Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • CyberviewU
    CyberviewU 3 hours ago

    Tebow scored 34 times in his first 549 touches, passing or rushing in 2010/2012. Jackson has scored 36 times in 711 touches in his career. Are you ready? Tebow was 22.6% more efficient at scoring per touch in his first 16 games of playing time, from the beginning through the Steelers playoff game, than Jackson has been in his first 17 starts. In 2018, Brady scored 31 times in 593 touches and won the super bowl. Tebow scored 34 times in 549 touches in his first 16 games of playing time. They both threw a TD every 19.6 attempts. Tebow threw longer passes with fewer catches and scored just as often per attempt as Brady. Tebow scored rushing every 11.6 carries. Tebow was 19% more efficient at scoring per touch than Brady was in 2018. In 2010, Peyton Manning scored 33 TDs with 17 Ints in 697 touches Tim Tebow was 21% more efficient at scoring per touch than Manning in 2010/2011. No team in the NFL wanted a QB that could outscore Brady and Manning in fewer passes and carries in his first 16 games of playing time. Did they hate the mention of Jesus that much? First 3 games Rookie season. Tebow was the fastest scoring QB in the NFL in 2010 with 11 TDS in 125 touches. He ranked 1st for TDs per completion and 5th for TDs per attempt with a 50% completion percentage because he was throwing 16 yards per completion.

  • 4waybutIm3way Peezy
    4waybutIm3way Peezy 3 hours ago

    I think it was mason Rudolph fought even though I don’t condone him getting hit in the head , but he definitely started it

  • Ez Ng33
    Ez Ng33 3 hours ago

    Now 6-4 Shannon hater bruh

  • Chris Renshaw
    Chris Renshaw 4 hours ago

    Shannon’s arugement is weak just trying to change the narrative

  • Kelvin Minter
    Kelvin Minter 4 hours ago

    Did anyone see Mason Rudolph try to take off Myles Garrett helmet and twist his head to the side no one saw that that is where the Anger came from watch the film you will see it

    BLACK JACK 4 hours ago

    YEAH YEAH YEAHHH! (Mr. Sharp) Like the broncos and raiders never fought.... 😂

  • shawnmajicwand
    shawnmajicwand 4 hours ago

    Why ESPN always trying to compare people

  • George Ditto
    George Ditto 4 hours ago

    George Lopez does not know wtf he is talking about lmfao!

  • Gino Lorenzo
    Gino Lorenzo 4 hours ago

    knucklehead should of been arrested for assault with a weapon

  • John Minx
    John Minx 4 hours ago

    Skip is full of it.... Always kissing kawis feet... Sad.

  • sly angler
    sly angler 4 hours ago

    Man, that's a fly Gold Chain Skip is wearing. Is that a playboy bunny?

  • D L
    D L 5 hours ago

    Rudolph should file charges and sue. It is the only to stop such animal behavior which is what Garrett exhibited.

  • Horatio Mitchell
    Horatio Mitchell 5 hours ago

    So we're just going to forget that Mason rushed him, when Decosta was holding him back..... Oh.... I know why.....

  • Bryan Cortez
    Bryan Cortez 5 hours ago

    Shannon trying to say Pinot noir lmao

  • reyes adrian daniel
    reyes adrian daniel 5 hours ago

    Skiup - Zion is gonna be a monster . Injured before the regular season starts omg

  • CJ
    CJ 5 hours ago

    Lebron is better. Ask Chris Broussard

  • Caleb Tarter
    Caleb Tarter 5 hours ago

    Playing the race card and saying he said somthing about his mom. That's a pretty big stretch Skip. Smh

  • D Cho
    D Cho 5 hours ago

    Alex Smith is the most underrated QB in the NFL. I’m not even a 49ers, Redskins or Chiefs fan but facts are facts. But Skip is right though, Alex is more of a tier 2 QB which is still pretty great. Just for his sake though, I do wish he would get at least 1 Super Bowl ring before he finish his career. 😊

  • Mister Clutch
    Mister Clutch 5 hours ago

    LeBron' record... Which is Tainted.... TAINTED!

  • Lloyd Hinshelwood
    Lloyd Hinshelwood 5 hours ago

    Barry Bonds is the greatest hitter of all time batting in the hardest era. Not like Ruth play g only against bums and no black people in the early part of the 20th century.

