogy.

  • Anynymous
    Anynymous 4 hours ago

    Yu saku Mae zawa

  • Pizza 4Breakfast
    Pizza 4Breakfast 4 hours ago

    The Fox? Is that you?

  • Altrunchen
    Altrunchen 4 hours ago

    Wait...Biggie was a rapper...why is he in the Rock and Roll hall of fame?

  • Randall Stafford
    Randall Stafford 4 hours ago

    Robert Deniro is a man child classless punk and nothing more, an actor that loves to spew out unintelligent remarks out of his geriatric pie hole! The guy if was exposed to teal tough guys like he plays in the movies would cry like a little girl!

  • Kirra Adams
    Kirra Adams 4 hours ago

    He's still got it! Adapted to his current chapter of life, but still with such heart, funk, and groove! He simply can't do a bad version of this song!

  • JTuaim
    JTuaim 4 hours ago

    I'd bet Putin had a hand in this.

  • 임진후
    임진후 5 hours ago

    Legend says it that Peter Sarsgard was the first born of Stone Skarsgard.

  • Canis Poetam
    Canis Poetam 5 hours ago

    After that performance my doggerel seems quite pale . . . but here it is anyway: Donald J. Trump is a Chump! A simpering, limp wristed fist pump! And the Children, so fair, without ever a care, are Drips from the same, syphilitic dry hump! .

  • Ownstradamus
    Ownstradamus 5 hours ago

    When he get traded from the rhinos

  • woken broken
    woken broken 5 hours ago

    Truth in plain sight.

  • Randall Stafford
    Randall Stafford 5 hours ago

    So are all of you prepared to fork out your money to pay for this hacks programs? No, then put your money where your mouth is, up Bernies arse!

  • R Romo
    R Romo 5 hours ago

    Loser. #MAGA

  • Laposky 9 walexy
    Laposky 9 walexy 5 hours ago


  • stevet92
    stevet92 5 hours ago

    Trump 2020 no more dumocrats ever

  • Judi Bickford
    Judi Bickford 5 hours ago

    I ADORE Colbert but Oliver is a bit of a prick.

  • Kolleen Conley
    Kolleen Conley 5 hours ago

    Bloomberg trying to buy the election.

  • deborah ryan
    deborah ryan 5 hours ago

    Remember you guys have to vote for him in real life not just in youtube comments!!

  • Tasman Millen
    Tasman Millen 5 hours ago

    That opening was one of the best in quite a while. I thought they were getting a bit repetitive, and then this appeared. Comedy GOLD

  • lev0n3241968
    lev0n3241968 5 hours ago

    Get back in line or we'll all do time! Love it! 😆

  • Dr. Red Pill
    Dr. Red Pill 5 hours ago

    Chris Wallace is Deep State BTW. Look at his behavior with Trump during the 2016 debates. Look at his horse poop coverage of anything Trump. Chris Wallace = Deep State Scumbag

  • April Kim
    April Kim 5 hours ago

    I love his teeth 😫

  • Dr. Red Pill
    Dr. Red Pill 5 hours ago

    Chris Wallace is Deep State BTW. Look at his behavior with Trump during the 2016 debates. Look at his horse poop coverage of anything Trump. Chris Wallace = Deep State Scumbag

  • Will Hiegel
    Will Hiegel 5 hours ago

    the kid next to Triumph when he was next to Ted Cruz 😂

  • Will Hiegel
    Will Hiegel 5 hours ago

    way waY wAY WAY more than the zodiac killer

  • Ellen Ripley
    Ellen Ripley 5 hours ago


  • cranberrywb100
    cranberrywb100 5 hours ago

    So is that side profile a very Swedish thing cause he definitely looked like Pewdiepie in the thumbnail

  • Andethidial bubabibub

    Denying reality is his job..

  • Patrick
    Patrick 5 hours ago

    glassiest eyes ever

  • Kaiju Queen
    Kaiju Queen 5 hours ago

    Stephen becomes so unrelatable when he makes fun of Bernie for his age and policies. Im sorry man but trying to get your followers to hate on him so that you won't have to pay for their medicare is just not a good look. We get it, you're rich and this wont benefit you.

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 5 hours ago

    Pretty good, Colbert... that musical department is pretty genius too

  • Crushi .Music, Art & Love.

    I read Harry Potter, that doesn't make his world reality... the bible is the same. Crushi - 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 +

  • Ana Paola Amador Catalan

    what's the H?

  • Nefferti Kessa
    Nefferti Kessa 5 hours ago


  • Cris Cross
    Cris Cross 5 hours ago

    Whatever happened to the Comedy Central Stephen Colbert???

  • Aaron Truth TV
    Aaron Truth TV 5 hours ago

    He's ProTrump

  • CarlKrammity
    CarlKrammity 5 hours ago

    He is literally the only person who leaves Colbert speechless and blushing

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez 5 hours ago

    In h.s it would be a love interest over my space.

  • Bellus C
    Bellus C 5 hours ago

    ”At what point do I put on the pink floyd”🤣😂🤣 I love this guy😂

  • Ghulam Abbasi
    Ghulam Abbasi 5 hours ago

    Bernie is far better with the people who are completely for poor working people.

  • Dennis Lafferty
    Dennis Lafferty 5 hours ago

    Loved him as Kylo Ren, and I'm sure this film will be good too. He's also getting much better at interviews.