  • Moco Fatal
    Moco Fatal 5 hours ago

    This even being topic is the definition of white privilege 😂. Cmon fs1 this is pathetic

  • Ryan Friesen
    Ryan Friesen 5 hours ago

    and then they handled the eagles with ease in philly, greatest d in the league.

  • Ryan Friesen
    Ryan Friesen 5 hours ago

    we can all agree that the squeelers are the worst team in football.

  • Mister Clutch
    Mister Clutch 5 hours ago

    Skip got you on this one, Shannon.... Keep it consistent. Let's go Rockets!

  • David Barr
    David Barr 5 hours ago

    As long as he leaves Grandma's wardrobe in Carolina.

  • Matt Young
    Matt Young 5 hours ago

    He should be charged with assault.

  • Jacque Salas
    Jacque Salas 5 hours ago

    I expected Skip to crucify Myles but he's basically trying to justify him and that's pathetic

  • Ronnie Campbell
    Ronnie Campbell 5 hours ago

    You SERIOUS Shannon??? ....(Shannon): 4:32

  • Johnny Young
    Johnny Young 5 hours ago

    Mason Rudolph pulled Myles Garrett helmet first...while he was on the ground...that is what started it all...

  • Abraham Jackson
    Abraham Jackson 5 hours ago

    Tim Tebow ,COULD NOT READ A DEFENSE........That's facts......

  • Anthony Mosley
    Anthony Mosley 6 hours ago

    If this had you “shocked and shaken” then you’re a pu$$y. Period. No injuries, but yet it’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen on a football field. Ive seen worse on a high school football field. Grow up, man up, then shut the f¥ck up and stop trying to make never ending drama over every lil thing that happens. And let’s see b!tch a$$ Rudolph charge Garrett without two lineman holding him back... never gonna happen. Drama queens give the best head so Sharpe and Skip need to go suck a d!ck. You’re welcome for my take and my advice.

  • Witteny Cineus
    Witteny Cineus 6 hours ago

    Here is my question. If someone hit you on the nuts and you took their weapons from that individual and knock him out unconcious what woul happen if you go to court. Would they call it self defense. I know what Garrett did was wrong, I am not even going to compare it to what I wrote above, but come on. He needs to be suspend it 4 games, maybe 5 and get back to his team and the QB needs to be suspended too, like 2 games.

  • Randy
    Randy 6 hours ago

    The first time I watched a video for Undisputed, never doing it again, they didn’t even stay on topic. Talked about Houston for like 1-2 minutes in this 11!! Minute video

  • nico atillo
    nico atillo 6 hours ago

    Harold Miner never played for the Clippers

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez 6 hours ago

    Can't believe I'm gonna say this but ... I'll be okay if Jay Cutler comes back ... With the defense we have and the throws jay can make at least we won't be A JOKE AS A FOITBALL TEAM ... THIS IS REALLY SAD FOOTBALL... CHICAGO IS A JOKE IN THE NFL .. SANFRANCISCO BETTER ? I MEAN COME ON CHICAGO 😑

    RAMSES II 6 hours ago

    Clearly the majority of the so-called "Americans" are whites or uncle Tom.

    RAMSES II 6 hours ago

    Clearly Jin Brown is an uncle Tom.

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez 6 hours ago


    RAMSES II 6 hours ago

    Clearly Snoop Dogg is an uncle Tom.

  • Eddie Rosa
    Eddie Rosa 6 hours ago

    Why pull that qb down to the ground like that I mean cat it's over game is won you had him why the extra slam,imo bye to miles Garrett,go join the xfl coming soon

  • Eddie Rosa
    Eddie Rosa 6 hours ago

    Dude should be kicked from the league it's that simple

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 6 hours ago

    2019: The SUNS?!

  • CJ Key
    CJ Key 6 hours ago

    What doors did Tim Tebow open??? I’m confused

  • Andy Burgdorf
    Andy Burgdorf 6 hours ago

    Why was Mason Rudolph trying to rip Myles Garrett's helmet off? Yes Myles Garrett reacted to the assault by a player that the league will protect because of the position he plays. Yes he should be punished very severely but look at what happened and suspend Mason Rudolph as well for 1 game for his role in the incident.

  • Da Mao
    Da Mao 6 hours ago

    he will be an aggressive fighter. meaning, he won't run like you know who.

  • Carver Bradley
    Carver Bradley 6 hours ago

    the only reason lamar and tebow should be mentioned in the same paragraph is if it’s a comparison between a good and bad 1st round pick

  • dylan peritz
    dylan peritz 6 hours ago

    skip is a no life. all he does is watch sports. what a nerd

  • allpar300_ M
    allpar300_ M 6 hours ago

    How ironic in 2019 both RG3 and Andrew Luck is out of the the NFL due to injury.

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 7 hours ago

    Why all the trapsy questions?

  • AJ Weimer
    AJ Weimer 7 hours ago

    I wanna hear about whether or not the Lakers are a super team ¿

  • Revbone450
    Revbone450 7 hours ago

    If I was a coach in the league I would pay out the nose to get Shannon Sharpe on my staff.

  • Ruben Llamas
    Ruben Llamas 7 hours ago

    Kobe is clutch of all time

  • Zamiul Haque
    Zamiul Haque 7 hours ago

    Broussard is the only sensible guy there.

  • Preme Supreme
    Preme Supreme 7 hours ago


    STEPHEN JOHNSON 7 hours ago

    “Ol Timex Bron” 😂😂

  • Sean Fallo
    Sean Fallo 7 hours ago

    Lamar Jackson is a better Qb than Kap. Keep it simple

  • Chris Renshaw
    Chris Renshaw 7 hours ago

    Shannon is pathetic

  • thehawks33
    thehawks33 7 hours ago

    I think jordan is the best basketballer but tom brady is the best NFL winner qnd player. MJ Is more skilled in his sport but brady is like the Best at his sport Its hard to explain

  • bredbox1
    bredbox1 7 hours ago

    I was a great player, but not a great teammate. Thats the best statement you can make

  • Ibraheem Rao
    Ibraheem Rao 7 hours ago

    Bill Belichick a.k.a. THE HOODIE.

  • Ibraheem Rao
    Ibraheem Rao 7 hours ago

    And WHAT happened when Tim played Tom and Bill in the playoffs on the road.

  • m bell
    m bell 7 hours ago

    I think both players shld be reprimanded....

  • MrSwj2009 ____
    MrSwj2009 ____ 7 hours ago

    What they don't understand is that the Ravens have adopted a college football style offense. NFL organizations for the most part are very stuck in the conventional pro football mantra. Ravens offense have introduced a disruptive quarterbacking model for the NFL. Time to scout for more Lamar Jacksons.

  • Ibraheem Rao
    Ibraheem Rao 7 hours ago

    Lamar Jackson a.k.a. Jukin Jackson.

  • Big Wheel
    Big Wheel 7 hours ago

    He’s was right. Look at him now.

  • TheMrProtocol
    TheMrProtocol 7 hours ago

    I miss Joy. Jenny is good, but Joy...

  • Matthew Johnston
    Matthew Johnston 7 hours ago

    Suppressed Mason Rudolph got nothing out of this. You could tell he tried to pull off the helmet first.

  • maximus78028
    maximus78028 7 hours ago

    I’m with what’s his name except the cause point implying the NFL doesn’t believe there are instances of police brutality. The issue is very very very simple, he chose to protest “basically” the whole country by taking a knee during the anthem. If he would stand but make nite of police brutality at press conferences at the end of interviews, NFL would probably let it go and most people would too. 2) it’s like when two men fighting and one gets knocked out, most people say well that was a fair fight and he lost. However, when one goes to kick the unconscious man in the head he now becomes the bad guy. Even if he were justified at the start point. See Kap. Had a legit fight he could engage in, but he started with trying to kick his foe in the head in a boxing match. Lastly, please stop pretending his skills hadn’t fell off from his super bowl year.

  • Shawn Newcomer
    Shawn Newcomer 7 hours ago

    Looking like Don Bayleone

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby 7 hours ago


  • Turtle Island LAC
    Turtle Island LAC 7 hours ago

    Skip has always liked the pretty boy QBs. Brady, Romo, Tebow.

  • Deebaby Grant
    Deebaby Grant 7 hours ago

    Rudolph tried to pull Garrett's helmet first

  • Daily Meme
    Daily Meme 8 hours ago

    Skip is a coke head

  • Panzerkampfwagen 1
    Panzerkampfwagen 1 8 hours ago

    Lol I think lebron just tweeted “who knows a good place for pizza” and this random pizza place that’s desperate for attention independently tweeted “free pizza giveaway to welcome lebron to la” I don’t think any promises were made

  • matt lopez
    matt lopez 8 hours ago

    If the rockets can take them to seven games, this conversation is over.