  • L T
    L T 5 hours ago

    this is funny

  • Virginia Brazier
    Virginia Brazier 5 hours ago

    He's a RAPIST with a long history of serial sexual abuse on multiple women. According to our research and actual SCIENCE such a person is incapable of genuine remorse. Their lack of empathy makes it impossible to feel how they've horrifically hurt another human being. Why is this man getting any air time and publicity which ultimately benefits his wealth and power? It's Monica who has paid and continues to pay for what happened. Where's her national late night interview, book deal, and second chance to be known for something beyond the subject of Clinton's predatory abuse of power. I'm disappointed that Colbert took time to entertain these crocodile tears.

    MemesREDACTED 5 hours ago

    He just called Al Capone "Al Pacino"

  • sammimitsu
    sammimitsu 5 hours ago

    A Christ is for life, not just for Dogmas.

  • anik monette
    anik monette 5 hours ago

    I watched several of these and I still don't get it... I mean, the OK Boomer meme. Yes, I know. It has been explained multiple times but the fuss about it is so stupid that I can't even!

  • Elvira-Irina Reisinger

    Where is baby Yoda to force chain Trump to a tree and throw him into the Bermuda triangle

  • Kate L
    Kate L 5 hours ago

    That last line - YES!!!!!!! I want to see you be a part of the next administration making sure we are paid for the data companies take from us and helping ensure tighter cyber security for our data!!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain 5 hours ago

    I heard trump was the god father of lies he earn it.

    XXLSSBBW 5 hours ago

    So does this mean that Hank Azaria is going to stop doing the voice of Carl Carlson and Lou? Two black characters in the show.

  • Aurélio Miguel Toassi Sanchez Fernandes

    Oohhh Man, great questions here. Loved this interview. Greets from Brazil!

  • Aarouna Sandse
    Aarouna Sandse 5 hours ago

    2:55 🔥🔥🔥

  • Drummer boy
    Drummer boy 5 hours ago


  • Имя Фамилия


  • Izzy Stradlin
    Izzy Stradlin 5 hours ago

    Damn. I thought he meant "I said 'Something wrong?' now I long for yesterday" not, "I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday".

  • david webb
    david webb 5 hours ago

    This Is Late Show!!!

  • Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

    Captain "Sorehead" Sully got $Millions for landing a jet plane on water in his box-office debut. My friend also a commercial jet pilot said: I'll land the plane for much less and at the airport. I'll take that flight.

  • Avis Tumpkin
    Avis Tumpkin 5 hours ago

    The U.S.of America is great and will remain great. Nobody is greater then our constitution amendments rights. No one can take credit of how the Lord has blessed America without the help of a single person. Professional people has fought hard and long for our success. We must be able to freeze all unqualified people from taking judges seats. And impeach Mitch McConnell the crim reaper.

  • b smith
    b smith 5 hours ago

    carter said trump is a illegal president. he was at the carter center when asked about trump

  • Yasmine Hafsi
    Yasmine Hafsi 6 hours ago

    Omg he'd awesome 😂

  • P Zak
    P Zak 6 hours ago

    Bill I never had sex with that woman clinton should be the one in jail

  • SandyRiverBlue
    SandyRiverBlue 6 hours ago

    The reason that they had to push it to the next day is because nobody'd done any research as to what was the formal way of receiving the articles of impeachment. Literally like telling your in-laws to go away and come back tomorrow because the house is a mess.

  • Bubbs Pelch #thecigarbum

    The fake FAUl

  • P Zak
    P Zak 6 hours ago

    They cant beat him at the ballot box or the economy or the markets so they are getting desperate now.

  • Eli Badash
    Eli Badash 6 hours ago

    Michael jakson vibes. AMAZING!

  • Pjay Pender
    Pjay Pender 6 hours ago

    Starsky and Hutch didn't drive Chargers. They both drove Fords. Starsky's iconic "striped tomato" was a Ford Torino.

  • Robert Corona
    Robert Corona 6 hours ago

    CNN sucks

  • Michelle Flynn
    Michelle Flynn 6 hours ago

    I like this Jeff Yang guy 😂. I think I’ll jump on the #yanggang train! After all, he’s the only Dem candidate still standing who is under the age of 70!

  • Susan Admyers
    Susan Admyers 6 hours ago

    They took my statement, that's why, people can't stand her, the truth is hidden From statement with facts removed, 30 second s ago

  • Ms. Vee
    Ms. Vee 6 hours ago

    Traitor president is an imposter, why the hell would you wanna murder your Own American ambassador for putin.

  • therealeggplant
    therealeggplant 6 hours ago

    Hader's laughter at .25x sounds like a seagull

  • Dave Gebo
    Dave Gebo 6 hours ago

    I think the next most popular profession in the future is going to be Psychiatry. The GOP Base is going to need all the psychiatric help they can get when Trump gets out of office.

  • photopicker
    photopicker 6 hours ago

    Yang is the kind of candidate Republicans loathe. He's honest, intelligent, and believes in Americans first.

  • Cameron Whitehead
    Cameron Whitehead 6 hours ago


  • Szucs Laszlo
    Szucs Laszlo 6 hours ago


  • Cornelia Yoder
    Cornelia Yoder 6 hours ago

    Sure convinced me not to bother with the new Bond film. I'd die in 7 days from watching it.

  • Robert Corona
    Robert Corona 6 hours ago

    Any Posada Your campaign manager Sat in board of a Russian company Ran by the Kremlin!!

  • Marcy Brown
    Marcy Brown 6 hours ago

    she's a completely stupid woman...appointed by President Drumph....

  • Garrett Mancuso
    Garrett Mancuso 6 hours ago

    Anyone else remember the tortoise episode of =3 ?