  • TraeRashaadKing Films

    Here after Ravens Beat Texans Too... Thank You Greg Jennings! #RavenFlock #BigTruss

  • jakethesnake2024
    jakethesnake2024 8 hours ago

    Skip gotta grow a mustache if he’s gonna try and sport that giddyup

  • Jazz Travis
    Jazz Travis 8 hours ago

    Skipp tell BaldanannJames. Juinor. That LeBron is playing against people whi are way smaller than him. So. He can say it's. The same. LeBron is playing al. With no. Resistance. At all its a. So a soft soft soft. NBA.

  • Ken Li
    Ken Li 8 hours ago

    Cane in the league when he was 15. Hahahaha

  • Ken Li
    Ken Li 8 hours ago

    Hair line

  • Mikel Keith
    Mikel Keith 8 hours ago

    Everybody knows that Lamar Jackson should have been the number one overall pick who should of won the Heisman twice ,but nepotism , politics, and unfortunately racial factors always must enter the equation when it comes to these kind decisions,

  • P- Star7
    P- Star7 8 hours ago

    I believe skip did watch it 75times lol

  • B1Kobe0824
    B1Kobe0824 8 hours ago

    Classic rookie thinking on Ric's part. So when the Lakers had a poor team beat Championship Golden State early on did that mean GSW had no chance? 🤷‍♂️ Nope Clippers may have beaten this new Laker team early on but what's been happening with the Clippers lately? They've been showing some holes in their armor. And I've seen this before where the Clippers had a promising looking team and some traitors were ready to crown the 0 title Clippers the "new" team for Los Angeles (🤣). And what happened? Not a damn thing. They made it the playoffs finally and the outcome was they still lost.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 8 hours ago

    Skip Bayless was suspended indefinitely for that black turtleneck and gold chain.

  • David Goff
    David Goff 8 hours ago

    Racism is all around this world. I was a white minority in my neighborhood and schools and I was assaulted by white and black police officers. I will march, wear a tshirt or bracelet or donate to this or any cause and I know its not about the flag, but I can't stomach the sight of anyone kneeling during our anthem. Weather they are white, brown , yellow or black. I understand what our troops fight for our rights to do so. I feel the same way with all these ANTIFA people who are mostly white. This country is far from perfect and there are things that I don't agree with, but we have to stand united. I wish they would stop calling it black history month. Don't isolate, like its amazing for black people. They are part of this country and its history and should be recognized like every historian.

  • The brain
    The brain 8 hours ago

    Cam should go to San Diego because Phillip rivers is trash

  • Chef Wacko
    Chef Wacko 8 hours ago

    Skip:Hhmmm 😂😂😂

  • Sagatuppercut SF2
    Sagatuppercut SF2 8 hours ago

    Even if Mason called Myles a n____r, that is not an excuse to use a helmet to bash another player's brains out.

  • mrbizmarky1
    mrbizmarky1 8 hours ago

    2 words! Lyle alzado!

    SHAFT MOSLEY 9 hours ago

    He kicked that man in his nuts. Thats assault

  • Carol Christiansen
    Carol Christiansen 9 hours ago

    Kap’s girl friend let the team know what to expect if they hired him. He already had enough baggage. But this let everyone know they were going to keep feeling the bag with more . Instead of making this about his talent .

  • ObscuredBy Clouds
    ObscuredBy Clouds 9 hours ago

    Kawhi will win more rings than LeBron at the end of the day, but he will never NEVER be close to as great a player as LeBron. hOrRy hAs MoRe RiNgS tHaN JoRdAn

  • Carol Christiansen
    Carol Christiansen 9 hours ago

    Kap’s decision to disrespect is what cost him. His cause was just.

  • oriolephan
    oriolephan 9 hours ago

    1:46 So 6 wins by week 11?

  • Star Light Star Bright

    Anyone know WHY this happened? Something had to happened before the fight.

  • construct apex
    construct apex 9 hours ago

    2019 birds aint the same

  • Dontyu worrie
    Dontyu worrie 9 hours ago

    Thank heaven he explained where the hard part is on a informative..

  • Dontyu worrie
    Dontyu worrie 9 hours ago

    Shannon makes my dog leave the room.....weird...

  • Pinne Apple
    Pinne Apple 9 hours ago

    speaking for all nba teams i think no one wants to guard harden because no one wants to get fouled out

  • Manohar Rajan
    Manohar Rajan 9 hours ago

    Please don’t let this guy back on the show